Kalypso Savoy

By: San

Kalypso Savoy is the only daughter of Silvano Sadira and Mara Savoy, and is the result of a tumultuous, clandestine affair that came to a halt following the resolution of an intrapack war between Cour des Miracles and Inferni.

Unwittingly conceived in Cour des Miracles, she was born alongside her brother Leander Sadira in Freetown following his mother's departure, and the group — mother, lover, son, and daughter — were quick to make their way to Barbados and later the Virgin Islands when the pups were old enough to eat solid food. Much of the children's youth was spent traveling aboard ships, and Kalypso took to it like a fish to water. Interested in the running of a shipping line, Kalypso spent much of her time aboard them shadowing the captain, her mother.

Quick on the uptake, Kalypso is a vivacious young woman with all her mother's tenacity and the combined intelligence of her two parents. She is a people person, a people pleaser, and very capable of manipulating situations to her own needs. While her mother may have spied and used information to her advantage, Kalypso is better suited to cajoling people with sweet talk, flattery, and sometimes even bribery.

In the summer of 2017 she journeyed from Windward Isle to Portland and met her father's group of travelers, informing him of her identity and borderline blackmailing him to take her with them. While her father's identity was not revealed at the time, Kalypso was welcomed as the daughter of the former Ambassador Spy. She soared through the ranks on ambition, but nearly found her goals derailed by the L'hiver de l'Or Terni when Mistral attempted to take the crown her ancestor had formed. After dethroning the usurper, she herself claimed the throne of the Court and announced her heritage as Silvano's daughter. It caused splinters in her family and tarnished her father's image before his death a few months after. Part of her family remains displeased with her and her reveal.

During her reign, she conceives her children, Eulalie, Isadore, and Athalie, after a drunken night with Chaska the Burned. While she kept the pregnancy, she did not publicly acknowledge him as the father, which he did not contest. They were raised without knowing their father and Chaska remained unnamed, even after his death.

All of her past came to a head after the first year of her reign when La Marea arrived to haunt her and Paloma Rovira, causing mayhem and destruction in the Court. After her children are threatened, Kalypso breaks down but rallies enough to end the threat. The Court, however, had been emptied of noncombatants and dissolved shortly thereafter, leaving her a failed Queen with no kingdom. She and those that remained founded the Petite Cour to settle in the new housing area she had diligently worked to build during her tenure.

However, more and more misfortune and bad luck led Kalypso to look elsewhere. At the end of fall 2019, she took her children and went with Thyri to New Caledonia to escape the supposedly tarnished land that had once been a bustling realm. There, she returned from her funk and began to rise through the ranks, joined by friends from the Petite Cour. In the spring of 2020, she struck up a volatile relationship with Toraberā Tanaka, resulting in the birth of a litter of six children.




  • Family: Marino, Sadira, Savoy
  • Name Meaning:
    • Kalypso: orchid, cheerful
    • Savoy: Region in France
  • Nickname(s): Kaly
  • Pronunciation: kah-LIP-soh


  • Birthplace: Freetown
  • Luperci: Ortus
  • Species: Hybrid (Wolf, Dog)
Subspecies: 25% Italian Wolf, 25% Dog (Belgian Malinois), 18.75% Arctic Wolf, 12.5% Eastern Timber Wolf, 12.5% Common Gray Wolf, 6.25% Mackenzie Valley Wolf

NPC Info

A female cat that once followed Silvano and later Alessan. Myra is the daughter of Wilson and Muddy. She is often found near Kaly or, more frequently, her children.

Plot Opportunities!

  • As life improves, she has been more eager to join in NC's culture and well-being
  • Diplomacy or talks with former members of packs or those that knew CdM in the past would be interesting conversations
  • Ambition has returned, so she needs projects, tasks, anything to manage and improve.
  • She's in a strange but committed relationship, maybe you want to poke the bear?

