Lou Frost

Louise Lily Frost (called Lou) was born in Mer Bleue into the Moineau family. She is on the look for her sibling, Kennedy, and stopped briefly in Inferni before striking out again with promises to return.

Lou Frost

by Raze




Date of Birth

28 February 2012




Birth place

Mer Bleue


Coyote Hybrid





Pack Inferni
Rank Tiro Misceleri

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1.  Appearance

Lou is a small coyote hybrid who draws significant traits from her dog heritage. She's built to be hardy despite her size, though this is all in the torso; the rest of her looks dainty by comparison, especially her paws, snout, and tall-but-narrow ears. Her fur is thick but with coyote coarseness, and it fluffs significantly around her chest.

She is mostly Potter's Clay (#825C37) in coloration. Darker Iroko (#45321F) covers the top of her head, including her ears, and spills down her back to her hips. The tip of her brushy tail is also dark, as are patches on the front of her legs.

Light Vanilla (#D9C8B8) covers her chest and marks the underside of her legs, tail, and her brow dots. It also washes up under her jaw to her muzzle, with a little snip not quite reaching up between her Copper (#C37833) eyes.

By Raze!

2.  Personality

The Napoleon . Pint-Sized Powerhouse . I Will Find You . Cute But Cacophonic . Tsundere

Lou has a fighter's spirit, if not the body of one. She is able to focus on one task and complete it, and she will do what is needed no matter what the consequences are; her word is her bond. She is brave and willing to defend her pack to the death if need be. Even tasks that seem hopeless are tackled with a grim determination, even though Lou acknowledges their hopelessness; she is not optimistic in the least, but she'll get stuff done no matter what. Flexible, she's willing to look at situations from new angles and even bend the rules a bit.

Though she's extroverted and spends a lot of time around people, she's actually rather laid-back and quiet, happy to let others do the talking. However, she can get quite vocal if insulted; her heritage as a non-Luperci are especially tender points of conversation. She is a bit quick-tempered if she feels like someone's honor is being challenged, and while she's generally respectful, she lets the low blows fly if someone else isn't playing nice. Only the authority in her clan is followed and accepted without such a fuss; she has a strong instinct for submission for them, even if she's dominant in other aspects of her life.

She can be a bit childish and naive when she lets her guard down, but she's quick to adapt to new ideas. (Secretly she is jealous of pretty Luperci things like scarves and jewelry and wants to wear them but she is generally too stubborn to admit this!) She is drawn to those with larger-than-life personalities and will shamelessly adopt mannerisms from them, especially strong females she considers role models. She falls easily into feral habits and has very expressive and honest body language because of this — Lou can't lie to save her life, though she might occasionally try to avoid conflict altogether.

2.1  Details


  • Likes:
  • Dislikes:


Honest, bold, flexible, determined, quiet, quick-tempered.

  • Outlook: Pessimistic at heart, but acts optimistic
  • Expression: Extroverted, dominant
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good


  • Sickness, especially blood-borne pathogens like the Luperci virus. Takes great lengths to avoid contact with canine blood just in case.
  • Losing her sister brother
  • Loss of personal freedom, especially with regards to settling down/romance (fears becoming her mother)


  • Serving Inferni; Lou feels she has a debt to the clan
  • Finding her sister, Kennedy -- or at least searching for her forever


  • Packs: Inferni is best pack!
  • Species: Initial wariness and distrust of wolves; first impressions make this stronger or break it.
  • Gender: Complicated views on gender thanks to her traditionalist, borderline-misogynistic mother. Is quick to preach feminism and defend her choice to remain childless and unattached; doesn't want to be viewed as weak for being feminine or wanting to be swept off her feet in romance.
  • Non-Luperci: Believes that non-Luperci are not necessarily better, and recognizes the advantages that come with being Luperci; however, she also thinks that they're equally "weakened" in other aspects and out of touch with the natural order of things. She thinks non-Luperci should stay non-Luperci.


Lou is highly inexperienced in romance and sexuality, but when she develops a crush, she crushes hard and it's usually obvious to even a casual observer. Canonically she's shown interest in Asher Thompson, as she is drawn to coydogs like herself, but on some level she is also drawn to "forbidden fruit" - namely Luperci, since she is unwilling to convert and would abstain from a physical relationship with them. She likely has a low libido or is otherwise demisexual, since she has felt little desire to experiment with this aspect of her life, and gets uncomfortable if others try to push her towards it. (Mostly believes sex is 100% for reproducing and she doesn't want to get pregnant, so there!)


