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Athos was one of the Gigantes who hurled a mountain at Zeus in ancient mythology
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1.  Appearance

Athos is fairly wolfish upon first glace, he's got the big thick build and the sharp almond shaped eyes that one would expect. If you ignore the way his ears go limp when he's not actively holding them at attention, you might never know he was anything but a wolf. Looking more closely will reveal his true heritage, though. His multi-colored eyes aren't typical for wolves, and neither is a curly tail. His fur is thick, with a coarse outer coat and a plush second layer to keep out the cold. It's a murky grey color all over, something like if you were to take a handful of ashes and toss it in a bowl of milk, save for his head and upper shoulders which happen to be a creamy off white color. I'm not sure why you ruin good milk like that, but now you've got a good visual for Athos' coat anyway. He's pretty primal looking in Optime form, lacking a longer mane that many Luperci have and keeping a slightly more 'crouched' natural standing position. Once upon a time Athos was in very good shape, but these days he's getting a bit pudgy. Let's say he's better for cuddling right now than he is for running races or jumping hurdles.

He's pretty darn cute, if you look past the grumpy expression and grizzled appearance. His whole body, face included, is riddled with scars from battles long ago fought (and probably won!), and the bridge of his muzzle has a very noticeable hump where it was fractured from a fall off a horse and then improperly healed. His cute wittle kinda floppy, kinda pointy ears each have a few nicks and notches, and if you get close enough you can see that one of them has a menagerie of glimmering little gemstone earrings in it. He pretends he doesn't really care about his earrings, but he totally does.

1.1  Forms

  • Lupus: About 24 inches at the shoulder, 180lbs
  • Secui: Three and a half feet at the shoulder, closing in on 220lbs
  • Optime: Six foot four inches, 260lbs

1.2  Modifications and Accessories

  • Six tiny studs made of amethyst, jade and opal in varying shades/sizes in right ear.
  • Little leather fanny pack of sorts that contains snacks and such- he likes to be prepared.
  • Very sharp, medium sized dagger on one hip.
  • Bow and arrow meant for hunting, though he doesn't carry this unless he's out searching for dinner.

1.3  NPCs

  • Blackie - Blackie is ironically a big white mare. She's round and bossy with blue eyes and a pink nose that sunburns easily. Blackie makes for a slow but comfortable ride, but she doesn't like being asked to pull a cart.
  • Mrow and Meow - Mrow and Meow are brother and sister, Meow being the boy and Mrow being the girl. Meow is long-haired, striped and rather fat. Mrow is the more sprightly of the two, with short grey hair and a knack for catching mice.
  • Henry - A big black crow that speaks broken High speech and tends to come and go from Athos' home as he pleases.

2.  Personality

Athos is a solitary man, and this seclusion is very much self inflicted. He has a deep self hatred that makes him pretty unpleasant company for the most part. He tends to be quiet and introspective, drifting off into his own mind to think about past events. Life isn't much worth living, he thinks, but it's also an affront to the gods to take his own life. He's short, gruff, grumpy and even outright rude sometimes. Poor Athos just wants to be left alone to wallow in unhappiness. He spends his alone time (which is all of the time) cooking, drinking himself to sleep, and petting his numerous companion animals. Low speech is something he's become very skilled in lately, seeing as most of his company is unable to comprehend High speech.

In social situations, provided he can't just weasel out of them, he is awkward and often says the wrong things. It's hard for him to judge the demeanor of others and he often ends up misjudging people. His worst fear is getting attached to someone else and having it taken from him, either by effect of his own bad choices or otherwise. Due to this he does anything in his power to avoid anything even bordering on attachment. He's more comfortable with emotionless sex, and he's more apt to hang out with someone if they agree to get drunk or high with him.

Athos is fairly religious, but ambiguous in his beliefs. He knows there are gods, plural, and not much else. Often he prays to them for forgiveness and guidance, but their silence sometimes just proves to make him feel worse.

Update Jan 2016: Since arriving in 'Souls, Athos' seclusion didn't last long. A wayward guy by the name of Lux stumbled into his territory one day and after some awkward flirting between the two on their way to Anathema, the rest is history as they say. He is much more friendly and outgoing and doesn't mind company at all anymore. He rarely thinks of his dead mate, and when he does it doesn't feel so devastating.