OOC Assumptions

You may assume the following without discussion/asking:
  • Seeing Kalypso or her children in the City Square or around the pack or the borders
  • Basic conversations with Kalypso or her daughter, or seeing Myra running around catching mice




  • Speech: Kalypso has the faint hint of a Creole accent to her, though it is often muted. It only comes out speaking to her brother and at times to her Mother.
  • Languages: English, Spanish, and French.
  • Scent: Savoy; windswept with salt and brine, she smells very faintly of faraway tropics and very much like her mother.
  • Quirks, Gestures, or Habits: Cocking her head when talking down to people, touching her lips when thinking, smirking in the same way her mother does.
  • General Posture and Body Language: Kalypso is confident with a capital C. Her posture is rarely demure, often quite active.


  • Preference: Optime
  • Height: 6'5" (195.6 cm)
  • Weight: 215 lbs (97.5 kg)


If one was to see Kalypso now, they would see a very confident, sharply dressed woman with a penchant for shiny jewelry and sparkling gems. Raised by a trader mother, she found an appreciation for the beautiful things in life and is very interested in presenting a beautiful picture to the rest of the world. She does not mind scars but she finds herself disliking dishevelment. Her clothes are rarely dirtied, unless for a dirtying purpose.

After the events with La Marea, her hair was cropped to chin-length and kept short to prevent an easy grabbing point. Shortly after joining New Caledonia, she began to grow out her hair again and it is now often shoulder blade length.


  • A very muddled mixing of colors, with darker tones closer to her back.
    • Paco along her shoulders, top of head, ears, hips, back, and base of tail.
    • White Painter and Parchment belly, tip of tail, neck, paws, and base of face.
    • Line of Parchement beneath her eyes, Pale Brown eye brows
    • Darkwood bridge of nose, arms and shoulders, and spread through other places.
    • Muesli throughout.
  • Optime Hair: Mostly Dark Wood and Paco.
  • Eyes: Calypso
    • Nose and Paw Pads: Black


White Painter (#d7d3c9)

Parchment (#CEC6B1)

Pale Brown (#98795a)

Cement (#7f7056)

Turmeric (#B08246)

Muesli (#9c794e)

Dark Wood (#7d5a44)

Paco (#4b3d36)

Calypso (#3d7188)

Modifications and Apparel

Clothed Picture

by San


  • Scars: Small, noticeable scar on back of hand [1]
  • Piercings: One in each ear
  • Tattoos: None
  • Notable Disfiguration: None

Jewelry and Accessories

  • A range of necklaces with various stones or material
  • Interchanged bracelets in silver and gold, with a select number of stones
  • Simple earrings with plain metal or elaborate dangles
  • A few rarely worn rings


  • Saber
  • Knife


  • Trim and proper captain clothes appeal the most to Kalypso. They scream of power and command, which she likes to think she imbues. After her island intrigue, she dresses to kill and it oftentimes shows she's not afraid to literally kill if there is a need.
  • She is often armed with a saber or a knife nowadays and knows how to use it.


  • Her prestige clothes are a captain's coat, button up pants, and a broad belt. She wears it often.
  • Casual work clothes are a simple vest and pant combo that while clean, shows sign of use.
  • Simple off-white shirt and dark pants are more commonly seen.
  • Her father's purple cloak of royalty is still in her possession, but since the Court's fall she refuses to wear it until she deserves to.

Flexible Inventory

  • Will carry flasks of water or drink, though tends to avoid alcohol
  • May carry tobacco, marijuana, and paper, sometimes a pipe
  • She also tends to carry a deck of cards or dice, just in case she wants to gamble




  • Sly, witty, and sarcastic, Kalypso has no fear of verbally butting heads with other people.
  • Manipulative, she can be sugary sweet if she needs to be and can also be cajoling.
  • Astute and observant, she is very calculating.
  • Ambitious to a fault, she often has grandiose scheme and ideas that do not frequently come to fruition, much to her frustration.
  • Anger tends to run cold rather than hot, leaving her still in control of her rage.
    • When her anger expands beyond that, she is prone to fits of what could be called tantrums, involving privately destroying things to slake her anger. However, she keeps this all in private to keep up with the idea that she is an in-control sort of individual.
  • Passionate and stubborn, she rarely deviates from her own path in life and struggles with accepting opposing views.
  • Despite her outgoing nature, Kalypso is actually quite guarded about her inner workings. She does not engage in romantic entanglements beyond short trysts. She has a borderline fear of complete intimacy romantically.


