Kol Stormbringer

Kol Stormbringer

Kol, by Kiri
Name MeaningCharcoal
Name OriginNorse
Date of BirthMay 23, 2007
Date of DeathApril 26, 2010[1]
Age> 3 years
LuperciYes (Ortus)
Current packDahlia de Mai

'Souls Profile

Most Recent Pack

Dahlia de Mai

Joining dateNovember 5, 2009[2]

Previous Pack

Dahlia de Mai

Joining dateJuly 20, 2008[3], January 27, 2009[4]

Kol Stormbringer was a former member of Dahlia de Mai. She was killed by Hybrid Holocaust on April 26, 2010.[5]


Part One

It seemed that the Stormbringer line at one time had been destined for extinction. The only two remaining members, twins named Ravyn and Crow, were the sole survivors of a terrible plague that had struck their pack without warning. In the fit of terror, the sister had abandoned her frailer brother as their mother lay twitching in her death-throes, but fate and fortune would prove the twins to be far more hardy and lucky than they'd ever dreamed. Both survived their childhood with the help of fate, even surviving a near-fatal reunion that had pitted the two at each other's throat. The twins managed after a time to reconcile with the help of Ravyn's headstrong daughter Rain, and the two had parted ways to establish their futures. Ravyn accompanied her beloved mate, Freak Oriel, back to his homeland, and in the course of Crow's travels he finally met a woman named Surind who could fit with his nature and complete his existence. Each sired many children with their respective mates, many of them possessed of their line's adventurous nature and seeking their own destinies in faraway lands when they'd come of age.

Kol Stormbringer, granddaughter of Crow, was one of those strongwilled children. On the occasional reunion of the matriarch and patriarch of the Stormbringer lines, the young girl would be entranced with the tales of their lives, particularly with the stories of a dark yet promising territory known as Bleeding Souls. She had memorized the names of her grandaunt's friends and family, her violet eyes sparkling with wonder. The twins would touch upon the dark times in their lives only briefly, and always with a warning about something they referred to as "The Darkness" in the Stormbringer bloodline. Family history, which had developed among them into something akin to myth, alluded that the line was descended from the great Fenris himself, and that as a result they all carried a hint of personality as dark as their most common fur color, and a mind that could sometimes teeter on the cliffs of insanity. Ravyn and Crow both knew what it was like to give into that paranoia and bloodlust, and they made it very clear to their brood that it was a highly unpleasant existence. Crow's line, in particular, had a very detailed demonstration for themselves when he'd snapped one night, killing Kol's father in a murderous rage when he discovered his sadistic abuse of Draneia, Kol's mother and Crow's beloved and gentle daughter.

Seeming to mature a bit more quickly than her siblings, Kol was possessed of a tremendous thirst for knowledge and adventure, a thirst she felt she needed to quench before it drove her to her own tip of insanity. Explaining things in that sense to her mother, and more importantly to her grandfather, Kol managed to convince them of her readiness to spread her metaphorical wings and chase her future. Having at least the sense to wait until the worst of winter was over, the young Stormbringer had set out at nine months of age to pursue a future in the lands of her bloodline's past. Five months later, she stands at destiny's doorstep, in the heart of the reborn lands of Souls.

Part two

Six months. So much had happened in that time. It was hard for Kol to believe that the last time she'd set foot in Dahlian lands had been back in the middle of spring, when the flowers had only just begun to bloom. She'd awakened on that crisp, clear May morning to the delightful sound of birdsong, the handsome visage of her beloved laying beside her. It had started out as any ordinary day, and had ended ever so twistedly. The woman still had trouble remembering exactly what had happened as the day had worn on, or for several days following the brutal abduction of herself and her brother.

Drey had come by around midday, asking for some alone time with his sister, and the siblings found themselves wandering farther from Dahlia than planned as they chatted about what was on the russet male's mind. It had grown dark before they'd realized how late it had gotten, and the pair never made it home.

The Dawnrunners had ambushed them in the dark, the siblings' usual nighttime advantages not nearly enough to overcome the size of the attacking group. The last thing the female could remember was the jovial sneer of the one they called Azrael, his blue eyes blazing as someone else took her consciousness away.

The next weeks were nothing but a painful blur, and Kol was more than happy to be unable to see those events clearly. Her next lucid memories were of Elliott finding her, and then of the valiant and bloody rescue days later. The siblings were freed, but not without a price in the lives of two young Stormbringer males barely into maturity. The guilt of their deaths plagued Kol to no end, her hatred for her blood's ancient enemies rising to a barely controlled boil. Elliott was the only one able to hold the young female back from enacting her vengeance as her wounds healed and their children grew in her womb.

The onset of Autumn heralded the coming of the pair's beautiful offspring, a true miracle that they had survived the torturous captivity their mother had faced at the hands of Azrael. For a time, life in Solbjorg, surrounded by her loving family, had been idyllic. That had been until the first of her children had grown ill. The sickness spread quickly to the young pup's siblings, and nothing anyone could do seemed to lessen their suffering or soothe the ailment. One by one, the children of Kol and Elliott slipped into eternal sleep, taking with them the last bit of love their mother had for her homeland.

Now here she was back again in Dahlia, six months after being ripped from the lands she truly felt were her home, unable to pursue life elsewhere.



  • Father: Illskun Sidartha
  • Mother: Draneia Stormbringer
  • Brothers: Wraith, Dreyrugr, Skripi
  • Sisters: Vili, Miskunn, Bris (half sister)
  • Mate: Elliot Oriel
  • Children: Three sons and a daughter, all deceased
  • Family: Stormbringer


Hybrid Holocaust


Kol is a typical Stormbringer and aptly named, kol being the Norse word for charcoal. Her pelt is a sleek reddish-hued black from her nose to her tailtip, with a single greyish white patch forming an upside-down triangle on her chest. Her build is small, her muscles sinewy, alluding to a form of grace and agility. Her fine, dainty muzzle, slender legs and long tail contribute to her overall image of fluidity. Her eyes sparkle a startling dark violet, a color not uncommon amongst the extensive Stormbringer line. Her left shoulder bears four jagged, parallel half-healed lacerations received from a rather ornery grizzly bear. Two scars vertically cross her left eye, the larger of the two extending directly down the middle of her eye, the smaller crossing just past the outer corner of her eyelid.