Thyri Dawnbringer

Thyri Dawnbringer


Name Identification



  • Forename Etymology: Thunder fighter
    • Origin: (Old Norse)
  • Surname Etymology: Bringer of dawn
    • Origin: (English)
  • Pronunciation: THEE-ree Dahn-bring-er
  • Nickname:

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Thyri Dawnbringer was born on August 10th, 2014 to Shiloh Dawnbringer of Vinátta and King Silvano Sadira of Cour des Miracles. Alongside her brother, Myrkr Stormbringer, she was primarily raised among her mother's Stormbringer family in Vinátta, absorbing the culture... tbc

Both a Legionary and an Apothecary of the Court, Thyri is not only skilled in close-range combat but she also has significant competence with herblore. Committed to protecting the defenseless and preserving peace within the realm, Thyri is steadfast and determined to prove her worth, both to herself and to her loved ones.

1.  Appearance

1.1  Essentials


  • Species: Thryi is purely wolf and most predominately shows her Mackenzie Valley Wolf heritage with hints of Eastern Timber features.
  • Fur: Her fur is average length but thick.
    • Optime Hair: Straight and kept just past her shoulders. Her hair is regularly tied in various types of braids, often woven with grasses or flowers within. She occasionally wears wreaths of flowers.
  • Facial Features: She has a strong face with a long muzzle and big ears that are abnormally rounded at the tips due to frostbite.
  • Build and Size: Thyri has a curvy, but muscular, build with long, thick legs and hovers right around the high end of average in size.
    • Lupus: 75 lbs (34 kg) — 28 in (71 cm)
    • Secui: 140 lbs (63.5 kg) — 40 in (102 cm)
    • Optime: 6 ft 0 in (72 in) (183 cm) — 200 lbs (91 kg)
  • Humanization: Moderate. She likes wearing her Frithr pendant and putting flowers and things in her hair but typically goes without clothing. This makes switching between her forms, which is does often, less cumbersome.


Zombie (#E8D09B)
Chilean Heath (#FFFDE4)
Green Mist (#C0CD9F)
Cod Gray (#1C1C1C)

Color Distribution

  • Fur: Chilean Heath with Zombie Markings.
  • Markings:
    • From the top of her head and ears to midback is saddled with Zombie.
    • Zombie marks (slightly off-set) the bridge of her muzzle and beneath her eyes.
    • All four legs are covered with Zombie on the front, as well as her tail tip.
  • Eyes: Green Mist
  • Optime Hair: Zombie
  • Nose and Pawpads: Cod Gray

1.2  Gallery

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1.3  Alterations and Wardrobe




  • The tips of her ears are more rounded due to frostbite
  • Very faint nick on the left side of her forehead at her hairline; barely noticeable and often covered by her mane when in Optime.
  • Approximately 1 3/4 inch long scar below her right eye along her cheek from debris when the meteor struck.
  • An ugly, jagged scar on her left shoulder/upper arm from an altercation with a pair of loners.
  • Four long, broken scars across the left side of her face and the bridge of her nose from Mistral de l'Or.
  • Chronic idiopathic polyneuropathy
    • Presumably as a result of the poison she was exposed to before birth, Thyri began experiencing symptoms in late autumn 2015.
    • Her symptoms are currently mild and localized primarily to her right arm, where her fingertips tingle almost constantly and she occasionally experiences deep pain in her neck and shoulder that shoots down her arm.


Jewelry and Accessories

Weapons and Armor

  • Frithr pendant: Small wooden pendant carved from the white walnut tree in the Sacred Grove. Always worn.
  • Leather pouch: Crafted herself from deerskin hide. Often worn when foraging for medicinal plants or on long trip outside Vinátta. Poorly made.
  • Various flowers, leaves, and vines: Frequently picked and woven in her braids depending upon what is available in any given season.
  • Dane axe: Gifted to her by Solveig Brynja Sørensen prior to her departure from Vinátta in the spring of 2015. Though weathered and not particularly pretty, this is Thyri's favorite weapon and she is frequently seen with it.
  • Quarterstaff: Acquired after many long staff-fighting sessions from her skilled mother, Shiloh. Used most often when patrolling.

2.  Personality

By and large, Thyri is a kind and outgoing youth with abundant interest in the world around her. She strives for perfection, resulting in a nature that may be somewhat overbearing or headstrong but which also drives her to always do her best. Despite her assertive, confident demeanor Thyri can also be quite nurturing and has been known to offer hugs and companionable silence to those in need of her softer side. Often wearing her heart on her sleeve, others can trust what type of mood she is in based on her outward appearances at any given time.

Thyri's name is related to the god Thor and thus she feels it is her duty to live up to it. As such, she rose up the ranks in Vinátta to become an Araedi Ríkr before she chose to continue the pursuit of peace and guardianship in Casa di Cavalieri. Her protective and steadfast traits later guided her to depart from Casa di Cavalieri and 'Souls entirely in order to search for her missing friend.

2.1  Interaction

  • Speech: Strong and assertive, but still distinctly feminine, with somewhat of a sarcastic undertone.
  • Scent: Dirt and herbs and roots, concentrated Stormbringer scent with weaker Sadira undertones, scents unique to Cour des Miracles.
  • General Posture and Body Language: Thyri generally stands proudly with an air of confidence which attests to her dominant nature.
  • Quirks, Gestures, Etc.: Has a tendency to tug at the base of her ears when confused or conflicted about something. Will often snort or roll her eyes when faced with something ridiculous or that she doesn't agree with.