  • Expression: Boldly promising something that one may get something out of her if they help her out first.
  • Sociability: Extroverted, noticeably dominant. She is not afraid to touch and fiddle with other folks, despite how uncomfortable they might get.
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
“Will not harm the innocent.”
“Will support their family even if it means personal discomfort.”
“Values flexible relationships with romantic partners.”
“Believes everyone should be treated fairly and kindly.”



  • Obsessions: Personal pleasure
  • Likes: The sea, jewelry, bawdy bars, dancing, adventure
  • Dislikes: Stuck-up folk, cheats, murderers, rapists, cowards


  • Intimacy: After a scarring event, Kalyspo will be incredibly hesitant to offer her heart to anyone
  • Failure: She does not like to fail, nor does she like to be caught unknowing.
  • Mundane: Adventure is something she likes, so she likes to explore, be caught in scandals and cause them, too.


  • Personal Gain: If Kaly can get it out of you, she's going to try her damnedest.
  • Family: Despite her decidedly bohemian lifestyle choices, she is devoted to her family and ensuring their safety fiercely.
  • Pleasure: If it's pleasurable to her, she will seek it.


  • Non-Luperci: Kalypso is not fond of non-Luperci and finds them backward.
  • Men: Stupid and sex-driven, she has a lower opinion of them at times and it shows.
  • Prudes: The correct term for them being reserved or less promiscuous, Kaly thinks that they're limiting themselves from a side of life full of pleasure and enjoyment, even if she has had nine children as a result.


  • Kinsey 2, strong preference for men, but is not opposed to female relationships provided they're not demure.
  • She will sleep with people who are fiery, energetic. She prefers to be the dominant player. However, she uses sex more as a promise; she does not frequently actually sleep with people.


  • Social drinker at most, will rarely drink.
  • Smokes tobacco now and then, mostly in a pipe or sometimes rolled.
  • Not opposed to marijuana at all, sometimes has some on hand.


  • Raised in a loosely Catholic household, she's somewhat educated on the matter
    • She uses it to her advantage if she needs to, but otherwise disregards it beyond a loose set of values and morals


Family: Marino, Sadira, Savoy

Familial Relations

  • Mara Savoy is her mother and the pride of her life; she loves her mother, hates how she meddles sometimes, and in all, wishes that she could be just like her. She misses her terribly, especially with the disasters that struck at the end of her reign. She has not written her mother in a very long time.
  • Leander Sadira is her brother, whom she is happy to needle, tease, but will defend fearlessly if need arises. She has not seen him in a relatively long time and misses him fiercely. She hopes he is well and wishes he would find a way to reach out to her.
  • Agrippa de le Poer is her mother's lady, and she liked her quite a bit enough to consider her a second mother and loves her daughters as her own blood siblings.
  • Silvano Sadira was her biological father and King for a time. She came to Court to lay a claim to his throne and caused a wrench in his life with her presence. She regularly was condescending to him - before Mistral appeared - as she felt disconnected from him as her parent. When he was dethroned, she used his relationship as a stepping stone to claim the throne. What he felt of the whole situation she did not know, but she did not harbor much guilt when he started to decline. She misses the vague concept of what he could have been to her children but he was not a huge influence in her earlier life so her nostalgia of him is lesser than that of her siblings.
  • Pascal Sadira is her older half-brother. She's not terribly fond of him mostly due to his unnatural (in her eyes) mannerisms and the challenging nature of trying to understand him. She also knows that he dislikes her and so she does not try to make nice with him in return.
  • Eulalie Savoy is her eldest daughter by Chaska. While she had high hopes for all of her children, Eulalie felt the brunt of her mother's expectations. Kalypso feels somewhat guilty about her daughter and having put her in the position of caretaker for her half-siblings, but is unable to properly communicate her pride to her daughter. Simultaneously, she resents her daughter for sticking so close to home when Kaly herself had been out in the world when she wasn't yet two. Despite that, she is somewhat relieved that Eulalie is willing to support her family.
  • Abigail Sadira is her oldest half-sister by Silvano. She was the second-in-command at the court and while likely hurt by her announcement, supported Kalypso regardless after the coup and subsequent rise to Queen. Kalypso does care greatly for Abigail but considers her too soft and matronly to be a very good leader. As a matriarch, she considers her a good mother. However, Kalypso has not seen her since the Court disbanded.
  • Alessan Stormbringer is her older half-brother by Silvano. He is likely the most involved supporter she had in her family. He seemed to understand misfits and mistakes, though he never did really explain why. He was often a babysitter and helper, being a quiet rock in the background. She has not seen him since he left for the new Court in Portland.
  • Thyri Dawnbringer was her older half-sister by Silvano. She was relatively close to Thyri, especially after she remained behind to join the Petite Cour and stay in the old Court's lands. Thyri was more pragmatic and logical than some of her more optimistic siblings, so she was perhaps a bit more fond of Thyri than others. Thyris also became a sort of crutch for Kalypso before they set out for New Caledonia, finding herself more dependent on her presence rather than actions. Her death shocked Kalypso and affecting her more than the death of her father.
  • Gaia Dawnrunner is one of her younger half-siblings. Though never very close to Gaia at the Court, they came to a mutual understanding when together in New Caledonia. They are not close but Gaia no longer seems to hate her, which Kalypso considers good enough for now.

