Lena Rhiannon

Lena Rhiannon is a loner and the daughter of Sky Rhiannon and Tal Tlvdatsi

Born in Cercatori d'Arte, she traveled with her mother and her brother Cody Rhiannon when they were young in search for a cure for her blindness. They returned to Novia Scotia where she spent her childhood settled in New Dawn. She moved from place to place during her adolescence with her friend Temeraire Stormbringer until they settled in Cour des Miracles in the winter of 2012.









  • Species: Kennedy appears purebred coyote at first glance, with only subtle signs of other blood.
  • Fur: Thick and somewhat plush, with very downy undercoat and coarse outer coat.
    • Optime Hair: Chopped messily short, its length often gathered into a short ponytail.
  • Facial Features: Ken has a narrow but long, "beakish" muzzle -- almost adolescent in appearance. Large ears offset an angular face.
  • Build and Size: He is small even for a coyote, but his height is mostly legs. That said, he is tough and lean, a wiry survivor.
    • Lupus: 21 in (53 cm) — 20 lb (9 kg)
      Kennedy prefers not to use this form unless he has to due to its sheer disadvantage in size.
    • Secui (Preferred): 36 in (91.5 cm) — 125 lb (57 kg)
      More than six times heavier than Lupus, Kennedy's halfling shape is sturdy, tough, and tall as a large wolf -- if still reminiscent of a lean, leggy build.
    • Optime: 5ft 3 in (63 in) (160 cm) — 150 lb (68 kg)
      Though narrow and lacking curves so much as softness, Kennedy's Optime form is the strongest indicator of his femininity. He remains awkward in his Optime form but utilizes it where he needs to without complaint.
  • Humanization: Medium-low -- Kennedy wears things for practical reasons (binding, carrying, tying hair back) and shirks accessories for the sake of accessorizing.


Black Marlin (#3D331A) Yellow Metal (#7C6637) Astra (#FAE3B7) Costa del Sol (#556B2F)




Kennedy has few to no notable scars.


Kennedy forgoes clothing and accessories unless they are for his convenience or comfort.


  • Four teeth marks on scruff; hidden by thick fur
  • Claw marks on stomach; hidden by thick fur
  • Teeth marks on left shoulder inflicted by Nelion; hidden by thick fur

Piercings & Tattoos

Jewelry and Accessories

  • Elastic strip of cloth fashioned to be a binder
  • Green leather cord used to tie hair when in Optime form


  • Loose tank top
  • Baggy shorts


  • Speech: Once loud and sharp, Kennedy now prefers to speak little and quietly -- as anything else betrays a mature and feminine voice.
  • Scent: Strong aroma of pine sap, musk from fresh pelts, and other overbearing and masculine odors to cover a natural feminine smell. Additionally smells very coyote, with a trace of rivers, prairie, Inferni, and Moineau.
  • Quirks, Gestures, Etc.: Prone to frowning, quirks eyebrows often, expressive tail.
  • General Posture and Body Language: Kennedy appears to have a brazen, dominant stance -- but it's more defensive than anything. He always seems a little on edge and aggressive. Though he stands with chin defiantly thrust outward and arms crossed (as much to hide his curves as anything else), Ken also has rather "quiet" posture, making no big motions.


  • Defensive, Withdrawn:
    • He is rather defensive and pessimistic, prone to wild changes of mood and a sharp tongue hidden behind tight lips. He judges quickly as a defense mechanism -- while fearful of others making snap judgments about "him" -- and puts up a tough facade.
    • He is introverted and prefers the company of few, or none at all. He's only sociable to strangers under specific circumstances that are rare to be seen. Seemingly contemptuous and on edge, he does not invite friendship.
  • Spirited, Driven:
    • However, a patient canine will win Ken's trust and open him up. Kennedy is spirited and playfully boastful, seemingly unhappy unless he's moving and competing with others.
    • He's also quite the perfectionist, driving himself to practice and do his best. This leads him to be a bit of a workaholic and prideful, but he knows when to accept help when things start to get too much for him.
  • Kind, Idealistic:
    • He is capable of being nurturing, too, and is a rather gentle friend happy to hug and listen to one's problems in silence. He is empathetic to those who struggle with their sense of self and is willing to give them a shoulder lean on.
    • Though hardened by the world, Ken still carries traces of idealism and believes that he can try to add to the "greater good" of some cause instead of squandering potential. He can also be quite the romantic dandy.



