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DurationAugust 2014 - May 2016
ResidenceJordheim house #2
RankAraedi Ríkr (1 Feb 2016)
 Araedi (10 Sep 2015)
 Hollr (1 Apr 2015)
 Aeska (10 Aug 2014)

Thyri was born in Vinátta on August 10th, 2014 to Shiloh Dawnbringer and Silvano Sadira alongside littermates Myrkr Stormbringer and Sagá Sadira. In stark contrast to Myrkr and Sagá, both of whom appeared to have suffered the affects of the poison Shiloh was exposed to during pregnancy, Thyri was born healthy and robust. Sadly, Sagá passed quietly away one beautiful summer's day before Thyri could develop reliable memories of her sister.

In the months preceding her birth, Vinátta saw an unprecedented season of growth with four litters totaling twelve puppies born between June and August. As a result, Thyri had no shortage of playmates with whom to engage and explore and, as summer gave way to winter, Thyri thrived.

Around 5 months of age, Thyri met a youngster from Casa di Cavalieri named Merlin Knight. He had wandered too far away from his pack and, after a series of fantastical adventures in which he met a jaguar and a bear, Merlin found his way to Vinátta. Thyri was immediately enamored with this young adventurer and the two became fast friends, promising to meet again when they were older and allowed more freedom to travel outside their respective packs.

Not long after meeting Merlin, Thyri was kidnapped by a loner while she was outside the pack with Carya Aston. She was brought to Mount Oromocto, where she was hogtied and held for ransom. While being untied so she could relieve herself, Thyri savagely bit him and managed to escape further up the mountain. The trauma from her ordeal brought on an early shift and, cold and alone, the young girl shifted for the first time. The next day, a search party located her and brought her back home to Vinátta.

While her kidnapping ordeal was harrowing and the months succeeding it were difficult to navigate, it was ultimately the catalyst for her decision to become an Araedi and Thyri started to train hard to work towards this goal. She was given lessons and tips from various members of her pack, both of the Araedi tier and others, and was even gifted a Dane axe from the Nordic woman Solveig Brynja Sørensen prior to her departure from Vinátta.

During the spring flooding in 2015, Thyri and her cousin, Izrian Firebringer fell into a sinkhole on their way back from the Sacred Grove. Suffering a concussion from the fall, her training was delayed while she healed and she started to focus her attention on medicinal herbs to keep herself occupied. Under the tutelage of Finch Moineau, Thyri began to compile a comprehensive list, complete with dried specimens, of all the plants that could be used for the creations of medicines, poisons, tisanes, salves, and other things.

Once fully healed, Thyri continued her physical training alongside her apothecary lessons with Finch, eventually being promoted to Araedi in September of 2015, just a month after her first birthday. She was also awarded the Apothecary co-rank not long afterwards.

As summer rolled into fall, a series of tumultuous events shook Thyri's quiet little life. She became smitten with a returning Vináttan named Ezra Vahn, who gently rejected her in favor of someone else. New Dawn was also attacked and subsequently disbanded, presumably by Anathema, leaving refugees in Vinátta and the entire area reeling from the violence. Still embarrassed from her rejection and feeling uneasy after New Dawn's fall, Thyri decided to brave the unrest in the Southern territories and visit her father in the Court, her cousin Sylven Firebringer joining her. Foolishly, she left only a note behind for her mother, fearing that if she asked her permission she would be prevented from leaving. Not long into her time in the Court, her mother joined her as well and confessed that she would not be returning to Vinátta.

Towards the end of the year, Thyri started to experience numbness and tingling in her right arm — possibly due to the poison she encountered before birth. To make matters worse, her friend and former crush, Ezra mysterious went missing and her brother, Myrkr, decided to depart from Vinátta as well into lands unknown, leaving her perfectly alone in a house that she had only ever known to be filled with family, cats, and love.

Thankfully, 2016 began with an upward swing: Thyri gained a roommate when Izrian moved in with her, followed by her promotion to Araedi Ríkr and Ezra's unexpected return to Vinátta. Things seemed to be going increasingly well until March, when Thyri learned from Sylven that she had inadvertently played a role in the Austringer Hostility. Thyri had encountered the woman responsible for the attacks on Krokar months earlier at the base of Mount Oromocto and, after unknowingly being lied to, let her pass.

Feeling angry, stupid, and ashamed, Thyri decided to do everything she could to track the woman down and, at the end of March, finally located her atop Mount Oromocto. With Sylven's help, Thyri attacked and killed Marcella Fauks — the first Luperci life that she had ever taken.

Thyri didn't have much time to reflect on her actions when, just a few days later, a meteor struck the ocean and caused considerable damage to Vinátta and the surrounding areas. Throughout the weeks that followed, however, the young warrior had plenty of time to contemplate the weight of her actions and began to consider the possibility that Vinátta no longer conformed to her ideals or goals. At the end of May, Thyri made the difficult decision to leave Vinátta and start a new life in Casa di Cavalieri.

Casa di Cavalieri

Casa di Cavalieri

DurationMay 2016 - December 2016
ResidenceCourthouse room CR3
RankBracciante Prima (1 Nov 2016)
 Bracciante Seconda (1 Aug 2016)
 Prova (29 May 2016)

Thyri joined Casa di Cavalieri at the end of May 2016, citing her desire to protect the defenseless all across the region and not just within her pack. She was accepted into the pack by the Lune, Luca Knight, and spent the next several months acquainting herself with the area and meeting her new pack mates. She was promoted to Bracciante Seconda in August after rigorously proving her worth to the pack and training extensively.

At the end of July, during a festival held by her father's pack, Cour des Miracles, Thyri was surprised to find her old childhood friend, Merlin there. Now living in Midnight Shores, Merlin had traveled down to the Court for the festival and was just as happy to see her as she was to see him. The pair spent the evening catching up and making future plans to meet up again in neutral lands.

