Lorenzo Knight

Lorenzo Knight was the son of Ghita Marino and Jazper Rhiannon-Knight. He was born in Crimson Dreams in October 2010, and later joined Casa di Cavalieri.

Lorenzo Knight

Lorenzo, by San

Previous PlayerRonnie
Date of BirthOctober 31, 2010
Date of DeathFebruary 13, 2017
Subspecies100% Canis lupus lupus
LuperciYes (Ortus)
BirthplaceCrimson Dreams
PackCasa di Cavalieri

Forum ProfileArchive Profile

Current Pack

Casa di Cavalieri

Joining date~2011
RankCorpo Seconda
Previous Rank(s)Gambi

Previous Pack

Crimson Dreams

Joining dateOctober 31, 2010
RankIuvenis, Pusio

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1.  History

Lorenzo was born in a litter of three, alongside his brother and sister, Tony and Fia. He was born to mates Ghita Marino and Jazper Rhiannon-Knight in their second litter in Crimson Dreams among family and friends, and resided there during his youth. After the AniWaya Conflict affected their pack, his father Jazper saw the need for a defensive force in the south, and moved to form Casa di Cavalieri.

Ghita refused to follow him, insisting that his place was in Crimson Dreams and he was selfish to want to leave. The discussion turned into an argument which lead to Jazper packing his things and seeking out his children to inform them of the divorce before leaving to officially open his new pack. Lorenzo, along with most of his siblings, chose to follow their father and join Casa di Cavalieri. His mother eventually returns to Italy.

It is during his time here that he meets a lovely wolf from Cercatori d'Arte, Juliet Moonsong. He taught her how to use a weird contraption called a sling shot, and they killed stupid pigeons most of the day. He escorted her home and promised to visit her again, though he did not for a long time. She did receive flowers from him, but little did she know her mother sent him on an impossible quest to find a diamond before Lorenzo could see Juliet again.

It was not until much later that they met again, when Juliet was in danger of being assaulted by someone she trusted. Lorenzo killed the man to protect her, and was stuck in his Secui form for a week or so, taking her to his pack so she would be safe. Later on she joined this pack, finding that she was growing found of her savior, then confessed her love for him. Lorenzo introduces her to his family, and she is readily accepted. His family expands when his father takes a new mate, Alyssum de Fonte, and they welcome a new litter; his littermate Tony has pups with his mate, Neela Garcia, and his oldest brother Aro has a son with Sidra Pheonix. He strives to protect them all, in events such as the Hurricane.

2.  Personality

Lorenzo's first instinct is to try to inject humor into any situation he is in. He tends to avoid serious subjects and is more concerned with having fun. It is hard for him to concentrate on more serious matters anyway, and his attention span has not been developed as he is still quite young. His sense of humor is very slap-stick and comical, and not very sophisticated. He speaks with a thick accent: "Its-a good ta see yerself too. An' tha' little 'uns. They're gettin' so big nah."

He is rather guileless and believes in looking for the good in everyone. He is not very selfish, but he is self serving in that he thrives on approval of others. He "needs to be needed" and likes to have attention. Contrary to his short attention span, he is rather patient and lacks some of his mother's fire. He is developing his morals and will begin to think in terms of doing good for others simply for doing it versus receiving their attention as he grows older.

3.  Relationships

3.1  Family: Marino, Knight, Damaichu

4.  Appearance

Although not as large as his brother, Tony, Lorenzo's frame is still large. He is a very sturdy child, with a broad chest and thick, long legs. For his age, he is also tremendously tall. His size is due to an inherited "giant gene" from his father, Jaz, and it appears that he will attain his father's formidable height.

Lorenzo's eyes are bi-colored; one is green and the other is violet. His snout appears to be just slightly too long to fit well with the rest of his face; this will probably change once he had grown more into his features. Although he could definitely be described as "meaty," his legs are also just long enough for him to look slightly awkward.

His pelt bears typical timber wolf coloration. His coat is a mixture of light tans, browns, and grays and his face does have some hints of a lighter cream color. He has some varied scars from a life of training and fighting. His right ear is pierced twice, and he is typically seen wearing hoop earrings. He has a chest tattoo over his heart of the same sun design his father sports around his eye.

4.1  Gallery

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Lorenzo and Juliet

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