  • Outlook: Pessimistic (socially, self); idealistic (greater world)
  • Sociability: Introverted. He's not very sociable and he prefers to either be alone or with the company of those he feels comfortable to be around.
  • Expression: Presents dominant, inwardly submissive
  • Alignment: Neutral Good


  • Bettering his skills and bettering himself as a person
  • Pulling his weight and joining a group
  • Reuniting with his sibling, Lou


  • Reuniting with his family, only for them to resent him
  • Fears the possibility of disapproval of those he cares about


  • Likes: Old people, fish, pretty girls, competition, running, strong scents
  • Dislikes: Harsh winters, sickness, bigots, controlling individuals, annoying youngsters


  • Non-Luperci: Formerly a non-Luperci, Kennedy sees their lives as simply different rather than better or worse. He is occasionally still awkward with some Luperci or humanized concepts.
  • Gender: Kennedy has complicated views on gender. His mother instilled rather traditionalist, borderline-misogynistic views on him while raising him as a "proper girl," but Ken has no issues with women as long as no one implies he is one.
  • Sexuality: Comfortable with sexuality and romantic orientation as it pertains to others. He is especially accepting of asexuality and sees it as a positive character trait.
  • Age: Kennedy is very fond of the elderly and thinks they are super cool! He would drop anything to help an elder and treats them with the utmost respect, more like a hero rather than simply someone to take care of.


  • Kennedy is attracted to women almost exclusively.
  • While he is initially attracted to aesthetic and personality, Ken falls on the spectrum of asexuality and generally does not feel desire unless under specific circumstances (including the formation of an intimate, trusting bond with his partner).


  • While he does not adhere to religion so much, Kennedy believes in minor spirits and guides (as in AniWaya) and believes every living thing has a spirit.
  • Additionally, Ken believes very strongly in dreams as "visions" meant to guide. He does not see them as prophetic, in the sense that the will come true, but they are to be interpreted and followed.



  • Mother: Kizzie Horne
  • Father: Howell Frost
  • Siblings: Lou Frost
  • Extended: Kennedy has distant relatives through the Moineau family that he is unaware of (though he would recognize the family name). His closest relatives in Nova Scotia are his great-aunts' children, such as Finch Moineau, while the other branch of the Moineau family includes the 'Souls leaders Vesper and Nivosus Moineau.


Key Relations

  • Ephraim Fisher was Kennedy's adoptive father. He rescued Kennedy when he ran away from home, taking the bratty child under his wing and guiding him to AniWaya. He taught Ken as much as he could about survival and kindness and other things, and his death hit Ken hard.
  • Lou Frost is Kennedy's sister. They were very close before Kennedy ran away, and Lou was a confidant to some of Ken's issues -- though he didn't speak them all aloud. He wants to reunite with her but worries about whether she'll accept him as he is now.


  • Zinnia Skybright was a girl Kennedy met after Ephraim's death. She helped him through not only his grief, but his identity when he came to terms with it. They became intimate friends (and gray-area, mostly-platonic more-than-friends) before parting ways on good terms.
  • Howell Frost is Kennedy's father and was adored by his children. He was quiet, kind, and fair -- and Kennedy appreciated his gentle and subtle kind of support. Ken worries what Howell will think of him now.



  • Kizzie Horne is Kennedy's mother -- a somewhat feeble, traditionalist female who pushed her children away with her expectations. Kennedy never felt his dysphoria as strongly as he did around his mother, and does not wish to see her again.


  • Friendly: —
  • Enemies: —
  • Sex: Zinnia
  • Murders: Unnamed female wolf, Nelion (assisted)




  • Education and Learning: Most of his skills were taught by his adoptive father or by his own sheer wit after many months surviving without a pack. Rough experiences, hard lessons, and constant usage have honed these abilities.
  • Fishing (Journeyman): Mostly inspired by Ephraim, Kennedy has a special interest in fishing. He prefers to fish on his four legs, propelling his whole body into the water to snatch fish with his jaws. However, he is attempting to learn how to net fish, again as a homage to his father, but has no clue what he is doing. He is also a decent swimmer.
  • Stamina (Journeyman): His body tough and wiry, he was built for surviving. He enjoys running for sport, and since he is almost constantly moving, he knows how to control his energy and has substantial endurance.
  • Scouting (Journeyman): More a natural talent than anything else, Kennedy is a decent tracker and is able to scent both prey and canines. His brief stint in AniWaya lent him more knowledge on this subject and has learned some scouting and border patrol tactics.
  • Kennedy is limited to his Secui form for most of his skills -- he rarely visits his Optime form and lacks the dexterity he has on four legs when he's on two.
  • Generally unrefined, Kennedy mostly relies on his instincts and can't be expected to have a defined pattern in his actions.