In November, Casa di Cavalieri and Cour des Miracles held a tournament and Thyri joined the frey, trying her luck at the swimming contest and the horse race. Though she and Baldr didn't win the horse race, Thyri somehow out-swam her competition during the swimming contest and came in first place. Thyri was again promoted, this time to Bracciante Prima, and her confidence and pride soared despite another apparent snub from Merlin.

Unfortunately, everything took a violent nosedive in December, when Thyri found Merlin's donkey, Majestic Beast, with a belligerent pair of loners. Having met Majestic Beast during her father's festival, and seeing how proud her friend was of the jenny, Thyri refused to believe that Merlin would have willingly given her up and suspected foul play. The loners denied having anything to do with Merlin and insisted that they found the donkey. Thyri attacked them, gravely wounding one of them, and took the donkey from them before returning to her pack.

When weeks of inquiries and physical searching turned up no information about Merlin's whereabouts or what had happened to him, Thyri decided to leave Casa di Cavalieri and 'Souls entirely in order to find her friend.

The Search


DurationDecember 2016 - March 2017

After stopping at Cour des Miracles, Vinátta, and Krokar to inform her family that she would be leaving in search of Merlin, Thyri left her friend's donkey under Milos Parhelion care in Krokar and then departed from 'Souls.

Thyri spent months searching restlessly for Merlin, asking after him in Portland, Old Ironsides, and Trillium Hollow. She met and confronted many strangers in and around these areas, including two Luperci from as far west as Mortimer. Sadly, her efforts were largely in vain and, with a heavy heart, Thyri began her journey home in February 2017 with an annoying youth in tow.

In the beginning of March 2017, Thyri arrived safely back in 'Souls with Reblin. They stopped in Krokar to pick up Merlin's donkey before making their way to the southern territories, intent on joining Cour des Miracles.

Cour des Miracles (Joining - L'hiver de l'Or Terni)

Cour des Miracles

DurationMarch 2017 - February 2018
ResidenceChien Hotel #E1F11
RankChevalier (31 Dec 2017)
 Seigneur (30 Nov 2017)
 Chevalier (30 Apr 2017)
 Seigneur (15 Mar 2017)

They traveled for days before finally reaching Cour des Miracles in the middle of March, covering great distances each day and stopping very little. With the failure of being unable to find her dear friend still forefront on her mind, Thyri's only goal was to get to the Court and surround herself with familiar faces.

She and Reblin were welcomed into the pack by both her mother and her father. Immersing herself easily into the culture of the Court, Thyri set to work establishing herself as a knowledgeable herbalist and apothecary as well as a formidable warrior, particularly with close-range weaponry. When not found practicing maneuvers with her staff or Dane axe on the training grounds, she spent much of her time throughout the spring and summer months foraging for medicinal plants and tending the herbs in the communal garden — something that Thyri, with encouragement from Kalypso Savoy, has decided to take on as a personal project.

New worries threatened her new state of normalcy toward the end of December 2017 when Thyri's niece and nephew went missing while in neutral territory with their mother. Days later, at the start of 2018, the puppies were returned along with a critically wounded Silvano, flanked by a short woman and several mercenaries. Naming herself the new Queen of Cour des Miracles, Mistral de l'Or denounced Silvano and took over the Court, marking the beginning of L'hiver de l'Or Terni and a new nightmare for Thyri and her family.

Defiant from the start, Thyri held her ground against Mistral and her mercenaries, engaging them fearlessly in arguments, skirmishes, and violent encounters. She confronted Mistral early in her reign and was met with insults and obstinance, ultimately resulting in her decision to join Kalypso Savoy's rebellion.

But before she could be of any significant use to Kalypso's cause, Mistral violently brutalized Thyri, nearly killing her. With damage to her face, several broken fingers, and significant bruising to her ribs, she was made entirely incapable of fighting in the rebellion. Some days later, her mother confronted the Queen and was savagely murdered with her own staff.

Thyri spent the days following Shiloh's death in relative seclusion, missing the performance Kalypso strategically put on for the Queen and the subsequent capture of Mistral and her confidant (and traitor to the Court), Linden Aatte. She emerged from her hotel room only to gather with her pack mates for the usurper's execution and Linden's exile from the Court... and the revelation of Kalypso's true identity as Silvano's daughter, and Thyri's half-sister, through Mara Savoy.

With Silvano formally stepping down as King, Kalypso took over the role as leader of Cour des Miracles and a new dawn rose over the Court.

Cour des Miracles (Post-L'hiver de l'Or Terni)

Cour des Miracles

DurationFebruary 2018 - Present
ResidenceChien Hotel #E1F11
RankChambellan (1 May 2017)
 Duchesse (28 Feb 2017)
 Marquise (16 Feb 2017)
ProfessionsLegionary, Apothecary

After the traumatic and tragic events of the Winter of Tarnished Gold, Thyri spent much of her time healing from her wounds and regaining her strength, coming to terms with her father's infidelity, and accepting Kalypso Savoy not only as the new Reine, but also as family.

Once her wounds had healed and she was able to resume her normal activities, Thyri threw herself wholly into the construction of the Court's new village. Kalypso's inclusion of her in the planning of this, particularly with the future communal garden, allowed Thyri to develop more of a relationship with her half-sister and, slowly, she found herself accepting of Kalypso's status, both as the Queen and as a sister.

Of her father, however, Thyri remained distant. Though she tried to forgive him, his fast-diminishing memories created an obstacle that she was never able to overcome. Perhaps out of fear and shame, Thyri avoided her father's declining condition by focusing completely on the new village, a regret that she can't seem to reconcile with following his death in the spring of 2018.


Italics indicates an unknown relationship; they may be offboard or the relation is merely uncertain.

