Pascal Sadira

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Pascal Sadira was a member of Cour des Miracles, serving as the pack's Chandler and Librarian. He is the son of Silvano Sadira, the King, and Giselle Fantasia -- who left the pack after Silvano's infidelity came to light.

A dreamer who struggles with autism, Pascal has always seen the world in a different way than his packmates. Sheltered as a youth, his nose in storybooks, he suffered several upheavals when he grew older, including an attempt made by a rogue on his father's life and his mother's aforementioned departure. Despite the pain caused by the family's changes, Pascal actively tried to forgive his father and became fast friends with his half-sister, Abigail Sadira. Protected by others in the pack, he became free to pursue his passions.

However, the Inferni and Cour des Miracles War set him back. Kidnapped and tortured Campion de le Poer, Pascal was only narrowly rescued and struggled over months to recover from his PTSD.

When the pack outpost was established in the summer of 2017, Pascal left to found it. He served as one of its leader figures alongside brother Eugene for nearly a full year, until a letter describing disturbing events reached them. Pascal returned home to discover his father usurped, pseudo-maternal figure Shiloh dead, and a new half-sister on the throne. He remained long enough to help his family and bury his father before returning to the outpost and his role.

About a year later, refugees from the Court began to arrive at the outpost; Cour des Miracles had disbanded in the wake of mercenary attacks. Pascal struggled to adapt to this new reality, until he departed from Portland, stepping down from his leadership post under the guise of checking up on family.






  • Date of Birth: 08 August 2012
  • Gender: Male
  • Luperci: Ortus
  • Pack: Loner
  • Rank:



PM to discuss: ???

1.  Appearance

1.1  Basics


  • Species: Overlooking his coloration, Pascal most resembles an arctic wolf. The hints of other subspecies are invisible when compared with the predominant arctic and grey wolves.
  • Fur: Thick fur as per his arctic wolf blood. Silvering with age.
    • Optime Hair: His hair is a short, curly mop and generally in disarray.
  • Facial Features: He is broad-muzzled, with small ears -- wolf through and through. Of note is his lack of expression, which often makes him seem emotionless unless he makes an effort to smile.
  • Build and Size: Pascal is average-sized with a powerful and stocky build. He is broad-shouldered with somewhat proportionally short legs; nothing about him is long. His muscle is that of a laborer, consistent but not remarkable.
  • Humanization: Yes, a little -- Pascal does not wear clothes, but he carries himself in a human fashion.



Graphite (#32190A)
Hairy Heath (#6B3217)
Taupe (#4B4133)
Pearl Bush (#E6DBCE)


Chambray (#2E507F)
Pastel Green (#73D389)

1.2  Miscellaneous



  • Teeth marks at the nape of his neck, hidden by his scruff.
  • Discoloration on his hand paw pads from a burn.



100 lbs (45 kg) — 31 in (79 cm)

Pascal is average, if stocky. He has an arctic wolf's build with large paws. He is comfortable in this form and uses it often, especially when hunting or sleeping.


200 lbs (91 kg) — 39 in (99 cm)

His Secui form doubles in weight, lumbering and ungraceful with thick hair. He almost never uses this form.


220 lbs (100 kg) — 6ft 4in (76 in) (193 cm)

Pascal is of average height and unremarkable. He is thick-limbed with a musculed but not trim torso. He is often found in this form when he needs to do tasks like building or reading.


  • Speech: Pascal's voice is quiet and average-low. His speech is slow and careful, and he does not emote strongly.
  • Scent: Forest, books, paper, wax, prey, mud.
  • Quirks, Gestures, Etc.: He constantly moves in little ways -- wagging his tail, rocking, touching his face, clawing at his hair. He often appears "blank," rarely showing facial expression other than large and odd smiles on occasion.
  • General Posture and Body Language: Pascal stands with proper posture. His body language is subtle but the main indicator of his emotion and interest. When uncertain, he generally seems stiff.


