Fayne Gremory

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by Raze

Fayne Gremory is a former member of New Dawn and current member of AniWaya. She is the mother of two daughters, Krys Sawtooth and Yuna Gremory, by her former mate Noah Sawtooth. Fayne is now the mate of Altair Amarok, who fathered her most recent litter: Brinan Amarok and Marsali Amarok. She is normally calm and shy, unless provoked, then she sometimes has a sharp tongue and might pick fights she can't handle.




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1.  Appearance

1.1  Basics


  • Species: Fayne's wolf heritage is obvious in her shape.
  • Fur: Her coat is full and luxurious giving her a noble appearance. It's well kept and a bit shiny.
    • Optime Hair: Her hair is messy and uneven, it's never been trimmed or cut in any way. Her bangs fall into her eyes.
  • Facial Features: her face follows her wolf heritage, with fluffy fur around her cheeks. Her eyes are very expressive.
  • Build and Size: Fayne is a thin wolf, although her thick fur masks this a bit.
    • Lupus: Dainty and thin figured with long legs.
    • Optime: Her figure is lean. Her chest large and covered in a plume of fur.
  • Humanization: She is not very humanized except for her healing, so she sometimes carries a bag of supplies, and occasionally wears a green cloak.


  • Fur: Primarily Grey Nickel along her sides, legs, and face.
  • Markings:
    • Woodsmoke masks her muzzle and ears, forming a stripe down her back, and spots on her paws.
    • Storm Dust blends from her back saddle onto her ribs.
    • Desert Storm is her lightest shade, marking her chest bib, eyes and cheeks, tail tip, and paws.
    • Various scars:
      • One small chip in her right ear
      • Fading claw marks on her throat
      • An artistic scar on her left shoulder in the shape of a wolf's eye, along with a small and large slash
  • Eyes: Green Pea
  • Optime Hair: Black in the back, Grey Nickel and Storm Dust bangs
  • Nose and Paw Pads: Black with a Congo Brown (#5A3735) discoloration


Grey Nickel (#B5B5AD)

Woodsmoke (#0C0D0D)

Storm Dust (#646560)

Desert Storm (#F8F8F6)

Green Pea (#216E63)

Congo Brown (#5A3735)

Black (#000000)

by Nat

1.2  Forms

60 lbs (27 kg)
26 in (66 cm)

Lupus (Preferred)

Dainty in appearance with slender legs and a full arctic coat. Decorative scar carved into her left wither. Has a youthful vibrancy to her expressions and carriage.

120 lbs (54 kg)
30 in (76 cm)


Has difficulty maintaining this form due to her Verto nature. She gains some bulk and grows larger.

155 lbs (48 kg)
5 ft 8 in (68 in) (173 cm)


Has come to accept this form as comfortable, though still self-conscious at times. Long messy mane, unstyled; occasionally wears a cloak or carries her medic bag when the need arises. Large bust disguised by plumed chest fur. Scarred left shoulder.

1.3  Art and References

2.  Personality

Fayne was once quite naive and isolated from the world. She has now experienced the good (falling in love with Noah, becoming mother of two daughters, Krys and Yuna, becoming a respected healer) and the bad (being attacked and tortured by Amy, Noah dissolving her mateship and being taken hostage by his nephew Liam, falling into the throes of alcoholism). She is struggling to reclaim her old personality and dignity, although she fears she may have damaged her relationship with her daughters and her reputation in the pack beyond repair. She misses her friends Palaydrian and Sky, and gave serious consideration to leaving New Dawn to be with them. However, she was ultimately uncomfortable with adopting a "human" lifestyle, and is trying to fix herself rather than run away from her problems.

Fayne has strong opinions about everything, though she knows how to hold her tongue in most situations. She can get a bit mouthy if she's being talked down to. She holds herself highly, and proudly, but there is always a lingering self-consciousness within her that only those who know her well see. Over the seasons she's grown a feeling of uselessness but that never dampens her determination to better herself. She is maternal toward all puppies, and considers her own daughters a blessing she would give her life to protect. She can be rather quick to trust and generally believes everyone has innate goodness. Though, when it comes to protecting those she loves she'll go to any length and can become quite aggressive when she feels threatened. She mourns the deaths of her friends Tharin, Jiva, Augustus, and Adonia, and the disappearance of Noah.

She has a small voice, but usually very kind to those who treat her with equal kindness. Her inexperience is where most of her doubt comes from and she has a lot to learn. She has the weight of the world on her shoulders, as she feels that others' problems are her own and she tries hard to help wherever needed, and hide whatever pain it brings her beneath a smile. Her pride is her vice. She has trouble knowing when she should back down or accept help. She can be rather reckless both with her actions and her words and this lands her into trouble every now and then. If you get to know her, you'll see that she's a fireball of ambition with a will of iron.

