Brandr Stormbringer

Brandr Stormbringer is the offspring of Draneia Stormbringer and Azrael Napthira Dawnrunner. Born into the Stormbringer pack in the Solbjorg Valley, Brandr learned at a young age that his birth was a taboo—his father being the zealous leader of the Dawnrunners, their ancestral enemies. Unlike his unlucky sister Bris Stormbringer, however, Brandr took after Stormbringer genetics and was able to make his home in the valley without the stigma associated with white fur. Through his mate Aracelle, he is the father of Niernan, Bran, and Elessari.

Brandr Stormbringer

Photo by Ben R.
Name MeaningSword
To Flash
Name OriginNorse
Date of Birth23rd April 2009
Subspecies50% Mackenzie Valley Wolf
50% Eastern Timber Wolf
LuperciYes (Ortus)
Birth placeSolbjorg Valley
Current packStormbringer Pack

Current Pack

Pack Name

Joining dateNative
Previous Rank(s)Unknown
SignificanceBorn into the pack


  • Born into the Stormbringer pack in the Solbjorg
  • Was and still is particularly close to Vedr, though not so much Bris and his older siblings
  • When he was a year old, he met the siblings Aracelle and Emeris who came over from Ireland to live a new life in North America.
  • Brandr and Aracelle became a mated pair despite being so young and their first litter was born in June 2010.
  • Around two years old, Brandr was involved in a raid orchestrated by the Dawnrunners and sustained a few injuries. Luckily no lasting or serious damage was incurred.
  • Niernan and Bran leave not long after this, though Elessari remains at home with them for a time.
  • Remains in the Solbjorg Valley with Aracelle, after Elessari's eventual departure.


  • Dark overcoat of mottled browns and blacks
  • Light underside- belly, legs, underside of tail, chest and neck, inside of ears.
  • Stormbringer blue eyes
  • Small chunk missing from right ear, scar across the bridge of his nose, and a jagged scar down the outside of his right leg


Family: Stormbringer + Dawnrunner