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WARNING: This page contains material exceeding the general board rating of PG-13. It may contain very strong language, drug usage, graphic violence, or graphic sexual content. Reader discretion is advised.

By Mandi!

Cruel, calculating, and cold, Marcella "Zella" Fauks was driven by her desire for knowledge, power, and success. She commanded a specialized team of mercenaries known as the Austringer Cartel, which used raptors to track their bounties and communicate messages. Notorious for her ruthless tactics and her prowess as a falconer, she would relentlessly pursue a bounty unless it was in her best interest to give up. Well-spoken, intelligent, and beautiful, Zel regularly used seduction, torture, and lies to achieve her goals and had little value for the lives of others.

Once a regular at Ulick Barnes' tavern, Zella returned from a job to learn that his slaves had staged an escape, destroying the plantation and killing their master in the process. This act of dissent came to be known as the Barnes Rebellion and only one overseer, Kazimir Drachev, survived the riot. After a series of haphazard meetings and inconsistent conversations, Drachev negotiated a deal with Zel and acquired her aide in his pursuit for retribution under the condition that she be allowed to do with as he pleased with the slave that spearheaded the rebellion.

Several long months went by with Marcella and her Austringer Cartel pursuing the rebels, eventually tracking them into 'Souls. They began a series of threats and attacks against Krokar, later known as the Austringer Hostility, until the mercenaries were defeated on March 25th, 2016.

One of the few survivors, Marcella eked out a living on Mount Oromocto until her wanton ways caught up with her and she was killed at the end of April 2016.





OOC Info

  • Date of Birth: 27 Dec 2010
  • Date of Death: 30 Apr 2016
  • Gender: Female
  • Luperci: Ortus
  • Etymology:
    • Forename: Feminine form of Marcellus (German)
    • Surname: Falcon (Ancient Germanic)
  • Pronunciation: mar-SELL-ah, fOX
  • Epithet: Femme Fatale, Succubus

1.  Appearance

1.1  Basics


  • Species: Zel looks more dog than anything, though her coyote blood sharpens her features.
  • Fur: Short and smooth with a healthy luster.
    • Optime Hair: Shoulder-length and straight, Zella pulls her mane over the right side of her face.
  • Facial Features: Angular with a sloping stop, Zel's muzzle is long and tapered. She has delicate definition in her jaw and cheeks and her eyes often appear gentle and kind.
  • Build and Size: Zel is tall and slim, taking after the large portion of dog in her bloodline, but is in no way willowy. She is solid and strong and holds herself with confidence and power. She almost always can be found in Optime form.
  • Humanization: Always wears clothing but prefers outfits that are practical and unobstructive. Because of her short fur, she is often seen in a thick wolverine fur cloak as she does not tolerate the cold well.


  • Fur: Primarily Mountain Mist with with darker shades of Salt Box and Baltic Sea scattered intermittently on her head, torso, and tail.
  • Markings:
    • Kaabul marks her face, neck, chest, and legs in a tan pattern.
    • Shades of Armadillo, Merlin, and Zeus add a brindling pattern to the tan points.
    • Alto touches her forehead and neck.
  • Eyes: Mostly Casper with rings of Chambray around her pupils and the edge of her irises.
  • Optime Hair: A darker shade of Baltic Sea.
    • Nose and Paw Pads: Woodsmoke.


Mountain Mist (#98979C)
Salt Box (#676569)
Baltic Sea (#27262A)
Baltic Sea [mane] (#161517)
Kabul (#5A5045)
Armadillo (#4C443A)
Merlin (#38312B)
Zeus (#27231F)
Alto (#D7D7D7)
Casper (#B2CAD6)
Chambray (#37638A)
Woodsmoke (#131315)

By Despi!

1.2  Miscellaneous


82 lbs (37 kg)
24 in (61 cm)


Rarely, if ever, used. Zel finds this form degrading and useless.

130 lbs (59 kg)
40 in (101 cm)


When Zel uses this form, which is not often, she does so to intimidate. Hunched and hulking, she looks much more feral than she likes.

200 lbs (90.7 kg)
6ft 4in (76.8 in / 195 cm)

Optime (Preferred)

Proud, respectable, and confident, Marcella prefers this form above all others for its dexterity and poise. With her slim, but solid, figure and tall frame, Zel considers herself almost an art form when in Optime.


  • Speech: Smooth as silk and deceptively gentle. Usually speaks in softer, though clearly confident, tones that demand silence.
  • Scent: Pine and raptors primarily, with gentler floral undertones. Exudes a distinct metallic odor when angry.
  • Quirks, Gestures, Etc.: Will often hold eye contact for extended periods of time, usually when in thought. Almost always wears a small, ironic grin.
  • General Posture and Body Language: Confident and proud with an obvious air of arrogance.

