Ninian Stormbringer

Ninian Stormbringer is the daughter of mates Niernan Stormbringer and Colibri Haki, born and raised in Vinátta. She is a hunter and scout aspiring to her father's Vald tier. Notably due to birth trauma, Ninian has weak vocal cords and elects to speak infrequently and softly so as not to strain her voice.

Ninian Stormbringer

by Nat



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Date of Birth

25 November 2013




Birth place

Futhark Falls, Vinátta



100% Canis lupus (Wolf)


43.75% Arctic Wolf
43.75% Eastern Timber Wolf
12.5% Mackenzie Valley Wolf




Pack Vinátta
Rank Hollr


Vinátta (Mon YYYY - Mon YYYY)
Aeska, Hollr


Design by Sie


  • Eyes: Loblolly (#B4C8CC).
  • Nose: Toast (#A37265).
  • Fur:
    • Porcelain (#E2E6E7) is her base color, underside, cheeks.
    • Yuma (#CDBE92) highlights her ruff, forelegs, back.
    • Potters Clay (#956731) marks her tear stripes, tail, shoulders.
    • Dallas (#6D4A21) ticking in her ruff.

Ninian's wolf parents contributed an even blend of arctic and timber heritage, though she displays more traits typical to arctic wolves such as a shorter muzzle and wider paws. She boasts a thick off-white coat with creamy highlights, while warm chocolate-brown marks her withers, tail tip, and tear stripes. With Stormbringer and Soul heritage combined, she was bound to have blue eyes, and indeed Ninian's irises are a ghost-pale shade of puppy-blue she will never outgrow.

She inherited the small build of her dam, with the lean athletic grace of her sire. She is sleek and healthy, having grown up well-fed and cared for within the pack. Ninian is somewhat feminine and curvy in appearance, though no traits in particular stand out, and she has not yet settled on an Optime hairstyle.





60 lbs (27 kg)
24 in (61 cm)

120 lbs (54 kg)
30 in (76 cm)

155 lbs (48 kg)
5ft 11in (71 in) (180.34 cm)

Average arctic wolf in build; thick fur hides her toned body.

Too heavy for her liking; she overheats due to the thickness of fur.

On the smaller side, balanced curves and muscle befitting an athlete.


  • Speech: Subtle Irish accent, learned from imitating her sire. Ninian's vocal cords were damaged[1] during her difficult birth: she is incapable of howling or shouting, and speaks in a breathy whisper so as not to strain her voice. Attempts to bark or raise her volume result in a hoarse, wheezy quality that hurts her throat.
  • Scent: Pine forest, earth, woodsmoke, felines, spice, Stormbringer and Soul family
  • Quirks, Gestures, Etc.: Prone to casual contact and physical affection. Laughs almost silently. Tends to stare intensely and follow those she is interested in, such as figures of authority or relatives. Will mirror others' body language if she likes them. Shortness of breath when she exerts herself.
  • General Posture and Body Language: Graceful movements, always keenly aware of where she is stepping. Cheerfully submissive - smiles, wagging tail, eager to please. Posture is usually relaxed, not easily intimidated. Communicates with expressive body language more than words, and tends to watch others for unspoken cues.


Images by Raze & Nat


Plucky Girl · Cuddle Bug · Outdoorsy Gal · Good Bad Girl · Ethical Slut

Personality is still developing. Ninian was doted on in her early childhood due to being the runt/sickly, and her parents didn't know if she would survive. (It was expected that she would be small and frail throughout her life, as her mother was, but she surprised her family by growing athletic and strong.) Has an innate worship of her older half-siblings, particularly Florina and Teagan, and is often their silent shadow whenever they visit. Besides her family, whom she adores, Ninian was especially close to her milk-sibling Bel.

Those who know how to read her learn Ninian is confident, bold, playful, easy-going, and mischievous, taking many traits from her father. She is a soft-spoken wolf, though this is not by choice and has more to do with her damaged vocal cords limiting her. Bright and curious; wants to learn everything about everything. A people-pleaser like her mother, Ninian likes to make others smile. She learned from an early age to mimic body language, and as a puppy often followed family members around to copy their every move. As an adult she still prefers her Lupus form to better express herself without words. She is energetic and always looking for a reason to keep moving.

