Isla Garcia-Knight (ADOPTABLE)

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Isla Garcia-Knight is the daughter of mates Neela Garcia and Tony Marino-Knight, born in Casa di Cavalieri in September 2012. Growing up the sickly runt of the litter Isla was constantly cared for, even though her wild and free nature disliked the action. Once she grew up and her parents left she began to thrive, picking fights and causing trouble with her new found freedom. She has calmed down a bit, knowing that her freedom is not going to be taken away, but still holds a fiery personality. Isla trusts very few outside of her family, and particularly cares for her grandfather Jazper, who played a large part in her upbringing. She was involved in a passionate romance with fellow rebel Drahnor, her "Captain", but the two have since lost contact.[1]

Isla Garcia-Knight

Isla by Aly
PlayerAadi Adel You?
Date of Birth13 Sep 2012
Subspecies25% Italian Wolf
25% Scottish Wolf
25% Rough Collie
12.5% Gray Wolf
12.5% Irish Setter
LuperciYes (Ortus)
Birth placeCasa di Cavalieri
Current packCasa di Cavalieri

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Current Pack

Casa di Cavalieri

Joining date13 Sep 2012
Previous Rank(s)Poco

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1.  History

Isla has lived in Casa her entire life. She grew up with her brothers being extremely protective over her, this she doesn't mind. But being locked up from the outside world for so long, she tends to reject her mother and father. When Neela and Tony chose to leave the pack for a quiet life in Halifax, Isla did not miss them.

Isla was a late shifter, and remained very petite. Her shift was on April 22, 2012. She has since discovered alcohol, and it is her development of loving the substance. She was involved in a passionate romance with fellow rebel Drahnor Wolfe VI, whom she playfully called "Captain D'nor", but the two have since lost contact.[2]

2.  Personality

As Isla was a pup, being sickly and the runt of the litter, she tries to make up for it now. Her bold personality makes Isla seem fearless, her adventurous trait comes from the rebellion. Anything and everything is a huge adventure to her, which will cause her to butt heads with a many people within CdC. She's always been small, everything about her, except for her attitude, and she will have an attitude and opinion about anything and everything, though she will not be rude about it, Isla has at least some self-respect enough to respect elders and not say rude things to others, unless she means it. Though she may have a mouth on her, this does not mean she won’t know when and when not to shut her mouth when needed. She’s very smart, she thinks things through and knows quite a lot about things, especially books. She learned to read at a young age, and has a lot of knowledge, especially about animals.

She trusts no one, and will have no friends as a child, except for her brothers Callum and Luca, as well as her Granddad. She tends to lean towards her brother, Callum, when it comes to someone to have faith in and be fun with. She will lean towards Luca in case she needs someone to really talk to about her problems. Her shallowness for others was developed by her sister, who she doesn't frankly like, this creates her untrusting of females, and the reason she enjoys being around males more than not. Her brother Callum's choice to leave Casa di Cavalieri for a girl doesn't help this prejudice at all.

Isla did not expect to ever ‘fall’ in love, and no suitor should expect to tame her wild heart. She was taken away from this world because of being so sick all the time, so she believes that if you love something, you must set it free. This will likely stick with her throughout her adulthood. She doesn’t distinguish when someone is trying to hit on her, and she enjoys hanging out with males more than females because it will irritate her sister and her parents. Her open relationship with Drahnor had a great deal of freedom, though it still hurt her when he went off without her.

She is a wild child, through and through. She will have tried everything in the book from alcohol to other substances. However, she is tough and strong willed; what she wants, she gets- what she doesn't get, well usually that doesn't happen. Isla is indeed someone to watch out for if you have beef with her, having so many friends who are guys, and making ‘mends’ with other people, she will have an army to back her up if she wanted to. Eventually as her adolescence turns into adult hood, she may learn to develop some sort of 'whats right and whats wrong to say/do' in certain situations, but for her, life will be played to how she wants to play it, bending rules, and not lying but not entirely telling the truth. Someone will have to be very strict and very stern with Isla to get to the bottom of what she's caused; if indeed, she’s caused something. She'll answer everything else besides what you're meaning to ask her.


  • not very trusting of others
  • hangs out with dudes more than anything; judgmental of females
  • a wild child
  • will to try anything at least once
  • doesn't believe in love
  • will protect her brothers and her parents with her life if it comes down to it, she's not that shallow.
  • doesn't really have anyone she'll call her "friend", unless you're Callum or Luca, or her Granddad.
  • unstable when intoxicated
  • normally mono-toned and never smiles, unless she wants to put on another front then she'll become chipper and smile, just to get what she wants.

3.  Relationships


Member of the Knight, Marino, and Damaichu families.




4.  Appearance

Garcia-Knight litter by Aly

Isla is a very lovely color of mahogany red, covering her entire body except for various parts on her underbelly which turn to a light shade of pink/white, also the inside of her ears as well as her muzzle are white. Her eyes are a vivid emerald green. She takes mostly after her mother and the irish setter in her blood, though it is a very small ratio.

Lupus: Isla will still remind others as a very small pup, or of a fox, by her color. she'll only be about 22" tall.

Secui: Isla will be standing around 31" tall, still being tiny for being in her Secui form. Hardly ever used unless hunting large game.

Optime: In her optime form, which Isla will be in all of the time, she is a small 5' 4" weighing only a small 110 pounds. She hardly has curves, and if she were a human her cup size would be a large B. Her hips are very large though. Her hair is long and a burnt looking color, that is very curly. Almost a human auburn but darker.