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Shiloh Dawnbringer was a member of Dahlia de Mai, Vinátta, and Cour des Miracles -- mate of the ex-King Silvano Sadira and mother of several children.

Born to two wolves on either side of a blood feud, Dreyrugr Stormbringer and Abigail Dawnrunner, she lost her mother at a young age and was raised by an aunt in Dahlia de Mai, where she lived alongside her siblings. However, she was whisked away to the Solbjorg Valley to be with her Stormbringer family, and grew up in a war-torn climate.

She returned to Nova Scotia in 2012, joining her brother Saul in his newly-formed pack, Vinátta. A reunion with childhood acquaintance Silvano Sadira led to a complicated romance and a pair of puppies (Abigail and Alessan, joined by the adopted Dreyma). Shiloh was a participant in the Ironside Conflict that threatened her children, after which she strove to better herself as a guardian. She ascended to the rank of Araedi Ríkr during this time, while balancing familial duties and those of motherhood -- even when a poisoning nearly took the lives of her second litter (Myrkr and Thyri).

A change of heart and fear for her family in the midst of the Inferni and Cour des Miracles War led Shiloh to join her lover's pack in late 2015. She settled in well among the courtly folk, tending to her family and working on her tailoring craft, and raised her final litter with Silvano (Serena and Gaia).

During the Winter of Tarnished Gold, the usurper Mistral de l'Or (once again) threatened Shiloh's family. While she maintained a cool head among the other Courtiers, Shiloh finally went to confront Mistral -- whose poison had made Shiloh sick and killed a puppy, Sága, in her second litter. She ultimately took it upon herself to kill Mistral, strangling her, but when a bodyguard stepped in Shiloh was brutally killed by the psychotic queen. Her family rallied around her death to take their home back.






  • Minor NPCs:

1.  Appearance

1.1  Basics


  • Species: Shiloh showcases her Eastern Timber Wolf heritage in size and figure, being lean and average-sized.
  • Fur: Her thick fur was likely inherited by her larger subspecies.
    • Optime Hair: Her long blonde hair tumbles about her shoulders and is occasionally styled.
  • Facial Features: As per her timberwolf blood, her face is slender and pretty. She has a long, slim muzzle and delicate ears.
  • Build and Size: Shiloh is of average she-wolf size. She is slim-bodied, seemingly slender, but still muscled and sturdy. Her lean, streamlined body is geared more toward speed than strength, but her upper body strength allows her to effortlessly whirl her fighting staff around.
  • Humanization: Yes -- Shiloh will wear clothing.


Fur, Optime Hair

Aths Special (#EEE4D5)
Barley White (#FFF5CB)
Confetti (#EBCA60)

Danube (#6B96D6)

1.2  Miscellaneous


Shiloh always wears some sort of adornments to complement her body and present herself as refined. If she must go without clothing for practicality's sake, however, she will -- it's just most common to find her wearing something.

  • Wooden cat charm (carved by Saul) on leather string -- always worn
  • Flower tucked into hair by left ear -- type of flower varies by season and availability
  • Short red-pink halter top dress
  • Long deep blue dress with short sleeves
  • Long-sleeved, clingy, grey wool dress
  • Light blue cloak with snowshoe hare fur trim and deer hide inner lining


  • Speech: Shiloh has a very feminine and mature voice, slightly husky. She is polite, smooth, and eloquent around strangers -- but more playful and snarky with friends.
  • Scent: Shiloh has a crisp, clean scent -- often flowery and cat-like. Additionally smells of Stormbringer, Silvano, her children.
  • Quirks, Gestures, Etc.: She often fidgets with her cat necklace if a topic is relevant to her family. She will fidget with her hair or dresses if flustered.
  • General Posture and Body Language: Shiloh always stands with pristine posture. Her level of interest in others is obvious through her body language and proximity.



76 lbs (34 kg) — 28 in (71 cm)

Shiloh is a slender and lean she-wolf. She may use this form to hunt.


160 lbs (58 kg) — 35 in (89 cm)

Her broadened frame supports more muscle mass. The pale yellow stripe of her mane darkens to gold. She rarely uses this form.


155 lbs (70 kg) — 6ft (72 in) (183 cm)

Shiloh is slender but lithe with well-toned arms. Her Optime form is her default.


2.  Personality

  • Ladylike, polite, refined, classy, mature grace
  • Diplomatic, courteous, level-headed
  • Stealthy, vindinctive, connivving, passive-aggressive
  • Driven and fiery, stubborn, sharp-tongued, passionate, mother bear
  • Kind-hearted, wise, nurturing, patient
  • Vain, conservative, lawful
  • Outlook: Realistic, mentally prepared for anything
  • Sociability: Courteous, confident, sociable; but introverted
  • Expression: Dominant
  • Alignment: Lawful Neutral

2.1  Details


  • Likes: Family, cleanliness, children, cats, diplomacy, Norse religion, tailoring, dresses and fanciness
  • Dislikes: Crudeness, violent or barbaric natures, promiscuity, alcohol, dirt and disarray


  • Family: rearing children, caring for the household, keeping in touch with relatives, keeping them safe
  • Cour des Miracles: teaching its children, maintaining its culture, forging allegiances and raising its status
  • Personal pursuits such as tailoring, maintaining physical condition, rising to her own potential


  • Shiloh is most afraid of death/harm to loved ones, especially her children. She believes she has failed to keep them safe in the past during various conflicts or personal struggles. As a result, she can be overprotective of her children and frets about her far-off relatives.
  • She is also afraid of infidelity and worries that one day Silvano will overlook her or fall out of love with her.


