Farina vin Haki

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art by Miyu

Farina vin Haki is the daughter of Colibri Haki and Toby, born in Vinátta's first litter between sisters Fiora vin Haki and Florina Soul. Farina is a guardian-class Araedi of Vinátta where she resided most of her life, and was a part of the Ironside Conflict.

Large, powerful and comparatively feral, Farina is a child of freedom guided by instinct and heart. Though bumbling at times and short-tempered at others she possesses a thoroughly genuine soul, deceptive in no way and honest (if not brutally so) in her exchanges. A hunter by trade but a warrior by choice Farina specializes in weaponless fighting, using her sheer size and power to her advantage. She spent a number of years as a personal guardian to the crippled Dagr Soul.

In late 2016, feeling as if she had grown distant from her loved ones at home and worried for her good friend Octavius, Farina left Vinátta to find him. She happily settled down at the Old Ironsides outpost belonging to Krokar with Octavius, serving his caretaker as his arthritis worsened and helping out around the outpost as needed.






  • Date of Birth: 14 Sept 2012
  • Age: >1 year
  • Gender: Female
  • Luperci: Ortus
  • Pack: Vinátta
  • Highest Rank: Araedi Ríkr
  • Co-Ranks: Falconer, Diplomat
  • cNPC: —
  • yNPC: —
  • Minor NPCs:




1.  Appearance

1.1  Basics


Farina is the middle child, built like a wolf and largest of her littermates. She takes strongly after her German Shepherd father, matching his solid black eyes and dark pelt. With cream-tipped digits, a warm brown sleeves her arms and legs and splashes across her chest and cheeks, along with small pips above her eyes. She shares the German Shepherd beauty marks with her sisters, a pair of small symmetrical spots on her cheekbones. Her ears are taller like that of a shepherd, and her pelt grew in long and glossy as she matured.

In her Optime form, she towers over most females at a solid 6'9". Unintentionally boyish, her dark mane is kept short and spiky with natural streaks of brown and cream swept as bangs over one eye and offset by one sporty braid decorated with a colored bead. She is always seen wearing a carved Frithr necklace, as is the custom for Vináttans. Farina equally prefers her Secui and Optime forms and shifts back and forth frequently.

  • Humanization: Low. Outside the sweater she wears on the worst of winter days and Frithr necklace, Farina is considerably feral and bears no tattoos, piercings, or clothing of any kind. A red string is tied in a bow atop the scar on her upper left shoulder.
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 Heavy Metal (#191A19)
 Cod Grey (#1F1E1E)
 Cumin (#8F4623)
 Paarl (#9F5C2E)
 Straw (#CFC286)


  • Fur: Predominantly Heavy Metal and Cod Grey
  • Markings:
    • Cumin and Paarl tailtip, sleeves and socks
    • Straw fingertips, toes, tailtip
    • Paarl dots over eyes
    • Paarl and Straw roots in bangs
    • Black shepherd beauty marks
  • Optime Hair: Heavy Metal
  • Eyes: Heavy Metal
  • Nose and Paw Pads: Black

art by makangeni

art by Lin



120 lbs (54 kg)36 in (91 cm)

Large, athletic and wolfish, Farina is weighed down by muscle and clearly built for power over speed. This form is never used—it's too scrawny for her liking, even if it is still larger than most.

Secui (Preferred)

235 lbs (107 kg)44 in (112 cm)

Massive and intimidating, with spiked and hulkish fur. Packed with size and muscle, on four legs she appears feral and not a force to reckon with. Built for pure power, not speed. Used for travel, hunting, and leisure.

Optime (Preferred)

260 lbs (118 kg)6ft 9in (179 cm)

Tall and toned, Farina shakes off hits through high pain tolerance and packs a thunderous punch. Somewhat wild in appearance compared to most, she moves with a certain grace whether or not she realizes it. Modest in appearance when friendly; outright frightening when angered.


  • Speech: Informal and crude at times, Farina has a moderately feminine voice (if not a little gritty) of medium to low pitch. She has a large range in volume that is not always well moderated, and she unconsciously grows very loud when excited.
  • Scent: Vinatta, quite primarily. Earthy, feral scents: Soil, grass, hawk feathers.
  • Quirks, Gestures, Etc.: Few. Farina is very telling of her mood with body language.
  • General Posture and Body Language: Somewhat graceful in gait, without swinging hips. Farina carries herself knowing well her size and weight, choosing to be intimidating when it is necessary but otherwise extremely leisurely in her walk.


