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16 June 2007











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25% Mexican Wolf
75% Common Gray Wolf




Current Status Loner

Adari is the daughter of Sybald Blaise? and Inara Coven?. She is a gray wolf, born in Idaho? U.S.A. She arrived in 'Souls in December 2012 and is currently a loner. She is taking the time to evaluate each of the packs before maybe one day joining one.

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1.  Lifestyle

1.1  Speech

Adari's voice is low, rough and sharp resembling voice actress Suzanne Pleshette who plays Zira from The Lion King 2. When interacting with others, Adari is very careful in how she speaks, making sure anyone she's talking with clearly understands her. She rarely stutters but is not a stranger to throwing a few curses about. Adari's laugh almost always resembles a darker, menacing bark.

1.2  Abilities



Adari's skills are many and varied. Thanks to her rough life growing up she had to learn the things she knows as she went along. Almost every skill she possesses was self taught. This wolfess excels in hunting, tracking, healing, fighting (blades & staff), animal training, survival, archery, wood-carving, painting, meditation, singing, writing and playing the flute. She is a good person to talk to if you need some good solid advice or have queries of the spiritual nature.



There are only a few things that can be considered weaknesses of Adari's. Most of her flaws come in forms of her personality and social nature. She doesn't do well in large groups and isn't often very easy to get along with. She is known to get drunk if offered a refilling cup and is easily tempted by valuable items. Some things she herself sees as weaknesses is showing outward affection, relying on others or asking for assistance, dwelling in the past or in any way being vulnerable. She also secretly fears spiders.

Yet To Be Learned

Adari lacks trust in the world and with people. Something she really needs to learn is how to truly love someone and be shown that it's okay to be vulnerable sometimes. Skill-wise she has interest in learning to dye fur, make piercings and create tattoos. She also would love to be taught how to make her own weapons.

1.3  Residence

As a wandering loner, currently Adari pretty much occupies abandoned dens, caves, spaces between tree roots and other natural places that can serve as temporary shelter while she travels through 'Souls. She is not often found out in the open, but in times that shelter is unavailable look for the occasional lean-to shelter of branches and a stamped out fire pit to mark where she's been. Other signs that could point to her previous residences are large hoof prints from her horse or very rarely a carving of a sun into a tree.

1.4  NPCs

Qeyta (KEE-tuh)

Qeyta is a peregrine falcon, the fastest animal in the world. She is fierce, master huntress and dedicated companion to Adari. She has been well trained (since she was hatched) and only responds to her master’s commands. She takes a while to warm up to new people and will bite strangers if they’re not careful. Her usual perch is either on Adari’s shoulder or upon her rawhide gloved arm. Otherwise she can be found soaring high above the trees, following after the wolfess. She can speak broken high speech and fluent low speech.

Vespasian (Vehs-PAY-see-AHN)

Vespasian is an awe-inspiring example of a Gypsy Cob stallion. Adari raised him from a feisty colt to the tempered giant he is today. Colored bay with three white feathered socks, one black on his hind right foot and a wide white blaze down his face he is kept well groomed and stud-like. Standing almost frighteningly tall at 19 hands (6ft 4in, 193cm) with hooves the size of dinner plates, and sporting powerful rippling muscle, this equine is a force to be reckoned with. Although usually well-mannered (though not exactly “gentle”), Vespasian can become an unpredictable wild beast at times, especially when protecting his companion. He can be very intimidating if he wants to be. He is deeply loyal to Adari and is cautious of strangers. He can speak in low speech and through training has come to understand some words of high speech.

1.5  Inventory

Personal Items

  • Quiver & Arrows
  • Staff & Slingshot
  • Yew Bow, Knives & Daggar
  • Herbs & Seasonings
  • Writing Supplies
  • Axe, Matches & Flint/Steel
  • Rope & Wire
  • Money
  • Painting Supplies
  • Jewelry, Hooded Cloak & Belt
  • Wood Flute & Mortar/Pestle
  • Chisel & Hammer
  • Candles & Feathers
  • Dinner and Cookware
  • Meat, Eggs, Corn, Apples
  • Medical & Grooming Supplies
  • Blanket/Pelts & Pillow
  • Horsetack
  • Various Storage Bags

Items For Trade

  • Pelts & Money
  • Rubik's Cube
  • Shield & Sword
  • TNT
  • Pan Pipes
  • Perfume
  • Gems & Crystals
  • Spyglass
  • Meat
  • Drugs and Alcohol

2.  Appearance


Adari usually stays in Optime form but occasionally will use Secui form. She rarely uses her Lupus form for she feels weaker when smaller in size. She is almost 100% Gray Wolf with traces of Mexican Gray Wolf in her blood. She almost never wears clothes other than her hooded fur cloak and her belt with her knives stashed away on it. She tries to remain at least somewhat dirt-free and isn't afraid to flaunt her scars. See below for more details!

