Safire Hotep

Safire Hotep is the daughter of Akiiki Hotep and Sylvia of Night Valley, born in New Brunswick?. She is a member of Cour des Miracles.

Safire Hotep

by Sunny



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Date of Birth

23 Oct 2013




Birth place

New Brunswick?


Coyote-wolf-jackal hybrid

50% Canis lupus (Wolf)
25% Canis latrans (Coyote)
25% Canis aureus (Golden Jackal)




Pack Cour des Miracles
Rank Page



  • Optime Hair: Mocha (#83321B)
  • Eyes: Glacier (#72AECA).
  • Fur:
    • Primarily Antique Brass (#C77E55).
    • With an Aths Special (#EAE1CD) underside and tail.

Rusty tan fur covers this canine's body, with a light beige belly, neck, and tail sharply contrasting it. Safire's teal eyes contrast with all of this, especially with her beige inner ears. She stands to be 28", completely normal for her wolf heritage, but rather large for her jackal and coyote side. Her legs are thin, yet strong for walking so much on her way to Nova Scotia, and her claws are blunt.

Her Secui stands at a rather average 35" from shoulder to ground, and her colors and markings stay the same. The main differences one would note, are that her claws are notably pointier and longer, her fur is thicker and scruffier, with a rough texture, and her legs have a darker hue to them, as well as her back.

When shifted to Optime, she stands to be 6'3 in height, which is somewhat large for a jackal hybrid. Her hair is a very light auburn, and it gets extremely messy as she never has the time to care for it. She is slender for her height, but still posesses average strength, however she could easily be beaten by a larger luperci.

Overall, she has taken after her dad, looking more like a jackal, and slender, having a longer muzzle and larger ears than normal. She also has a much bushier and shorter tail than normal, and shorter and smoother fur than pure bred wolves.

Her short fur makes her vulnerable to the cold, so she prefers warmer weather.


Safire tends to brag a lot, in hopes of being noticed by somebody. She hates to be alone, and being ignored, as it makes her feel like she did something wrong to deserve it.

She is cocky, and she hates to lose fights and games, and she hates waiting for anything, as she is very impatient. She is generally a good fighter, until her clumsiness gets the best of her. She is slightly weaker than average, but what makes her a good fighter is having a quick fighting style, and being able to evade many attacks. She can be somewhat vain and has a lot of pride when anybody compliments her, or if she is proud of what she did.

Having a cheerful and confident outlook on life, she loves to try new things, explore new places, and generally tries to look on the bright side. However, being too eager to do something sometimes gets her into dangerous situations. She normally doesn't give up easily, unless she absolutely feels she can't do it.

She feels guilty about her past, running away from fear of a war, and for causing that war between two different packs her parents were in. She has nightmares about her past that haunt her, and she feels like a coward for running away. She tries not to interfere with anything, in fear of causing a horrible situation like that.

Safire hates water, because she can't swim, and absolutely refuses to go near bodies of water that she thinks is too deep out of fear of drowning. She knows a lot about ancient Egyptian history and their beliefs, and is interested in learning how to sword fight, although she doesn't know how to. She is extremely bad at drawing, and gives up almost immediately each time she attempts to draw.

Safire has no interest in romance or love, because she thinks there is more to life than mating, and having pups. She is interested in all aspects of life, and loves to imagine what could be out there in the world. She believes in many different things, but mainly in the Egyptian Gods as her father and the pack he was born in believed in them. She thinks Ra is the most important, and wears a necklace with the Eye of Ra on it. She is extremely attached to this necklace because it was passed down on her father's side, generation to generation.


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  • Piercings: None.
  • Tattoos: None.
  • Scars:None


She wears a necklace with the Eye of Ra on it, which was passed down on her father's side of the family, generation to generation.





71 lbs (32 kg)
28 in (68 cm)

  • She is average height in this form, and her fur is short and smooth.

120 lbs (61 kg)
35 in (88 cm)

  • She has the same coloring like her lupus form, but her back and legs are a darker tint than usual. Her fur is rough and thicker, and her claw are sharper in this form.

175 lbs (75 kg)
6 ft, 3 in (187 cm)

  • She is thin in this form, and stands to be average height. She is tough and wiry, with muscles. Three noticable scars remain on her right shoulder from her fight with Scratchpop?.



  • Likes: Fighting, hunting, winning, exploring, thinking/imagining
  • Dislikes: Swimming, feeling trapped, traitors, losing,


Confident, bold, cheerful, somewhat vain, impatient, selfish

  • Outlook: Optimistic
  • Expression: Dominant, albeit sometimes submissive if the situation calls for it
  • Sociability Extroverted
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good


  • Being isolated from others
  • Deep bodies of water
  • Drowning
  • War


  • Exploring
  • Winning
  • Fighting




  • 3 on the Kinsey Scale | Equally heterosexual and homosexual | Biromantic
    • Safire shows no signs of being completely hetero or homosexual. She hasn't really put too much thought into a romantic relationship, but if ever faced with one, would not care which gender is involved. However, she would be a little uncomfortable when in a sexual situation.
    • "Ow, my virgin eyes." - Safire when faced with a sexual situation




She has an intense faith in the ancient Egyptian Gods, not unlike her family. Safire shows complete and utter devotion to Ra, the Sun god, and her beliefs point to her thinking that he started all forms on life. According to her, Ra rules the sky, the eath, and the underworld. This jackal is also slightly superstitious and believes cats ward of evil spirits. She also intensely believes in the Egyptian goddess Bastet.


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By Sunny

By Ariel

By Sunny


  • Speech: Safire speaks in a medium tone of voice, and speaks very loudly, to the point of it nearly being obnoxious. She is oblivious to this, speaks like this almost all the time, and disregards it as normal.
  • Scent: She smells of forests, and grass, due to her traveling and exploring Nova Scotia for most of her free time.


  • She lives in a room next to the stairs.



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  • History (Apprentice): Safire knows a bit about Egyptian history, but still has much more to learn about it. She enjoys reading books on the subject, and does not mind learning about other cultures' history either.
  • Hunting (Journeyman): Safire has become skilled at hunting thanks to having to fend for herself after running away from her old pack. She still has room for improvement, as sometimes she accidentally scares the prey away.
  • Fighting (Journeyman): Safire has sparred a bit with other members of CdM, and has been practicing over the past few years, however, she has room for improvement.


  • Swimming: Safire is afraid of large bodies of water, and doesn't know how to swim. She is terrified at the thought of drowning, and would prefer not to risk it. The farthest she will be willing to go to is the shallow parts.
  • Writing: Safire can read, but she has difficulty writing. She doesn't understand how writing works, or connects to reading. For now, she is happy just reading books.



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  • Accepting: Safire is looking for any sort of weapon!


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Safire's father Akiiki was born in a relatively small pack named Nephthys in New Brunswick, made up of jackals and coyotes that still worshipped the Egyptian Gods. Akiiki's great grandparents migrated to New Brunswick from Northern Africa because there were too many packs fighting over territory. They got to New Brunswick by ship and started Nephthys, the pack that Akiiki was born in. Akiiki fell in love with a wolf named Sylvia, from a different pack named Night Valley, and they had Safire.

This sparked a war, as the two different packs were enemies because of conflicts with territory. Safire ran away from both packs, out of fear of the war, and because she felt guilty as she felt she had caused the war by being born.

After a long period of time and lots of traveling, Safire finally arrived at 'Souls, joining Cour des Miracles, and working her way up the ranks to become a Knight.



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