2.  Personality

2.1  Ideals


  • Outlook: Pessimistic
  • Sociability: Introverted
  • Expression: Neutral-Dominant
  • Alignment: Lawful Neutral


  • Likes: Books, candles, crafting, hunting, fantasy stories, culture, family, music
  • Dislikes: Loud noises, violence, physical contact, enclosed and dark spaces, judgment, smoke, gods and demons


  • Cour des Miracles: being a contributing member, proving himself, helping its culture flourish
  • His library, books, knowledge
  • Family


  • Violence: Pascal shies away from any sort of violence or conflict. Beyond the obvious fear of being attacked, he is afraid of his own anger sometimes, as he doesn't know how deal with or convey it. Even aggressive verbal encounters intimidate him.
  • Starvation -- prone to food-guarding
  • Dark, enclosed spaces; restraints; smoke; hallucinations; green-eyed wolves


  • Heterosexual
  • Pascal experiences attraction to women as normal, but due to his autism, he struggles with interpersonal connection and intimacy.
  • He has previously demonstrated a tendency to "latch on" to romantic interests, as evidenced by his past preoccupation with Akantha.


  • Not inclined to try intoxicants like drink.
  • Pascal has had terrible experiences with drugs in the form of smoke and secondary effects. Proximity to these intoxicants, especially smoke, triggers his post-traumatic stress.


  • Agnostic
  • Pascal is familiar with his friend's god and does not deny it exists, but he will butt heads with Skoll over dogma. He knows others draw motivation from faith and respects that. Ultimately, he doesn't care if there is a god -- whatever god exists made him and probably doesn't like him anyway, since he's so "odd."

3.  Relationships

3.1  Family

  • Extended: Pascal has extensive relations through his father's Sadira and Marino families and the more distant Tears line. He is not aware of his distant relations, and most of his closer ones are not around.

3.2  Relations

Key Relations

4.  Assets

4.1  Abilities


  • Education and Learning: Pascal is largely self-taught when it comes to making things, usually through experimentation, but he has been given lessons by various individuals (Myrddin, various loners, his father) and followed instructions in books.
  • Candlemaking (Apprentice): Though only beginning to craft these, Pascal is quickly learning. He can create candles from beeswax and preexisting candle fragments and is learning how to create them from tallow.
  • Carpentry (Dabbler): Pascal has mended structures such as bookshelves but has yet to make anything new.
  • Manual Labor (Journeyman): Pascal is strong enough to help with labor around the pack, and once he gets involved with a task, he tends to focus entirely on it and follow through in spite of anything else. He is good at carrying heavy objects, putting up supports, and other simplistic labors when guided.
  • Pascal's candles are still prone to falling apart, and are big and awkwardly-shaped. The wicks might not always be easy to light depending on the materials he can find.
  • The issue with manual labor is Pascal's very low pain tolerance -- something that hurts him will put him out of commission whereas others might shake it off. He is determined and focused, but certain tasks might be too much for him.


  • Education and Learning: From an early age, Pascal was read stories and quickly fell in love with them. He constantly reads whatever he can get his hands on. Meanwhile, his hunting skill is also largely self-taught through instinct and practice.
  • Reading (Master): Pascal is basically a reading prodigy. His constant practice allows him to read and absorb information rather quickly, and at a level higher than many Luperci.
  • Writing (Apprentice): He is attempting to learn how to write. He can copy down text fairly well, but his large hands make his handwriting rather sloppy unless it is large. His spelling and grammar is usually a guess, written phonetically (how it would be spoken rather than read).
  • Hunting (Journeyman): Pascal excels at the simple, instinctual task of hunting in his feral form. He prefers hunting large prey in a group.
  • Obviously, Pascal cannot pick up a medical textbook or something similar and understand it. His level of comprehension is very high, and some abstract concepts can be absorbed -- but the most he might understand is, for example, a medical book for little kids -- and even then he would reject very unusual theories (like "cells") in favor of simpler explanations.

4.2  Inventory


Chien Hotel, Cour des Miracles

Pascal lives on the first floor's west ring -- room number seven. His room is south of Skoll's.

An old mattress without a frame is flopped unceremoniously along the northern wall. A short dresser with a stool sits along the southern wall; the dresser is marked with melted stubs of candles, other than an immaculate corner where a book generally lays. The dresser drawers contain various tools, from candle molds to wicks and cans of various substances.


Pascal often seeks out trade, but while he has an idea of what he wants, it is easy to trick him.