Sizing Chart





107 lbs
(48 kg)

32 in
(82 cm)


154 lbs
(70 kg)

38 in
(96 cm)


205 lbs
(92 kg)

6ft 3in (75 in)
(190 cm)

Prefers Optime form.

2.1  Forms


In this form Adari retains her usual coloring, scars and thick fur. This being the smallest of her forms, she doesn't use it often. She will wear all her jewelry in this form and her tattoos are also visible.


Bulkier and sturdier than her Lupus form but with the same basic appearance, Adari can bee seen occasionally wandering around in this form (especially when not with Vespasian).


In Optime form Adari is the same, only standing upright. Her hair is messy, rather short cropped but is currently allowed to grow longer in the back. She pulls the longer part off to the right side of her face. She will sometimes tie it up in an unkempt ponytail.

2.2  Build & Species

Adari is by no means your average wolf. She’s quite large, even for her species and especially for her gender. She stands 6’ 3” tall in Optime form and weighs around 205 lbs. She is built sturdy, strong, toned and yet feminine. Her bust is slightly more pronounced than average. She stands upon digitigrade legs that are slightly more straight than your typical Luperci.

2.3  Coloration & Fur

Her thick, rough but shining coat is colored a mixture of burnt umbre, a rich chocolate brown, buttery-tan and a burnt-orange brown. In certain light her fur appears to shimmer a tinge of light copper-orange. Her coppery-brown hair is messy and somewhat short cropped except for a part of it which falls over the right side of her face. Her eyes are heterochromatic (bi-colored), the right being a deep golden hue while the left is a bright crimson. Her nose and paw pads are a dark brown.

2.4  Voice

Her voice is a rough, slightly deeper sound and her laugh is harsh and loud.

2.5  Modifications

  • Scars:
    • She bares only a few scars, the most noticeable is the bite taken from the tip of her left ear and a slightly jagged, bent-crescent shaped gash over the top of her left eye and partially down her cheek, extending from brow to the base of her muzzle. Both of these scars are from a fight with with her father.
  • Tattoos:
    • Definitive markings on her person include a black tribal tattoo of a phoenix rising on her right shoulder and one of a tribal looking sun on her left shoulder. The phoenix was done by her father at few months of age. The sun was done when she was 2 years old by a loner she came across in her travels.
  • Piercings:
    • She has two small gold hoops on the outer edges of each of her ears. These were done by another loner she came across when she was 2 years old.

2.6  Accessories

  • Preferring most time to remain unclad, the large female only sometimes will dawn a heavy, hooded cloak, especially when facing cold or rougher weather during travel. She always wears a brown leather belt with its usual attachments: twin blades for defense, a small hunting knife, and a couple small leather pouches of various healing herbs and necessities. Other adornments on her person include a white-gold chain necklace with a small green and brown, wood-carved pendant in the shape of a tree around her neck, two small gold hoops on the outer edges of each of her ears, two gold bracelets around her right wrist and two gold ankle bracelets on her left hind foot.

3.  Detailed Personality

Adari Blaise is a fiery spirit. Her temperament is very abrasive and gruff. She tends to be serious and well composed to the point of being seen as almost stuck up. She is generally very rational, intelligent and doesn’t like to waste her time with petty things like immature behaviors and ignorance. A lover of solitude yet still able to balance a social life, Adari is an interesting character to say the least. At times she can be sarcastic, blunt and distant, coming off as uncaring. Her emotions are not easily out of her control but rather locked away fairly tight. She is however prone to having an explosive temper if pushed too far which can bring about some nasty, biting insults and less than lady like behavior. At other times, she can show extraordinary finesse and passion, devoting her attention in assisting another or in her work. She is unafraid of getting her paws dirty and has a hard work ethic. She is a no-nonsense type of wolf but when it comes to children, she tries her best to accommodate their juvenile ways. She has a zero-tolerance mindset when it comes to rape or unprovoked, unjustified violence. She doesn’t necessarily hold contempt for stealing or fighting for survival though. Adari can become easily annoyed and bored, but is normally pretty exercised in patience. She has a guardian complex meaning if she does indeed bond with someone closely she will fight to the death to protect them. She is loyal but not easily trusting. A lot of people will find they butt heads with her more often than not because she can come off so unyielding. She has strict spiritual beliefs and can be stubborn to no end. She doesn’t easily admit defeat. Yet for all the toughness she shows on the outside, her heart is a good one. She is an advocate for nature, respecting almost all living things. While she enjoys the sport of hunting, she always treats her kills with the utmost care and whatever part she leaves behind she will ensure returns to the earth. Adari has a deep, almost mysterious side to her. She can seem wiser beyond her years and due to her rough past, she does retain many useful life experiences. She likes sharing her knowledge with others and loves to learn new skills as well. Although not overly curious to the point of sticking her nose into trouble, she does have a bit of a bad habit of eavesdropping, though she rarely ever spreads gossip. Some might think she doesn’t know how to have fun. She can be a little set in her ways, but with those she trusts and is close to, she does loosen up a little (only a little), just enough to maybe share a strong drink or occasionally smoke marijuana. She never overdoes these little indulgences though. Overall, Adari is pretty rough around the edges but as a person she has her head on right and views the world with a meaningful perspective, always trying to see or seek purpose in everything she does.

