Tsukiko Shimazu

Tsukiko Shimazu

Tsukiko, by Kiri
Name Meaning
Name OriginJapanese
Date of BirthJune 30, 2009
Age1 year
Birth placeJapan
Current pack
'Souls Profile

Previous Pack

Dahlia de Mai

Joining dateSeptember 5, 2010
Joining RankSubordinate
Most Recent RankSubordinate

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  2.   2.  Relationships
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  3.   3.  Appearance
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1.  History

The Shimazu clan is a very powerful and noble clan in Japan, so Tsukiko was born into a life of wealth and comfort. Her father, Takahiro, was the leader of the clan along with his wife Hikari. Tsukiko was the couple's only child and was showered with love and affection. As she grew she learned all the manners and niceties of society and was set to live a life that any noble, favored daughter could expect to live. However, tragedy struck as her parents were killed in a bizarre accident, and everything changed. Having no husband or brothers to take charge of her care, she passed into the custody of Noboro, her father's younger brother. Noboro may have had the Shimazu name, but he had handled his fortune poorly, and was always looking for a way to regain some of his wealth. He saw his guardianship of his niece as a godsend and a cash-cow. The lands were full of bachelors who would pay almost all they had to gain the hand of a Shimazu daughter in marriage. Almost immediately he began preparations to sell Tsukiko off to the highest bidder, and locked her in his estate so that she could not entertain any notion of having affection for anyone not of his choosing.

Tsukiko, cut off from the outside world, mourned her parents and almost became a mute, never saying anymore than was necessary to anyone. The only soul she would speak to, and confide in, was a cat named Setsuna. Setsuna had been a valued friend of her parents, and the feline had known the girl from her youngest days and refused to leave her side after the tragic loss. Seeing how bad the situation was for the girl, Setsuna talked to her about the option of hatching a plan to escape and flee from her uncle’s oppression. Tsukiko agreed and they began to lay their plan out. The servants of her uncle’s estate worried for the girl, and were eager to do anything they could to help her situation. One of the cooks agreed to sneak her out the back when the day came. The samurai were also still more loyal to her parents than they were to her uncle, and agreed to escort her to the rendezvous with the merchant whom Setsuna had arranged their travel with. Some wished to leave with her, but she asked them to stay to make sure that the estates of the clan would not fall into too deep a disarray while her uncle was in charge of the family. They promised to do their best and to keep loyal to her while she was in her self-imposed exile.

It was a long voyage from Japan to Freetown on the east coast of the United States. While on the ship she was treated as her station allowed, though the societal customs became relaxed as she and the crew grew close. One of the crew members was a skilled linguist and knew many languages, including English, and Tsukiko undertook intensive lessons with him during the voyage so she now has a very good grasp on the foreign tongue.

When they arrived in Freetown they stayed there for a few days to help Tsukiko get supplies and figure out where she would go from there. News was that there was a large settlement of wolves on Nova Scotia where many different packs were established. Deciding to go there, the crew bid her farewell and told her that they would send word to her whenever it was safe for her to return back to Japan. With Setsuna, Tsukiko ventured into unknown territory to find her home away from home.

2.  Relationships

2.1  Family

  • Father: Takahiro Shimazu (deceased)
  • Mother: Hikari Shimazu (deceased)
  • Uncle: Noboro Shimazu (alive)

3.  Appearance

Tsukiko has very rare coloring, especially in Japan. The base of her coat is a light creamy blond color, which is accented by white markings. All four limbs start with white and fade into blond. Her back is also lightly brushed in white. The very tip of her tail is white, as well as the edges of her ears. There is a white mark on her chest and on the top of her muzzle ending in a point between her eyes. Her eyes are a gentle baby blue. Her nose is pink. Her features and whole form are very delicate and diminutive, giving off the air of a fragile doll.

In optime form, which she never leaves, her hair is gathered into two buns, from which the rest of her hair cascades down. Often pearl accents are worn from the buns. She also always wears traditional Japanese clothing ranging from kimonos to more casual robes and dresses.

4.  Companion


Tsukiko has a black cat companion named Setsuna. Setsuna was a constant companion of Tsukiko's parents and now is almost never seen away from the girl's side. She is a wise creature, and compassionate. Despite her small form, she is fiercely protective of Tsukiko, especially in these foreign lands.

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