2.2  Ideals


  • Outlook: Pessimistic. The bad will always overshadow the good.
  • Sociability: Introverted, but with extroverted tendencies.
  • Expression: Dominant, proud, and assertive.
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
Order and law are absolutely necessary to assure good
Truth, honor, and the welfare of others is all-important
Promotes the ideals and rights of the majority
Upholds the rights of the weak and oppressed
Kills only in self-defense or in the defense of others
Will never attack an unarmed foe and will never harm an innocent


  • Protecting others: Thyri strives hard to protect the weak and defend the defenseless. She will go out of her way and even put her own life at risk in order to uphold this.
  • Self-improvement: A staunch perfectionist, Thyri can be hard on herself but only because she wants to be the best that she can be.
  • Curiosity and Knowledge: Particularly in the subjects she is most interested in, namely combat and healing, Thyri is heavily motivated to learning everything she can to better herself.
  • Peace: Though the way to peace can oftentimes be surrounded by violence, Thyri greatly desires a day when there will be no more need to fight.
  • Thor: Thyri's fultrui, she is deeply devoted to the thunder god. Her decisions are often driven by what she believes Thor would do in a similar situation.


  • Norse mythology: Having been born and raised in Vinátta, Thyri grew up with the stories and beliefs of Norse mythology. She has a strong loyalty to the Norse gods and is very fond of the stories that she grew up with, which provided her with many useful lessons over time.
    • Thor: Thyri is particularly devoted to the thunder god, Thor, with whom she has developed a spiritual relationship, or fultrui.


  • Alcohol: Though discouraged from substances due to her mother's beliefs, Thyri enjoys partaking of alcohol now and again.
    • However, after having two notable experiences with drunken belligerents, Thyri is more sensitive to the nature of alcohol and its negative affect on others.
  • Tobacco: Thyri has an aversion to tobacco smoke and is unlikely to try smoking tobacco.
  • Drugs: As an Apothecary, Thyri knows that there are substances out there that can alter mood and the perception of reality but she has no interest in trying them.


  • Packs:
Friendly with Casa di Cavalieri and Krokar.
Neutral toward Mistfell Vale.
Mistrusting of Salsola after hearing what they did to Merlin.
  • Species: Weary of coyotes following her father's war with Inferni but has personally had no notable issues with them.
  • Sexuality: Accepting of homosexual couples and may become defensive against those with differing opinions.
  • Color: Luperci with base tones of mahogany, particularly if they are male, are generally met with mistrust and doubt.
  • Size: Small Luperci, particularly dog-dominant hybrids with long fur, are received with caution. Gee thanks, Mistral. >:|


  • Failure: Being the perfectionist that she is, Thyri hates the idea of failing in anything but is particularly fearful of the possibility of her failures affecting more than just herself.
  • Weakness: A deeply physical creature, the idea of losing her ability to defend herself is incredibly troubling to Thyri. Though she's still young, she dreads the day she will be too old and weak to hold her own in a fight.
  • Harm to loved ones: Whether family or friend, Thyri fears the very thought of anything happening to her loved ones. This is doubly true if she is unable to do anything to prevent harm befalling someone.
  • Restraint: Being hogtied and muzzled for an entire evening has made a lasting impression on Thyri, who fears the hopelessness associated with being bound. She will resist with an almost crazed intensity if someone attempts to hold her down or tie her up.


  • Heterosexual: Because she finds them to be more interesting and engaging, Thyri is primarily attracted to members of the opposite gender. Whether or not she will be exclusive attracted to males or may experiment with her sexuality is yet to be seen.
  • Not easily impressed: It will take more than flattery and flexed biceps to impress this girl, who is more attracted to those prone to show their feelings and capabilities rather than just talk about them.
  • Go-getter: Being assertive and emotionally transparent, Thyri has a tendency to approach those she finds attractive and confess her feelings. If she likes you, you'll know about it.
  • Mistrustful: Losing Merlin, the closest she's come to feeling love, has Thyri left her feeling mistrustful, pessimistic, and bitter about the very idea of love, romance, and relationships.


  • Likes: Cats, herblore, flowers, exploring, protecting others, stories, Thor.
  • Dislikes: Her ears, losing, making mistakes, livestock (except horses and sheep), liars.

2.3  Skills

Close-Range Combat

Once a Legionary of Cour des Miracles, Thyri is skilled in close-range combat and spends a lot of time sparring, patrolling, and training her pack mates. Her weapon of choice is the Dane axe but she first began her training with the staff, making her an adept staff fighter as well. In addition to training and sparring, Thyri also helped to maintain the Court's training grounds and armory, installing new wooden dummies as necessary and helping to keep their weapons sharpened and cleaned up until the pack disbanded.

  • Staff (Master)
  • Dane axe (Journeyman)


Thyri also enjoys creating tisanes, salves, and poultices from the plants available to her around the area. She currently maintains a book that she created in 2015 containing information of all the medicinal and edible herbs, fruits, and flowers within the northern territories. Though she has explored little of the southern territories for native plants in this region, she was competent in this area of expertise and took on the profession of Apothecary in both Cour des Miracles and New Caledonia.

  • Plant identification (Journeyman)
  • Herbal remedies (Journeyman)

3.  History

See Thyri's History and Thread Archive Page.


1 31.25% Mackenzie Valley Wolf, 25% Eastern Timber Wolf, 25% Italian Wolf, 18.75% Arctic Wolf