The Marino Family

Siblings Savina Marino, Ghita Marino, and Ehno Marino were born to a small wolf pack called Monti Sabini in the wilderness of Italy. They are the founding members of the 'Souls Marino family, and have a strong base in the southern packs including Cour des Miracles and Casa di Cavalieri, and formerly Crimson Dreams. Thanks to their origins, they are typically fluent in Italian.


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Marino Family Statistics

Total Members—43
Surviving Members—34
Active Members—5+
Location—Monti Sabini, Crimson Dreams, Phoenix Valley, Cour des Miracles, Casa di Cavalieri, Anathema, Vinátta

Marino Family Foundation

First Member Location—Insieme
First Member Date—~ 2008
First Member Name—Savina Marino
First Member Species—Italian Wolf
First Birth Location—Crimson Dreams
Founding Parents—Savina Marino & Kansas Sadira
Founding Birth Children—Amata Sadira, Cambria Marino, Gotham Phoenix
Founding Birth Date—April 07, 2009

Marino Family Tree

Marino family tree. Need to be added? PM Gen

As of March 2010 the Marino family has the most active members to family size ratio by far. Dang. :o

1.  Influence and Influences

Though the Marino family is relatively new, it is already rather prolific, having two litters in the 2009 year within the Crimson Dreams pack and one in the Phoenix Valley pack.

1.1  Families

1.2  Packs

2.  Members

The parent that contributes the Marino genes is bolded.

2.1  First Generation

2.2  Second Generation

2.3  Third Generation

2.4  Fourth Generation

2.5  Fifth Generation

3.  Defining Features

3.1  Physical Features


Green eyes are most prevalent in the Marino family. Shades of yellow and blue are also not uncommon. Complete heterochromia is seen in Amata, Lorenzo, Pascal, and Kyrah (all of whom have one green eye).


Marino wolves tend to have natural colors and patterns with shades of brown and black, reflecting their wild origins in the forests of Italy. Many of them sport a classic wolf look, with dark colors along their back, and lighter hues along their underbelly.

Savina Marino, by Alaine

Cambria Marino, by Alaine

Eugene Sadira, by Alaine

Valencia Catori, by Alaine

Ehno Marino, by Erin

Lucia Marino, by Jenny

Gotham Phoenix, by Erin

Tony Marino-Knight, by Anna

4.  Culture and Homeland

  • The Marino family hails from Monti Sabini, and as such, nearly all of them are fluent in Italian.

Savina, Ghita, and Ehno were born to a small pack in the wilderness of Italy. Unlike most of the European luperci, this pack lived as normal wolves, not dealing with any human artifacts and never shifting. Serge, the wolf that sired Savina and her siblings wanted nothing to do with them or their mother Amata, so he disowned them all. Despite the tough blow this was to Amata, she did a wonderful job raising the trio of pups and they were a very close happy family.

When they were just over a year old, Ehno, Savina's brother decided to go on a personal journey and left the pack. About half way through their second year, her sister Ghita miscarried her first litter of pups and disappeared. For a long time it was just Savina and her mother. But then in late May of 2008 they had an accidental run in with a bear which ended in Amata's death. Serge tried to comfort her after the accident, but being so distraught and the rage at his treatment of her her whole life, Savina turned and attacked him. She did no serious harm, but she knew that the pack would throw her out.

She took to wondering and came across a luperci port town. She snuck onto one of the ships to explore, but got trapped inside when the ship set sail. A while into the journey a horrible storm came up and sunk the boat, washing Savina out to sea. The next thing she remembers was washing up on the Canadian coast. She was eventually reunited with her wayward brother and sister, and that was how the first generation of Marino wolves came to 'Souls. In the summer of 2012, Savina returned to Italy, bringing several of her children along with her.

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