Key Relations

  • Santiago de Mirallo was the man who thought to steal a treasure her family did not have, seduced Kalypso, and whom she murdered when his true nature was revealed to her.
  • Andalusia de Cubana was the woman who was Santiago's lover. She accepted Kaly as Santiago's plaything in order to obtain some rumored wealth that did not exist. His brutal murder at Kaly's hands scarred Andalusia and started her off on a path of vengeance that culminated in her death and the decimation of the Court. Kalypso harbors a deep hatred of the woman, even after her death; Andalusia tortured her daughter in front of her and captured children for the sake of revenge.
  • Hibiki is one of her closest friends. She stumbled across him one day and then continued to do so until she convinced him to join the Court. She feels horribly guilty for causing the end of yet another home for him but was overjoyed when he joined her in New Caledonia. She is extremely glad to have him back as a constant in her life as her closest friend outside of her family.
  • Mistral de l'Or was the woman that came during Kaly's climb into prominence and put her work to a grinding halt. Kalypso conspired against her, eventually launching a coup d'etat against the new monarch. Kaly thought little of Mistral and thought her meddlesome and a fool, a madwoman who had a poor claim to the throne that her ancestor had abandoned. She personally executed Mistral and banished her lover and children from the Court. She tries not to think about their similarities, though they sometimes bother her even after Mistral's death.
  • Toraberā Tanaka is someone that had been a part of the Court. She feels guilty that she lost him another home, especially after what he revealed to her about his previous life. Since he joined them in New Caledonia, their relationship has undergone a series of problematic encounters and arguments that stem from both of them suffering deteriorating moods and handling change differently. She was exceeding wary of what he said and did after he confessed his jealousy after she slept with Athras, but after weeks of indecision and struggling they came to an agreement to see one another exclusively. However, things came to a head when shortly after Kalypso discovered she was pregnant.