  • Fears:
    • Being Vulnerable
    • Sensory Deprivation
  • Motivations:
    • Survival

3.1  Demeanor


Discuss how your character treats others here, and their general "presentation." Although less a defined appearance quality, think about the way your character presents him or herself -- are they open, outgoing, and social, or introverted, quiet, and aloof? Considering and jotting this down as part of their appearance can help you as you're roleplaying -- keeping this small but vital detail in mind can give you major clues as to how your character would act and present themselves in situations in terms of body language.

How do they react to certain situations -- newcomer at the borders, a stranger with bad attitude in the neutral territories, a lost puppy? Do they have a strong sense of right and wrong, or does their morality shift to accomodate the situation and their best interest? What motivates them, and what frightens them? What do they enjoy and what do they dislike? Although this is a lot to think about, considering these aspects can help you fully flesh out your character. It's helpful to make sure that aspects of their personality mesh well with their biography -- thus, try to think of a plausible reason why a character acts a certain way.

3.2  Outlook


Optimist/pessimist? Submissive/dominant? Introvert/extrovert? A character who is more introverted might cross his or her arms while talking or avoid eye contact more often. This can also assist others in “reading between the lines” of your posts. While you may not take the time to detail how your character presents him or herself every time they make a move, having a general idea stated in your profile can help players fill in the blanks if they don't know your character so well.

3.3  Ideals


Big Bias

She thinks that those who have no spirituality or religious belief are corrupt and haven't got a purpose in life.

Other Biases

  • Species: She thinks of coyotes as weaker, inferior beings and disagrees with those who make pets of other canines.
  • Non-Luperci: On this topic she remains neutral.
  • Human Behaviors: She fully supports most behaviors. She does not however support slavery.


Adari is bi-sexual with a male preference. She enjoys the occasional fling but tries not to get too attached to anyone. She's not very good at showing deep, meaningful affection.


Adari will use alcohol and herbal substances (marijuana) on a once in a blue moon basis.


Adari follows a sort of pagan-like path. She worships nature first and foremost.

Specific Beliefs

She believes all living things have a spirit and will pray to the gods and goddesses of the earth and sky. She can often be seen whispering blessings or performing strange rituals when in private.

4.  Relationships



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Various Minor Aquaintences

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BRIEF description of relationship. If more than three sentences, consider moving to "Key Relationships" -- don't forget to reference threads, either. [3]

Adari doesn't have many friends but she does have a handful of enemies whose names she hasn't bothered to remember.

4.1  Key Relations


Adari and NAME HERE?'s relationship is GOOD/FAIR/POOR.

4.2  Groups



Describe how they relate to their pack here -- why did they join in the first place?

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4.3  Family

Adari's family is very broken. Her father was neglectful and slept around and so she has many half siblings that she has yet to meet. She absolutely hates her father and dislikes her mother for her obliviousness and blind love of her father. Her brother she holds in fair regard but still finds him to be weak. Her other siblings she looks forward to meeting but is still a bit apprehensive about how they'll turn out to be.

Immediate Family

Extended Family

5.  Extended History

Born in Idaho, USA to a father (Sybald Blaise) with no sense of what it meant to raise a family and a mother (Inara) who was oblivious to her mate’s lack of interest in his children and too absorbed in his lies, Adari and her brother Kobel grew up almost entirely by themselves; constantly in a fight to survive. At a few months of age the only real interaction the pups had with their father was when he tattooed the Blaise family symbol onto their shoulders: a phoenix. Sybald was a greasy, unfaithful bastard of a wolf whose only drive in life was to take as many women as he could, sire pups and then run off and start all over again. He would never stick around long enough to even see his children shift for the first time. Inara, although a kind hearted woman, was not exactly the smartest wolfess out there. She fell head over heels for the suave male and followed him around like a slave, doing anything and everything he pleased, falling into his trap and believing his lies when he made excuses for wandering off in the middle of the night. When Sybald eventually permanently left the woman who had borne him two healthy offspring, Inara slowly deteriorated in her mental facilities only to finally slip into madness when her children disowned her and went off on their own. She passed away within a week of the young wolves’ departure.