Family Relationships

Key Family Relationships

  • Shiloh Dawnbringer: Thyri's loving and protective mother. Though Shiloh's solicitous tendencies annoyed and frustrated Thyri as a puppy, she has grown to understand and appreciate her mother's reasons for being how she is and no longer takes her relationship with Shiloh for granted. Now that she's an adult, Thyri appreciates her mother's advice and love more than she ever had before. Shiloh is always the first person she thinks about when faced with difficult decisions. Shiloh was brutally murdered by Mistral de l'Or during the Winter of Tarnished Gold, leaving an enormous void in Thyri's heart.
  • Silvano Sadira: King Silvano is Thyri's father and someone she holds in high esteem. When she was a young puppy, she went on many imaginary adventures in which her father was a key figure. Due in part to the distance between Vinátta and Cour des Miracles, she didn't see as much of her father as she would have liked. Despite this, Thyri thought very highly of her father and had somewhat grandiose ideas of him. At the close of the Winter of Tarnished Gold, when it was revealed that he had a child with another woman, Thyri felt a significant sense of disappointment and betrayal from her father. Much to her regret and remorse, these feelings remained up until his death in the spring of 2018.
  • Myrkr Stormbringer: Quirky and compulsive, Myrkr's antics oftentimes annoy Thyri but she loves him wholly. As children, she maybe bickered with and teased him a lot but she was always one of the first to come to his defense. Even though she was sad when he left Vinátta, she was proud of him for striking out on his own and is glad to see him happy in Krokar. He will always be her favorite brother.
  • Abigail Sadira: Though Abigail didn't play a significant part in Thyri's childhood, she quickly grew close with her older sister after she moved from Vinátta to Casa di Cavalieri. Thyri values Abi's opinions and looks up to her.

Family Tree: Stormbringer, Sadira

Littermates: Myrkr Stormbringer & Sága Sadira
Nieces & Nephews: —
Maternal: Abigail Dawnrunner & Dreyrugr Stormbringer

Family Relationships

  • Izrian Firebringer: Izzy and Thyri share a lot of the same interests and motivations, which makes them quite a force to be reckoned with... that is, when they agree! The pair share an almost sisterly bond and can often be seen bickering or competing against one another. Despite this, Thyri considers Izzy to be one of her best friends and most trusted confidants. She is deeply proud of her cousin's rise to Sannindi of Vinátta and has confidence she will make a good leader.
  • Sylven Firebringer: One of the more adventurous of Thyri's cousins. She and Sylven got into plenty of shenanigans as puppies and, though they grew more distant after he departed for Krokar, they still get together from time to time. After discovering her role in the Austringer Hostility, she and Sylven worked hard together to find Marcella Fauks and bring her to justice. Following this, Thyri feels closer to Sylven now than ever before.

Other Family Relationships

  • Pascal Sadira: Thyri's half-brother. He reminds her a little of Myrkr and though he's older, she feels protective of him.
  • Shore Stormbringer: One of Thyri's cousins. As a child, Thyri respected and often looked up to Shore.
  • Orvar Stormbringer: Another one of Thyri's cousins. Orvar and Thyri bonded after her abduction as a puppy.
  • Lochlan Stormbringer: Her cousin and former fellow Araedi when she lived in Vinátta.

General Relationships

Key Relationships

  • Merlin Knight: Thyri became enamored with Merlin during his brief stay in Vinátta as a puppy. He shared with her the lengthy and grandiose story of his adventures that took him from his home in Casa di Cavalieri all the way up to Vinátta. Thyri felt that Merlin was very brave and she developed a little puppy crush on him. They made plans to get together when they were older but when Merlin never showed up again to see her, Thyri thought that something had happened to him. They were later reunited in Cour des Miracles in the summer of 2016 and again made plans to get together at a predetermined place and time. When Merlin again didn't show up, Thyri thought that he was avoiding her and became angry with him. Later, after finding his beloved donkey with a pair of loners, she came to terms with the very real possibility that he was either missing or dead. She devoted the next several months to searching for him but ultimately turned up nothing. Merlin is probably the closest thing that Thyri has come to finding love.
  • Reblin: Reblin is an annoying youth Thyri met in January 2017 while she was a guest in Viburnum. Obnoxiously cheerful and optimistic — a stark contrast to her own dour pessimism — Rebel seemed to take an almost immediately liking to her and Thyri has been unable to shake him off. After coming to terms with the realistic notion she would be unable to find Merlin, Thyri decided to return home from Trillium Hollow. Feeling sorry for the youngster, whose very existence was all but denied by his own mother, Thyri allowed Reblin to join her back to 'Souls. Though she's quick to complain about how freaking annoying Rebel is to be around, Thyri secretly appreciates him for keeping her mind off of the anger and depression she feels for failing to find Merlin.

General Relationships


  • Skoll Haskel: Skoll taught Thyri some hand-to-hand combat and while she likes the Courtier and admires his abilities as a fighter, she doesn't know him well enough to consider him a friend.
  • Ezra Vahn: Thyri took an intense liking to Ezra soon after he joined Vinátta, developing and maintaining her first adult crush on him until his confession to being devoted to another effectively put an end to it. Despite their awkward beginning, she still enjoys being in Ezra's company and the two have formed a strong friendship.
  • Finch Moineau: Finch filled a large hole in Thyri's life after Shiloh moved to Cour des Miracles and she spent a good portion of her time in the Moineau's company. Finch taught her all that she knows about herblore, which spanned months and involved extensive time and training. When she lived in Vinátta, the pair were often seen together. Thyri thinks about her often.
  • Solveig Brynja Sørensen: Solveig helped teach Thyri a little about self-defense using various weaponry, including javelins, axes, and spears. This helped to pull her out of her depression following her kidnapping.