  • blah

5.  History

In August 2012, Pascal and his brother Eugene are born to Silvano Sadira and Giselle Fantasia in Cour des Miracles. He was "off" from birth, timid of new things and flinching from sound and touch at a young age. Regardless, his parents loved him -- especially Giselle, who sheltered him when he was small.

Late in the year, the leadership of Cour des Miracles changed -- with Charlotte Haskel becoming Queen, and his father usurping first the subleader then rising as King. These and other changes went ignored by Pascal, too young and too interested in chasing frogs and butterflies.

5.1  Thread Archive

2012 Threads

2013 Threads


  1. [M] Where the Dogs Were Hungry, Roaming
    Belmonte D'Amore attacks Pascal to get at Silvano, who comes to his rescue. Belmonte is ultimately killed by Skoll Haskel.
  2. On Your Backs Was This Kingdom Made
    Pascal attends Skoll's knighting ceremony.


  1. Nothing Gold Can Stay
    Pascal meets Copper Smith.
  2. Faraway Places
    Pascal meets Trent.
  3. The Way of the Knight
    Pascal meets Valerie Rhiannon-Knight and learns a bit about Casa di Cavalieri.
  4. Broken Shores
    Pascal meets Isla Garcia-Knight.
  5. Salt and Scrapes
    Lena Rhiannon tends to Pascal after he gets a small wound.


  1. Shelves for Stories
    Pascal offers to help build Skoll a shelf for his books.
  2. All My Senses Push
    Pascal hunts with Linden Aatte.
  3. Morning Ride
    Pascal runs into Amatha Partnere on the beach.
  4. Give This a Little Time
    Pascal and Valencia Catori discuss horses and books.


  1. Nothing Like It
    New member "Ophelia" interrogates Pascal about his disability and the pack.
  2. Oliver's Adventure
    Pascal meets Copper's son, Oliver.
  3. Maybe I'm Just Tired
    After Pascal gets upset during training with Skoll, Linden steps in to defend him. Skoll and Linden end up sparring for dominance, and Linden wins. Pascal remains upset.
  4. Cherish the Battered Potter's Clay
    Pascal explores pottery and talks with Tasha Takekuro.


  1. The Sound of a Snowflake
    Pascal meets Mino Tava, a mute wolf.
  2. As the Days Grow Shorter
    Pascal meets Silvia Butler, and they play in the snow.
  3. Imagine Everyone is the Same
    Silvano tells Pascal that he has half-siblings in Vinátta, and that he's been unfaithful to Giselle. Pascal panics.
  4. Frostbit Fear
    Linden has a panic attack, and Pascal helps him through it. His friend leaves for Casa di Cavalieri.

2014 Threads


  1. And I'll Rise like the Break of Dawn
    Pascal comes to terms with Giselle's departure from the pack.
  2. Dona Nobis Pacem
    Pascal and Skoll visit a cathedral and chat with Harvey Butler.
  3. The Song of the Sword
    George Tibalt challenges Skoll to a little scuffle. As usual, Pascal watches from the sidelines.
  4. If You're Half of Something, You're Broken
    Pascal meets his half-sister, Abigail Sadira. He's initially cold toward the girl, but when she gets upset, he comforts her and acknowledges her as a sibling.
  5. Put Another Light Out
    Pascal greets Aoves.
  6. A Light to Read By
    Pascal uncertainly bonds with Silvano as they talk family and candles.
  7. Aspirations
    Pascal chats with Alexander Knight on the way to Halifax.
  8. Butterfly in the Sky, I Can Go Twice as High
    Judas Poer de Aika XIII interrupts Pascal and Skoll in the Halifax library.
  9. Make the Clock Rewind
    Pascal comes across a dancing Avaiki Asylum. He is captivated by her, but scares her off with mention of Judas.


  1. Beeswax and Wooden Bowls
    Pascal trades for beeswax candles with Myrddin dir Rhiannon.
  2. Behind the Dreaming
    Pascal, Skoll, and Tasha organize the Court's library.
  3. But Many Times We're Given Rhymes That Are Quite Unsingable
    Pascal meets Alistair Callow-Knight and Lola from Casa di Cavalieri.
  4. A Noble Inclination
    Pascal meets Faolan Kido and chats a little about his pack.
  5. Swim When Ropes are Wrapped Around Your Limbs
    Pascal inadvertently meets his father's lover.