  • Follows the Norse paganism of Vinátta.
  • Favorite goddess is Freya; also has a soft spot for Thor.
  • Shiloh is not overly spiritual, and she follows her religion more for cultural reasons than a legitimate belief in prophecies, stories, physical gods, etc. She does still pray and believes that the resulting forces might affect the outcome of a situation, but normally her spirituality does not come very much into her life. She doesn't preach, but she'd gladly tell stories of the gods out of fondness.


  • Presentation: Shiloh has no respect for the disrespectful, barbaric, and uncouth.
  • Species: Generalizes all coyotes as "Inferni brand," but has no bias against them. Prefers felines to other "intelligent" non-canines such as birds.
  • Non-Luperci: Non-Luperci are overall less intelligent and "enlightened" than humanized Luperci. She pities them somewhat, but she acknowledges that their way is simply different, not necessarily lesser.
  • Sexuality: Sees a monogamous and equal relationship as ideal (regardless of gender; no bias against sexual orientation), and harshly judges those who are more "deviant" in their sexuality, e.g., sleeping around, incest, polyamory, sex under the influence of alcohol.


  • Heterosexual
  • Shiloh has high standards for a prospective partner, preferring those that are tall, muscular, and handsome-featured. While she appreciates a good personality, she would not be attracted to a smaller "pretty boy." She values charm and chemistry greatly, and also looks out for someone who can be a good father and provider.
  • She has been in denial of her sexuality in general for a long time, and while more open in this than she used to be, she has a tendency to "shut down" when there is acknowledgment of attraction. For example, while she may flirt with a stranger, once that stranger expresses a real concrete interest, she might grow frosty.


  • Accepts a small bit of wine in celebratory situations.
  • Detests intoxication and will berate others for it; cannot stand the idea of being out of control.

3.  Relationships

3.1  Family

3.2  Relations

Key Relations

  • Silvano Sadira is Shiloh's lover and the father of her children. She does love him -- but she is not ignorant of the problems their distance (and other factors) pose. Regardless, she is as faithful to him as she would be a mate (even if she has her secret doubts of his fidelity).
  • Wilson is an intelligent cat whom Shiloh rescued. Wilson speaks and reasons on a canine level and often acts as a confidant and support to Shiloh during her hard times.
  • Jérôme Moineau is one of Shiloh's closest friends and a great friend to her children. Jérôme obviously has feelings for her, which Shiloh does not consider returning -- not while she has Silvano. She is occasionally impatient toward him but welcomes his help in everything.

Positive Relations

  • Saul Stormbringer is her brother. The pair were close until Saul's family problems led him to more or less waste away, until he abdicated his leadership and left. Shiloh wishes she could have supported him better, but also that he would have asked for her help.
  • Ascher Stormbringer is her last sibling in the pack. Shiloh is very fond of him but has taken to giving him his space since he's blossomed into his own individual.
  • Colibri Haki is the former Sannindi, a sickly wolf whom Shiloh has quietly supported and tried to urge to come into her own. Now that she has given up her leadership, Shiloh is relieved.
  • Florina Soul is the new sole leader of Vinátta. Shiloh wants to serve as her council -- a closer ally than even the Áðr council with nonjudgmental support. While she thinks Flori is a little tactless, she does respect her drive.
  • Vesper is an Inferni leader whom Shiloh has sparred with on different occasions. She thinks Vesper is rather sensible, if as uncouth as most coyotes.

Neutral / Negative

  • Grace D'Angelo was her cousin Niernan's mate -- and the biological mother of Shiloh's daughter Dreyma. She hates the woman for her betrayal of Niernan and the implication Grace wanted involvement in Dreyma's life. Shiloh feels that she is without loyalty and does not deserve to see Dreyma.
  • Lilin Soulstorm was her brother Saul's mate, who left him -- and, in Shiloh's eyes, the start of his downfall. She feels Saul and his children would all still be in Vinátta and happy if not for Lilin's departure.
  • Sangi'lak was a too-close neighbor of Vinátta. Their leader, X'yrin Exultare, had a prejudice for Stormbringers following an argument about territory, and member X'ies Lambda once threatened to skin a Luperci under Shiloh's protection. Shiloh still has lingering prejudice for Sangi'lak members and mindsets.

Minor Relations

4.  Assets

4.1  Abilities


  • Education and Learning: Shiloh learned her social skills largely on her own, helped by the tense atmosphere in the Solbjorg Valley and her own natural talent for socialization, and tuned by experience in her pack.
  • Diplomacy (Master): Shiloh is level-headed, eloquent, and courteous. She knows how to put aside personal opinions in order to deal with hotheads and how to handle delicate situations with rational but non-pressuring talk. She can be counted on to present herself well and be able to deal with all but the most closed-minded and difficult individuals.
  • Deception (Apprentice): She is not a liar, but Shiloh subtly deceives in her presentation to others. Part of her diplomatic approach is to hide her true feelings -- which she is an expert at. She presents herself in such a way that she is often underestimated, and she uses this surprise to her advantage.
  • Babysitting (Master): Patient and nurturing, Shiloh is a good babysitter for puppies of all ages. She is attentive to newborns and a good role model and guide to near-independent youths. Notably, she is popular among children for her nonthreatening, gentle demeanor as well as her ability to speak to children on a level they appreciate -- not talking down to them but still simplifying concepts and presenting them with honesty.
  • While generally good at keeping her personal opinions at bay, Shiloh is still very opinionated. She can be counted on to put them aside, but once someone is no longer counting on her, or a situation is very intense, her mask drops a bit and she can become acid-tongued and obviously barely-restrained.
  • Her deception is really a one-note surprise -- that a pretty blonde woman can be a fierce warrior -- and once someone is aware of her true nature underneath a smiling mask, she loses that element of shock. She can still control her presentation well, but she can only tell point-blank lies as well as the average Luperci. By this point, enemies have learned better than to trust her.