  • Carya Aston: As a child, Thyri considered Carrie one of the coolest adults ever and would often follow her around. She was with Carya outside Vinátta when she was kidnapped and, though she still doesn't blame her for what happened, their relationship was always different after that.
  • Florina Soul: Thyri always looked up to Florina and admired her greatly, though the stoic woman did frighten her a little when she was a child. As an adult, she trusted Florina's guidance and worked hard under her leadership though Thyri never developed a particularly close relationship with her.
  • Xylia Napier: Xylia reminded Thyri a little of her mother, Shiloh, and she enjoyed being in the Napier's presence. She still thinks fondly of Xylia.
  • Harlequin Knight: Harlequin is a handsome, charming young man who was born and raised in New Dawn. He visited Vinátta frequently when they were kids but it wasn't until she was older that Thyri started to develop a crush on him. They have long since lost touch.


  • Mistral de l'Or: In the winter of 2017/18, Mistral de l'Or kidnapped Thyri's niece and nephew, maimed her father, claimed rule over Cour des Miracles, beat her to a bloody pulp, and killed her mother. And before that, she poisoned Shiloh while she was pregnant with Thyri, Myrkr, and Sága, resulting in Sága's death and permanent afflictions in Thyri and Myrkr. The woman was a tiny terror and Thyri spares no grief or remorse for supporting her execution.
  • Axelle Napier: Thyri met Axelle several months after Anathema's attack on New Dawn and in neutral territory. Though Axelle was no longer associated with Anathema, having departed from the pack some months before, Thyri responded angrily to the woman when she discovered she had been a member at the time of New Dawn's disbandment.
  • Marcella Fauks: A woman who Thyri had met at the southern base of Mount Oromocto with a group of other Luperci and horses. Thyri was told that she and her comrades were refugees searching for a place to call home so she let them pass. She later found out that they attacked Krokar afterwards and, guilt-ridden and angry, Thyri sought the woman out with Sylven's help and killed her.
  • Solas Justus: The cruel man who kidnapped Thyri while she and Carrie were practicing out to hunt outside of Vinátta's borders. Thinking he could hold her for ransom, Solas stuffed her in a sack and carried her to Mount Oromocto, where he bound her with rope through the evening. Thyri ultimately escaped by biting his hand after he untied her binds to allow her to relieve herself.





  1. long dead rows of daffodils and marigolds (July-August)
    The tale of Thyri and her siblings' first weeks of life, from the return of Shiloh to Vinátta to their birth, their sister Sága's death, and a hopeful look toward the future.
  2. Wait 'til you're announced (20 Oct)
    Thyri, Myrkr, and other Vinátta puppies undergo their Ausa Vatni ceremony, receiving their Frithr pendants.


  1. First light (12 Dec)
    Jordheim with Sylven Firebringer, Akara Firebringer, and Palaydrian Soul. At dawn, Thyri manages to get out of her house and finds Sylven and Akara Firebringer.
  2. You're ever welcome with me anytime you like (16 Dec)
    Jordheim with Myrkr Stormbringer. Bored, Thyri takes up a solo imaginative game with a pine cone only to be joined by her dastardly brother.
  3. Reindeer games! (24 Dec)
    Jordheim with Carya Aston, Shore Stormbringer, Ode Stormbringer, and Bjorn Moineau. Thyri joins in on the fun after Carya Aston invites all the puppies in VN to sled ride.
  4. Will the mountain last as long as I can wait (26 Dec)
    Grand Lake with Sylven Firebringer. Making her way to the stables to learn more about the animals, Thyri meets up with Sylven and the two get into some trouble.
  5. Tell me where's your hiding place (29 Dec)
    Jordheim with Carya Aston. Impressed with Carya's sleigh ride, Thyri takes an instant (if not annoying) liking to the Aston and seeks her out to play.

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  1. Jealousy is a green-eyed monster (3 Jan)
    Jordheim with Shore Stormbringer. Jealous that Shore has started staff fighting lesson with her mom, Thyri takes matters into her own hands and steals her staff.
  2. I'm gonna let it shine (8 Jan)
    Jordheim with Shiloh Dawnbringer, Myrkr Stormbringer, Silvano Sadira, and Alessan Stormbringer. Surprising Thyri and her brother, Myrkr, Silvano Sadira and Alessan Stormbringer visit Jordheim and their family.
  3. And your name is trapped beneath my tongue (9 Jan)
    Jordheim with Merlin Knight. Hearing that a new face was somewhere within her pack, Thyri sets out to find this strange puppy and drill him on all the adventures she's never had.
  4. Where do I go to fall from grace? (18 Jan)
    Jordheim with Juno Kurosoul, Shore Stormbringer, Ode Stormbringer, and Ascher Stormbringer. Thyri comes across Juno Kurosoul and sticks around for Norse storytime.
  5. Time to say goodbye (24 Jan)
    Vinátta. With the passing of Arno's mother, Thyri learns about the realities of death and grieving.
  6. I'll see you by the river (29 Jan)
    Just outside Jordheim with Arno Rousseau. Finding Arno just outside of Jordheim, Thyri shares a tender moment with the recovering youth.
  7. Hello to a new adventure (29 Jan)
    Wabanaki Coast with Carya Aston and Solas Justus. Carya takes Thyri out on her first hunting lesson but things don't go nearly as planned.
  8. I want to break free (29 Jan)
    Mount Oromocto with Solas Justus. Solas takes Thyri away up Mount Oromocto with the intention to hold her for ransom.
  9. Existing in a crisis (30 Jan)
    [RO] Mount Oromocto. Escaping from Solas' cruel imprisonment, Thyri makes her way further up the mountain side in an attempt to get as far away from him as possible. Eventually the trauma catches up with her and she finds herself shifting early. Terrified, cold, and hungry, the youth spends a terrible night alone on the mountain.
  10. When the night is dark and stormy; I will come to you (31 Jan)
    Mount Oromocto with Orvar Stormbringer, Chloé Moineau, and Solas Justus. Orvar and Chloé find Thyri on Mount Oromocto just as Solas enters the scene.
  11. Home is the nicest word there is (31 Jan)
    Jordheim with Shiloh Dawnbringer, Myrkr Stormbringer, and Ascher Stormbringer. Shiloh leads Thyri back home and has Ascher give her a once-over.