Ninian is optimistic and fun-loving, with a bit of a trickster side as she occasionally delves into mild pranks or lighthearted teasing. She tends to be submissive and ends up with hero worship or crushes on those significantly more dominant than her. She loves attention and especially praise, being the type to flirt and revel in flattery. She is still naive and sheltered and could potentially be manipulated by someone taking advantage of this.

Hunting brings out an intense focus -- it's a game she loves to win, and it's better when there's others to see her and congratulate her. Since she expresses herself in actions more than words, Ninian is very touch-oriented and tends toward casual contact (leaning on others, holding hands, laying her head in their lap, etc). This affection is generally platonic but she will grow to enjoy kissing, cuddling, and more amorous activities, perhaps taking after her uncle.



  • Likes: hunting, scouting, tracking, companion animals, praise, attention, physical contact
  • Dislikes: being treated as fragile, being ignored, sore throats, being denied touch


Bright, Playful, Mischievous, Copycat, Quirky, Affectionate, Optimistic, Curious

  • Outlook: An extroverted optimist confident enough to handle bad days
  • Expression: Cheerfully submissive, happy to let others take the reins
  • Alignment: True neutral TBD


  • Sickness, losing her voice completely, losing a family member, being hated/rejected


  • TBD


  • Packs: TBD
  • Species: TBD
  • Non-Luperci: TBD
  • Gender: TBD
  • Color: TBD
  • Sexuality: TBD
  • Age: TBD


Undetermined but Ninian expresses affection for everyone and everything; she may be pansexual like her mother, or she may narrow down her preferences after youthful experimentation. A likely candidate for free love or poly relationships once she's older!






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  • Niernan's house is large and well furnished, and full of a menagerie of companion animals in addition to his children and mate. It boasts a fireplace, bookshelves, and multiple bedrooms.



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  • November: Ninian is born after two littermates, Russano and Fionna. The birth was difficult on her mother, who remains weakened for the earliest months of her life.


  • January: Ninian receives her Frithr pendant and is publicly blessed in the Ausa Vatni ceremony, along with the other Aeska of Vinátta.
  • March: Colibri resigns from her position as leader, and names Florina her successor. Ninian is the only witness to her sister's homecoming, and speaks her first words in defense of their mother.



  1. (NPC) She's taking the long way home. (25 Nov 2013)
    Niernan finds Colibri in the woods after her accident, and despite complications she safely gives birth to their children: Russano Stormbringer, Fionna vin Haki, Ninian Stormbringer.
  2. (NPC) rooted fast to the earth (1 Dec 2013)
    Saul comes to check up on Colibri's recovery, and makes sure the puppies are healthy.
  3. (NPC) And now I need to know is this real love (15 Jan 2014)
    Coli introduces Russano, Fionna, and Ninian to their half-sister Florina, when the New Dawn member stops off in Vinátta to escort their youths to the interpack party.
  4. (NPC) With the brightest of hopes (31 Jan 2014)
    (Pack Thread) Colibri organizes the Ausa Vatni for Orvar, Bel, Russano, Fionna, Ninian, and Dagr. Florina keeps her promise and visits.
  5. (NPC) And now I have finally seen the light (7 Mar 2014)
    Ninian speaks her first words in her mother's defense, when Colibri is unexpectedly confronted by Florina. Coli ushers Nini to return home before things get too heated.
  6. (NPC) Second star to the right, and straight on 'til morning (20 May 2014)
    (Pack Thread) Vinátta celebrates their second anniversary, and the entire pack is in attendance.
  7. (NPC) Wait 'til you're announced (20 Oct 2014)
    (Pack Thread) Ninian and her family attend the Ausa Vatni ceremony for the youngest Aeska.
  8. (NPC) And everyone's competing for a love they won't receive (4 Dec 2014)
    Ninian accompanies her half-sister Florina on a patrol, the first of many.
  9. (NPC) [M] The moods that take me and erase me (20 Dec 2014)
    Florina takes Ninian hunting, but she wanders off when she finds the trail of an unfamiliar male. Close to her first heat, Ninian nearly mates with him, but Florina violently stops them. Ninian spares the male's life, but is told she is too unreliable to become a Vald yet.


  1. [2]? (DD Mon)
    AREA?, with CHARACTER?. Example of how to re-start numbering following section break.

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