  • Education and Learning: Shiloh learned staff fighting from a woman in the Solbjorg and has honed it during her time in Vinátta, earning minor combat experience. She has been tutored by other fighters, including Vesper, who taught her a more feral style.
  • Staff (Journeyman): Shiloh is elegant and quick with her staff, specializing in a technique that emphasizes defense -- like her Araedi title means guardian more than soldier. She is quick to disarm opponents and disrupt their balance with precise strikes to vulnerable areas.
  • Hand-to-Hand (Apprentice): If caught without her staff, Shiloh falls back on unarmed combat to defend herself. She fights with a surprising amount of ferocity, a crude style that is effective if one is caught off-guard.
  • Lupus (Dabbler): Shiloh is learning the basics of Lupus combat and relies heavily on instinct to fight.
  • Shiloh's main style of fighting is meant more for defense than outright offense, so she can do little damage unless she blatantly cracks her staff against someone's skull.
  • Her unarmed combat relies on ferocity and instinct rather than skill, and she often leaves herself defenseless. Her small size compared to large or male wolves is additionally a weakness.


  • Education and Learning: Shiloh picked up on many other skills during her life. Much of her teaching was in Dahlia de Mai and the Solbjorg, while she honed these skills in Vinátta.
  • Tailoring (Master): Shiloh can adjust almost any piece of clothing to fit a Luperci body. She is most experienced with dresses but can do very well modifying other articles of clothing. Additionally, she collaborates with Jérôme to create cloaks and has made dresses from scraps of fabric as well.
  • Reading & Writing (Apprentice): Shiloh can read well concerning subjects she is familiar with -- like Vinátta's almanac -- and can copy print as well as write simple sentences with excellent handwriting.
  • Scouting (Journeyman): Shiloh was ranked as a scout in Dahlia de Mai and has retained a sharp eye for her Araedi patrols. She is very in tune with the territory and can easily spot if something is amiss.
  • Horseback Riding (Apprentice): Shiloh is a very comfortable casual rider. She can sit most even-tempered horses well, and she can go through the paces up to galloping with great control if riding a familiar animal.
  • Cat Care (Journeyman): Shiloh has learned most of the needs of domestic cats thanks to her close relationship with Muddy and Wilson. Additionally, she knows a little about rearing kittens.
  • Shiloh is an expert at finagling cloth to meet her needs -- but she cannot make new fabric.
  • Shiloh does not read often, and she is a poor writer on her own. She would be lost reading most books at higher than a middle school level.
  • Her perceptive nature, compared to her ability to read Luperci and her pack's territory, is considerably weaker with lands that she is unfamiliar with. She remains wary and quick to spot obvious danger, but she is not as clued in to significant landmarks outside of the context of Vinátta territory.

4.2  Inventory


Actual house is not rectangular.

Jordheim, Vinátta

Shiloh lives in the northwest quadrant of Jordheim, in a medium-sized house nestled against the forest.

Her main room has a hearth -- rarely used -- and a potted fern in the corner, but its main feature is a table full of sewing supplies. Her staff usually leans against the main doorway, by a dirty glass window.

Her bedroom contains a large mirror on the wall, a bed of furs thrown on the ground, and a window opened to the trees where her cats come and go.


Shiloh mainly trades tailored items, from fur cloaks to sewn blankets to mended human clothing. She likes anything that is useful in return. She is hard to rip off, but neither does she drive an especially hard bargain.

  • Offering: Vinátta goods, tailored clothing, fur cloaks, blankets, feathers.
  • Accepting: Sewing materials, cat care items, useful books, flowers, jewelry, goods for Vinátta.




  • Sewing needle
  • Spools of thread
  • Miscellaneous pelts tanned by Jérôme
  • Miscellaneous clothing salvaged from Amherst
  • Miscellaneous cloaks of different styles


  • Balls of yarn, feathers, and other "toys"
  • Large basket for sewing supplies (and cats)

5.  History

5.1  Year Overviews


In March, Shiloh and her brothers are born to Abigail Dawnrunner in the Dawnrunner camp following a tryst with Dreyrugr Stormbringer -- who is informed of the birth but unable to save her and the children. Abigail flees with her litter but is killed by her mother, Zia, while defending the children. Zia abandons the children on the mountain.

The children manage to stumble upon their aunt, Bris Stormbringer, who takes them to Dahlia de Mai. Dreyrugr finds them and attempts to take them back to the Solbjorg Valley -- though he only successfully returns with Shiloh.

A taboo child with clear Dawnrunner traits, Shiloh is met with hostility. She convinces her father to take her back to her brothers and returns to Dahlia de Mai -- where Dreyrugr wanders off again. Shiloh reunites with her siblings and receives her wooden cat charm from Saul at their celebration. Spoiled by her brothers and the pack, she develops into a prissy clean freak.


A large blizzard hits Nova Scotia. Shiloh and Ascher are lost in the snowstorm. They manage to find each other and together return to the Solbjorg Valley.

