Aoves is the daughter of Charlot and Yseulte. She was born in France among a litter of three, traveled down it's shoreline in her youth, and while traveling the sea to head to the Americas, was shipwrecked by a fearsome storm. She now resides in Cour Des Miracles with her family.


by Pablo



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Date of Birth

September 9, 2010




Birth place

Le Havre, France



50% Canis lupus lupus (Eurasian Wolf)
50% Canis lupus familaris (Dog)


25% French Spaniel
25% Blue Picardy Spaniel
50% Eurasian Wolf




Pack Cour des Miracles
Rank Chevalier


Loner (September 2012 - April 2013)
Omicron, Phi, Beta, Delta

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1.  Appearance

1.1  Coloration

The majority of Aoves' fur is a luxurious and rich chocolate mink. Whereas most dogs any form of a brown are heavily flushed with ruddier reds, a strikingly cool-toned base dominates her fur; the silky lengths reflect a brighter silver, at times reminiscent of a blue, when her coat is warmed by sunlight. Due to this, she is often easily mistaken for black in dimmer lighting, but the unmistakable noire of her deeper toned limbs generally provides enough contrast to distinguish the deep brown of her coat. The black markings stretch down the full length each leg - from shoulders and thighs to the black of her long claws, and her ears too being similarly pointed in the color. A spill of milky white dapples completely covers her throat, breast, and belly - accumulating the heaviest just around the area of her heart, the white is so thick that no brown can be seen. Because of the mild form of vitiligo currently affecting her nose, it is shaded in a soft and dusky pink, freckled lightly with small spots of black. Her eyes are a brilliant platinum grey, and unless her gaze is lidded, the spheres stand out so powerfully against her darker face that she may seem wide-eyed in shock. Her hair is a flawless black when in Optime, an ebony so deep that it mimics no other color even when illuminated.

1.2  Coat

Aoves is single coated, and thus her fur drapes over her skin with extraordinary ease. Though it makes her look impossibly sleek, she is also left vulnerable to more extreme temperatures, and easily becomes ill when forced to endure any intense cold or heat. She looks different from every angle; slick waves seem to pour down her nape, shoulders and back, cascading into the dense length of fur below. A hybridization of two heavily feathered breeds, her wavy coat is longest upon her bosom, elbows, buttocks, and the underside of her tail. Her hair itself is similarly sleek and wavy, with it's loose curls falling to the middle of her back. Aoves is borderline religious concerning her grooming, and has several combs to ensure that her hair and coat exhibit nothing but perfection.

1.3  Build

Her build is a cross between athletic and robust - undeniably muscular with the lean and limber body of a swimmer, but with the soft slopes and curves easily identifiable as a female. Facially, her profile is a fine cross between dog and wolf, but noticeably softer than the latter. It's features an elegantly tapering convex profile, but with flews lacking the tautness of wild breeds, and her canines are long though hidden by her lips. Aoves' toes are noticeably webbed, a trait she is somewhat self-conscious of, but aware of the benefit it gives her when swimming or walking upon loose surfaces. Her arms and legs are noticeably well toned - lean and trim, but not the stilt-like limbs demonstrated on sight hounds and other leggy varieties. Well suited for tasks requiring high endurance, but a less than superior speed, she is deep and broad chested, the curve tucking as a gentle slope into her waist and underside.

  • Optime Hair: Black (#000).
  • Eyes: Wild Sand (#F4F4F4).
  • Fur:
    • Primarily Night Rider (#261412).
    • Lighter Off-White (#EEEEEE) ticking on her throat, breast and belly

1.4  Forms




41 lbs (xx kg)
22 in (xx cm)

37 lbs (xx kg)
49 in (xx cm)

xx lbs (xx kg)
5ft 4in (xx in) (xx cm)

In this form she is lithe and limber, slender legs emerge from an abundance of wavy fur slick at her back and flanks. Oddly enough, this is the only form were her eye color changes, reverting from the brilliant platinum to a warmer champagne silver. This form is preferred for travel, though she'll comfortably shift to it even without a proper reason.

Given an abundance of fur and muscle, Aoves appears incredibly squat in this form. Hair being especially thick upon her bosom and nape, her neck appears disproportionately large in comparison to her head, while her hindquarters are thick with fur, then tapering into startlingly sinuous legs. The grace of this form is much like a large felines; muscle peeks lethally past her chocolate hide with each lumbering step, and movements flow eerily fluid-like as weight transfers from foot to foot. She'll rarely ever uses this form.

Standing at her absolute tallest, a height of 5'4 when she strains for it, Aoves simply relies on her coat and curves to be her greatest assets. Her fur itself retains the standard silky sable, the gently coiling locks that decorate the head of this form are turned a slick noire, now heavily combed and fixed given she has the resources to do so. She only lets her hair fall over one shoulder, or occasionally braided, and is on the verge of religious about keeping it to the side, the wispy curls having grown to her mid-back. A coiling bang swoops across her forehead, merging with the cascade pulled to the side. No longer on the road, she is generally impeccably groomed, and her wavy curls fall to the middle of her back.

