Aurelya Shandara

Aurelya Shandara

by Raze



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04 Aug 2013





Eastern Timber Wolf




Pack Cour des Miracles
Rank Squire


Rank Seigneur, Chevalier, page

Aurelya Shandara is a Squire of Cour des Miracles.

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    1.   3.1  Family
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1.  Appearance

Aurelya's fur is rippled water at dusk, a flow of sleek ebony and silver that shimmers in the light with a soft glow. Her eyes, which are her namesake, are a bright gold that contrast sharply with her dark fur, giving the allusion of golden moons in the night. Her face gives a soft appearance with a demure muzzle, wide eyes, and velvet fur. She has muscles well defined by the months roaming alone, and though still not large in stature for a purebred wolf, her form is not diminutive. She is dense rather than stout, and most of her strength in her Lupus form is in her hind legs and haunches. Despite the disadvantages of being outweighed in fights, being smaller of stature has granted her reason to learn to hunt and fight with calculation and agility over brute strength.

In Secui form, her chest and shoulders broaden considerably, giving her a more feminine form and imbuing her with more strength and bulk, which she finds lacking in her Lupus form. However, the added bulk reduce her speed and endurance in Secui form, so for convenience sake she will most likely be in Lupus form unless strength is necessary to the situation. Her fur elsewhere recedes, so the lack of added fluff makes her appear close to the same size as her Secui form, albeit slightly larger in frame to the observant eye.

In her Optime form, her waist diminishes slightly from Secui form, creating a humanoid hourglass shape. Her broader shoulders and strong haunches look athletic and sinewy. Her fur has also receded most of the way, more reminiscent of the soft velvet fur of her face. While she enjoys this form for some aesthetic reasons, she tends to use this form in times of practicality - usually when something requires the dexterity of her hands in this form. She tends to brush her mane, which is black with streaks of silver, but otherwise does not find reason to adjust it much. On formal occasions, she will wear clothing, but usually will only don a hooded cloak.

In all forms, the only aesthetic ornamentation she has is a small pendant in a teardrop shape, a blue fire opal on gold chain. In her Optime form, she will sport a few daggers and a pouch for items if necessary. She also has a bow and quiver of arrows, but her skill with archery is considerably less than that of hand-to-hand combat.

2.  Personality

In spite of her longing for family, those months of solitude both with and without her sister Lynessa have made her intensely introverted. When put in unfamiliar situations or meeting more than one person at a time, she tends to clam up and keep reserved unless spoken to, and even then her responses will be short. However, if provoked, her anger can flare up and she can give a tirade, but these moments are rare. Some may perceive her as unintelligent, but she is careful and deliberate in her interactions. Because of this, she values intelligence and integrity in others more than simple cleverness of words, and admires those who can step into uncomfortable or leadership roles and take charge. When she feels jealousy of these traits, she analyzes her feelings and readjusts them to create determination for self-improvement rather than indulging envy, and detest those who indulge in self-pity and jealousy. She does have a playful side, a sarcastic side, and even a sensual side, but they are reserved for those who gain her trust. She believes in giving respect to all unless they forfeit it, as she finds it presumptuous and self-righteous to assume that someone else must work to gain your respect. Also, she has a penchant for the color blue, and loves music, especially singing.

3.  Relationships

3.1  Family

One sister, Lynessa Shandara, parents deceased

4.  History

She does not have many memories of family, but the ones she does have are dear. She was born into a small litter of 2 other pups, and remembers playing and rolling with them while her mother and father cared for them. Her mother and father were both lone Lurperci who had deserted pack life, but thought maybe they would start their own in due time. It was a time of innocence and joy. Then there came a time when her parents left to hunt and did not return. The pups stayed in the den for days, waiting, but eventually had to admit that it was time for them to fend for themselves. One sibling, lost in grief, perished when the first winter alone set in. Aurelya and her other sibling, Lynessa, waded out the months together, but as spring thawed, they parted ways after realizing their differences were too great. Lynessa had developed a taste for living alone, as she was not as attached to their parents, but Aurelya, to whom those few months had been bliss, craves to be a part of a family again. The last several months, she has wandered the terrain, slowly making her way to 'Souls.