2.  Personality

Marcella is self-entitled and cold but does well to act charming and sweet to get what she wants. She has a fantastic vocabulary and looks down on those who use slang and can't pronunciate their words appropriately or get their point across clearly. She enjoys being manipulative and seductive, considering these challenges more of a game than anything. Zel does not care about hurting others, whether physically or psychologically, and in fact frequently utilizes pain and fear to get ahead.

Though disciplined, she does not like taking orders and prefers to lead rather than follow. She is intelligent, cruel, and calculating and these qualities, along with her lack of boundaries, makes her a successful mercenary and an excellent terrorist.

2.1  Ideals


Disciplined, arrogant, cruel, intelligent, curious, seductive, passionate, calculating.

  • Outlook: Optimistic
  • Sociability: Introverted
  • Expression: Dominant
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil
  • "She is out for herself, pure and simple."
  • "Life is of no value."
  • "She may betray a family member, comrade, or friend if it is convenient to do so and it advances her agenda."
  • "Power, glory, wealth, position, and anything that will make her life more comfortable is her goal."
  • "She will use torture to extract information and for pleasure."
  • "Natural and man-made forces, if allowed to take their course, weed out the weak and useless in society."


  • Likes: Falconry, tracking, inducing pain, clothing, sex, winning, leadership.
  • Dislikes: Disobedience, pain, old people, usurpers, snow, cold.


  • Power
  • Success
  • Survival
  • Knowledge
  • Sex


  • Species: Luperci are superior.
  • Non-Luperci: Does not care for non-Luperci and finds them useless and weak. Will likely kill one rather than infect it.
  • Age: Dislikes puppies unless they're her own. Finds elders presumptuous and boring and actively resents them, particularly if they are too decrepit and weak to feed, defend, or otherwise care of themselves.


  • Thunderstorms: Zel thinks thunder and lightening is a sign of an angry god and will usually seek cover during storms.
  • Death: Though she does not value the lives of others, she obviously cares about her own survival and the idea of death terrifies her.
  • Love: She believes love can make others weak, though she secretly desires it and that in itself makes her fearful of it.


Seductive and suggestive, Marcella uses sex and desire to further her success and to achieve information as necessary. She is careful about choosing her partner, however, and will not flirt with everyone. Those of higher status, respect, and value will take priority.


Zella is careful about what she puts into her body, realizing how substances can dull the psyche, though will regularly drink or smoke when convenient and safe. She prefers alcohol, wine in particular, above all else.


Though she does not believe in any one particular religion, Marcella is monotheistic and believes in a higher power. Her beliefs may be best compared to those of the Old Testament of the Christian bible.

3.  Relationships

* Does not know this person by name.

3.1  Family: Antebellum, Fauks

The Antebellum family originated in the Deep South of North America, where they lead a tightly knit family group that specializes in falconry and trade.

Though most members of this family are honest, industrious, and caring towards one another, there are some who go against this ideology. But having strong family bonds does not mean Antebellums are comfortable ignoring a problematic relative. If someone seems bent on soiling their family name, Antebellums have been known to distance themselves from that individual or, in extreme cases, disown them entirely.

By and large, this family is comfortable keeping to themselves and those of their kind. While outsiders aren't necessarily regarded with contempt, they are more likely to help out one another than they would a stranger.

  • Mother: Anika Antebellum-Fauks
  • Father: Bertram Fauks
  • Siblings: Korbinian Fauks, Cecelia Antebellum, Liesl Antebellum
  • Children: —

Familial Relations

  • Adelaide Antebellum: Zel's favorite cousin. She has taken Addy under her wing and is dedicated to teaching her all there is to know about falconry and being a mercenary. She died in the final battle against Krokar during the Austringer Hostility.
  • Charlotte Antebellum: Adelaide's sister and while the girl shows some promise, she is much too easily manipulated to be of any worth. Zel is disappointed in Charli's disinterest with falconry. He died in one of the skirmishes against Krokar during the Austringer Hostility.
  • Elias Blueridge: The bane of her existence. Elias came along as a bargain in order to acquire Adelaide as part of her Austringer Cartel. He is smart but he puts his intelligence to poor use, focusing too much on protecting his sisters and not on the task. After sacrificing the mission to save his sisters, Zel has kept a much closer eye on him and appointed Addy and Charli to tell her if he shows any more signs of treachery. He surrendered to Krokar after the final battle in the Austringer Hostility.

