The Dawnrunner Clan

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As the Dawnrunner and the Stormbringer families are now inextricably linked, and because the Stormbringers have become the dominant of these two families within 'Souls, the information on this page is out of date. Please visit the Stormbringer page for the most up-to-date information about this family in-game. Thanks!

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The Dawnrunner family originates from the Solbjorg Valley, where most of its members still reside. They are the ancestral enemies of the Stormbringers, and their ongoing family feud has lasted many generations and cost countless lives. They predominantly follow Norse culture and heritage, believing themselves to be descendants of Geri and Freki; Odin’s guardians (which contrasts the Stormbringer belief of having descended directly from Fenris, eldest child of Loki). They were led for many years by the fanatical Azrael Napthira Dawnrunner.

The families of Solbjorg are believed to hail from a single bloodline in Finland, having diverged over countless generations of settlement in Canada. Dawnrunner wolves classically sport a solid white or light-colored pelt with few markings, though their eye colors vary over a wide spectrum. Pure examples of this coloration include Legion, Bris, Shiloh, and Jack Frost; diluted examples include the pale blonds and greys seen in Sólieri, Elessari, Saul, Abigail, and Ninian.

Those Dawnrunner members who have come to 'Souls are typically trying to escape the zealotry and live a life of peace (though there is a looming threat of Dawnrunner invasion in Vinátta). Because of this, few carry the Dawnrunner name outside of the Valley, fearing they will be seen as violent or dangerous — that, or the circumstances of their birth were shameful, and they wish to start over in a place less familiar with the two prominent clans. This is particularly true of half-Dawnrunner, half-Stormbringer offspring, who have difficulty finding their place in either clan, and are likely to become targets of Azrael's purification campaign.

1.  Family Influences

1.1  First Generation

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    • Azrael Napthira Dawnrunner
  • Unknown x Unknown
    • Absalom Dawnrunner
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1.2  Second Generation

1.3  Third Generation

1.4  Fourth Generation

1.5  Fourth Generation

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