3.  Relationships

4.  Family

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Immediate Family

5.  History

Athos was born in Dublin to a pair of travelling merchants who did not care for the idea of raising kids. Before he was even old enough for his eyes to have opened, the couple had sold him off to a single woman by the name of Kira for a worn out old pack mule in return. Kira had been unable to have her own puppies and was overjoyed to have the opportunity to care for one of her own, and as such she spoiled the little male from the moment she laid hands on him. He grew up a little bit of an asshole, never having to want for anything, but was still deeply grateful to Kira for the love she had given him. They moved to London as Athos grew older and more able to travel, where they lived for only a few months before his beloved mother began to grow sickly. She was weak and losing weight quickly, but they couldn't afford to pay healers and had no idea what to do themselves.

Finally, after weeks of begging and pleading, healer claimed to know exactly what to do to help Kira's condition. All he wanted in return was a simple favor. Athos fell all over himself to do anything the man asked, and after a few simple tasks like helping make repairs around his home, the Luperci found himself tasked with taking another wolf's life. He waffled on the idea for a few days, but when Kira began coughing blood the decision all but made itself. The very next night Athos snuck into the home of the target, a man who the healer claimed had wronged him in some way or another. The other Luperci was asleep, and thankfully slept like a rock, and Athos did just as he was told. The male was surprised to find that he wasn't too troubled by it- he would do anything to help Kira.

The next day, he returned to the healer with good news. Only, the healer was gone. His entire shop and den had been cleaned out and there wasn't a trace of him. It was then that Athos knew he'd been tricked. That healer was a scam artist who simply wanted a gullible hitman, and now there was blood on his hands and Kira was no closer to being helped.

Two weeks later, Kira died of her illness. Athos fell into a depression that lasted for what felt like ages, until he could no longer bear to live in the same little abode they'd inhabited. For almost his entire life Kira had been the center of his world, and without her he felt absolutely lost and alone. Once the loneliness grew too much to bear, he left his home and started living mostly on the streets of London. He began to take jobs much like the one the healer had given him not long ago, and the more he did it the less he found himself caring about it. Booze and drugs became his vices and he partook of many a cheap woman's company.

One night, as he was stumbling about drunk and high, he found himself unconscious on the ground after a long night. The next morning he awoke in the care of a young girl named Josie who'd found him lying prone in the dirt. She, not wanting anything to happen to the strange man, dragged him back home all on her own. As you can imagine, the rest is history.

The little couple made a life together, living quite nicely off Athos' earnings as a hired killer. Not too long after they'd settled down, Josie found herself pregnant. They were overjoyed, and Athos began considering leaving his sordid past behind. He figured it was only a matter of time before he was hired to kill someone who had people who might go looking for their murderer, and he didn't want Josie to be caught in the middle of it. Finally, he was beginning to feel like life was going to be good again.

Though, life has a way of proving your suspicions right sometimes. One night after he'd properly celebrated a job well done with the usual homemade swill and oodles of pot, Athos stumbled home to curl up in bed with his ever-growing mate. Only, when he arrived on their property something didn't feel right. Even in his stupor the wolf knew there was trouble, and a short stumble-jog inside confirmed it.

There lay sweet, beautiful Josie, her throat cut and her swollen abdomen cut open. Athos could count the unborn puppies. Nine of them, all ripped from their mother's womb before they were ready to live on their own, all of them had been stomped into the dirt. He vomited instantly and fell to the ground, cradling the bloodied pulp that only slightly resembled his beloved. It had finally happened, he had carried out a job he should have turned down, and now he was paying for it.

He buried her that night, along with all their children, and he left as soon as the dirt was on top of their bodies. Without even bothering to pack any belongings, he just left. Tirelessly he traipsed along trade routes and forgotten trails, eventually ending up in 'Souls. He finally stopped running when he arrived,too tired emotionally and physically to keep going. Eventually he accumulated pets to try and quell the crushing loneliness, eventually accumulating a horse, two cats and a crow. Their company helped a bit, but not enough.

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