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Cour des Miracles Outpost

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1.  The Outpost

A shelter located in a scenic, sprawling, borderline mountainous state park, it is the hub of extrapack trading conducted by the Court. Relatively quiet and full of game animals, it is an ideal spot that is out of the way of common traffic but close enough to the trading centers in Portland to be worth the trek. It is occupied year round by a host of Courtiers, as well as newcomers who do not seek to travel to the Court but are happy enough to provide it with extra goods in exchange for shelter and protection. While there is not much to the area now, months of work by residents should create an area with a flourishing population and valuable commodities.

2.  General Information

Located in the coast of the former Wolfe's Neck Woods Park in Maine, north of Portland and south of Freeport, this former group shelter made a good residence for the Court's Outpost. Due to the old style construction of the building, it has aged decently well, though repairs to the roof and walls are needed to keep the termites and rain at bay. Despite these requirements, the building serves as the mainstay for the residents here. In bad weather, most will shelter together.

Unfortunately, most of the old picnic tables have been found unusable and cut down for scrap wood. The entire region serves as a great location for those who are happy hunting and fishing in a pristine location. Prey animals are relatively abundant in the park, especially the smaller animals. Occasionally, deer are found to frequent certain spots, but folk have far more luck getting hare and stoat.

2.1  Territory

The Lodge

Image by Ruhrfisch on Wikimedia Commons

East Side

The side that holds the fireplace, it was refurbished first as quickly as possible and holds all the logs that are necessary for the group to function. Granted, at the moment, that's not too much, but most of the members will end up sleeping in this section at some point, especially during the winter when ill weather will drive them indoors to warm fires.

West Side

The current, and temporary, storage facility for the group, it holds the valuables and anything important that they might need until a proper storage building can be made.

Central Overhang

The general gathering place, where the members may feed themselves or relax after a long day's work of trying to make the place a suitable habitat for occupants. There is a singular picnic table that was deemed salvageable and repairable enough to use by the group, though heavier members are generally encouraged not to sit on the one available table.

The Dugout

A small cellar was dug roughly during the brief stay of the full group as a place to store items in the cold ground, such as meats and bottles of wines that are up for trade. Not much to it yet besides that.

Future Plans

There is simply not a lot here. This was a state park and foot traffic did not warrant an extensive property. The group collectively will at some point or another make the following: stables, storage facilities, more housing, and other miscellaneous buildings.

2.2  Residents



12 members


8 females
8 males


16 adults
0 puppies

Membership of the Outpost is rather fluid and looser than the hierarchy of the Court. Typically led by the members that held higher ranking in the Court, they may be seen as a sort of leader, though they are decidedly a collective that may be more democratic than autocratic. Typically, they do not really need the help of higher ranking members, and most issues are put to a vote by the collective. Ties are broken by the leaders if need be, and they are in charge of peace-keeping between members. They also maintain final say on big issues and trade ventures, but rarely butt in otherwise.

2.3  Previous Residents

3.  Available Items


Any item marked 'TRADE' is a valuable item to the pack. An interested buyer will have to have quality items to trade in return to this item. The amount of items required to trade for a 'TRADE' item is dependent entirely on the specific value of the piece. If you are interested in a 'TRADE' item, please PM the leadership to discuss a suitable trade offer.


These items are free to any Courtier, as they are expected to benefit the whole pack in general OR are simple not valuable enough to re-trade. Make sure to PM leadership to claim items; leadership may decline requests if a member has already made several claims to ensure fairness across the board.

There are unfortunately no items yet while the outpost develops!

4.  History

After being the decidedly furthest pack with the least amount of trade opportunities, Cour des Miracles leadership decided it was high time that the pack explore trading ventures in the great city of Portland. Having come to terms with the loss of Freeport nearby, they have decided to send an expeditionary group of members, as well as volunteers that set up shop permanently in the area.

In June of 2017, this group set out and located the former State Park that was well out of the way but still very close to the trading hubs in Portland Maine. Thankfully unoccupied by canine groups, they staked a claim on the inner gulf side with the hope to buffer seaward weather. A massive group shelter pavilion became the home of choice as it seemed the most sturdy. It was also otherwise forested and full of prey animals, ensuring that the members of the Outpost were unlikely to starve to death.

4.1  Threads

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