Pack Relations

  • Arran Fir-Chlis is an amusing, if somewhat immature, member of New Caledonia. Unfortunately, she has spent too little time with him to get to know him better and seems almost disinterested in doing so.
  • Athras Eryn was the second-in-command of New Caledonia. During her family's joining, she found his mannerism similar to her own had been and she was not too keen on him at the moment. But, Kaly found him to be interesting enough to pose a potential challenge to her, despite the fact he embarrassed her publicly during the first Call to Court in New Caledonia. An impromptu liaison soured the relationship somewhat and she lost all respect for him when he disappeared prior to Saga D'Angelo's arrival to join NC with his two children in tow.
  • Daisy Parhelion is a fun and boisterous woman who shares a love of water and boats, so naturally Kaly is quite endeared to her. On top of that, Isadore moved in with her for whatever reason, if only to get away from his mother, and Kaly is happy to see him grow up.
  • Inara Ailurus is a woman that Kalypso definitely considers a close friend. She gave Kaly guidance and advice when Torabera and she had begun their tumultuous courtship.
  • Fennore is a member of her Guild and her superior. While Kalypso gives her the respect she earned, she finds Fennore's attitudes about sex and relationships to be dated and almost embarrassing. Nevertheless, she would almost consider Fennore a friend, if not for a grey area between being guildmembers and actual friendship.
  • Saga D'Angelo was the final leader of Mistfell Vale and the mother of Athras' bastard offspring. For whatever reason Kalypso really likes the woman, likely because of the similarity in their personalities and massive quantity of children.
  • Iomair is her liege lord and thus demands her respect. For whatever reason, though, she has yet to really cement her opinion of him and his behavior. He has a past that she does not know and thus wonders if whatever is happening behind closed doors is more impactful than just marital quarrels.
  • Kadir Ahearne is her best friend's lover and partner. Kadir is a pleasant woman that Kaly likes, but has a faint thread of resentment for because of her series of absences that hurt Hibiki.
  • Teagan Stryder is the former Warlord of Casa. Kaly does not know her well but has to appreciate her willingness to be her nieces' milk mother when Thyri passed.
  • Willow Cormier was a former Krokar riverfolk that Kaly had been building a friendship with. Shortly after Athras disappeared, Willow left the pack as well. Kaly wondered but is unbothered by whatever implications that might have.
  • Calan Brecours is one of her guildmates and a fellow trader for New Caledonia. He is annoying and charming, which bothers and pleases her in equal measure. She does not appreciate the competition but has to say that having him on her team for the Guild is a boon. His behavior with Fennore amused him and honestly raised her opinion of him even if it was pretty embarrassing.

Other Relations

  • Paloma Rovira was, briefly, someone that helped run the seedier elements of the Court during Kalypso's brief reign. Kaly does not begrudge Paloma for the misfortune that came to their borders with La Marea, and hopes that the woman and her brother found somewhere safe to be.
  • Skoll Haskel is a man who used to be one of her council members before the fall of the Court. She trusts his judgement and such, but knows that he is of the old order. She appreciates him and cares about him, but she does not seek to be a close friend of his as her father had.
  • Galilee Haskel is Skoll's daughter. She considers her more the child of a high ranking companion than anything else, having spent little time with her.
  • Cidro Amato de la Peña is the young, blind boy that joined the Court when he was very, very young. Kalypso took a shining to the boy and taught him to weave baskets, to prove that being blind did not make him useless and that anyone could succeed. She was extremely fond of him but encouraged him to go to Casa to be with the boy who liked him when he was tortured at the hands of La Marea. He had been mistaken for her son and so she feels entirely responsible for the misery he was put through.
  • Chaska the Burned was a mercenary who had been part of Mistral's gang during her usurping plot. He switched sides when he realized that she was not going to improve their lives and that he could find a peaceful retirement if he supported the clearly more popular coup. Afterward, he settled in as a domestic guard and more frequent companion to the new Queen, who began to lean on him more and more. They had a drunken trist during the ball and Kalypso conceived his children as a result. Despite that, she strictly considers him a bodyguard rather than the father of her children, which Chaska agreed to without complaint. He was murdered by a former mercenary companion during the events of La Marea that ended in the Court's disbanding.
  • Friendly: New Caledonia, Mistfell Vale, Casa di Cavalieri
  • Sex: Santiago, Chaska, Athras Eryn, Toraberā Tanaka
  • Unfriendly: Linden Aatte, Bennett de l'Or
  • Murders: Santiago, Mistral de l'Or, Andalusia de Cubana