Kennedy and Lou Frost were born to Howell Frost and Kizzie Horne in Mer Bleue, alongside sister Lou Frost. Kennedy had an average (for all intents and purposes) upbringing and childhood but was unhappy due to his mother's traditionalist views and expectations, and his own latent dysphoria.

Kennedy ran away from home -- then discovered that survival is not a cake-walk. Luckily, Ephraim Fisher wandered across Ken during a bad winter storm and kept him warm. Charmed by the eunuch's age and strangeness, Kennedy traveled with him and took on his surname, becoming the lonely wolfdog's adoptive child of sorts.

Guided by dreams of a distant Tribe, Ephraim led the pair to AniWaya and settled into the group. Though Ephraim was at home, Kennedy struggled to understand the pack's workings -- but admired its spirituality. For some time, things were quiet -- but Ephraim fell ill in the summer months and passed away. Distraught, Kennedy abandoned AniWaya and traveled north again.

During the fall, he came upon a Luperci girl named Zinnia Skybright that seemed as lost as he was. The two decided to remain together for the winter, at first only as a greater means of survival, but as the season went on, the two became friends after they opened up to one another; she helped him with his grief over the recently lost Emphraim, and he discovered that she was aimless and he insured her that she'll find her purpose. Kennedy began developing feelings for her, but unwilling to potentially jeopardize their friendship, he kept them quiet and was content as remaining her friend.

In the following summer, Zinnia was attacked by a lone female wolf over prey, and Kennedy defended her and ended up having to kill the wolf in their defense. However, he sustained serious injuries that resulted in him contracting the Luperci virus -- both from the wounds inflicted by the wolf and from Zinnia cleaning them. His first shift unsettled him, but Zinnia talked him through it and he managed to come out of the ordeal unscathed.

However, his new body triggered unpleasant feelings within him that were once somewhat dormant, brought to the forefront of his mind -- his Optime body had things that were considered womanly or feminine, and he rarely shifted into this form and showed discomfort whenever he did. Zinnia noticed his change in demeanor, and after some questioning, Kennedy spoke about his dysphoria for the first time. Zinnia was supportive and confirmed his feelings to be valid, and suggested that he wasn't a female despite being called as such all his life. And it all clicked in his mind after she explained it to him -- he wasn't a girl, and never had been. His mother lessons, the feminine words assigned to him, didn't make him uncomfortable for no reason, but because he was a male.

From then on, he embraced his identity and it was something akin to a spiritual reawakening. Zinnia supported and helped Ken with his transition, and the two became even closer. They danced on the line between companions and lovers, sharing touches and words that were intimate in nature, but they never crossed the boundary beyond friendship. Their attraction could not be denied, but it went unspoken and unaddressed, undefined for perhaps both of their sakes.

In the spring of 2015, Zinnia announced that she had a dream. Kennedy, believing the sentimentality of dreams, took the conversation seriously, and she explained to him that her dream led her to someplace in the west, beyond where they were, and she had to go alone. Knowing that she struggled with her own sense of purpose and direction and finally finding it in her way, Ken respected her wishes. The two parted on good terms, though they did not promise to see each other again, both knowing it probably could not be kept and could only wish for it to happen.

While Zinnia went west, Kennedy went east -- back to Nova Scotia, the land Ephraim led him to, to search for his sister.


★ = Not added to pack game

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Lena is currently a loner, and is the daughter of Sky Rhiannon and Taliesin Dir Rhiannon

Born in Cercatori d'Arte, she traveled with her mother and her brother Cody Rhiannon when they were young in search for a cure for her blindness. They returned to Novia Scotia where she spent her childhood settled in New Dawn. She moved from place to place during her adolescence with her friend Temeraire Stormbringer until they settled in Cour des Miracles in the winter of 2012.

Lena Rhiannon

by Kai



More Info

Forum Profile


Date of Birth

25 Jan 2012






Birth place

Cercatori d'Arte







Pack Cour des Miracles
Rank Seigneur


Packs Cercatori d'Arte, New Dawn, Vinátta
Ranks Youth (CdA) Puppy, Subord (ND) Risna (VN)

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1.  Appearance

Lena is a small, dark wolfdog. She has striking eyes, glassy and bright, clearly giving away her blindness. She is free of any scars, and can been wearing a standard Vináttan and five-point star necklace.

