Ephraim Fisher

Ephraim Fisher was a member of AniWaya, the adoptive father of Kennedy Fisher. In the past, he participated in the AniWaya Conflict after being taken prisoner for his heritage He chose to leave the Tribe when he stopped dreaming, but returned there to pass away in the summer of 2013.

Ephraim Fisher

by Raze



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Date of Birth

01 Jan 2006




Birth place





50% Labrador Wolf
25% Interior Alaskan Wolf
25% Alaskan Husky, Malamute, other




Pack AniWaya
Rank Itse

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1.  Appearance

Ephraim is a large wolfdog with a somewhat soft, paunchy build over a square frame. His dog heritage is clear in a very fluffy, sweeping tail that is often carried higher than a wolf's when happy, as well as his size. Though muscled and broad-shouldered in youth, he seems more plump and old now.

His long fur is a mixture of blacks, greys, and hints of brown -- something that appears Masala (#504743) grey-brown from a distance, with a darker Cod Grey (#141312) saddle and other markings. As per his dog blood, there is a clear partition between those colors and the light Pink Swan (#C4BCBB) around his eyes, chest, and legs. Most distinctly, he has dark "hooks" dipping into the color of his cheeks. His eyes are Saddle (#543D27).

He wears his dark mane in Cod Grey (#141312) dreadlocks that come down to his shoulders, which are often covered in a finely-weaved, Oxford Blue (#3C4F5A) poncho with a Pisces symbol.

He has several scars crawling across his skin, most of them hidden by thick grey fur; these scars are concentrated around his biceps and between his legs where his genitals once were.

1.1  Forms


  • Weight: 138 lbs
  • Height: 37 in
  • Somewhat large, very fluffy, with a curled tail.
  • Ephraim mostly uses this form for hunting and running.


  • Weight: 252 lbs
  • Height: 45 in
  • Thick-maned, with a larger frame; far more cuddly than anything.
  • Ephraim uses this form for defense, or for sprawling all over cute little puppies!


  • Weight: 275 lbs
  • Height: 6 ft 11 in
  • Once-broad shoulders now apparent, as is the roundness of his stomach. Mane is dreadlocked, coming down to his shoulders.
  • This is Ephraim's default form when around other Luperci.

2.  Personality

Ephraim is an extremely happy-go-lucky fellow, never taking things seriously and always wearing a smile. Odd quirks make up a lot of his personality, such as an obsession for puppies as well as dreams, which he feels are guides to one's life. He acts like a Luperci much younger than his age, an old and shaggy jester always with a silly word to coo.

Underneath his playful front, however, Ephraim is a very clever and calculating individual (if a little off his rocker) who absorbs all the information he unearths by babbling with others.

2.1  Ideals


  • Likes: Puppies, tea, fish, bodies of water, playtime, cuddling, dreams, memory, food.
  • Dislikes: Hunger, negative assumptions, prejudice, winter.


Cheerful, tolerant, clever, quirky, talkative, nosy, carefree.

  • Outlook: Optimistic
  • Expression: Extroverted and submissive.
  • Alignment: Alignment


  • Starvation -- to the point of food aggression.
  • Illness, wasting away; tied into the above.
  • Ice, harm to puppies, dreamless sleep.


  • Following his dreams; he has no other key drive.
  • Cuddle all the puppies!
  • Watching over children and guiding them to the right path.


  • Age: Puppies can literally do nothing wrong, even if they are abusive or petulant. Ephraim absolutely loves children and will do anything for them, even to the point of getting into trouble.
  • Non-Luperci: Ephraim knows a few non-Luperci, and so he is very accepting of them and treats them like any other individual. If anything, he sees them as more "pure" because -- like puppies -- they cannot shift.


Ephraim is asexual, likely a product of his early castration. However, he does not pursue romantic relationships either and seems to be aromantic in that regard. He is a very physical individual in spite of this, enjoying non-sexual touches like cuddling and hugging.


  • Abstains from alcohol because it isn't tea, damn it!
  • Enjoys a good smoke every once in a while, but doesn't actively pursue this.


  • Believes in the power of dreams as "visions."
  • Accepting of the wisdom of spirits, such as the spirit guides of AniWaya.
  • No religious beliefs or active worship besides, other than attributing basic things to nature gods.

3.  Relationships

3.1  Key Relations

3.2  Other

Minor Relations

  • Claudius Aston is the subleader who accepted Ephraim into the Tribe, and the only real familiar face since the war.