Heavy feathering waves are displayed upon her breast and underbelly, dark and light ticking peppered all throughout the downy length. The black fade upon her svelte legs and arms begins vaguely at first, only a slight darkening at the elbows; but by the time the eye reaches the ends of her extremities, hands and feet are completely black as though she sported evening gloves. Due to her fur she is widest in dimension at her breasts and thighs, the woman's remaining curvature is compiled mostly of muscle. The slope is more generous at her thighs from her life of cliff climbing, instead of being an unseemly fat reservoir, and her chest is seemingly larger due to an abundance of wavy curls. Her hindquarters too are concealed by a generous array of curly feathering. Her eyes remain the same brilliant platinum.

1.5  Other


  • Piercings:
  • Tattoos:
  • Scars:
  • small long scar on her hindquarters
  • short claw marks on her left side


Given her abundance of fur, Aoves rarely wares clothes as she finds them too restrictive. If she does, the article is usually loose and flowing.

  • green tiered and beaded necklace of shells
  • a white shell armband


  • Black shawl (during colder seasons)
  • A cream colored wool shawl. (occasionally worn during colder seasons)
  • A navy blue wrap, similar to this.
  • A longer white wrap, either worn at her chest or at her waist

Winter Clothing by Devo!

1.6  Inventory

Always worn (regardless of form)

  • a tiered necklace of green shells. (her own handiwork)
  • a decorative comb ornamented by her name and floral designs, worn somewhere in her hair (gifted to her by Harvey)

Optime Apparel

  • tiered necklace of green shells
  • A basic armband of white shells (made by her daughter, Estella)
  • a red goatskin satchel
Goatskin satchel

(dyed crimson red, all items are contained within unless specified)

  • worn leatherbound journal; the first few pages contain a map of stars
  • pencils worn down to various degrees. She's smoothed their sides so they look more polished than their age suggests.
  • fire starting materials
  • a small bible
  • a silver comb
  • a jumble of sinew string for her craft
  • a wheedling bone

Misc./household possessions:

  • A little over a dozen books, most of them elementary through high-school level textbooks. Nothing fancy.
  • A woven basket, and a deep green bucket of thick plastic salvaged from a house
  • Two ornate bone combs
  • A bone knife
  • Two woven baskets
  • A dark plastic green utility bucket
  • Rattle-like baubles for her children
  • 3 complete fishing nets
  • A second lower quality knife
  • Several pots & pans

Possessions always available for trade:

  • An assortment of rabbit, fox, otter, beaver and a deer pelts.
  • Scented oils
  • Shells
  • Shards of sea glass, raw smokey quartz, agate, and amethyst.

2.  Personality

Though inwardly quite passionate regarding her convictions and decisions, Aoves oftentimes restricts herself to the appearance of being solely poised, level-headed, and kind. Quiet in nature and intellectual by upbringing, she has gone out of her way many times before to sate her curiosity and has acquired many skills for survival because of it. Despite this, the lady remains largely civilized, and never really developed basic survival skill sets such as hunting and tracking.

2.1  Demeanor


  • outward optimist, though she's usually inwardly aware that things can go wrong
  • introverted


  • Fears: letting others down, drowning
  • Motivations: experience, curiosity, restlessness, general benevolence
  • Traits: self-conscious, warm, mellow
  • Alignment: Lawful Good

2.2  Ideals


  • sailing
  • jewelry-making
  • swimming
  • singing
  • traveling


  • Species:
  • Non-Luperci: She appreciates her four legged form, and can understand the appeal, but doesn't fully understand why some choose to forego the versatility of being a Luperci.
  • Gender: No bias against gender per se, but since males are usually taller, extreme height differences can make her uncomfortable.
  • Color: She likes all, and is particularly fond of reds and blacks.
  • Sexuality: She views same-sex relationships as immoral and unclean, but politely hides her distaste.
  • Age: She adores elders and their stories.


Heterosexual, though she can easily see - and will even compliment - others in their attractive features. This, combined with her tendency to be more physically affectionate (hugs, cheek/forehead kisses, etc), can confuse others about her intentions.


She's tried alcohol and was not overly fond of it, and knows little about drugs beyond their medicinal uses.


Considers herself Catholic, heavily values personal cleanliness (spiritual, mental, and physical).

3.  Relationships

3.1  Key Relations

  • Harvey Butler - Harvey is her beloved mate, and she considers him her closest friend.
  • Estella Butler - Her daughter. Aoves is immensely proud of her daughters good manners and intelligence.
  • Basil Butler - Her son. She's not entirely sure why he is the way he is, but loves him deeply regardless.
  • Samuel Butler - Her other son. Aoves is proud of him as well, and secretly hopes he will someday rub off on Basil.