2.  Personality

The Berserker, Bruiser with a Soft Center, Amazonian Beauty, Chaste Hero

Untamed, free-spirited and mysterious, Farina is all of these things and more. She follows her heart instead of her head, whether it leads her down brighter or darker paths, no one would ever be able to tell. Though something of a gentle giant, she is the embodiment of neutrality: Farina is neither good nor evil and remains in areas of grey, but by no means is she cruel. She does not enjoy the unnecessary suffering of others, but sometimes that’s just the way it is. She has very low self-awareness, has a tendency to be aloof, and is generally short-tempered. Words, she believes, are a powerful weapon, and she refuses to let someone use words against her to their advantage. Words should not be wasted, and Farina she can be very quiet at times when she feels words are not required, though she is not unsociable.

Farina is very independent and prefers to do things by herself than with a team. She accepts help when she knows she needs it, but also likes to showcase her capabilities as an individual and loathes the thought of being completely powerless. She would never let anyone control her and avoids situations that may put her freedom at risk. She does not want power at this moment in time; she just wants to feel in control of her life and growth of self.

2.1  Ideals


friendly, brutally honest, short-tempered, independent, defensive, confrontational, unpredictable

  • Outlook: Realistic, stark
  • Sociability: Ambiverted
  • Expression: Dominant, sometimes detached
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
    • "Good and evil are irrelevant when making a decision.
    • "Likes to indulge in everything."
    • "Tends to believe in luck or chance over fate."
    • "Death is inevitable anyway."


Freedom and control of own life, self-worth, new experiences


Familial estrangement, banishment from Vinátta, becoming crippled, children


  • Likes: freedom, companionship, masonry, falconry, sparring
  • Dislikes: restriction, belittlement, failure, cowards, children


  • Vinátta: Farina's birthplace and the source of equal happiness and anger. She is extremely loyal, if only until the next thing comes.
  • Casa di Cavalieri: Favored after training there under the leader in April 2014.
  • Loners: Due to a number of poor instances with loners around Vinátta, Farina is presently hostile with most loners she finds, especially the closer they are to her pack.
  • Age: Farina is a very large individual regardless of form, and is afraid of touching children for fear of accidentally hurting them with her size.


Having grown up in Vinátta, Rina was surrounded by Norse beliefs from the start. Taking after her "uncle" Saul, she acknowledges and does not judge fellow packmates for their beliefs in the pantheon. Her own belief in the Norse gods does not go much further than praying to them in emergency or cursing a name in surprise.


Though presently still a virgin, Farina's need for freedom includes finding lovers wherever they may be. That said, she does not quite understand love and does not prioritize it in her life. Farina is oblivious to her own sexuality, daft to advances, and could in theory swing any which way.


Farina is a child of independence and freedom. Substances have not yet entered her life, but she is more than likely to indulge in them regardless of restrictions.

3.  Relationships

3.1  Family

3.2  Relations

Key Relations

  • Florina Soul is her sister and roommate, no longer the rival of her childhood but someone too moody and complicated to understand and too high-ranking to compete with. The sisters have never quite seen eye to eye, but tend to understand one another better than most others. Farina is one of few not afraid to call out Florina on her behavior and face the consequences. When Florina ran away from home Farina felt a lack of purpose; since she returned and seized power as the pack's subleader, Farina feels she cannot be "herself" around her any longer.
  • Colibri Haki is her mother, and they have a complicated relationship. Farina senses distance and apprehension in her mother, and does not understand it is because of her height and appearance. Thinking she is unloved or innately "wrong" she bears something of a grudge against her mother, yet simultaneously yearns for her attention and approval made evident by her poor opinion of Niernan. Farina thinks Colibri is somewhat neglectful, considering the litter conceived with Niernan while Florina was self-exiled as result of an accident with her mother, but the vin Haki knows deep down her mother is a good person. She wants to help her, but does not know how.