Former Relations

4.  Interaction

4.1  General

  • Scent:
    • Fishy smell, as well as "wintry" and earthen scent.
    • Off-putting, not-quite-male scent that often throws others off.
  • Speech:
    • A little higher than average, but not distractingly so.
    • Loud and boisterous, but capable of super softness. Often has silly inflections when speaking to puppies.
  • Quirks, Gestures, Etc.: Giggles often in nervous situations. Waggles ears a lot, and sometimes forgets to stick his tongue back in his mouth.
  • General Posture and Body Language: Ephraim is constantly in submissive posture, sometimes to the point of hunching and groveling. He seems to constantly be trying to make himself smaller than he is.

4.2  Assumptions

Anything beyond the okayed assumptions, PM and ask first. Packs members may assume the following:

  • Having Ephraim babysit for children and coo at puppies!
  • Seeing Ephraim out in a canoe or otherwise fishing along AniWaya's rivers, or lazily sleeping in the middle of the territory.

4.3  NPCs

  • nupe

4.4  Residence


  • Ephraim and Kennedy currently reside in an earthen den in AniWaya territory, not far from the Great Village.
  • Old burrow that was enlarged and reinforced with stones and other things to prevent collapse. Room enough for two.

4.5  Abilities


  • Healing: Ephraim is good at treating illnesses through herbal teas, and so is good with plants and gardening as well. However, he is not good as a medic in war-type situations; his forte is colds and minor illnesses instead.
  • Fishing: Just about any way that one can fish, Ephraim can do it. He particularly likes to go out in canoes as well as cast nets in order to reel in a good haul, but he's just as comfortable splashing around in a river until he catches something.


  • Instincts: Ephraim is driven by powerful survival instincts -- and, while it does help him survive, it negatively affects his social skills. Notably, he is very food aggressive and will attack anyone he perceives as a threat to his meal.
  • Mental Stability: Long years in the wilderness has dulled Ephraim's mind somewhat. If he is lucid, he is very intelligent and clever -- but there are moments of fogginess where he loses his grasp on reality; this also affects his memory poorly.

4.6  Inventory


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  • Offering: Things your character can offer.
  • Accepting: Things your character wants.


Category of Things

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  • Your character has a thing.

Category of Things

  • Your character has a thing.
  • Your character has a thing.
  • Your character has a thing.

5.  History

Ephraim was born in the far north, and castrated at a young age for causing the accidental death of his pack's pups. He wandered as a loner for most of his life, guided by his dreams, and after one winter famine developed extremely aggressive tendencies over his food. He lost his mind each winter and, in some instances, even cannibalized other canines.

For a short time, Ephraim was a member of AniWaya -- or a prisoner, at any rate. He was captured for his dog heritage during the AniWaya Conflict but helped revolt and bring down the corrupt leadership. He did not stick around for much longer, however, and left the Tribe because he stopped dreaming.

Ephraim resorted to wandering as a loner, half-mad during the cold months with his phobia of starvation. He eventually ran into Kennedy Fisher, who'd run away from home, and adopted her as his own daughter. He started to dream of AniWaya again, and with Kennedy returned to the Tribe to join.

5.1  Pre-'Souls Timeline


Ephraim was born to a pack east of Alaska in the midst of winter. The pack was of mixed races: Luperci and non-Luperci, wolves and dogs, and hybrids. He had two siblings that died of illness before the thaw, and was tended to carefully and kept out of the bitter cold. Once spring arrived, Ephraim left the den and became well acquainted with the pack. He was instantly popular among the adults for his good-natured and bubbly attitude.

However, Ephraim was the only child that survived that winter, and so he became lonely. However, once the spring cubs were able to play, he quickly took advantage and became ringleader and babysitter for the puppies.


Winter came again, and Ephraim continued to tend to the puppies until distaster struck. He initiated a game of chase, and the cluster of puppies ran through the forest -- chasing across a frozen lake, which cracked under Ephraim's weight and gave in to the children's. Most of them fell through the ice and instantly drowned, though others died of hypothermia.

Ephraim was held accountable -- deemed dangerous to puppies as well as unfit to sire any of his own. The alpha male castrated Ephraim for punishment.

Ephraim lived as the lowest of the low, an omega in the pack. He tried to keep a positive attitude despite being overcome with shame and loneliness. He did strike up a close relationship with the healer of the pack, who treated the infections that set in after castration and coaxed him through the hormonal problems his body was having. Ephraim gained an interest in healing, and helps concoct herbal teas for the healer.


Ephraim tried to integrate himself with the pack again, especially with the new puppies; his mind was shaken by his isolation and the death of his friends and charges, and so he wanted nothing more than to play with children again. He came too close to a timid mother with pups, however, and she mistook his intentions and cried for help. Frightened, Ephraim fled to the outskirts of the pack territory -- and then decided he might as well leave entirely.

Ephraim traveled alone for a while, walking across a tundra mostly barren of other intelligent life. He eventually ran into a loner who claimed to interpret dreams and the stars, teaching Ephraim about them. While he gave up on astrology, he hungrily began to pick apart his own dreams and believed that they were all "visions."


