Terra by Alex
Name MeaningEarth
Name OriginItalian
Date of BirthOctober 13, 2010
Subspecies50% Eastern Timber Wolf
50% Mountain Coyote
LuperciYes (Ortus)
Birth placeRocky Mountains
Current packInferni (NPC)


Joining DateNovember 1, 2012
Joining RankTiro Miscellus
Current RankTiro Lumen (NPC)
Previous RanksTiro Miscellus, Sepsarii

Previous Pack

Cour des Miracles

Joining DateOctober 25 2011
Joining RankSeigneur
Current RankBaroness
Previous RanksComtessa
SignificanceMay have co-rank, greet newcomers, help provide food

Terra is a former member of both Inferni and Cour des Miracles, once high in rank but having left with her two sons Loki and Ananse after a significant change in leadership.

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  1.   1.  History
    1.   1.1  First Pack
    2.   1.2  Early Life
    3.   1.3  Nomadic Life
    4.   1.4  'Souls
    5.   1.5  Changing
  2.   2.  Personality
  3.   3.  Relationships
    1.   3.1  Family
    2.   3.2  Friends
    3.   3.3  Acquaintances
    4.   3.4  Enemies
  4.   4.  Skills
  5.   5.  Appearance
    1.   5.1  Luperci Forms
  6.   6.  Notable Threads

1.  History

1.1  First Pack

In Alberta there's a pack of coyotes. Like most coyote packs in the west the members aren't set, often drifting into smaller sections and absorbing others that pass through. It's peaceful there, the only threat being the occasional skirmish when wolves harassed the pack. They're untouched by the luperci to the point where their existence is unknown. The pups are raised exclusively by their parents until they are old enough to start participating in the pack. The pack often travels through Calgary, though they have no understanding of human workings. The pack has many stories explaining their lives, though there are no specific traditions they follow.

1.2  Early Life

A luperci wolf drifted through the pack at one point. Unable to resist his charms Terra's mother mated with him, ignorant of the fact that he was a luperci. When he left he only told her he was heading east to join others of his kind. Terra's coyote mother was unprepared for the difficulties involved in birthing luperci pups. This resulted in Terra being the only surviving member of her littermates. The pack worried when Terra's development was slightly behind the other pups, despite the fact that she proved to be exceptionally bright. The slowness in her growth was attributed to her wolf's blood. She was raised as a pure coyote, learning stealth and trickery as ways to survive, relying on the pack as a whole to hunt.

1.3  Nomadic Life

When Terra was six months she experienced a strange restlessness. As her mother was too worn out to pay close attention Terra managed to wander away from the rest of her pack. The restlessness revealed it's true form when Terra was forced to shift, first into secui form and later into optime form. Panicked by the changes Terra ran further away from the pack into an area she was unfamiliar with. Exhaustion allowed her to return to her lupine form. She had been told about her father, and knew that no other coyotes had her ability. Unable to deal with the changes on her own Terra set out that night to the east, hoping to find those that could teach her about her new ability. Due to her youth the journey took six months before she finally arrived in 'Souls, during which time she lived in complete isolation. For a short time Terra had lived with a dying dog that taught her how to read and write, allowing her to get a brief taste of what her life would eventually be like.

While Terra did eventually learn how to catch smaller prey her hunting skills are still extremely weak. Often she laid on the brink of death, forced to steal food from other predators. With no battle experience Terra avoided fights as a single mistake was likely to kill her.

1.4  'Souls

When Terra finally reached the coast she spent a few days exploring the territories, during which time she befriended a loner, Kostya Arsov. While she missed pack life Terra was nervous about approaching another pack after so long alone. She decided to move into Cour des Miracles as it appeared to be as chaotic as her birth pack. Shortly after Terra ended up fighting a cougar, resulting in a scar on her shoulder. Terra purposely decided to mock the Inferni borders, not taking seriously their warnings. Learning that they were coyotes shattered the ideas of what her species was like, allowing her to understand that her personality stemmed from more than just her bloodlines. Terra went on a thieving raid after that, stealing a dagger and being chased out of a stranger's wagon. Talking to another pack member Terra learned that her talents could be used for more than just thieving, and is starting to develop her skills as a magician instead of just as a thief. She's learned the basics of fighting with daggers and hunting.