  1. The amazing greys (5 Feb)
    Vinátta with Arno Rousseau. Still recovering from the trauma of her capture, Thyri and Arno share a moment of normalcy by hunting rabbits.
  2. Winter is all over you (7 Feb)
    Jordheim with Sigurd Leirfall. Broody and confused, Thyri lurks through Jordheim and runs into Sigurd and his young son quite literally.
  3. Hit 'em right between the eyes (14 Feb)
    Jordheim with Solveig Brynja Sørensen. Determined never to feel as weak and powerless as she did while under Solas' grasp, Thyri seeks the newcomer Solveig out to ask her for assistance in learning self-defense.
  4. My pretty little hummingbird (20 Feb)
    Idun's Meadow with Orvar Stormbringer. Orvar and Thyri help each other heal their emotional wounds.


  1. The air is heavy with the smell of storms (11 Mar)
    [Flood Plot] Nearby Sacred Grove with Izrian Firebringer and Orvar Stormbringer. While on their way to the Sacred Grove, Thyri and Izrian find themselves at the bottom of a sinkhole and in need of assistance.
  2. A shadow of what I once was (19 Mar)
    Jordheim with Lochlan Stormbringer. Still recovering from her concussion, Thyri finds Lochlan outside of his father's old house and helps him clean up.


It can be assumed that Thyri has been sulking around the pack, practicing her staff and self-defense.


  1. Practice, practice, practice (20 May)
    [Thread Prompt #2] Vinátta with Shore Stormbringer. Having finally overcome her reservations about venturing outside Vinátta's borders, Thyri goes out on a solo hunt and comes across Shore as she hunts deer.
  2. I can stand my own ground (31 May)
    [Thread Prompt #3] Vinátta's borders with Aspen. Thyri decides to make a sweep of the borders on her own to ensure everything is secure and that the pack's scent markers are reinforced.


  1. These rules are meant to break (2 Jun)
    Near Salsola with Bacchus Revlis. In searching the territories for plants, Thyri gets dangerously close to Salsola's borders.


  1. Nothing happens here that doesn't happen there (2 Jul)
    Isthmus of Chignecto with Bear. While out gathering plants for her reference book, Thyri has a run-in with a young loner named Bear.
  2. I'll be queen bee (6 Jul)
    Near Jordheim with Izrian Firebringer .Thyri and her cousin Izrian bond over weapons and their aspirations to be respectable Araedi.
  3. What a lovely singing voice you must have (15 Jul)
    [Thread Prompt #3] Vinátta's borders with Kerrian Demos. In a outrageous effort to prove her worth as an aspiring Araedi, Thyri stays up all night patrolling the borders of Vinátta and comes across Kerrian as the sun begins to rise.


  1. Return of the paperman (5 Aug)
    Vinátta's borders with Ezra Vahn and Florina Soul. While making her rounds around the territory, Thyri comes across returning former member Ezra Vahn and calls for help in accepting him back into the folds.
  2. Check out my collection (9 Aug)
    Fundy National Park with Chien Dupont. Setting out of Vinátta in search of new and interesting plants for her collection, Thyri runs into Krokaran Chien and makes his acquaintance.
  3. Entering a border (11 Aug)
    Vinátta's borders with Alex Brink. After having an especially difficult archery training session, Thyri decides to let off steam by patrolling the border and come across the loner Alex Brink
  4. Where parts of wholes are described (15 Aug)
    [Thread Prompt #4] Communal Garden with Auguste Aston. Thyri wakes early and, finding herself unable to find rest, decides to tend to the communal garden. Once there, she comes across Auguste Aston who helps her water and weed.
  5. Man it feels good to feel this way (15 Aug)
    Vinátta with Ezra Vahn. Unable to stop thinking about her encounter with Ezra Vahn, Thyri realizes that she has a crush on him. Believing that it would help her regain control of her life by speaking to him about it, she finds him working on his paper mill and agrees to help.
  6. When the violence causes silence (27 Aug)
    Jordheim with Altair Amarok and Akara Firebringer. Still reeling from the destruction of New Dawn and looking to help those seeking refuge in Vinátta, Thyri picks blueberries for Altair and his family and sees firsthand how difficult war can be on the survivors.


  1. A beating heart no more (6 Sep)
    Black River Reserve with Leela Amarok. While out foraging for more medicinal herbs to add to Vinátta's stocks, Thyri hears a call at New Dawn's borders and meets Leela Amarok: Altair's sister.
  2. I found the center of fruit is late (9 Sep)
    Vinátta's borders with Xylia Napier and Palaydrian Soul. Eager and anxious about nearly achieving her goal of becoming an Araedi, Thyri clears her mind with a run and comes across new joiner Xylia Napier.
  3. And this might turn and wind up just the way we'd dreamed (11 Sep)
    Cour des Miracles' borders with Sylven Firebringer and Silvano Sadira. With Sylven in tow, Thyri leaves Vinátta on a foolish trip to visit her father in Cour des Miracles during the heart of war between the Court and Inferni.
  4. Were we the belly of the beast or the sword that fell... (13 Sep)
    The Training Grounds with Skoll Haskel. While exploring her father's pack, Thyri finds herself on the The Training Grounds of Cour des Miracles and meets Skoll there who gives her some fighting tips.
  5. Some stalks grow high and green to rot away (20 Sep)
    Les Champs d'Or with Mara Savoy. Enthralled by the field of sunflowers found in the Court's Les Champs d'Or, Thyri finds herself in a state of peace when she meets Mara.
  6. And I might become the things I swore I'd always be
    [Canon LASKY] Cour des Miracles with Shiloh Dawnbringer. Shiloh unexpectedly shows up in Cour des Miracles some time into her visit there. Thyri initially thinks she's come to bring her home but quickly discovers that her mother intends stay permanently in the Court.
  7. But the wolves they are howling, that sweet but haunted song (25 Sep)
    Jordheim with Lochlan Stormbringer. Having just returned back home from the Court and feeling emotional from all the recent turmoil, Thyri wakes Lochlan and pours her heart out over a bottle of wine.
  8. I've got a fever and a childish wish for snow (26 Sep)
    [Canon LASKY] Jordheim with Myrkr Stormbringer. The day after her return from Cour des Miracles and the bombshell her mother left her with, Thyri talks to her brother and reveals that Shiloh will not be returning to Vinátta.
  9. Remember when our songs were just like prayers (27 Sep)
    Northern Tides with Taseko. While out hunting, Thyri comes across a wolf from the neighboring Krokar and learns about some of the rituals and beliefs of his spirituality.