Shiloh begins to develop relationships in the Solbjorg -- for example, befriending her mischievous cousins Niernan and Bran Stormbringer. She forms a crush on a slightly older boy named Týr and pursues a relationship with him. She keeps the relationship hidden for amusement, but when Týr coerces her into sleeping with him, Shiloh abruptly breaks off the relationship -- regretting the loss of her virginity and forming traditional morals soon after.

As Shiloh matures, she begins to mellow out -- and develops diplomacy skills in the often high-energy Stormbringer camp. She is tutored in skills such as tailoring. An older she-wolf warrior introduces her to staff fighting, though she does not take to it right away -- seeing it as something beautiful rather than dangerous.

Gideon Stormbringer reunites with Shiloh when he returns to the Solbjorg in the fall.


Miskunn Stormbringer spies on a Dawnrunner camp, discovering they have a prisoner and plan to destroy the Stormbringer colonies. Gideon storms the camp to save the prisoner, Wretch D'Angelo, and the two barely make it back, departing shortly after their recovery to Nova Scotia. Shaken by the event, Shiloh takes up religious training with the staff. She decides that she needs to protect her scattered family and so departs for Nova Scotia.

Shiloh arrives at Vinátta in September, joining the pack and reuniting with Saul, Niernan, and Bran. She meets her new extended family as well -- including cousin and sister-in-law Lilin Soulstorm and Saul's bastard son Temeraire Stormbringer.

Shiloh encounters Sangi'lak for the first time when X'ies Lambda threatens her and Jordyn, a dog loner, in neutral territory. Shiloh safely brings Jordyn back to Vinátta and informs Saul of the threat, learning of her pack's tense relationship with their uncomfortably close neighbors.

New friends and family welcome Shiloh soon after. She saves a cat from the hurricane and names her Muddy, and later receives Baldr the gelding during a trip to Freetown. Vinátta is soon alive with children -- her niece, nephews, and honorary nieces (new Sannindi Colibri Haki's daughters). They are formally introduced to the pack in the first of many Ausa Vatni ceremonies, and Shiloh earns a reputation as a babysitter.

In November, Shiloh rescues an injured cat named Wilson from the snow. She tends to him and begins to develop a close relationship with him, especially when Wilson comforts her after her nephew Temeraire's departure from Vinátta.

In December, Shiloh strikes out on a diplomatic journey, presenting Vinátta as a friendly and family-oriented pack. Her trip to New Dawn is especially fruitful, as Zalen Damaichu seems to want peace between Vinátta and his ally pack Sangi'lak. However, a later encounter with X'yrin Exultare in the neutral lands shows that it will take more than Zalen's sense to change Sangi'lak's prejudices.

Fruitful on another level is Shiloh's stop at Cour des Miracles, where she shares unexpected chemistry with King and old acquaintance Silvano Sadira.


Shiloh and Bran Stormbringer kill an ill loner that was desperate enough to trespass -- earning their places as Araedi. Shiloh realizes just what it means to be a guardian of her pack.

When diplomats from Sangi'lak and New Dawn approach Vinátta to discuss peace, Shiloh and Colibri welcome them -- but hot-headed Bran insists on making threats if the yet-to-be-defined peace is broken. Shiloh struggles to convey that Vinátta's intentions are peaceful despite open talk of threats -- but she is left clueless as to where the two packs stand.

Inferni is the last pack Shiloh has not acted as ambassador to -- but when delivering a message to Tayui Aston's friend Vesper, she makes a good impression.

Shiloh comes to terms with her sexuality in an intimate encounter with Whispers Neonite, a handsome loner. She shortly thereafter learns that Muddy is pregnant, with Wilson as the father. Anxiously preparing for kittens, she struggles to keep her composure around the pack -- luckily, a new member, Glasgow, has experience with cats and befriends her.

When Silvano visits the pack, Shiloh gives into her feelings for him. While her love life blossoms, Saul's crumbles when Lilin leaves her mate as the sole Virding. Shiloh comforts Saul the best she can while overwhelmed with the birth of Muddy's kittens and her reunion with brother Ascher Stormbringer.

On top of that, Shiloh discovers her one-night-stand with Silvano has left her pregnant. When she informs Silvano of her pregnancy, she discovers that he has already has a family in Cour des Miracles. They argue but ultimately come to a decision about the puppies -- that Shiloh will raise them in Vinátta but that Silvano will be a part of his children's lives.

In June, Shiloh gives birth to their children: Abigail Sadira and Alessan Stormbringer. Not a few days later, Niernan approaches Shiloh with his ex-lover Grace's abandoned daughter. Shiloh names the girl Dreyma Moineau and adopts her as her own.

The Ironside Conflict begins. Shiloh's puppies are kidnapped as hostages but ultimately rescued. After Glasgow's identity as Jérôme Moineau comes to light, the other Vináttan warriors erase the threat of the Ironside wolves.

Shiloh begins the long process of recovering emotionally from the Ironside Conflict. Silvano visits her and the children, and their continued chemistry hints to stronger feelings than pure lust. Muddy's kittens (all but deaf Aysun) leave the home. Members of Cercatori d'Arte and Casa di Cavalieri visit to forge a friendship with the Vikings. Meanwhile, Shiloh focuses on her own skills -- dabbling in weaponless fighting and streamlining her tailoring with the tanner Jérôme.

When Sangi'lak moves their territory, Shiloh is among the party of Vináttans that visit to make another overture of peace -- one ambiguously declined. A bitter Shiloh grows angrier when Lilin Soulstorm shows her face again, and shortly after this verbal altercation seeks out Vesper again for training. A feral and unafraid side of Shiloh is unlocked.