  • Species: She is a perfect mix of a wolfdog -- while having the build of a lean wolf, she has the body and size of a dog. She is distinctly more wolfish, but it is equally as evident that she is a mutt by all her mix-and-match features.
  • Facial Features: Just like that rest of her, she's mixed. While her muzzle is slim and lacks the broadness of a wolf, her eye shape and ears reflects her wolven heritage.
  • Build: Lena is clearly feminine, but lacks the daintiness -- while not packing the muscles like some of her wolf relatives, she is solidly built and has some strength to her. In Optime form she has subtle curves, and has the youthful appearance of a young girl.
  • Size: Lena is on the extreme small end of the spectrum when compared to wolves, and is of average height when compared to coyotes.
  • Fur: She has thick, short, plush fur, suitable for the northern environment she was born in. Its length increases around her neck and the back of her limbs, having a feathering effect.

1.1  Coloration

  • Her fur is a solid Cod Gray (#191919) because of her melanism, though she is not aware that she was born with it.
  • Her eyes are a milky, pale green with a red pupil, though it appears to shift colors when in various degrees of light, ranging from a pale ivory to a light blue.

1.2  Forms


  • Weight: 35 lbs (16 kg)
  • Height: 22 in (56 cm)
  • Frequency: Common; mostly seen when traveling outside of her pack in unfamiliar territory.
  • Lena is a small, compact wolf that is lean, with especially thick fur around her neck, the back of her legs, and haunches. Her tail fur is also thick and long in length.


  • Weight: 145 lbs (66 kg)
  • Height: 33 in (84 cm)
  • Frequency: Rare
  • She becomes less lean and more solidly built, but most of her bulk is made up by her fur. While she remains agile in this form, it is also capable of being strong because of the extra muscle to provides.


  • Weight: 120 lbs (54 kg)
  • Height: 5 ft 4 in (163 cm)
  • Frequency: Most common; default.
  • Lena is short and slim, and stylizes her hair to a medium length. She has subtle curves, and has the youthful appearance of a young girl.

1.3  Other


Lena has no scars worthy of note!


Lena, having been raised partly on the road and in a traditional wolf pack, usually foregoes clothing. What she wears is usually practical or sentimental.

  • When it is especially bright outside, she wears a blindfold to protect her eyes.
  • Standard Vináttan necklace received upon joining the pack.
  • Gifted a five-pointed star necklace by Temeraire Stormbringer, procured from Freetown.
  • Whenever she feels insecure or unusually cold, she wears Arthur's poncho.

2.  Personality

Lena is a proud and stubborn creature. She abhors any sense of dependence, perhaps because of the special treatment she received as a childhood because of her blindness, and is keen to do things her own way, by herself. But, that isn't to say that she isn't aware of her own limits, and will ask for assistance when demanded, in her own indirect ways. Whenever such situations are pointed out, she doggedly denies their existence, assuring that she is self-reliant.

And in a way, she is quite capable. She has brimming confidence that is backed up by skill ranging from wielding a staff and medical knowledge, and she doesn't let her disability hinder her beyond her sight (in fact, she boasts that it has trained her to become better than some canines). Lena is a rather social creature, and would rather spend her time with company than by herself. She is bold in conversation, and isn't afraid to show herself, so she is often need of scolding if she pushes her boundaries. However, under the brass, there is a heart of gold -- she is willing to go out her way even with acquaintances, and while she will joke about repaying her (though sometimes she really does mean it), she truly does some actions out of the goodness of her heart, even if she is looking out for her neck most of the time.

Her downfall is her own self: she allows her emotions, biases, and prejudices dictate her life rather than cold cut logic. She listens to her heart, which while a somewhat good guide, it usually leads her to trouble. While she has learned to separate personal business from something, say, pack business, her feelings heavily influences her decisions. Lena is rather merciless and grudge, and has her mother's terrible temper. She (literally) doesn't look before jumping, and her rash nature can make things difficult not only for herself but for those around her as well, and often needs a Jiminy Cricket to stop her from doing something she would surely regret.

2.1  Details


  • Likes: Gardening, exploring, socializing, being useful, learning new skills
  • Dislikes: Strange individuals, liars, alcohol, being alone, uselessness


Independent, prideful, good-natured, teasing, emotional, naive.