  1. Questions (14 Oct)
    Grand Lake with Cammen Whitestrider. Intending to seek out some autumnal plants for her collection, Thyri meets the loner Cammen and finds he has never lived in a pack before.
  2. How it aches to meet the day (15 Oct)
    Jordheim with Nadia Ancientfire. Thyri hears about a visitor from Casa di Cavalieri and goes to meet her, hoping to get some information about an old friend.
  3. This road never looked so lonely (18 Oct)
    Northern Tides with Russano Stormbringer. While out and about, Thyri catches a familiar scent and finds Russano at the end of it. After hunting turkeys, she encourages him to come back to Vinátta with her.
  4. When you've only got a hundred years to live (26 Oct)
    Jordheim with Sylven Firebringer and several others. Sylven announces his departure from Vinátta and several family and friends gather to see him off. Thyri gives him a small leather pouch with sunflower seeds.


  1. Autumn... the year's last, loveliest smile (1 Nov)
    [Optional pack thread] Sacred Grove with Izrian Firebringer, Finch Moineau, and several others. Izzy gathers the pack around for the annual Winternights festival and Thyri does her part to help by making gifts and trinkets for the pack to lay on the Horgr.
  2. I never hurt anyone (13 Nov)
    Vinátta with Valencia Catori. [AW] While out on patrol, Thyri answers the call from a Courtier and meets Valencia Catori.
  3. I've tried but I couldn't find any warning of you (16 Nov)
    [RO] Jordheim. For much of autumn, Thyri experiences a tingling in the fingertips of her right hand and most recently deals with a deep pain in that arm and shoulder as well. This marks the beginning symptoms of what will become chronic idiopathic polyneuropathy.
  4. I'll sail home again (18 Nov)
    Communal Garden with Fionna Soulstorm. Headed to the communal garden with mulch and pine boughs, Thyri intends to prepare the gardens for winter and unexpectedly meets Fionna there. She offers her a assistance and Thyri shows her what needs to be done.
  5. Hope is all I have left (21 Nov)
    Vinátta with Aura Mei and Florina Soul. Thyri answers the call from a prospective joiner, Aura Mei, and makes her acquaintance while they wait for Florina to accept her.


  1. You're a taker, devil's maker (3 Dec)
    Mount Oromocto with Orochi Kanshinjou Kenji and Orochi Kenshin. Still haunted by her kidnapping earlier in the year, Thyri stands at the base of Mt. Oromocto and is confronted by two loners: Orochi Kanshinjou Kenji and his son, Orochi Kenshin Shinta.
  2. Eyes of sapphire (4 Dec)
    Vinátta with Tristan Callow-Knight and Izrian Firebringer. Thyri finds Cavalier, Tristan Callow-Knight, at the borders and unintentionally makes her cousin, Izrian, jealous.
  3. Wanderer (11 Dec)
    Vinátta with Kota and Florina Soul. Thyri comes across a prospective new member named Kota and tells him about the pack while they wait for leadership.
  4. Stepping in (12 Dec)
    Cape Hopewell with Abigail Smokey. Deciding to scout more distant territories for any potential threats to Vinátta, Thyri meets Abigail Smokey and tells her about Cour des Miracles.
  5. I do it for the love (29 Dec)
    Jordheim with Harlequin Knight. While dropping off supplies and herbs as repayment for Palaydrian's kindness, Quin meets up with Thyri and the two have an interesting interaction.
  6. Until the morning light (31 Dec)
    Mount Oromocto with Kado Soleil. Finally deciding to face her fears and scale the mountain, Thyri has a friendly encounter with a loner named Kado.

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  1. Like the sands of time
    Vinátta with Cody Rhiannon. Hearing a call from Cody inviting nearby packmates for a hunt, Thyri accepts his invitation and leads the hunt.
  2. Aim my smiling skull at you
    Vinátta with Xylia Napier. While diligently keeping up with her training, Thyri catches the smell of something cooking and follows it to find packmate Xylia.
  3. Thinking of the ways you probably taste
    The Dampwoods with Axelle Napier. On her way down to Cour des Miracles for their grand New Year Ball, Thyri comes across a loner with ties to Anathema.
  4. I spent my evenings pullin' stars out of the sky
    Chien Hotel with Pascal Sadira and Shiloh Dawnbringer. Scrambling to prepare for the ball, Thyri approaches her mother for help in getting dressed and primped.
  5. I'm a young soul in this very strange world
    Chien Hotel with Silvano Sadira. Proper now for the New Year Ball, Thyri finds her father and the two share a dance.
  6. They said it changes when the sun goes down
    Chien Hotel with Abigail Smokey. Thyri reunites with old acquaintance Abigail at the ball the the pair do a little catching up.
  7. [M] She ain't going home tonight
    Northern Tides with Aro Marino. While out hunting Thyri comes across a strange and handsome loner named Aro.
  8. Save for me some gallantry that'll echo when I'm gone
    Jordheim with Izrian Firebringer. Izzy and Thyri spar and practice their sweet fighting skills.