Ultimately, however, Shiloh cannot protect her pack when they need it most. She falls ill -- and while the threat of Sangi'lak is eradicated when the pack disbands, a number of Vináttans are attacked by outsiders. Shiloh spends much of he time post-sickness caring for ill Dreyma and the new puppies in the pack. Eventually, she recovers and takes up her post as Araedi again.


Shiloh strives to reach toward the Araedi Ríkr rank, at one point chasing off a trespasser -- though her biggest struggles are regarding her family. Silvano comes to her with news that his mate, Giselle, left him after he informed her of his affair. Shiloh is secretly pleased that the other woman is gone, though she works hard to comfort Silvano and make him feel loved and a part of their childrens' life.

Sólieri is kidnapped in mid-February -- and the girl's disappearance drives a majority of the pack to search for her, to no avail. Saul retreats into himself where even Shiloh cannot reach him.

Abigail Sadira, much to Shiloh's worry, travels south to her father's pack to visit her family. When Abi returns, she reveals that she has learned about her half-brothers and their mother. In March, she finally leaves to join Cour des Miracles with Shiloh's blessing. Though she grieves for her daughter's loss, she still has two children in Vinátta -- though Shiloh feels her relationship with Dreyma is threatened when the girl's birthmother, Grace D'Angelo, turns up at the borders. Shiloh threatens the woman if she ever tries to make contact with Dreyma, who she shelters.

For months, Vinátta lives quietly under the rule of one grieving leader and one sickly one. However, Florina Soul -- who had spent the past several seasons in New Dawn -- unexpectedly usurps her mother as Sannindi. Many in Vinátta are indignant about the change and voice rebellious opinions, but Shiloh stands by Coli and Flori's wishes, hoping to be a mentor to Florina.

After a long struggle with depression, Saul abdicates his rule and leaves Vinátta to search for his missing daughter. Shiloh resolves to help guide the pack from her position as one of the senior Araedi.

Following an argument with her son, Shiloh is acutely aware of the increasing emptiness of her house. She travels south to visit Silvano and tell him that she wishes to have more puppies -- and, despite their distance and special situation, Silvano agrees. Hopeful the pregnancy took, Shiloh returns home to tend to her duties, while finally acknowledging she is a mother first.

Brumaire Moineau, sent by Grace, visits Vinátta borders and calls for Shiloh -- who tells him of the presence of his daughter. She discovers that she is pregnant and travels to Cour des Miracles again, where she has a negative encounter with Mistral de l'Or -- an enemy of the King, unbeknownst to Shiloh.

Shiloh succumbs suddenly to sickness while in Cour des Miracles -- poisoned. She travels to Vinátta upon recovery only to discover that Jérôme Moineau has left the pack. In August, she gives birth to Myrkr Stormbringer, Thyri Dawnbringer, and Sága Sadira -- who dies within a week as a result of the poison.

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  7. Luck of the Fall
    Helped by Jiva Takekuro.
  8. An Extention of Peace
    Diplomatic visit to New Dawn.
  9. The Hour Yet Bears for Me and Thee
    Diplomatic visit to Casa di Cavalieri.
  10. Dreams I've Never Lived Before
    Diplomatic visit to Cercatori d'Arte.
  11. She Spoke, and Words More Soft Than Rain
    Diplomatic visit to AniWaya.
  12. Today Snow Is Their Calling Card
    Diplomatic visit to Cour des Miracles.
  13. Some Said the City Is an Ugly Place
    Meeting Baird Byrne.
  14. Dashing Through the Snow
    Playing with Sólieri Stormbringer.
  15. In the Mud
    Tense encounter with Naira Lightred and X'yrin Exultare.

2013 Threads


  1. Dulcet Elvenharps from a Dryad Forest
    Playing with Lund Stormbringer.
  2. I Murder Love Within the Night
    Talking with Alessandra von Sin.
  3. Hearts Wrought with Iron and Oak
    Meeting Leonidas Luxe.
  4. Decay Will Be Killed State of Mind
    Defending the borders with Bran Stormbringer.
  5. Roosting
    Meeting Aled Pico.
  6. Changes
    Reuniting with Harvey Butler.
  7. Long Live
    Meeting Ookami.
  8. A Shadow Blown Away from Its Caster
    Meeting Noir.
  9. And the Earth Is Warmer When You Laugh
    Comforting Niernan Stormbringer.
  10. If You Get Lost You Can Always Be Found
    Tense diplomatic visit from Sangi'lak.
  11. Mot à Mot
    Helping Tayui Aston.


  1. When We First Came Here (We Were Cold and We Were Clear)
    Delivering a message to Vesper.
  2. Little vs Big
    Playing with Leaf Darkfire.
  3. But I'll Explain It All to the Watchman's Son
    Meeting Elowen Martin.
  4. Nature's First Green is Gold
    Vinátta meeting.
  5. And The Sun is like a Toy Balloon
    Meeting Auguste Aston.
  6. [M] There the Wind Blows, Fingers Trailing
    Intimate encounter with Whispers Neonite.
  7. Tales of Mistletoe
    Hearing a story from Sólieri Stormbringer.


  1. Out on the Town
    Meeting Andira Coeur.
  2. Cunning Cub
    Giving Runi Stormbringer a bath.
  3. So Brown Eyes I Hold You Near
    Greeting Glasgow at the borders.
  4. The Apple
    Meeting Ibycus.
  5. Truly Thought I Could Make It Right
    Sharing thoughts with Harvey Butler.
  6. Throw Open Wide the Gates of Spring
    Ostara Spring Festival.