  • Inexperienced in any substances!
  • If introduced to drugs or alcohol, Lou might form a dependency on them. For now, she sees them as weird things Luperci do that may or may not be fun.


Lou doesn't really believe in anything, if only because spirituality and religion are new to her. She believes in right and wrong and doesn't really attribute that to any deity or force, and she abhors the concept of Fate. She may or may not be accepting of others' views if introduced.

3.  Relationships

3.1  Key Relations

  • Vesper fascinates Lou, since she was also once a non-Luperci from Mer Bleue. Lou sees Vesper as a leader first, however, and so their relationship isn't necessarily close. Lou feels like she's in Vesper's debt for letting her stay in Inferni, and she eagerly follows her orders.
  • Vicira Tears, daughter of the leaders, is fascinated by Lou! Lou finds Vicira easy to get along with, and they've quickly become good friends.

3.2  Family: Moineau

  • Mother: Kizzie Horne
  • Father: Howell Frost
  • Siblings: Kennedy Frost
  • Extended: Lou has notable distant relations in Inferni itself, including Vesper. She is mostly unaware of these relatives or their closeness but for the Moineau name, if it comes up.

3.3  Minor Relations

  • Lou has a crush on Asher Thompson and basically ignores the fact that he's a flaming homosexual.

3.4  Former Relations

  • Kennedy Frost ran away from home, and Lou charged herself with finding her. She will never give up looking for her sibling, even if she thinks Ken might be dead or gone far away by now. She remembers their closeness.
  • Howell Frost was adored by both his daughters. Kizzie Horne, her mother, was less-so; Kizzie was seen as somewhat of a fool, feeble and traditional. It was Kizzie's pushing that made Kennedy leave home.

4.  Interaction

  • Speech: Feminine, young, but strong. Soft-spoken generally, but rapid-fire and loud speech if agitated.
  • Scent: Moineau, non-Luperci; woodsy, prey-scents, musty buildings.

4.1  Abilities


  • Hunting
  • Scouting


  • Size
  • Excitability

5.  History

5.1  Timeline


  • February: Born to Howell Frost and Kizzie Horne in Mer Bleue, alongside one sibling.
  • December: Kennedy runs away in the midst of winter.


  • April: Lou leaves when the thaw comes. She parts on good terms with Howell, though Kizzie is distraught at losing another daughter.
  • June: Lou falls in with non-Luperci "radicals" on pilgrimage/exile from Mer Bleue, meant to spread understanding of their lifestyle to Luperci populations. She learns more about Luperci on this journey, understanding their lifestyle. Some of the non-Luperci abandon the group to become Luperci, including one of Lou's friends.
  • August: Lou leaves the group, bored and disliking their prejudice against her dog blood. She travels on her own.
  • October: Lou hears of Nova Scotia and realizes Kennedy might have gone to one of the packs. She becomes obsessed with finding her sibling, forgoing food as she searches.
  • November: An ill and starving Lou collapses on the borders of Inferni. She is taken in, accepted by Vesper and treated by Harosheth. She quickly strikes up a friendship with Vicira Tears, and while fond of Vesper (and their shared origins), she is nervous when the Inferni leader challenges Siv Helsi, a Salsolan.
  • December: Lou tries to find her place in the pack, making new friends. She crushes on Asher Thompson.


  • April: After several months in Inferni, Lou decides that the weather is warm enough to search for her sister again. She bids Vesper farewell with promises to return with Kennedy in tow.

5.2  Threads


  1. (NPC) We Drunk Up All the Water and the Blood (Nov)
    Lou comes across Inferni and collapses at its borders. She is found by Vicira and Vesper, and taken to Harosheth to be treated.
  2. (NPC) Tear Away the Wool and Find the Truth (Nov)
    Lou and Vesper run across Siv Helsi while hunting bighorn sheep. Vesper challenges Siv, while Lou watches in discomfort.
  3. (NPC) Waking Up, Feel It In My Bones (Nov)
    Lou learns that Vesper is a Luperci. They talk about their pasts, learning they are both from Mer Bleue.
  4. (NPC) A Single Night Without a Ghost in the Walls (Dec)
    Lou plays with Vesper's kitten, Flea, and Asher before meeting Xochime Kimaris.


  1. (NPC) With Clean Eyes, I Didn't See Anything I Liked (Mar)
    Lou is grumpy to have been woken up by Lorelei Ulrich-Reinhilde's child. She fetches Maddox to find plaster for the mansion ceiling.
  2. (NPC) Won't Stop Til It's Over
    Lou tells Vesper she is leaving Inferni.
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