  1. Taking over this town they should worry
    Jordheim with Izrian Firebringer. Thyri helps her cousin, Izzy, move into the house that she inherited from her mother.
  2. So you sailed away
    Vinátta with Ezra Vahn. While in the livery to care for Baldr, Thyri is surprised when Ezra, who had been missing for months, suddenly returns.


  1. Reflections
    Vinátta with Kota. Thyri comes across her pack mate, Kota, and catches up with him.
  2. Sing me a song of spring
    Jordheim with Edraia. While out with Baldr, Thyri finds Edraia tending to the crop fields and decides to help him out.
  3. Is that the most that you can dream or wanted to see?
    Dalhousie University with Pascal Sadira. While in the southern territories searching for Ezra, Thyri comes across her half-brother Pascal and Wilson the cat.
  4. I met you once and I'd fallen for your notions
    Jordheim with Auguste Aston. Auguste helps Thyri better organize her apothecary reference book.
  5. Told me to stay callous if someone bothered me
    Mount Oromocto with Marcella Fauks. Thyri happens upon a group of loners at the southern base of the mountain but lets them pass after one of them, a woman, assures her of their innocence. She would later find out that this was the group responsible for the Austringer Hostility.
  6. The oh oh ohs, they haunt me
    Isthmus of Chignecto with Marsali Amarok. While in the former pack territory of New Dawn, Thyri becomes reunited with Marsali, who stayed in Vinátta with her family following New Dawn's disbandment.
  7. The hills are alive
    Vinátta with Sylven Firebringer and Tarina Skadi. Sylven visits Vinátta and Thyri answers his call at the border. While Tarina gushes over Sylven's guitar, Thyri learns about the Austringer Hostility in Krokar and makes a horrifying discovery.


  1. Lost in skies of powdered gold
    [Operation Meteor] [RO] Sacred Grove with Tarina Skadi. Thyri and Tarina get caught in the Sacred Grove when the red star falls.
  2. I feel it in my bones
    [Operation Meteor] [Optional Pack Thread]. After the meteor strikes, Florina calls for the pack to seek refuge at Sveit Village Hall. Thyri and Tarina reunite with their pack mates there.
  3. We're painted red to fit right in
    [Operation Meteor] Vinátta with Florina Soul, Russano Stormbringer, Fiora vin Vahn, Ezra Vahn, Auguste Aston, Cody Rhiannon, Axle, and Grit. Hours after the initial impact, a group of Vináttans go out to assess the damage only to have the ground collapse beneath them. A few fall into the floodwaters and have to be rescued. Grit sacrifices his life to save that of Axle's.
  4. The lucid stars from heaven vanish
    [Operation Meteor] Jordheim with Russano Stormbringer and Miskunn Stormbringer. Unsteady and weakened by the subsequent earthquakes following the meteor, Miskunn's house collapses while she's inside. Thyri and Russano work together to help her out.
  5. What a load of bull!
    [Operation Meteor] Vinátta with Ezra Vahn. One of the pack's bulls escapes from broken fencing, prompting Ezra and Thyri to wrangle him back up and lead him back home.
  6. [M] Soon it will all be over and buried with our past
    Mount Oromocto with Sylven Firebringer and Marcella Fauks. After weeks of careful searching, Thyri and Sylven confront Marcella on Mount Oromocto and engage her in a fight to the death.


  1. When to descend to amend for a friend
    The Dampwoods with Marsali Amarok. While exploring the southern territories, Thyri happens upon the young AniWayan, Marsali, and catches up with her.
  2. With curses spilling from your head
    Ethereal Eclipse with Skoll Haskel. On her way to visit her family in Cour des Miracles, Skoll manages to sneak up on her and the two chat.
  3. When the sparrow and the seagull fly
    Berwick? with Sylvie Agnès. Thyri finds herself among the burnt remains of the former trading depot manned by Krokar and meets a Cavalier, Sylvie, there.
  4. Been talking 'bout the way things change
    Flanders Fields with Indi Knight. Thyri meets another member of Casa di Cavalieri, Indi, while exploring the sea of poppies in Flanders Fields.
  5. A little weird goes a long way
    Grand Lake with Adaline Everheart. Thyri accidentally startles a young artist observing Grand Lake and makes her acquaintance.
  6. Bring our illusion to a conclusion
    [Thread Prompt #9] Sacred Grove with Xylia Napier. Xylia finds Thyri while she's worshiping the gods in the Sacred Grove and the two reconnect.
  7. Brave enough to say goodbye, hopeful for a new hello
    Sacred Grove with Ezra Vahn. With her decision to leave Vinátta set in stone, Thyri and Ezra share a tearful goodbye and promise to stay in touch.
  8. But the fighter still remains
    [Joining Thread] Casa di Cavalieri with Luca Knight. After weeks of discontentment, considerable thought, and meeting members of Casa, Thyri leaves her birth pack, Vinátta, and joins Casa di Cavalieri.


  1. And she was in love with the world
    Fort Kingsbury with Munroe Knight. Now a Cavalier, Thyri starts exploring her new home and meeting her new pack mates. While in Fort Kingsbury, Thyri makes Munroe's acquaintance.
  2. Lost home
    Isthmus of Chignecto with Hartt Hushhowl. Heading back home to Casa di Cavalieri from the northern territories, Thyri happens upon a former New Dawner in the former pack's old territory.
  3. Comforting hums of the quiet
    Casa di Cavalieri with Aka Kambry. A soft tune draws Thyri toward a Cavalieri woman humming her young bobcat cub to sleep.
  4. To rest upon forever
    [Leadership Summit] Casa di Cavalieri with Izrian Firebringer. Thyri reunites with her cousin, Izrian, at Casa's Leadership Summit and learns that she has become Vinátta's Sannindi.


