The Rhiannon Family

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  3.   3.  Influence and Influences
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Rhiannon Family Statistics

Total Members—47
Surviving Members—31
Active Members—5
Location—New Dawn

Rhiannon Family Foundation

First Member Location—Syemv
First Member Date—~ 2005
First Member Name—Deuce Rhiannon
First Birth Location—Syemv
Founding Parents—Deuce Rhiannon & Thanos Niire
Founding Birth Children—Dierdre Rhiannon, Maylin, Baylin
Founding Birth Date—February 14, 2006

Rhiannon Family Tree

The Rhiannon Family was largely founded by Deuce Rhiannon, who was involved in many tumultuous love affairs throughout her life and bore children to several fathers. It was continued by her daughter Dierdre, who had three litters. They are closely tied to the Sawtooth family, as Lucifer Sawtooth sired two of Deuce's offspring as well as Gemma Rhiannon Sawtooth.

Rhiannon wolves are typically white or pale in coloration, and easily recognizable by their eye color displaying complete heterochromia-- one yellow, one blue. Members displaying the classic bicolored eyes include Deuce, Dierdre, Tal, Addison, D'ryn, Bridget, Cody, Myrddin, and Sin. Apollo has a variation of secular heterochromia, in which one iris displayed both yellow and blue. Yuna has heterochromia of green and blue.

1.  Adopted Rhiannons

2.  Behind the Name

Rhiannon is an old Welsh Goddess of the earth and fertility, of horses and birds, who has links to the Underworld. She finds antecedents in the British Goddess Rigatona ("Great Queen") and the continental Celtic horse-goddess Epona, who is also linked with dogs and birds like Rhiannon.
Rhiannon is said to possess marvelous birds that can wake the dead, or lull the living to sleep. She is intelligent and wise, and doesn't hesitate to speak Her mind. Rhiannon is the lunar Welsh Goddess of rebirth, transformation, wisdom, and magic. Goddess of ethereal beauty, she was born with the first moonrise, Muse of poets, source of artistic inspiration, she was worshiped outside amidst the trees at woodland alters and underneath the Moonlight.
As goddess of fertility, Rhiannon gave birth to a son, Pryderi, at Yule - the winter solstice being a significant reminder that the ultimate product of death is rebirth. (Centuries later, in 273 C.E. (Common Era), Christians adopted this time of Yule as Jesus' birth).
Ultimately, Rhiannon is honoured for granting the wishes of those who could ask for what they want, and she is known to scorn those who cannot, or will not, ask for what they want. [1]

3.  Influence and Influences

3.1  Families

3.2  Packs

  • Jaded Shadows — Deuce had her first two litters while she was a member of Jaded Shadows.
  • Syemv and Aremys — Deuce was a member of both packs at some point, and Dierdre was a member of Syemv. Deuce was also mate to Soran when she was in Syemv.
    • Storm — Dierdre was a member of Storm.
    • Inferni — Shadow was murdered by a member of Inferni.
  • Phoenix Valley — Deuce helped found Phoenix Valley with Iskata?. Addison joined Phoenix Valley after she ran away from her mother, and was later adopted by Jefferson Soul.
  • Dahlia de Mai — Deuce and Addison were members of Dahlia de Mai. Deuce also had her last litter, to Haku, while she was in this pack: Willow.
  • Cercatori d'Arte — Tal and his mate, Sky, had a litter of puppies while members of Cercatori d'Arte: Myrddin, Cody and Lena.
  • New Dawn — Deuce is a founding member along with Soran Noah and his mate, Fayne, had a litter of puppies while members of New Dawn: Krys and Yuna. Lena and Cody joined New Dawn with their mother as puppies, after leaving Cercatori d'Arte. Grace joined New Dawn to give birth to her daughter Kalila there.
  • Anathema — Liam and his mate, Ayasha, had a litter of puppies while members of Anathema: D'Ryn and Bridget. Deuce was forced to join this pack by Charm Sawtooth.
  • Vinátta — Grace joined here to move in with Niernan, and they had their first litter: Lochlan and Teagan. Lena joined this pack after leaving New Dawn, and was later followed by Cody and their mother. Grace also abandoned her daughter Dreyma to be raised by the Vináttans.
  • AniWaya — Tal sired a child by his half-sister Gemma here: Nvda. Tal later joined Aniwaya.
  • Midnight ShoresMyrddin dir Rhiannon is a member here.

The parent that contributes the Rhiannon genes is bolded.

4.  Members

4.1  First Generation

  • Unknown x Tryggvi Hoden
  • Svana Hoden x Tryggvi Hoden (1)
    • Unnur (f) [living]
    • Þór (m)
  • Svana Hoden x Tryggvi Hoden (2)
    • Edgar Hoden
    • Vilhjalmur (m)
    • Svanhildur (f)
    • Sindri (m)
    • Unnamed (m)
  • Svana Hoden x Tryggvi Hoden (3)
    • Snorri (m) [living]
    • Hinrik (m) [living]
  • Abelle Adamo x Tryggvi Hoden
    • Abaddon Adamo
    • Gotzon Adamo

4.2  Second Generation

4.3  Third Generation

4.4  Fourth Generation

4.5  Fifth Generation

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