Amatha Partnere

Amatha is the only daughter of Hadley and Ismeme, the first pup born in Casa di Cavalieri. She is currently a loner traveling with her friend Ryder.

Amatha Partnere

by Raze



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Date of Birth

28 July 2012




Birth place

Casa di Cavalieri



88% Canis lupus (Wolf)
12% Canis lupus familaris (Dog)


88% Mackenzie Valley Wolf
12% Dog




Mate Characters
Pack Loner


Casa di Cavalieri (July 2012 - September 2013)
Poco, Lotta, Bracciante Seconda

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1.  Appearance

Amatha is a beautiful young Luperci and prefers to be in her Optime form and is hardly ever in her other forms. She has a curvy figure and is shorter than both her mother and father, standing at 6’5” with both her coat and her eyes a mix of her parents. Like her father, her right ear is flopped over while the left is up straight, one of the few hints of her dog heritage. A majority of her coat is a light golden brown color with part of her muzzle, chest, stomach, the tip of her tail, and her right hind leg a light cream. A chocolate brown color covers the top of her head and goes down along her back, ending at the base of her tail. Her eyes are absolutely stunning, a combination of her fathers brown and her mothers blue eyes, creating a gorgeous hazel color that combines both brown and blue tones. Because of this, her eyes can appear to be blue-green or blue depending on the light. Her hair matches the medium brown color that moves down her back, if not slightly darker, and her long hair reaches down to her waist with a bit hanging over the right side of her face.

Ever since she became able to shift, she has not left her Optime form, and will more than likely stay in that form for the most part. She does not wear any clothes at the moment, just the two necklaces she was given, her mothers black crescent moon pendant and the sun pendant her mentor Alister made for her. The only other thing she wears on a daily basis is a black belt that hangs low on her hips and holds the sheath for her sword.

1.1  Build and Species

Amatha is clearly mainly wolf with the only hint of dog in her one ear that is flopped over. She isn't as tall as her parents but is still fairly tall and she has well toned muscles can be seen beneath her fur. She is lean in build but still has a curvy, feminine figure and a rather large chest she inherited from her mother.

1.2  Forms




100 lbs (45 kg)
32 in (82 cm)

200 lbs (91 kg)
40 in (102 cm)

220 lbs (100 kg)
6ft 5in (193 cm)

Looks very much like a wolf with one ear flopped over. She appears to be lean but still rather muscular.

More filled out. Legs are more muscular and a bit of a mane extends out from the back of the head to the bottom of her neck, making the back of her neck seem as if it's constantly bristling.

Amatha is almost always in this form. Curvy, feminine form with a rather large chest. Hair is kept long and reaches down to her waist with bangs covering part of the right side of her face.

1.3  Other


  • Piercings: None, but maybe someday soon.
  • Tattoos: None, with no interest in getting any.
  • Scars:
    • Back, from her left hip going across to her right side, just below her ribs.


  • A black crescent moon pendant that used to be her mothers
  • A carved sun pendant given to her by her mentor, Alister Callow
  • A black belt that hangs low on her hips and holds her sword


  • She hardly ever wears anything more than her belt.

2.  Personality

Amatha is an excitable, energetic young girl. She is eager to learn new skills and explore areas she hasn’t seen before. She can have a bit of a temper, can be stubborn, and can be aggressive like her Aunt Thana but it doesn’t happen often as it is hard to actually anger her unless you push the right buttons. She is caring and compassionate like her mother and is always willing to help someone in need. Now that she’s a bit older, she has become more adventurous and is a bit flirtatious, though, she doesn’t usually notice when she is flirting. She enjoys meeting new people and learning new things. Like her mother, she is extremely protective of those she cares about and will do anything she can to keep others safe and happy. Also like her mother, Amatha has a soft spot for pups, even though she is still young herself.

2.1  Ideals


  • Likes: Horses or other animals in general, hunting, playing, combat training, archery, Greek mythology, traveling
  • Dislikes: Storms


Compassionate, protective, patient, playful

  • Outlook: Optimistic
  • Expression: Extroverted, dominant
  • Alignment: Neutral Good


  • Failure, loosing those she cares about, storms


  • Family, friends


  • Amatha has no biases against anyone in particular, no matter the species, pack, gender, or anything else but she is especially fond of pups and is very respectful towards her elders.


Amatha is strictly heterosexual as well as monogamous. She has not performed any sexual activities yet and doesn't understand that what she feels is her desire to do so. Since she is still young, she gets shy and nervous whenever anything sexual comes up.


She has not tried any substances yet.


Amatha grew up hearing about Greek mythology from her mother and her aunt as well but doesn't necessarily believe in Greek Gods. She isn't sure what she believes but is open to hearing about others beliefs. She does, however, believe in ghosts and has seen her own mothers spirit.