3.  Relationships

3.1  Family: Gremory & Dae

Key Relations

  • Altair Amarok: Fayne's mate. The attraction started out one-sided with Altair's crush on Fayne, and after she suggested he find someone his own age, she started having feelings for him, which only grew, but knew it couldn't work because he was not a Luperci. Then he was infected, and ended up saving her from the flooded river. They became mates shortly after, in July 2014.
  • Palaydrian Soul: Fayne's good friend in Vinatta. The two are very close, even after Drin's move to a different pack.

Minor Relations

  • Marrok Amarok: one of Fayne's students. She has taught him basic healing techniques as well as about some helpful plants.

Former Relations

4.  History

4.1  Pre-Souls


Fayne's parents, Sivir and Wyatt, were part of a Canadian pack that viewed the Luperci virus as evil and remained clean with careful isolation. They all had the strong urge to resist the infection and believed that all wolves should remain true to their lineage, not relying on such a virus to gain unnatural strength. Unfortunately their virus-free existence was tainted slowly but surely by infected loners. Pack members were outcast when infected, and when their numbers began to decline, the whole pack moved to a new location. They struggled to repopulate by encouraging litters between pure couples, but it was a losing battle. The last living elder, Drosnav, decreed that rather than disband they would accept the infected pack members back into their fold, which was a noble but unpopular decision. Luperci pack members were always looked upon, not as family, but as monsters. Drosnav tried to set up very strict guidelines to ensure their pack remain pure as long as they could, but he himself was turned Luperci, and his fearful followers could not accept this and overthrew him. In Drosnav's grief and rage he began to forcefully turn other wolves and recruit them back to his following, dividing the pack in two and erasing all trust between pack members.

Youth & Trauma

A young Fayne and her elder sister Piper were a part of the unstable pack of uninfected wolves, and learned to deeply fear the Luperci. It was in this splintered pack that Sivir to give birth to Crowley and Elsie. Seeing that it was inevitable that they would be turned, the pure wolves wanted to escape Drosnav and desert the territory. Their new leader was weak-willed and inexperienced, however, and bid them to stay and try to work things out peacefully with their former packmates. When the Luperci caught wind of the plan to leave, they launched a surprise attack on the remaining wolves to turn them and end this struggle once and for all. The ambush was swift and brutal, and the spurned Luperci used any means necessary to change their former friends including rape and torture, becoming the monsters they had so long been trying to resist. The things that youthful Fayne witnessed on this night left deep emotional wounds that would haunt her for life.

Fayne and her family managed to flee during the chaos, but Sivir and Wyatt feared the shifters would stop at nothing to follow them. The parents sent their children off on another trail and stayed behind, never to be seen again. Piper, being the eldest, was responsible for all of her siblings including Fayne. Fayne's memories of her parents faded, and were replaced by her sister. The young family all knew that they'd have to struggle just to survive, but they didn't know Piper had been keeping a horrible secret. She had been harboring the virus all this time. She'd been infected by her mate who had been shunned before the pack split into two. By now it was easy for her to control her urges to shift, but she knew she couldn't keep her secret forever, and didn't want to panic her siblings with it. Piper found it better to leave her family and join the ranks of an accepting pack, and Fayne was left to step up as the eldest and lead her brother and sister. She supported them for a time, but Crowley and Elsie came of age and tired of their lifestyle. They all agreed to go their separate ways, and perhaps find Piper again.

4.2  Early Souls

First Mateship & Motherhood

Fayne went on her way to find a pack she could call her own. Inexperienced and naive, she had many hostile encounters and barely escaped with her life. She found in time that she too had been infected with the virus, and all her efforts at remaining pure were in vain. She was terrified of becoming a monster, as she believed was inevitable for all Luperci. Eventually she found relative safety in the traditionalist pack New Dawn, and came to learn that shifters and non-shifters could indeed live harmoniously in the same pack. Her paranoia begins to wane, and she lets down her guard to trust again.

It was a tumultuous transition as a timid Fayne was assaulted and tortured twice by Amy Sunders. She finds comfort in Noah Sawtooth, who in time, becomes her mate. Passionately in love, the couple conceived a litter in the midst of the New Dawn Conflict. Fayne gives birth to her daughters Krys Sawtooth and Yuna Gremory, and her newfound maternal instincts ignite a ferocity she did not previously know she had. She learns how to fight for the sake of her new family, and takes part in the final battle against Amy, where she is wounded by Kohaku Amarok. Her old fears of Luperci resurface, and she grapples with the violence she committed and whether that made her a monster, versus the pride she felt for protecting her family. Tharin convinces her she is still a true wolf.