  1. Tell My Brothers To Be Brothers
    Abigail Sadira announces that she has joined Cour des Miracles; Pascal is elated.


  1. Don't Trust Me
    Zhiv joins Cour des Miracles, though Pascal hardly gives a good impression.
  2. And Hark! Hark! Hoarse and Harsh
    Pascal and Abigail Sadira chase frogs.
  3. Poppin' Fat on the Fire
    Pascal learns how to make tallow from a loner.


  1. Leave Me to My Will While the Bright Days Glow
    Pascal meets Mara Savoy in the woods.
  2. Buzz from the Salt in the Air
    Pascal comes across Charlotte Haskel collecting sea glass.
  3. It's a Beautiful Morning
    Pascal discusses grooming and books with George Tibalt.


  1. Echoes from the Past
    Safire Hotep joins Cour des Miracles.
  2. And so a Pointed Monument Reached to the Sky
    Safire Hotep informs Pascal that the mystical "Egypt" is real.
  3. The Willow Submits to the Wind and Prospers
    Pascal reunites with Linden Aatte, who's returned to the Court.
  4. It Was Many and Many a Year Ago, in a Kingdom by the Sea
    Pascal attends a gypsy-hosted bonfire celebrating Cour des Miracles' anniversary.
  5. Hear the Screams from Everywhere
    Pascal meets Avaiki Asylum at the Halifax library.


  1. A Bit of Light Reading
    Pascal helps teach Skoll's friend Aurelya Shandara how to read.

2015 Threads


  1. I Will Lay down in the Sand and Let the Ocean Lead
    Pascal and Eugene walk awkwardly down the beach.
  2. Appear Weak When You Are Strong, Strong When You Are Weak
    Pascal approaches Mara Savoy about a borrowed book.
  3. I Was Following the Pack, All Swallowed in Their Coats
    Pascal and Linden Aatte bring down an old doe.
  4. You Don't Say a Single Word of the Last Two Years
    Pascal and his father discuss Silvano's Vináttan family and Pascal's rank.
  5. A Kangaroo Cry
    Wandering after a storm, Pascal and Valencia Catori discuss books and ranks.
  6. Young Today, Old as a Railroad Tomorrow
    Harvey Butler escorts Pascal to Halifax.
  7. There's No Guarantee It Doesn't Matter
    Silvia Butler watches Pascal make candles with crayon shavings.
  8. Fire Burning in Us All
    Pascal and Dante Centri chop firewood.
  9. [M] Vicious Little Furballs
    George Tibalt shows Pascal a bunch of baby ferrets.
  10. Lay by Me, Wrapped in Evergreen
    Pascal stumbles across the lovely Akantha in the woods. They take a stroll together that Pas does not soon forget.


  1. An Angel Born in a Bramble Ditch
    Pascal visits his younger half-brother Myrkr in Vinátta.
  2. Believe
    Rei helps Pascal find bug-repelling plants.


  1. A Handbook for Amateurs Bookbinders & Librarians
    Pascal inspects some of the books he brought back from Halifax.
  2. Through the Forest, down to Your Grave
    Panicking during the floods, Pascal lashes out at Estella Butler.
  3. Soon We'll Be Found
    Alder visits the library, and Pascal babbles awkwardly about books.


  1. I Went out to the Hazel Wood Because a Fire Was in My Head
    Kamilia points out Midnight Shores' land claim when Pascal is looking to trade.


  1. Post-Flood Pack Hunt
    Maciel Lopez leads a hunt after the floods.
  2. Lend Me Your Eyes, I Can Change What You See
    Pascal is drawn by Tasha Takekuro's music; she shows him how to hold her flute.
  3. Born Crooked as a Creek
    Eugene awkwardly pops in when Pascal is making candles.
  4. The Door Slammed Loud and Rose up a Cloud of Dust on Us
    Pascal and Maciel chat about their duties.


  1. Caught in the Act
    Pascal is suspicious of Kyler Cherish lurking in the forest.
  2. Between the Trees and the Cicadas Singing Around the Pond
    Pascal plays in a pond when a quiet loner, Lilac Rivers, approaches.


