Element, by Kiri
Name OriginUnknown
Date of BirthJune 29, 2007
SubspeciesDomestic Cat
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1.  History

He was raised by his mother far from 'Souls, with his littermates. His mother taught him to hunt and his brothers and sisters provided good exercise and practice as well as play. His mother and his siblings all took different paths when he was half a year old, the usual rate for felines. Since then, he wandered over to 'Souls and began a new life, preferring to stay away from others.

The only exception is Flower; he strayed upon a small female cat - a tabby - in 'Souls only a short while after he moved there. He was a little over a year at this age, and fell in love with her. He never let on, however, and was content and happy to remain best friends with this particular tabby. One day, however, she mysteriously vanished, and the closest he could find to her scent was near the Inferni's borders, as well as a smattering of her blood.

After losing Flower, he looked for her for months on end, to no avail. He had to accept that she was dead, and became more somber for it. After a while, he learned to try to cope with the pain, and became interested in learning. He knows the Low Speech and the High Speech , and would be happy to teach any other animals those languages as long as he thinks they're able-minded.

He kept to himself, mostly, and avoided company until he traveled down to the Shattered Coast and the areas immediately around it, and became thoroughly involved in Souls. Although his past used to make him slightly prejudiced against canines, in recent times he has learned to overcome this prejudice, and has made friends with several canines, particularly ones from Dahlia de Mai. Element now resides in Halifax's library.

2.  Personality

Element is very composed; he vowed to never lose his temper or control over anything. He doesn't let himself get ruffled or confused easily, as he likes to be in control of himself and most things around him; he'll never be the life of the party, but he's polite and a good companion, and interesting at that. He sometimes has strange ideas about things.

He rather enjoys knowing things - and, in this regard, considers himself a student to the world, and a teacher to others. He took the time to fully learn the Low Speech as well as the High Speech as many developed carnivores do. He wants to gather information, as much as he can, from whatever sources, no matter how insignificant they may seem. Element also knows how to read. He loves the idea and concept of literature, and always loves learning more poetry and stories written by the humans of old.

Although he will never forget his past companion Flower, he has come to terms with her death and does not allow it to wound him any longer.

Dialect: Element speaks in a smooth, silky meow, very different from a canine's sharp and guttural way of speaking. It may be hard for canines to understand him at times.

3.  Skills

  • He has an very high IQ and is rather intelligent, having the ability to converse with canines and lower mammals alike.
  • Knows High Speech and Low Speech
  • Very skilled at keeping his composure

4.  Appearance

Element is a cat; particularly, a black cat. You'll never find a white hair on his pelt, likewise with his paw pads, as they're pitch-black as well. Element is almost always quite clean and sanitary, as all cats are - if he's not lost deep in thought, hunting, or talking to someone, he's likely grooming himself. His eyes are a brilliant green with hidden and curious depths, matching the forests he enjoys prowling.

Element is rather agile in the combat department, being smaller than his opponents and, of course, a cat. This springy agility of him also aids his endurance, which is rather high.

In all aspects, really, he looks exactly like a normal cat - but what lays beneath the emerald gaze is what's interesting.

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