3.2  Relations

  • Rio Marino - Rio has always been kind to Aoves, and their children too are both on good terms, so she considers her a good friend of the family.
  • Copper Smith - Copper has helped her children in the past, and she counts him as a friend.
  • Skoll Haskel - She considers Skoll her Catholic buddy.
  • Valencia Catori - Aoves has watched over playdates between Valencia and her daughter, and treats the puppy like one of her own.

3.3  Minor Relations

  • Dalgina Wolfe-Denahli
  • Hati Catori
  • Silvano Sadira
  • Lyris Styder
  • Leviothan Moonbreaker
  • Nyla T'Kinsae
  • Jordyn
  • Sabyne Somanov
  • Chioma Monet
  • Ciellen Loreath
  • Raphael Salvage
  • Thirteen
  • Lillith Behr
  • Lochlan Stormbringer
  • Nadia Ancientfire
  • Evermore
  • Silvano Sadira
  • Charlotte Haskel
  • Wayne McCoy

3.4  Former Relations

  • Baird Byrne
  • Shylome
  • Unatsikanogeni Adahy

3.5  Family: Normandie?

4.  Interaction

  • Speech:
  • Aoves speaks in a warm but muted alto, her faintly french purring tones usually kept politely soft.
  • Her s's are softer/slightly slurred, and very vaguely a 'sh', though she's gradually becoming more talented at subduing her accent.
  • She feels more comfortable dropping letter 'h', and will often speak as though its absent.

She speaks fluent French, with English being her secondary language. If she does use non English, it is generally not beyond common terms of endearments and other such phrases, so whoever she's speaking to does not feel uncomfortable.

Otherwise, her speech may be over enunciated when she tries to speak formally and properly.

Her voice claim is Virginie Ledoyen. (go to :36)

  • Scent: brine, sweet driftwood smoke, the Court's forest & beaches, milk,her family, fish, herbs, sweet scented oils

4.1  Residence

  • She occupies a large home on Lunenburg's outskirts with her family; the house is located close to the shore. Nestled into hiding among a grove bordering the broad expanse of the Court's forest, a large clearing opens up and reveals the building.

4.2  NPCs


  • Species: Equus ferus caballus
  • Age and DOB: 6
  • Description: Jolie is a full bodied draft cross. She stands at 17hh, and is a bald faced red roan with four stockings. Generally used as the communal mount for any of the residents within the Butler house, she is left free to roam the nearby outskirts, though is occasionally taken to the stables for extra care.
  • Personality: Jolie is a docile mare, but does not take easily to strangers.


  • Species: Tyto Alba
  • Age and DOB: 11 years
  • Description: 13 in. tall, his left eye is silvered by an injury, his feathers are in poor shape and seem like they've been loosely glued to his body. His farthermost left toe is missing, and there is a chip in his beak. He is only very lightly pigmented, and appears nearly white.
  • Personality: Ornery, foul-mouthed, and incredibly dominant, even Aoves has had her fingers snapped at a time or two. Though originally the friend of Aoves' grandmother, he then passed his wisdom to Aoves mother, eventually leaving with Aoves herself when she chose to leave. With his age has come great wisdom, and he is incredibly able when it comes to predicting the weather and seasons. Tilleau has learned to speak fluent french high-speech, and is learning a croaking English. Given his tendency to treat and label Aoves a 'stupid, naive, and unaware' their relationship seems abusive, but the two are on incredibly good terms.

4.3  Abilities


  • piano/harp/voice - Skills learned by playing the instruments in her cathedral home.
  • sailing - Her father taught her how to sail small boats, she was taught the basics of larger vessels later on.
  • fishing - Primarily net. Learned by operating fishing boats, and fishing techniques in general, were taught to her due to her life on the coastline. She can also swim quite well as a result.
  • reading and writing - taught to her by her father with the use of the catholic texts.
  • resourceful - much time was devoted to keeping up the cathedrals maintenance, making nets. Any cloth items were constantly being repaired, or reworked into garments. Given her vanity, and a lack of traders to supply her more trivial wants, Aoves learned to make adornments for herself. She knows how manipulate sinew for string, bone, shells, pearls, and other such oceanic items to create and dye her own jewelry.


  • hunting - always able to rely on others when the sea couldn't provide her with a meal, Aoves never learned to hunt anything beyond rodents and raiding nests for eggs.
  • fighting - she's never had much use for learning a weapon skill, and though she knows basic defense with claws and fangs, she would be easily outmatched by an experienced contender.
  • seizures (grand mal) - though she's in total denial in regards to it, due to the trauma of the wreck, she has since found herself having minor seizures when incredibly overwhelmed.

4.4  Inventory


She's an opportunist trader, but will do projects like nets and jewelry if she gets good vibes from the other, or is offered an item of noticeable value.

  • Offering: See possessions.
  • Accepting: She's always looking for things to add to her jewelry (gemstones and chains are always priority), sweet treats for her kids (honey, fruits, etc.), vanity items such as mirrors and combs, fabric, furs (particularly soft varieties like rabbit and fox), and everyday items like materials for starting fires.

5.  History




5.1  Threads (IC, chronologically)


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