  1. Left, Right, Straight Ahead
    Meeting Valérian Coeur.
  2. [M] Lady of Virtue, Man of Honor
    Intimacy with Silvano Sadira.
  3. Crossing Boundaries
    Meeting Jacinto Lykoi.
  4. But the Shape We Meant To Make is Gone
    Tense encounter with Lyris Stryder.
  5. Hung-Up Hangover
    Helping Palaydrian Soul.
  6. So I'll Clear the Road, the Gravel
    Sparring with Cody Rhiannon.
  7. Needs a Little Spice
    Meeting Samual Dean Menue.
  8. The Thornbush in Your Path
    Comforting Saul Stormbringer.
  9. As the Old Pine Fell, We Sang
    Vinátta meeting.
  10. There's a Bird Stealing Bread
    Helping Boomer McGee.
  11. Sugar Spun Sister
    Reuniting with Ascher Stormbringer.
  12. Burns a Scented Oil That I'll Drip In Your Bath
    Birth of Wilson and Muddy's kittens.
  13. Carry the Words Around like a Key or Change
    Meeting Carya Aston.
  14. Nothing but the Rain
    Meeting Adonis Nero.
  15. Our Problems Are a Boomerang
    Meeting Fayne.


  1. Needlework and Seedlings
    Discovering her pregnancy.
  2. Just to Bless the Morning
    Vinátta meeting.
  3. You're Walking to Me from the Timbers
    Talking with Glasgow.
  4. Faded from the Winter
    Helped by Priam Nothing.
  5. The Creek Drank the Cradle
    Breaking Silvano Sadira about their pups.
  6. Mud Puppy
    Helped by Kiara Amarok.
  7. [M] Living Till We Grow Older
    Giving "The Talk" to Sólieri Stormbringer.
  8. There's a Scoop of Light Just Above My Knee
    Discussing the puppies Ascher Stormbringer.


  1. Reset Your Head Close to My Heart
    Birthing thread.
  2. And Miles to Go Before I Sleep
    Meeting Chloé Moineau.
  3. Unexpected Delivery
    Niernan Stormbringer brings Dreyma Moineau to her doorstep.
  4. Blood on the Floor and the Fleas in Their Paws
    Children are stolen during the Ironside Conflict.
  5. [M] And You Cried Till the Morning
    Breaking down; witnessing reunion between Finch Moineau and Glasgow.
  6. A Clouded Mind and a Heavy Heart
    Confronting Glasgow about his involvement with the Ironside Coalition.


  1. The Wind Will Be Wailing
    Talking to Andira Coeur about her future rank.
  2. Just Waiting to Begin
    Speaking with Ascher Stormbringer; he receives a kitten.
  3. Helping Out
    Meeting Aspen.
  4. '''Fronteir of the Mind
    Meeting Sierra Bianchi.
  5. Bound Up Tight Like Lips Around a Whimper
    Discovering Aysun's deafness; Wilson and Jérôme talk.
  6. Along Came a Spider
    Meeting a "loner."
  7. Who Is In Your Heart Now?
    Visited by Silvano Sadira.
  8. Life's a Game Made for Everyone
    Feast welcoming Cercatori d'Arte and Casa di Cavalieri.
  9. Fresh Air, Perfume In Your Nose
    Meeting Esmeralda Collins.


  1. We Do a Childish Dance
    Playing on the beach.
  2. Struck Down by Nature's Fury
    Rescuing Jade Nightwalker in a storm.
  3. A Little Piece of Eden
    Meeting Nero Napier.
  4. A Muddy Price to Pay
    Meeting Kerrian Demos.
  5. To Make It New Again
    Shiloh helps Valérian Coeur with his house. Aiden, one of Wilson's kittens, decides to live with Val.
  6. Teeth in the Grass
    Shiloh and Jérôme patrol with Chloé Moineau.
  7. A Shadow of the Humbling City
    Shiloh agrees to make a vest for Lokr Revlis.


  1. Breathe Deep, Seek Peace
    Diplomatic meeting with Sangi'lak.
  2. All Made of Gold
    Shiloh, Sólieri, and Carya discuss tailoring.
  3. Burnt Out Ends of Smoky Days
    Confronting Lilin Soulstorm.
  4. Time Too Short, Run Run
    Silvano comes to visit again. Shiloh, frustrated with life, is less than cordial.
  5. Oh, the Places You'll Go
    Ausa Vatni ceremony for Abigail, Alessan, and Dreyma.
  6. So Cruel and Kind, the Wary and the Wild
    Shiloh seeks Vesper to learn Lupus-formed combat. Vesper teaches her to bring out her feral side and push aside her fears in order to protect her family.


  1. No One Is the Savior They Would Like To Be
    A summary of events between September and the new year, set to a spar between Shiloh and Jérôme.
  2. Distractions
    Shiloh shares a meal with Aspen, who is clearly affected by her assault.
  3. Sitting in My Favorite Nook
    Shiloh and Ascher go over the almanac, discussing their puppies and the recent happenings.

