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  • Species: Wolf, Coywolf, Wolfdog
  • Family Origin: Canada
  • Surname: immortal essence
  • Archetype (Group): prolificacy, violence, incest, mental illness, dominance/submission extremes
  • Archetypes (Individuals): pack leaders, spiritualists, rebels and outcasts, neglectful parents, wanderers
  • Status: 0 Active (4 Apr '20)
  • Size: Medium to Large
  • 'Souls: SL
Previously: CH, CT, LG, DdM, PV, InH, CdM, ND, AW, CdA, VN, IF


Moar incest, intertwined very heavily with Sadira to the point of being almost indistinguishable, involved with Clouded Tears in the old days and now they're eeeeeverywhereeee. :o They also like to make portmanteau names like "Soulstorm" and "Kurosoul". (They really love Stormbringers, too.)

Dominance may be hereditary, as many members of this family have served as pack leaders, including but not limited to: Colibri Soul, Melisande Sadira, Jefferson Soul, Haku Soul, Conor Soul, Halo Lykoi, Claudius Aston, Lilin Soulstorm, Colibri Haki, and Florina Soul.





The first generation of the Soul family were arctic wolves, sisters Colibri and Susquehanna. However, they bore almost entirely hybrid offspring; nearly all of Colibri's litters were sired by coyote hybrids, and Susquehanna bore a wolfdog daughter. Subsequent generations strayed even further from their roots, although there are some lines that remained true to their original heritage.

Eye Color

Fur Color

  • Colibri is a solid-white arctic wolf, lending her unblemished fur color to several of her offspring including Mew, Melisande, and Jael.
  • Arctic wolves can also display greys and blacks, embodied in first-generation Susquehanna, and her grandnieces Keeleigh and Vesle.
  • Eastern Timber wolf genetics added the warm shades of brown to Haku's pelt and that of his many offspring, most of whom resemble him closely.
  • Coyote and dog hybridization added a variety of coat colors and patterns found in the later generations, such as blue merle in Désirée and Forte, or the eumelaninistic masks seen in Fiora and Farina.

Family Tree

F I R S T ∙ G E N

S E C O N D ∙ G E N

T H I R D ∙ G E N

Bold indicates Soul bloodline carrier.
Italics indicates adopted or abnormal character.
Small text indicates additional notes.
Since a significant number are deceased, strike-throughs will not be used.
Litter 1

F O U R T H ∙ G E N

F I F T H ∙ G E N

S I X T H ∙ G E N

S E V E N T H ∙ G E N

Litter 1
  • 3x Unnamed
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