Miskunn Stormbringer

Miskunn Stormbringer

Miskunn Stormbringer, by Sie
PlayerPack NPC
Date of Birth15 March 2006 - January 19, 2017
SubspeciesEastern Timber Wolf & Mackenzie Valley Wolf
AlignmentLawful Neutral
Birth placeSolbjorg Valley
Current packVinátta

'Souls Profile

Current Pack


Joining date20 May 2012
Significancespiritual leader for the pack, founding member


The Godja is a specialised rank and relates directly to the Norse influence in Vinátta. Technically a Priestess (or a Priest, named Godi) the wolf is a religious guide to those who may have need of said guidance. Alternatively, Vinátta accepts all religions and belief systems and the Godja must offer guidance to those religions not specifically her own. As Vinátta also accepts members with no belief system, the Godja acts as a counselor to their worries and woes. If a member does not feel comfortable talking with their leaders or the leaders of their path, they are encouraged to talk to the Godja - who acts in confidentiality.


Deep-rooted in her faith, Miskunn served the Norse Gods out of adoration and gratitude. She gave herself to no male, living celibacy as an expression of her unconditional love for her religion; ultimately seeing mateships as a potential distraction from her life's work. She was known to be a silent observer, choosing to speak only when necessary. She was a woman of few words adored by the masses, her extensive knowledge of Norse mythology earning her the title of Godja.

Having given her best years to the pack, Miskunn was venerated as Vinatta's guiding light. Her loyalty held no boundaries. She would not hesitate to shed blood if it meant protecting her loved ones.

Miskunn was killed during the Blackbourne Conflict on January 19, 2017.

  • Fears: Ragnarok, the Dawnrunner family
  • Motivations: Norse Mythology, Vinatta, Stormbringer relatives
  • Traits: Humble, Open-Minded, Secretive, Realistic, Responsible


Miskunn has lived in Jordheim since the foundation of Vinátta — she is arguably the first-ever resident. Her home is on the southernmost edge of the village, and is recognizable by the small heaps of Horgr stone altars dotting the lawn. The interior of her house is utilitarian and quite bare considering how long she has lived there, but given that the Godja spends most of her waking hours in the Sacred Grove, it is understandable.


Family: Stormbringer

See the family page for a complete genealogy. Miskunn is related to many members of Vinátta due to the prominence of Stormbringer heritage there.


Miskunn's basic pelt coloration is predominantly Copper. A variety of similar tones, such as Dark Oak and Raw Sienna contribute to a harmonious blend of hues by fusing darker and lighter shades into her otherwise monochromatic coat. Her mane is a Dallas Brown worthy of the same earthy palette. Her wild Sterling irises are almost unsettling, a testament to the fierceness within.

  • Since her injury in the Spring 2015 Flood, she has been showing signs of arthritis and general slowing-down, though she stubbornly refuses to give up any of her duties thus far.
  • Gold bangles can be seen on both of her arms.
  • Wears a loose toga-like dress.
  • Often can be seen with her staff, adorned with decorative feathers.

Notable Threads


  1. snow and forest fir is home (May) Miskunn meets Lilin and Saul, and explains who she is.
  2. take my hand (May) Miskunn is present for Vinátta's formation.
  3. losing my religion (Jul) Colibri converts to Norse Paganism and Miskunn brands her with the symbol of Thurisaz.
  4. make the streams for our children flow (Oct) Miskunn leads the Ausa Vatni for Fiora, Farina, Florina, Lund, Rúni, and Sólieri.
  5. in memoriam (Oct) Miskunn performs the Winternights ceremony for Vinátta.
  6. What was lost now is found (Dec) Miskunn teaches Anu about Norse religion.


  1. Nature's first green is gold (Feb) Miskunn leads the Ausa Vatni for Auguste, Carya, Valerian, Andira, Taro, and Tyris.
  2. Throw open wide the gates of Spring! (Mar) Miskunn tells stories during the Ostara Spring festival.
  3. just to bless the morning (May) Miskunn leads the Ausa Vatni for Lochlan, Teagan, and Sammy, as well as celebrating the first anniversary of Vinátta's foundation.
  4. Oh, the Places You'll Go! (Sep) Miskunn leads the Ausa Vatni for Alessan, Abigail, and Dreyma.
  5. hills are hushed this night of nights (Oct) Miskunn performs the Winternights ceremony for Vinátta.


  1. With the brightest of hopes (Jan) Miskunn leads the Ausa Vatni for Orvar, Bel, Russano, Fionna, Ninian, and Dagr.
  2. And I have finally realized what you need (Mar) Miskunn announces a month-long hunt, and oversees a pack meeting where Florina replaces Colibri as Sannindi.
  3. Deep roots are not reached by the frost (Apr) Miskunn tells stories during the Ostara Spring festival.
  4. We're one in the river and one again after the fall (Apr) Miskunn says goodbye to her nephew, Saul, who left Vinátta.
  5. Second star to the right, and straight on 'til morning (May) Miskunn and the rest of Vinátta celebrate the second anniversary of the pack's foundation.
  6. Meeting the Neighbors (Sep) Miskunn and Florina meet with the leaders of Krokar, Lucille and August.
  7. Wait 'til you're announced (Oct) Miskunn leads the Ausa Vatni for Ode, Shore, Bjorn, Juno, Robin, Sylven, Akara, Izrian, Ahti, Thyri, and Myrkr.


  1. So loud inside my head (Jan) Miskunn promises to perform rites of purification for the cursed wolves from New Dawn, whom Florina Soul and others insist on helping.
  2. Time to say goodbye (Jan) Miskunn oversees the funeral of Aimée Rousseau, arranging and lighting her funeral pyre.
  3. There's nothing wrong with me (Jan) Miskunn, Colibri, Ninian, Fionna, and Axle attempt to help a hallucinating Florina calm down, but she grows disoriented and flees.
  4. No matter what or who you are, there's a light (Mar) Miskunn is trapped under a fallen tree during the Spring 2015 Flood, and rescued by Ascher and Solveig.
  5. All work and no play never made me lose it (Jul) Miskunn donates new Frithr pendants to the storage house.
  6. not in vain nor in malice (Jul) Skye and Janus of Midnight Shores visit to discuss pack relations with Florina and Miskunn.