2014 Threads


  1. Watch the Ripples Change Their Size
    Abigail shifts for the first time.
  2. [M] Grow Up and Fly Away
    Sólieri has questions about her first heat.
  3. Half of the Slain by Her's Possest, but Odin Daily Claims the Rest
    Shiloh and Farina vin Haki spar.
  4. Play the Game Tonight
    Shiloh and Dreyma Moineau talk.
  5. Be Safe from Me
    Silvano tells Shiloh that his mate, Giselle, has left him. Shiloh tries to comfort him.
  6. Bandits Will Steal Our Eyes
    Andira Coeur encounters a loner in pack territory. Shiloh backs her up to drive the trespasser away.
  7. Kime Dake
    Shiloh teaches Alessan how to use a staff so he doesn't break windows!
  8. Get Ready for the Judge in Me
    Abigail reveals what she knows about her father's family. Shiloh is guilt-stricken.
  9. Warriors of the Stick
    Shiloh gives Avaiki Asylum some pointers on staff fighting.
  10. With the Brightest of Hopes
    Shiloh attends an Ausa Vatni ceremony.


  1. Precipices and Prejudices
    A prejudiced wolf, Lydia Ancientfire, briefly harasses Shiloh.
  2. And Then I Wonder
    Shiloh and Jérôme chat with Arctic Ignem Cultro, whom Jérôme finds many similarities with.
  3. The Wind Wraps Me like the Reaper's Hand
    Shiloh and Taro Kurosoul patrol the snowy territory. They rescue Jérôme Moineau when his den caves in.
  4. The Water's Sweet but Blood is Thicker
    Shiloh harasses Sequoia Exultare, the previously-absent mother of Ascher's pups.
  5. Equine Morning Sun
    Shiloh meets Ezra Vahn and recruits him to Vinátta.
  6. A Brand New Hope
    Ezra joins Vinátta.
  7. A Fire by the Riverbed
    Shiloh comes across a loner in Black River Reserve.
  8. The Fire's Gravity Compels
    Shiloh meets new member Iris Storm and works with her to clear Jordheim's paths of snow.
  9. A Traveler's Mind and a Traveler's Goal
    Shiloh runs across a weary, incredibly skinny Fenrir Lupercus. While initially concerned for the man, Shi leaves when Fenrir misunderstands her and makes (to her) threatening overtures.
  10. Swim When Ropes are Wrapped Around Your Limbs
    Shiloh inadvertently meets her lover's son.


  1. I Looked Up At the Sky, Thought I Saw You and I
    Abigail announces her intentions to move to her father's pack.
  2. You Have to Follow Through
    Abigail departs.
  3. My Chance to Escape
    Shiloh and her cats play with Fionna vin Haki.
  4. Leader of the Broken Hearts
    Grace D'Angelo appears on Vinátta's borders to the shock of Shiloh, Colibri, and Niernan. A furious Shiloh shouts at her and swears to hurt her if she tries to see Dreyma, the daughter she abandoned and Shiloh raised.
  5. And I Have Finally Realized What You Need
    Colibri announces that her rank of Sannindi has passed to her wayward daughter, Florina. A small, loud group (unexpectedly led by Palaydrian) decries the change. Shiloh, indifferent about Vinátta's leadership because of the pack's strength, defends Coli and Flori.
  6. Queen of Winter Throned
    Shiloh gives advice to the new Sannindi.
  7. Streams of Life Digress
    Shiloh, Dreyma, and Lyris hunt a muskrat.
  8. Bridle Gossip
    While horseback riding, Shiloh attempts to make Carya Aston see that the new leadership change is not a threat to the pack.


  1. Faces in Windows
    Shiloh has another tense encounter with Fenrir Lupercus, who appears to be spying, armed, near Vinátta territory.
  2. To the Breathing Forest that Surrounds the Room
    Shiloh and Inara Naira work to clear the Sacred Grove, discussing religion.
  3. Deep Roots Are Not Reached by the Frost
    Shiloh attends her second Ostara Festival.
  4. We're One in the River and One Again After the Fall
    Florina calls a meeting to inform the pack of Saul's departure. Shiloh states that the pack's greatest need to work together to guide them all.


  1. Here Forms a Knotted Sorrow
    Shiloh shares her grief with Ascher Stormbringer.
  2. And Here's Where I Wait Counting Hours in the Days
    Shiloh and Farina vin Haki patrol the territory and discuss matters regarding Saul, family, and a suspicious mutual acquaintance.
  3. Candy Clouds of Lullaby
    Dreyma tells Shiloh that she's chosen to follow the path of Vald.
  4. A Winding Ribbon with a Band of Gold
    Shiloh heads south but is attacked by a pair of thieves. Harvey Butler saves her -- but kills one of the loners and panics. Shiloh distracts him with talk of their families.
  5. I Dream a Highway Back to You, Love
    Shiloh visits with Silvano Sadira.
  6. Second Star to the Right, and Straight on 'Til Morning
    Vinátta celebrates its second anniversary.
  7. I'm Feeling Anxious, Not Enough to Kill Me
    Shiloh talks Teagan Stormbringer through an anxiety attack.
  8. Little Bird, Little Bird
    Shiloh babysits Dagr Soul.


  1. I Can Feel the Wind Change
    Shiloh welcomes Abigail Sadira on her birthday visit home.
  2. The Nectar of the Sun on Our Lips
    Shiloh comes home to find a drunk Alessan. She argues with him about his behavior, though he explains that he was only trying to his job. He storms out, leaving Shiloh to realize how much she's missed in her son's life.
  3. I'm Walkin' on Sunshine
    Wilson's chase of a trespassing tomcat interrupts Chloé Moineau's walk.
  4. He's as Good as the Seeds He's Sown but He Loves You So
    Shiloh hesitantly proposes the idea of more children to Silvano Sadira -- who, to her shock and pleasure, agrees.
  5. On a Rocket or a Comet or the Dock of the Bay
    Returning home, Shiloh meets Sereth and tells him a little about the packs.