Fall From Grace

Her mate's growing dissatisfaction with Zalen leads Noah to challenge their Alpha, and lose. He then leaves New Dawn in shame, despite Fayne begging him to stay with them. Their mateship ends, and Fayne struggles as a single parent and grows angry at Noah for throwing his family away. She goes looking for her ex-mate and finds him outside of Anathema, having been kidnapped and mutilated by his nephew Liam. Still in love with him but unable to save him, Fayne plummets into depression and alcoholism.

So many of her old friends left or passed away that she has no one to talk her through her feelings. She goes on long trips unannounced, loiters around other packs to avoid going home, experiments with other drugs, and generally loses sight of all she used to hold dear. In her self-loathing, she even favors her Optime form, and halfheartedly considers joining a Luperci-dominant pack. As Krys and Yuna grew up without her help, Fayne grew ashamed of her behavior and began to pull herself out of the spiral. She learned the healing arts from her ex-packmate Sky Rhiannon in an attempt to make herself useful again. She struggled to reclaim her old personality and dignity, and feared she may have damaged her relationship with her daughters and her reputation in the pack beyond repair.

4.3  2014 and beyond


After the loss of her first mate, her fall from grace, Fayne slowly rebuilt herself into a somewhat confident healer. She went about her business, helping her packmates through several tragedies, including a loss in a wildfire, and Raeka Damaichu's litter, as well as a hunt to stop a large grizzly bear from posing a danger to their pack. In April of 2014, one of her young packamtes, Altair Amarok, confessed feelings for her, however she suggested as gently as she could that he should find someone his own age. Shortly after, she started wondering if she had made a mistake. In the middle of her wondering, her sister, Piper Dae arrived at the pack, and Fayne was happy to spend time with her again, including a conversation that helped her realize that she was possibly not too old for Altair and that she deserved to find love again. The only issue this left was the fact that he was not a Luperci and did not want to be one.

Piper did not remain in New Dawn for long, although Fayne was not surprised when she left to be with a male she had recently met and became mates with. Still, she was sad and a little angry that her sister was once again leaving her, but life returned to how it had been before that, with Fayne teaching those who wanted to learn and helping those who needed it. Along the way, she found herself looking forward to the little gifts of prey Altair left her and finally admitted to herself that she indeed had feelings for him.

Soon after, Altair was attacked and infected, and Fayne tried not to take any joy from this, despite what it could mean for them. Afterall, she understood becoming something he did not want to be. While healing from his wounds, Altair refused to stop patrolling and so Fayne went out during a storm to search for him and bring him back to the den. On the way back, she was nearly swept away by the river. Altair saved her, shifting for the first time in the process. It was not long after that they finally had a chance to talk again and each nervously confessed feelings for the other before deciding to become mates in another new beginning for Fayne, and the new mates were promoted to Beta.


On January 6, 2015, Fayne gave birth to her second litter, another that consisted of two puppies: Brinan Amarok and Marsali Amarok. The birth went smoothly and she happily began caring for her puppies. Unfortunately, this did not last long and what seemed like it was going to be a good year almost immediately plunged into darkness. Something haunted the forest and it was soon determined to be the ghost of an orca that the pack had killed previously. Many pack members became sick, including Fayne, and she was forced to miss some important stages in her puppies' lives in order to help save her packmates. Lucia cared for them in the meantime when it seemed that the sickness could somehow pass from canine to canine.

The Orca's Bane took their leader, Zalen, who was discovered at the bottom of a cliff. While the disease itself was not fatal, it caused hallucinations and Zalen ended up falling over the edge. The weather seemed to mourn with them, and floods came to New Dawn's lands. They weathered this together as best they could.

The mourning process ended with Raeka stepping down from her leadership role, and Kiara Amarok ascending. Fayne did not like this. What business did an Omega have being a leader? She said nothing, though, because she was Altair's mother and the pack needed any stability it could get. Fayne formed an alliance of sorts with Veyra, each with the goal of keeping the pack together and protected as both were skeptical of Kiara's ability to lead.

In the end, it did not matter. Anathema attacked. They came in the night with a surprise attack, apparently under the assumption that New Dawn had one of their members, Pride Tormenta in their pack lands, which was a false belief. They swept through the pack, and New Dawn fought back as best they could. Fayne's younger children and Yuna fled with Lucia while Krys stayed and fought at her side. Tsytsaki and several others died in the attack. The pack scattered in the aftermath, although many regrouped in Vinatta. Fayne was relieved to find that her family was alive after arriving with Altair and his mother, who was severely injured.

While Fayne's wounds were relatively light, Altair and Kiara took much longer to heal. They were reeling from the loss of their home, which did not help the healing process. Fayne eventually decided that they needed to find a new home, one that would allow them to continue to honor their roots as natural wolves, but she did not know of any packs that were not humanized. Claudius Aston of AniWaya visited Vinatta, inviting everyone to a festival in his pack. Fayne, Krys, and Yuna went along with Ezra Vahn. She was intrigued by the pack, and when Altair was healed, they decided to try make their new home there.