  1. [M] Wake up Boy You're Far from Home
    Pascal travels to The Dampwoods with a basket of gifts meant as diplomacy for Inferni. Campion de le Poer approaches Pascal, seeking "help," then violently kidnaps him.


  1. How Many Angels Can You Fit upon a Match?
    Marlowe de le Poer finds the kidnapped Pascal in one of Campion's hidden caves, and frees him.
  2. The Saddest Song All Caught in the Briars
    Pascal flees captivity and is found by Elijah Winters and Pazuzu Lykoi.
  3. In the Quivering Forest Where the Shivering Dog Rests
    Ember Stormfall comforts a terrified Pascal.
  4. Our Good Grandfather Built a Wooden Nest
    Pascal reaches Krokar's border, where Milos Parhelion and Beatrice Tindall take him in.
  5. Watching the World from the Bright Side
    Pascal is fascinated by Taseko's journal.


  1. In the Gentle Light as the Morning Nears
    With coaxing, Pascal tells Semini the story of what happened to him.
  2. I Was Looking at You There and Your Face Looked Wrong
    Pascal and Akantha reunite.
  3. You Will Lift His Body from the Shore and Bring Him Home
    Semini and Akantha bring Pascal to Cour des Miracles, where Shiloh Dawnbringer greets them.
  4. In the Sea, Once upon a Time, O My Best Beloved
    Pascal reunites with his father.


  1. Nothing to Show for Our Progress Except a Memory of the Smell of Smoke
    Pascal and Linden Aatte have a calm, quiet reunion.
  2. Like a Candle in the Wind
    Pascal seeks therapy in creating candles.
  3. The Arc Light on the Hillside and the Market in the Hay
    Maciel Lopez tries to help Pascal bring down an elk, but Pas is still too weak.

2016 Threads


  1. You're Dripping Like a Saturated Sunrise
    Pascal, Rio, Shiloh, and Mottle decorate the ballroom.
  2. I Spent My Evenings Pullin' Stars out of the Sky
    Shiloh makes a dress for Thyri; Pascal awkwardly observes.
  3. Work Is Hard. Distractions Are Plentiful. Time Is Short.
    Pascal learns from Shaamah that Akantha is pregnant.
  4. Textbook Love
    Upset by the revelation about Akantha, Pascal hides in the library during the ball.
  5. Riding in Sorrow to the Harbor
    Pascal accompanies Linden and Elijah on their trip to [[Packs/Sapient].
  6. Gold Hair in the Sunlight, My Light in the Dawn
    Pascal and Akantha have an emotional heart-to-heart.
  7. Through Veins in the River 'Til It Runs Dry
    Pascal finds Sapient's library, where Kin Collins shows him around.
  8. Light of Mine
    Pascal meets Akantha's pups.
  9. Thou Art Thy Mother's Glass and She in Thee
    Pascal bumps into a "former Courtier", who talks about her relationship with her daughter and asks him about the war.


  1. Memory Is a Fickle Siren Song
    Pascal and Rio Marino investigate buildings in Lunenburg.
  2. Lesser of Two Evils
    IN PROGRESS. w/ Marsali Amarok.
  3. Is That the Most That You Can Dream or Wanted to See?
    IN PROGRESS. w/ Thyri Dawnbringer.
  4. Let out a Sigh for Another Day the Same as the Last
    IN PROGRESS. w/ Basil Butler.
  5. Just Like She's Walking on a Wire in the Circus
    IN PROGRESS. w/ Marcella Fauks.


  1. Come on Let's Try, Dye It Blue & Change It up from the Past
    Pascal works with candles while the cats watch.
  2. A Step Beyond Where I Dare Not Go
    IN PROGRESS. w/ Claire de Valence.


  1. We Are Not Broken
    Silvano calls a pack meeting to address the aftermath of the meteor's destruction.
  2. Taking It Step by Step, We'll Always Move Ahead
    IN PROGRESS. w/ Linden Aatte.
  3. The World Is Now Still Going 'Round
  4. Or If We're Blind and the Truth Is Just a Painting in Grey
    IN PROGRESS. w/ Auguste Aston.