  1. It's so Much Better in the Sunlight
    Shiloh patrols with Jérôme and Leaf -- who alerts them to the presence of a cougar. The Vináttans confront the animal, which Leaf recognizes as young and scared, so they drive it away without injuring it.
  2. Out of the Garden and over the Hill
    Shiloh chats with her cousin Niernan while tending to the garden.
  3. Sweet Smells Brew Good Beer
    Shiloh helps Taro Kurosoul collect berries for his brew.
  4. Crown of Leaves, High in the Window on a Gold Morning
    Shiloh and prospective Vald Inara Naira encounter an injured loner too far gone to be saved.
  5. There's Nothing Left to Hide
    Shiloh meets Brumaire Moineau -- Dreyma's father.
  6. Woven Thoughts
    Shiloh chats with Clara Bates about weaving.
  7. There's Nicer Shores in Sight
    Shiloh reaches Cour des Miracles to tell Silvano about her successful pregnancy. Mistral de l'Or greets her at the borders, and the two have a terse conversation before Silvano collects Shiloh.


  1. Long Dead Rows of Daffodils and Marigolds
    The tale of Myrkr and Thyri's first weeks of life, from the return of Shiloh to Vinátta to their birth, their sister Sága's death, and a hopeful look toward the future.


  1. Wait 'Til You're Announced
    Thyri and Myrkr attend their Ausa Vatni ceremony and receive their Frithr pendant.


  1. Went Walking Where the Cedars Line the Road
    Shiloh "patrols" with Myrkr.
  2. Winter Tucks Her Children In
    Shiloh escorts Myrkr and Bjorn Moineau to Futhark Falls.
  3. Cross My Heart, Hope to Die
    Cousin Lochlan offers to take Myrkr out on an "adventure," to Shiloh's amusement.

2015 Threads


  1. I'm Gonna Let It Shine
    Silvano visits his family.
  2. He Runs the Gang on Pastrami Row
    Shiloh and Myrkr meet a loner.
  3. Time to Say Goodbye
    Shiloh attends Aimée Rousseau's funeral, only for Myrkr to get frightened and run off.


  1. Home Is the Nicest Word There Is
    Shiloh brings Thyri home after her kidnapping.


  1. May the Bridges I Have Burned Light My Way Back Home
    Shiloh and Myrkr tell a loner, Delilah, about the floods.


  1. The Card in the Chest
    Shiloh guides Myrkr through his first shift.


  1. Thumb Down and Starting to Weep
    Shiloh runs into Vesper during the tensions with Cour des Miracles. The women share information, but when Vesper callously mentions Pascal Sadira's disappearance, the encounter turns ugly.

2016 Threads


  1. Into the Night We Danced Our Hearts Away
    The last night of the Cour des Miracles celebration leads to dance and feasting.
  2. Leave Your Mark on Us
    Shiloh helps Silvano at a diplomacy meeting between the Court and her former pack, Vinátta.
  3. The Clouds Behind the Leaves Are White as They Can Be
    Shiloh reunites with Bran Stormbringer.
  4. The Slurry of a Long and Broken Nose
    Returning home, Shiloh, Silvano, and Skoll come across a pair of lone boys, Marcus and Percival, who are runaway thieves. However, the boys' victims catch up with the group and attack; they are fended off, but Marcel dies of his injury.


  1. A Garden Bench to Borrow
    Varis Marino watches Shiloh stitch.
  2. Like the Pages Torn Free from the Ledger
    Valencia Catori visits Shiloh and Pascal in the library.
  3. The Circles We'd Run Were Like Laces Undone
    Shiloh meets Derek Winter, another tailor.
  4. Good or Bad We Give All That We Have
    Shiloh meets Alder and his brood of pups.
  5. Three's Enough's Enough
    Achaikos Visus escorts the pregnant Shiloh to Casa di Cavalieri.
  6. Once upon a Younger Year
    Shiloh catches up with Thyri Dawnbringer in Casa.
  7. In the Sunrise of My Life When the Sun Was at My Back
    Shiloh sees a familiar fellow: Baird Byrne.
  8. Not Quite Different
    Shiloh meets Athos, a drunkard with a sad past.
  9. Sister Sister, Warms My Bones and Melts the Ice
    Ascher comes by the Court.

September (cont.)

  1. What the Water Gave You
    Heavily pregnant Shiloh gets emotional to Silvano.
  2. Adventures Do Occur, but Not Punctually
    Shiloh visits Linden Aatte at the Shinshu Temple and discusses matters of Intelligence.
  3. In That Dream Moving Slow Through the Morning
    Gaia Dawnrunner and Serena Marino are born.


  1. The Sky Behind the Clouds, It's Blue as Cherry Pie
    Shiloh teaches Abigail Sadira about stitching and encourages her ambition.
  2. Bristling Whiskers
    A pair of bratty cats harass Muddy until Rei shows up to help.


  1. I'll Bet My Money on the Bobtail Nag
    Shiloh cheers on her daughter and Baldr (and Silvano too) at the horse race.
  2. Morning Meditation
    Shiloh and Wilson come across a young cat in Halifax.


  1. We Are Who We Are
    Shiloh meets newcomer Diane Hanzi, a dancer and fellow tailor.
  2. Life Goes On
    Shiloh becomes an "unwilling" participant in a snowball fight.

2017 Threads