3.  Relationships

3.1  Key Relations

  • Shadowfang: Amatha is especially close to her uncle, who practically raised her once he joined Casa di Cavalieri. She looks up to him and always goes to him for advice. She see's him as her real father.
  • Alister Callow: With her mother dead and father gone, Amatha ended up being taken care of by her mentor for a while. She grew very close to him and considers him her uncle even though there is no blood relation.
  • Ryder: Amatha met Ryder while out and about and the two quickly became friends. She left Casa to travel and have adventures with him and her feelings for her friend quickly became more than just friendship.

3.2  Family:

  • Mother: Ismeme Amatha's mother died when she was still very young, but she was able to see and talk with her spirit.
  • Father: Hadley Amatha doesn't remember much about her biological father. He left her alone for unknown reasons and because of this, she no longer sees him as her father.
  • Siblings: Luke? She never knew her brother since he was already deceased when he was born.
  • Extended: Amatha has a large extended family on her mother's side but is only aware of a few relatives.

3.3  Minor Relations

3.4  Residence

  • Currently, her and Ryder are living in a cave together in Ethereal Eclipse.
  • A small cave that has furs lining the floor for bedding.

3.5  NPCs


  • DOB: 2011
  • Description: Light bay sabino
  • Personality: Sweet young mare, shy around newcomers, trained to be ridden.


  • DOB: 2006
  • Description: Black sabino
  • Personality: Brynn is a solitary horse, preferring to be with Blessing. He gets fussy if other stallions come near Blessing.


  • DOB: 2006
  • Description: Dark bay sabino
  • Personality: She has an extremely soft temperament, and is gentle with all canines.

3.6  Abilities


  • Low Speech (horse dialect) Amatha learned how to communicate with horses from her mother while she was meeting with her spirit. Horses are really the only animals she can communicate with though.
  • Archery She taught herself how to use a bow after she had first shifted, and has practiced and improved since, but she is still no where near master.
  • Combat Amatha learned to fight from her mentor Alister Callow as well as her assassin Aunt Thana and Uncle Shadowfang. She was trained with a sword, daggers, twin blades, throwing knives, and hand to hand combat. She is best with her sword or daggers but has yet to become a master with any particular weapon.
  • Stealth Because of her assassin heritage as well as the training, Amatha has become very skilled with stealth. She is constantly aware of her environment, making it hard to surprise her, and can slip past others unnoticed if she tried or wanted to.


  • Aggressive Amatha can become very aggressive if angered or if she feels the need to protect someone else.
  • Too Trusting Amatha trusts others too easily and too quickly, something that could get her in trouble at some point.

3.7  Inventory



  • Two-handed sword, black handle, given to her by Thana, main weapon.
  • Dagger, her mother's old dagger.
  • Twin blades, given to her by Shadowfang
  • Bow and arrows, traded for, simple bow.


  • Saddle bags so the horses can carry items.
  • Soft furs for bedding.

4.  History

Isa and Hadley met when she joined Casa. Hadley and Isa slept together, despite him being with someone else at the time. Due to this him and his former lover broke up, leaving Hadley heart broken. Eventually Isa won his heart and later became pregnant with twins. Females in Isa’s family tend to have problems with pregnancies as well as childbirth. Because of this, an overlay in the pregnancy happened, and they were carried longer than they should have been. Amatha's sibling was stillborn, leaving her as the sole survivor of the litter and the first pup born in Casa di Cavalieri.

Amatha grew up with her parents until a tragic accident sent her mother into a coma, leaving Amatha and Hadley to sit and watch as Isa wasted away until she finally passed. A few weeks after her death, Isa’s ghost appeared to Amatha and has followed her since. She has slowly taught Amatha low speech and intends to still be there for her daughter, even if she can’t physically be there.

When she was two months old, Amatha gained a mentor, her “Uncle” Alister. They are not related by blood, even if they appear to be related, Amatha has just always called him that ever since her mother introduced her to him as “Uncle Alister.” She grew close to him, always enjoying his company since there weren’t two many there her age. She continued to grow closer to Alister as she drifted farther away from her father, who ended up leaving without a word before she even had her first shift.

She stayed with Alister for a while after that, seeing him as the only family she had. Amatha became protective of him and became jealous when he met Lola. He got closer to Lola and was concentrating on other things, making Amatha feel ignored and neglected. She eventually came to accept Lola and even came to like her, seeing that her “Uncle” was happy with this woman.

Shadowfang and Thana noticed that Amatha seemed lonely and decided to join Casa di Cavalieri with their two kids and the five of them moved into the house Isa and Hadley used to have. Shadow trained her to be an assassin but to only use the skills to help others, just as he did, and Thana trained her as well. Amatha went through the First Blood ceremony and was promoted from the pup ranks to Bracciante.

Shortly after her ceremony, Amatha met Ryder while wandering outside Casa. The two quickly became friends and she would meet with him often. Wanting to travel all of Souls and with all the bad memories connected to her birth pack, Amatha decided to leave. She ended up staying with Ryder, which only brought them closer, and eventually, they admitted their feelings to one another. Their relationship continues to grow as they travel together.