  • Outlook: Optimistic, realistic
  • Expression: Extroverted, unwilling to submit (unless it's a higher ranked member in her pack)
  • Alignment : Chaotic Good


  • Becoming useless and dependent
  • Complete domination; no freedom
  • Losing close ones
  • Isolation


  • Promotion of her freedom and self-interest
  • Protection and preservation of her friends and family
  • Making herself fit to take care of herself
  • Contributing to those around her


  • Species: Has no bias between canine species, though may be unconsciously wary of coyotes because of her New Dawn upbringing. Doesn't hold much respect for species outside of canines unless they earn it from her.
  • Non-Luperci: Feels a sort of kinship with them because of her time in New Dawn, though she may unknowingly treat them with more caution since she feels they are slightly "disadvantaged".


  • Possibly bi-romantic, heterosexual
  • Prefers the traditional burly man with physical talents, isn't really impressed by intelligence unless it has something to show for it
  • While she hasn't explored her romantic side, it is possible for her to be romantically inclined for females as a form of experimentation.


  • Prefers to stay away from substances since they cloud what senses she does have


  • Predominately agnostic
  • Lena wasn't exposed to many religions or lifestyles when she was younger, and doesn't quite understand the mechanics behind them. While generally polite and open minded, she sometimes finds depending on some deity to bring about change and praying/"talking to them" as if they are there ridiculous.
  • Lena does, however, believe in ghosts and spirits, this belief most likely influenced by her mother.

3.  Relationships

3.1  Key Relations

  • Temeraire Stormbringer is Lena's childhood friend, their first meeting consisting of him saving her from a piece of falling building. Their relationship is rocky at best -- they traveled together as adolescents and became quite close, going as far as to experiment sex with each other, but began to fall out as they became older. While they have their arguments at times, they still live under the same roof together.

3.2  Family: Rhiannon, Katruk, Sawtooth

3.3  Other


  • Palaydrian Soul is one of the two wolves that she accompanied from New Dawn to Vinátta. Palaydrian expanded her knowledge of medical herbs as well, and Lena sees her as a mentor and a friend.
  • Sparrow is her mentor from Inferni. She trains Lena with the ways of the staff, and was the one to gift her her current one.

Family Relations

  • Sky Rhiannon is her mother. Lena highly respects her, and regards her as a powerful figure. She was the one who taught her all of her survival skills when she was young as well as some medical techniques.
  • Cody and Myrddin are her brothers. She is particularly close to twin brother Cody, having traveling and living with him the longest and shared a "language" of touches and quiet noises as a form of silent communication. She is standoffish about Myrddin, not remembering many fond memories about him, but after meeting him again when they were older, she decided that she didn't dislike him, at least.
  • Taliesin Dir Rhiannon is her father. Lena doesn't think highly of her father -- she holds a distaste for him because of how her mother was treated upon their return to Cercatori from their failed search for the cure for her blindness. She has yet to meet with him since then, and has no plans to.

Minor Relations

Former Relations

  • --

4.  Interaction

4.1  General

  • Scent:
    • Cour des Miracles scent: salt, ocean, dog, Sadira, Haskel.
    • Coastal scent -- sand, water, brine.
    • Temeraire Stormbringer
  • Speech:
    • Feminine and average pitch.
    • Bold and friendly, prone to give nicknames upon first meetings.
  • Quirks, Gestures, Etc.: Keeps hands busy.
  • General Posture and Body Language: Confident and dominant. She rarely slouches, tries to keep herself as tall as possible to make up for her short height.

4.2  Assumptions

Anything beyond the okayed assumptions, PM and ask first. Cour des Miracles members may assume the following:

  • Seeing Lena poking around the common territory paths taking her daily strolls.
  • Seeing Lena tending her garden near her home in Lunenburg.
  • General conversations such as greetings and simple conversation.

4.3  Companions



4.4  Residence

Lunenburg, Cour des Miracles

  • Shared with Temeraire.
  • Has a nearby garden filled with various plants.

4.5  Abilities


  • Medical knowledge, especially pertaining to the subject of apothecary.
  • Staff wielding
  • Gardening


  • Blindness
  • Small size
  • Emotions

4.6  Inventory


Lena usually doesn't keep much on her person. She keeps all of her objects at home -- she is always up for a pre-planned trade, however. She is keen when it comes to trading, knowing when a trade is unfair. Likewise, she does try to haggle while seeming innocent. It is also not unknown that she tries to play the blind card to sweeten the deal. Most of her trade items are either scavenged objects or homegrown plants.

  • Offering: Cloths, dried herbs, bottles.
  • Accepting: Herbs, seeds, goods for Cour des Miracles.



  • Wooden staff


  • Standard Vináttan necklace
  • Five-point star necklace
  • Worn poncho

5.  History

5.1  Early Life

5.2  2012

  • January:

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5.3  2013

  • January:

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5.4  2014

  • February:

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