  1. It's this life and its beautiful
    [Training Thread] Casa di Cavalieri with Atalanta Kartal. Unknowingly, Thyri is watched by Atalanta while she arduously trains with her staff. Afterwards, Ata announces her presence and the two meet.
  2. Wanna dance with somebody
    [CdM Festival] Cour des Miracles with Merlin Knight. Thyri arrives in the Court to join in on the festivities and is surprised to find her old childhood friend, Merlin, there. The two reunite and Thyri's feelings for him reignite.
  3. Wanna dance with somebody, part 2
    [Canon LASKY] [CdM Festival] Cour des Miracles with Merlin Knight. Thyri and Merlin continue their reunion and she meets his beloved mammoth donkey, Majestic Beast.


  1. Now the pale morning sings of forgotten thingsl
    [Training Month Thread] Casa di Cavalieri with Grynn Garcia-Knight. While out on patrol, Thyri confronts two drunken loners too close to the pack's border. The loners respond aggressively, alerting Grynn who helps Thyri chase the women away.


  1. You'll live across a great divide
    The Dampwoods with Willow Cormier and Myrkr Stormbringer. Foraging the Dampwoods for useful herbs and plants, Thyri unexpectedly reunites with her brother, Myrkr, and meets a young Krokaran named Willow.
  2. Once upon a younger year
    Casa di Cavalieri with Shiloh Dawnbringer. Thyri responds to a call at the borders and finds her heavily pregnant mother, who had traveled from the Court to Casa in order to visit her.


  1. Pretty is as pretty does
    Outside Whisper Beach with Carya Aston. Upset by Merlin's failure to meet her at their predetermined day and location, Thyri wanders to clear her head and is surprised to come across her old role model, Carya.


  1. I'll bet my money on the bobtail nag
    [CdC/CdM Tournament] Cour des Miracles with Abigail Sadira, Teagan Stryder, Linden Aatte, Silvano Sadira, and Shiloh Dawnbringer. Thyri and her steed, Baldr, join in on the horse tournament. Despite their best efforts, she and Baldr do not win.
  2. Breathe deep before the plunge
    [CdC/CdM Tournament] Cour des Miracles with Silvano Sadira, Luca Knight, Skoll Haskel, and Linden Aatte. After losing the horse race, Thyri decides to try her luck in the swimming contest. Surprisingly, she wins!
  3. And now I dream of songs
    Cour des Miracles with Abigail Sadira. With the tournament over and life returning to normal, Thyri and Abi make plans to visit their brother in Krokar and depart for the northern territories.
  4. Don't let the doctor in, I wanna go home
    The Dampwoods with Avinalora. While out hunting, Thyri comes across a little jackal hybrid and discovers she has a similar interest in medicinal herbs, tisanes, and salves.
  5. Lay down your stone
    [Funeral Ceremony] Casa di Cavalieri. Thyri joins her pack mates, as well as members from many other packs — including her father from the Court — to pay Jazper Rhiannon-Knight their final respects.
  6. Hold me amongst all your cards
    [RO] The Dampwoods. Thyri unexpectedly discovers Merlin's beloved donkey, Majestic Beast, with the same pair of loners who she had previously engaged with when they got too close to Casa's borders. Knowing how much Merlin cherished donkey, she is struck with the possibility that something sinister has befallen him and attacks the women in order to reclaim Majestic Beast.


  1. Carry on
    [Canon LASKY] Krokar with Milos Parhelion. After departing Casa with all of her sparse belongings and animal companions, including Merlin's donkey, Thyri asks Milos if he will watch after Majestic Beast while she leaves the area in order to find Merlin. Milos complies.
  2. Walking past a threshold and into a change
    [Canon LASKY] [RO] Portland and Old Ironsides with Hazel and Nishan. Thyri arrives in Portland and asks around after Merlin without much luck. She later comes across Hazel, a Krokaran residing at their Old Ironsides depot, and agrees to stay there for a time. After hunting with Milos' half-brother, Nishan, Thyri agrees to join him back to his home territory, Trillium Hollow, in hopes that someone there might have heard something from Merlin.

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  1. This isn't what you're after
    [Canon LASKY] Outside Searsport with Pythius Absinthe Trombetta, Zuri Acidic-Trombetta, and Nishan. Not long after departing Old Ironsides, Thyri and Nishan come across two Luperci from Mortimer but they know nothing of Merlin.


  1. I will leave my ways on the coldest days
    Saint Croix Highlands with Shade. Not long after arriving in 'Souls, Thyri and Reblin meet a woman. After learning a little more about her, Thyri teaches her self-defense.
  2. Be the song
    Krokar with Milos Parhelion and Ailie Morgan. Thyri and Reblin arrive in Krokar where, at long last, Rebling is able to meet his uncle, Milos. While Milos gathers Merlin's donkey, Thyri meets a curly-coated woman named Ailie.
  3. Be the song
    Grand Lake with Auguste Aston. After a brief stop to pick up Merlin's donkey from Krokar, the pair continue through 'Souls towards Cour des Miracles. While near Vinátta, Thyri reunites with a friend and former pack mate.
  4. I could possibly be fading
    Amherst with Ascher Stormbringer. While stopped in Amherst so Reblin can explore the ruins, Thyri cooks a hare and attracts the attention of a familiar face: her uncle Ascher.
  5. I am afraid of disintegration
    Cobequid Foothills? with Acacia. Hurrying past Prince Edward Island, Thyri guides Baldr too far and the companions end up in the Western Tangles. On their way back to cross the mountain, they happen upon a confident youth.
  6. Mother, father I'm underwater
    [Joining Thread] Cour des Miracles with Shiloh Dawnbringer. Finally at their destination, Thyri instructs Reblin to clean up before they approach the boarders but they are met prematurely by Thyri's mother, Shiloh.

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