1.5  Changing

Many of her friends left the pack, devastating Terra. They moved to a pack that despises coyotes as much as Inferni dislikes wolves. Terra met a loner, Drakien Lusk, who taught her how to dance. A large festival came to 'Souls, and Terra entered her first heat cycle around that time, leading her to struggle with the instinctual need to mate and the instinct to only mate for life. She mated with Helotes Lykoi, destroying her wish to mock Inferni.

2.  Personality

Terra loves trouble, and often seeks it out on purpose. Due to her upbringing she has a fairly fearless nature, though she will not fight. She enjoys life and death situations, and often puts those around her into them. Terra has boundless curiosity, and wants to learn as much as possible about new things. She has no problem sticking her nose into situations where she doesn't belong, even to the point of disrespecting those higher ranked than her. Terra's idea of ranks is very much based on skill, and will only respect those she believes she can't trick or get around. If you're weaker than her she will not submit, and often will mock those weaknesses. Due to her traveling Terra has a case of wanderlust that often leads to her being outside of the pack. She is extremely loyal, and will never harm those she considers friends. Terra is very active, so she treasures the moments of peace she experiences deeply. She is extremely feral, and tends to listen to her instincts above everything else. Because of this Terra will never become more civilized in nature and will always appear less humanoid than those around her. Due to her many run-ins with archers, Terra's beginning to develop a fear of bows and arrows.

3.  Relationships

3.1  Family

Father unknown. No surviving siblings. Her mother lives in Alberta.

3.2  Friends

Helotes Lykoi, Drakien Lusk, Caspa Al-Fateh, Xyza Glow, Aylu, Claudius Aston, Skoll Haskel, Hati Catori

3.3  Acquaintances

Shandom Qi'Vaex, Ezra Rosen, Strelein von Rosnete, Robin Aatte, Soran Aatte, Augustus, Alder, Kiara Amarok, Hotaru

3.4  Enemies

Ezekiel de le Poer

4.  Skills

  • Traps
  • Stealth
  • Lying
  • Stealing
  • Reading body language
  • Reading
  • Writing

5.  Appearance

A soft tawny red coat. A darker red streaks down her back. Black streaks on her ear with black slashes on her legs. Green eyes with gold flecks. On the small side, usually appears to be near starvation. Thick fur. She has a scar on her right shoulder from fighting with a cougar. Clear indents are visible from the teeth. Two slashing scars are overlying that, thin. Her left hind leg has a deep scar that rings around it.

5.1  Luperci Forms

Terra in optime form, by Nat

Terra will usually be in lupine form, but shifts according to the occasion. When threatened or feeling the need for more power she changes to secui form, also used to deal with deep snow. Usually she only uses her optime form when conversing with others in the same form and setting up complex traps.


In lupine form Terra stands at 20 inches and weighs 37 pounds. She appears lean to the point of starving, but her ribs are covered under a thin layer of fat. Her fur is a soft tawny red, with a darker streak running down her back. Terra's ears are fairly large for her size, and look like someone splashed black paint onto them, creating a streak pattern. Her legs and paws follow the same pattern, looking like slashes of black. Terra's face reveals her coyote heritage.


In secui form Terra stands at 26 inches and weighs 96 pounds. Her form is built more like a well muscled wolf than a monster, with her coat appearing thicker. The darker red is widespread in her mane. She looks more wolf like in this form and has a tail that's slightly longer than a wolf's. The starved look disappears, replaced by a fighting build. Her canines are longer and her claws are thicker and sharper.


In optime form Terra stands at 5 feet 2 inches and weighs 110 pounds. Her build leans more towards a traditional werewolf, giving her legs a bit of a crouch to it. Her mane is completely dark red, though unstyled and messy. The black on her legs has a more defined slash to it while her arms appear to be wearing Cinderella style gloves.

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