  • Fishing (Journeyman): Raised on a Caribbean island, there was no way to escape the need to learn to fish. A portion of her diet had been based on fish, so she enjoys the taste.
  • Swimming (Master): The islands taught her to swim well, and she enjoys it fully. Strong against the tides, she is less likely to be swept away than a Canadian canine unused to the sea.
  • Hunting (Novice): Perhaps not the best hunter, she can at least catch herself a decent meal now and then, though her skills at fishing at decidedly better.
  • Navigation (Journeyman): Trained by her mothers and other sailors, Kalypso is more than capable of navigating day or night, with an excellent memory and good attention to detail.
  • Rope-making (Apprentice): Not the best at ropes, she is good enough at making a sturdy net for fishing that at least lasts a little while. Practice with smaller, fiddlier twine has her more experienced in making better quality twine and rope.
  • Jewelry-making (Novice): After learning from Abigail, she has slowly been making beads of sea-glass or using twine to make decorations and adornments.
  • Plants (Novice): While she's skilled at recognizing quite a few things on the islands, she decidedly weaker in identifying plants local to Nova Scotia. She knows how best to avoid poison ivy and poison oak and what berries are not going to give her diarrhea.
  • Poisons (Apprentice): Kalypso learned the art of poison making from her mother and is capable of using the same seeds that she did to create her toxins.
  • Used to tropical forests and a bustling port, Kalypso may get turned around more easily in the wooded lands of Nova Scotia. The forests tend to look all the same to her and block her view of the sky, which is vital to her brand of navigation.
  • Her skills at hunting are limited, mostly due to the lack of large land prey on the islands. Her preference for fish is greater, but the lack of variety makes fishing a little less appealing.
  • Time limited her learning in poisons and she may now and again fail to make a decent poison. She does not prefer to use poisons but she is not morally above using them.


  • Lupus (Apprentice): A sizeable creature in lupus, she still is not the best at fighting in it. Infrequent
  • Optime (Journeyman): All of her combat education focused on Optime methods of fighting, so she is decidedly more skilled at them than anything else. Her youth and inexperience are the only things that have kept her skills back.
    • Hand-to-Hand (Journeyman): From Mara she learned beautiful hand to hand, and her size gave her the strength to truly make it a potentially lethal combination.
    • Sabre (Apprentice): A local sailor taught her to use a sword; she loved the lethal nature of it as well as the grace it could bestow, but the man left port before he could keep teaching her.
    • Knives (Apprentice): Any girl raised in a port should be taught to use a knife as bar fights involved them more than once in a while.
  • Archery (Novice): Agrippa taught her how to use a bow, so in a pinch, she could utilize it, but it is not her preferred method of hunting or fighting.
  • Infrequent fighting in the lupus form leaves her relatively unskilled though she is capable of holding her own for long enough. Rarely in the form so she rarely bothers to practice.
  • Grace and elegance define the way that Kalypso fights in her Optime. She is all about presentation and that may sometimes be a hindrance. Hand to hand leaves her constantly armed and ready to defend herself, though she would really prefer to avoid fighting.
  • Her saber skills are lacking as she does not practice too often and her education in it was too brief to bring her too high in skill.


  • Diplomacy (Journeyman): Raised at the knee of an Ambassador and Spy, Kalypso picked up quite a bit. She's relatively good at it, though her inexperience keeps her back.
  • Reading (Master): Mother dearest taught her how to read, though she does not actively seek to read; she does view it as a good source of information on occasion.
  • Manipulation (Apprentice): Her skills are developing and she has no qualms about using people to further her own agenda. She was used once or twice, and so she has no guilt.
  • Spanish (Apprentice): Mostly curses and slang, she learned it from travelers to the island and natives that spoke it. She's not bad at it and can get her point across very well.
  • French/Creole (Apprentice): Due to her growing up on the islands, she learned quite a bit of French and Creole.
  • Italian (Dabbler): Her Italian is quite weak, but she picked it up very slowly.
  • Her patience tends to be thin for diplomatic things, especially when dealing with fools.
  • Her language skills could use some practice, but at least she could survive in those lands easily.
  • She is likely more proficient in the French than Spanish.


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