Ephraim continued to live a normal, nomadic life -- living off the land and the occasional kindness of other strangers he passed. He was often viewed as abnormal for being such a cheery individual, and a eunuch at that, but there was no violence.

An especially hard winter came to the wilderness -- a winter that not only weakened the prey population, but began to kill them off beyond what was normal and what could sustain the predators of the land. The scarcity of food meant that Ephraim often had to defend pathetic pieces of frozen caribou to survive. He fought off others who try to steal his kills, and at one point killed and cannibalized a few coyotes. He developed an obsessive, protective tendency over his food.


There was one point that Ephraim was snapped out of his delirium, however. He was tracking a sick moose and perceived another wolf on the same track as him -- a male named Corentin. Ephraim had eaten recently enough that he wasn't out of his mind at the time, but after they brought down the moose by throwing it off a cliff, Ephraim unexpectedly turned on Corentin and threw him down too. Because this was intentional, rather than a fit of instinct, Ephraim grows disgusted with himself and presents the body to Corentin's family, saying that the moose struck him down instead.

Luckily, at that time, the winter began to break -- and spring pushed through, bringing vegetation and life to the land.


Ephraim received a vision about a land called Nova Scotia -- in reality dreaming of mountains, but ones that happened to match what he saw on his travels farther south toward the peninsula. He dreamed of food and companionship, puppies and packs, and decided that it was his best bet to join a new pack where his past misdeeds did not work against him.

And Ephraim did such a thing -- heading to the Tribe AniWaya, which seemed to most fit the environment he had been raised in. However, because of his dog blood, he was held prisoner by the prejudiced leader at the time -- the corrupt Maska Ahote.

During this time, Ephraim bonded with another prisoner, Sky Rhiannon, and began to plot with her as they heard whispers of a rebellion stirring up among the AniWayans. The AniWaya Conflict raged around the little prisoner's cabin, and when the time came Ephraim helped Sky drive off some of the guardians, Maska's lackeys.

AniWaya found peace, and fell under the control of Vigilante Haskel and Savina Marino, leaders of the packs AniWaya had warred against. Ephraim attempted to adjust to normal pack life now that he was no longer considered a prisoner, but everything seemed hollow to him, and he couldn't quite figure out why. At this time Sky offered him a place in Cercatori d'Arte, her pack, but Ephraim denied her. He realized that he felt so strange and hollow because he was no longer dreaming -- and so he supposed that Nova Scotia was no longer the place for him.


Winter was, once again, terrible -- though as much of it was fear and Ephraim's mind than actual scarcity of food. He reverted to animalistic behavior once again, his illness preventing him from hunting enough to sustain him without desperately protecting what prey and carcasses he can find. He also starts to be intentionally cruel to others, choosing to attack them -- and, at one point, cannibalizing another wolf when he was at his lowest period.

Spring was better, if only just. He happened to run into a violent group of former non-Luperci that had managed to destroy a pack -- and Ephraim had suspicions that one of the band's scarred members had been taken against his will. However, Ephraim could not fight well enough to rescue him, and so he went back to the ruins of the pack and tried to help those few members who'd managed to escape rebuild.

They didn't trust him, a dog-hybrid and a Luperci, but he worked hard and managed to alleviate their concerns after a while. He hunted for them and babysat the puppies, and all was well throughout the summer and fall. By the time the year ended, the non-Luperci pack had managed to get their footing, and Ephraim decided that it was safest for him to leave before winter struck and he went mad.


It was when winter came round again that he ran across Kennedy Frost, but the girl was so frightened and puppyish that his nurturing feelings awoke. He chose to save her life with his body heat rather than destroy her as his out-of-control instincts had almost urged him to. He began to travel with her, two minds working together against the cold of the winter. Kennedy was quick and clever, able to point out the obviously winter-weak prey that Ephraim's failing mind could not. With his advantage as a Luperci and her more conventional cunning, they worked hard, and managed to survive in an open wilderness normally so cruel to lone wolves.

Ephraim got to know Kennedy well, too -- such as her new status as a self-proclaimed orphan. He told her of his desire to be a parent when he was young, and when she confessed her loneliness, he asked to adopt her. She was older now than most puppies he loved to tend to, but she was also unable to shift and childish in spirit. She accepted the offer, and became Kennedy Fisher, renouncing her old name and latching onto the old male as her family.

And then -- spring brought dreams, dreams of the land beyond the mountains again, of streams running through the lands of a tribe and of birds and other manner of beasts coming together to guide the wolves working on earth. Ephraim realized what this had meant from the old stories -- and decided that it was time to visit AniWaya again.

They joined the Tribe and seemingly begin to settle into the life -- but when the summer came, Ephraim fell ill and quietly passed away.

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