Omg! It's the Erin Kitty!
AliasFy'Ra or Fy
BirthdayOctober 1st, 1991
Join DateJuly 2010
Rejoin DateJune 2011

Hello, it's a Fy'Ra!

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1.  OOC

Hello there. My name is Erin, though more commonly known as Fy'Ra or Fy. I was born and raised in North Carolina, though lived in a number of different places throughout my life; although I ended up back in the city I was born in: Chapel Hill. There's not much in this small town, besides the well know college UNC. I am currently now living in Florida for school, though not exactly doing that great. I am going to school for my Bachalor's degree in Media Arts and Animation, though I am thinking about switching to Game Art, mainly to focus on characters/area designs. I live in a little apartment all by myself at the moment and spend a lot of my time that I'm not on 'Souls doing schoolwork, drawing all the artwork that I owe to people, and playing World of Warcraft (WoW). I enjoy doing these things in free time and if anyone wants to add me then send me a PM with your info and I'll add you.

1.1  Ry'Qua

Erin and Joe Kitties <3

I feel compelled to put this in cause I have a feeling that if I don't I'm going to be yelled at lol. Anyways, Joe, or better known as Ry'Qua is my one and only love. We've been together for about a year now and hoping that our love continues to grow. While he doesn't feel comfortable with joining the 'Souls universe, he does like to roleplay and more so of horror plots than anything else. We enjoy spending whatever time we can get together, what with him working and me still stuck in school that I'm failing at.

2.  'Souls

2.1  'Souls Characters

I first joined Souls back in July of 2010 with Layla. I had been on other forums before, but this was the first major and populated one I had ever been to. Since I had started, I've been the founder of the Nishant family now on 'Souls and mainly now in AniWaya. I had alternated in picking up from the Open Character list and making my own. I have returned now and am focusing more on the Open Character list, though I do eventually plan to bring back the ones I created.

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 * Eugene Sadira 

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3.  Contact


Art deviantARTFy'Ra

I am normally found hanging around on AIM or MSN mainly if you would like to chat. If for some reason I am not on there, feel free to send me an email or a PM on 'Souls. I'm not extremely active on DeviantArt, though I am trying to get more active seeing as I am working on my artwork now and am trying to balance it out with all my time.

4.  Guest Book

If anyone wants, leave a comment here on my Wiki Page :)