Due to these messed up circumstances, the two siblings had to learn their way through their puppy years with very little influence or guidance from their parents. From learning to shift, hunt, fight, and even capture and train their own animals, almost all the skills Adari possesses today were self-taught. Because of the neglect of their promiscuous father and their air-headed mother, Adari and Kobel had to find out for themselves what their history was. It turned out that Sybald had fathered two previous litters before them and those children were somewhere out in the world by themselves having been raised in a similar atmosphere. When Adari and Kobel reached a year of age they set off in search of their older siblings, quite happily leaving behind their useless kin and going forth in hopes of finding something better, something to live for. With the few things they owned and on the backs of their trusty mounts, the two soon traveled outside of their homelands and into a whole new adventure. Being so deprived as she was Adari grew up to be very rigid and unforgiving. She had to play the part that Inara could not and learned to be protective, serious and to never let her emotions rule her mind. Kobel was capable of taking care of himself for the most part, but he had inherited his mother’s tender heart and emotional weakness and it was only by his sister’s constant pushing that he even survived their first year alone.

At two years, the siblings split up. Kobel went South while Adari continued to travel North. They went their separate ways in hopes of covering more ground in their search for the rest of their family. By this time, Sybald had found another mate and had been given yet another litter. Adari only came to find this out a long while later when she one day ran into her father while out hunting. Upon sight, Adari attacked the older wolf and was mere moments from killing him when he spoke of her new half-siblings. She ended up sparing his life because she didn’t want the blood of her kin, traitorous or not, on her paws. In return, the male gave her the names of her siblings and promised to remain with his current family and raise them unlike he had for her, Kobel and the children before that. She left her bloodied father in the snow and didn’t look back. She never knew if he actually fulfilled his promise but at least she now had names and wasn’t chasing shadows. Ryuujin and Kaito were the oldest, from the first litter, next came Sephora and Absynthe of the second litter. Lastly was her younger half siblings Eun and Ithelo. She would have gone and rescued her young brother and sister but from what she gleaned from her father, their mother was sound of mind and fiercely protective of her pups. Adari did not wish to start a fight with a woman who was properly caring for her children.

In her travels, Adari picked up various new possessions and learned new skills. She became proficient with a bow and arrows as well as with knives and a staff. She also picked up various knowledge in healing and honed her artistic skills during the long trips across the country. She learned how to carve, draw, paint and even adopted writing and singing. Although her voice was rough, she knew how to utilize it to provide entertainment for company whenever she came across it on her journey. With Vesparian ever faithful and having rescued and trained a peregrine falcon she named Qeyta along the way, the trio became a nearly unstoppable force as they traveled up, down and across Canada for the next two years. Adari began to get used to and virtually comfortable living alone. She grew hardy and lethal in just about everything she did. It wasn’t until one night a male even larger than herself overpowered her and took advantage of her when she was in season that the woman became bitter, closed off and distrusting. The pups that resulted from her abuse did not survive the birthing and therefore hardened Adari’s heart even more. Any time she came across another loner, she was instantly on alert. She saw everyone as a threat unless they proved to her otherwise. She eventually sunk herself into a spiritual path that she soon became thoroughly engrossed in in order to center her mind and soul once more. She recognized she was starting to lose her mind and was desperate not to end up like her mother. She began to pray to the goddesses of nature, tattooed the figure of a sun onto her ankle in faith and performed rituals any time she hunted or had to take something from nature herself. She became an advocate for all things natural and a vigilante assassin for anyone she stumbled upon with less than honorable intentions.

At five years old, Adari reached the northeastern part of Canada for the first time. She came to find there was an abundance of Luperci in the area and decided that it was time to try again, to learn to trust and live among others in peace again. She traveled to Nova Scotia seeking a place to settle and something that would give her a purpose in life. By now she had forgotten her original reason for leaving her home lands, her siblings were all but forgotten in her search simply for a better life than she had been living. She currently roams the unclaimed lands in Nova Scotia, skirting the packs and here and there interacting with those she meets. She passes on her survival knowledge to those willing to learn and continues to spread her earthern beliefs. For now she is mostly content with herself, but her heart still remains restless, ever seeking her reason for living.

5.1  Threads