Major Relationships

  • Milos Parhelion: While under Ulick Barnes' serfdom, Milos was Zel's favorite slave and would call upon him whenever she visited Ulick's brothel. She used him however she pleased and enjoyed his suffering. It is her desire to find him and make him her own personal thrall.
  • Bastian Montgomery: Marcella's dear friend and one of the only people who has remained loyal when all her family and old friends abandoned her. Bastian understands her better than anyone but is less likely to act on his thoughts, which Zel respects. He died in the final battle against Krokar during the Austringer Hostility.
  • Kazimir Drachev: Her employer. Drachev is rarely seen without her and Marcella wonders if it might be because he doesn't trust her. Being so massive and foreboding, his presence has worked mostly in her favor and he follows her orders with only the occasional argument. He died in the final battle against Krokar during the Austringer Hostility.

3.2  Threads



  1. We play the game with skillful hands (05 Jan)
    (Read Only) Northern Tides. Marcella and Drachev make it to 'Souls but not before kidnapping a puppy and trading him for a wolverine-fur cloak because Zel got cold and puppies are gross.
  2. [M] One by one, baby, here they come (08 Jan)
    Halcyon Mountain with Haunt D'Angelo and Horror D'Angelo. Drachev is mistaken for a black wolf and draws the attention of two interesting characters. Zel takes a very passionate interest in Horror, much to his sister's dismay.
  3. She was a long cool woman in a black dress (06 Jan)
    The Dampwoods with Vesper. While continuing to explore this new territory, Marcella and Drachev meet the Aquila of Inferni.
  4. I'd rather be just as cruel (07 Jan)
    (OOC Ending) Halifax with Misfit Yatagarasu and Misfit Totoro. Checking out the ruins of Halifax, the pair come across the small brothers and share unpleasant remarks.
  5. Borrowing on broken love (14 Jan)
    Musquodoboit Valley with Axelle Napier. Continuing to acquaint themselves with the land, Zel and Drachev meet a suspicious Axelle.


  1. It shone like gold (02 Feb)
    Ethereal Eclipse with Pisces D'Angelo. Having pinpointed an ideal location to set up camp, Marcella combs the immediate vicinity and ends up engaged in an impromptu hunt with a stranger.
  2. [M] If you've got an impulse let it out (09 Feb)
    Ethereal Eclipse with Laurentin Aston. With the arrival of the Austringer Cartel, Zel heads out to hunt and runs into a young man named Laurentin.
  3. Just like she's walking on a wire in the circus (24 Feb)
    Shattered Coast with Pascal Sadira. Intending to gather more information about the territory and its packs, Marcella leaves camp and finds herself in the company of a curious man.


  1. Told me to stay callous if someone bothered me (12 Mar)
    Southern base of Mount Oromocto with Thyri Dawnbringer. The Austringer Cartel makes their way through the territories but are momentarily stopped by a young warrior from a nearby pack. After Marcella sweet talks the woman, they are granted passage and continue onward to Krokar.
  2. My thoughts are the cruel kind (14 Mar)
    (RO) Miramichi Watershed. With the final preparations underway to execute her plan, Marcella stands near the border of Krokar and remembers the attack she launched on the Krokar Depot? four days previous.
  3. [M] Consign me not to darkness (16 Mar)
    Krokar with Milos Parhelion, Eliza Cormier, and Storm Cormier. Marcella and Drachev attack Milos outside the pack's borders but end up in a scuffle with Liz and Storm when they come to his aid.
  4. [M] Welcome to the horror (17 Mar)
    Krokar with August Cormier, Lucille, Semini, and Ciara. With Drachev and Bastian in tow, Marcella meets with Krokar's leadership to discuss her terms.
  5. Come hell or high water (25 Mar)
    Krokar with Ciara and Aphrodite Donovan. Sneaking upon their camp in the dead of night, Krokar is able to take the Austringers by surprise and gain the upper hand. While Marcella fights with Ciara and Aphrodite, Drachev and Sorcha battle one another to the death. Both are mortally wounded in the fight.


  1. And there's not time left for losin' (1 Apr)
    (RO) Mount Oromocto. Marcella reflects on the failure of the Austringer Hostility while recovering from her wounds on Mount Oromocto. When the red star falls, she and Seraphim find themselves safe from further harm.
  2. This chaos, this calamity (12 Apr)
    Mount Oromocto with Lithia Napier. Deciding it's safe, Marcella remains in a cave on the mountain and roasts little morsels of rock voles when a dark woman and her scarred companion arrive unexpectedly. The pair make friendly conversation, though both are suspicious of the other.
  3. [M] Soon it will all be over and buried with our past (30 Apr)
    Mount Oromocto with Thyri Dawnbringer and Sylven Firebringer. After weeks of careful inquiry and tracking, Thyri and Sylven find Marcella atop the mountain and engage her in battle. She puts up a decent fight, injuring both of her attackers, before she falls.

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