Positive Relations

  • Carya and Andira grew up with Farina, though they did not become better friends until after their first year. Farina values Carya as a sensitive, genuine, caring soul and considers her a confidant and close friend, while Andira is something of a rival and a mixture of traits that Farina finds humbling.
  • Saul Stormbringer is referred to as her uncle though they share no biological relation. He was her teacher in her youth, and played the role of father figure, though Farina seems to have outgrown the need for his advice but values instead his companionship. She was torn when he left behind his pack in 2014 to find his daughter, but seems to have an undying belief in his success and eventual return.
  • Octavius has become one of Farina's closer friends thanks to his similarities in attributes and upbeat attitude. There is something natural about him she just likes, though she cannot pinpoint exactly what, and loves to be in his company. He is someone she wants to impress.

Neutral / Negative

  • Niernan Stormbringer is Colibri's mate, making him Farina's stepfather. Feeling as if he has stolen away her mother and broken their family, Farina is increasingly resentful and hostile with Niernan and actively avoids any interaction. She suspects he could be her birth father, but doesn't want to know for certain: She abhors him and doesn't want an obligation to treat him any better.
  • Fiora vin Haki is her shy elder sister whom she used to push around and tease. As adults they've grown more civil toward each other, though there is an awkwardness to their interactions. While she is driven by instinct to protect her fragile older sister, Farina hesitates to develop a better relationship with her while holding grudges against their mother Fiora so closely resembles, and envies Fiora for being their mother's obvious favorite.
  • Lilin Soulstorm was called her aunt growing up, as Uncle Saul's mate. She was once an important authority in Farina's life, but when she left Vinátta in April 2013 only to return the following year and disrupting life for Saul, Farina lost a considerable amount of respect for her.
  • Lund, Rúni, and Sólieri were cousins raised as her siblings, though Farina has since distanced herself. Solieri's disappearance in 2014 troubles Florina more Farina, though the vin Haki has doubled efforts to sharpen her combat and scouting skills in hopes of finding her.
  • Russano, Ninian, and Fionna are the children of Colibri and Niernan, step-siblings perpetually held at arm's length. Farina has yet to involve herself in their lives and has little intention of doing so, rather resentful instead of their existence and feeling replaced and unwanted.


4.  Assets

4.1  Abilities


  • Education and Learning: Farina has had no specialized training in this field, instead relying on blunt common sense that, while sometimes harsh, is brutally honest and straightforward in delivery.
  • Close to an expert in hunting, to the point that she was thought natural to advance into the Vald ranks once of age due to her in-depth training as a child in hunting by her uncle Saul Stormbringer, but true to her spontaneous nature thought it too dull and aimed instead for the Araedi branch. Farina is a talented hunter, dedicated to blunt force and quick thinking over long analysis and strategy. She is not speedy by any means, but with backup has the power to take down larger than average prey such as elk as she has done on more than one occasion.
  • Scouting falls partially under the jurisdiction of Araedi as pack protectors, and though Farina finds it rather boring, she attends to the borders diligently enough. As a skilled hunter, most of her scouting skills rely on techniques learned and adapted from hunting prey, but Farina is no Vald.
  • A falconer, the road to peaceful partnership between Farina and her peregrine hawk, Niruin, is a long and bumpy one. Insisting on a partnership over a hunter-and-tool relationship, bird and wolf still have a long way of personal training to go before they understand and can read one another.
  • Not quite a master but not quite a journeyman, Farina is an effective but inexperienced diplomat. She is not the best with words and does not butter up her conversation for the sake of hurt feelings. She feels important information needs to be laid out clean and clear if it is to be absorbed and fully understood, although her lack of sympathy may land her in a bit of trouble.


  • Education and Learning: Since choosing to become an Araedi, Farina has wholly dedicated herself to combat training. She spars very often and with a number of packmates with different styles. She spent two weeks away in April 2014 training diligently under leader Alistair Callow-Knight of Casa di Cavalieri, and has more recently started to train with her tier's leader, Bran Stormbringer.
  • Farina specializes in hand-to-hand, weaponless combat and unequipping her opponents to even the odds. While not yet an expert, she trains regularly with a vast number of opponents to sharpen her skills. Farina adheres closely to the Berserker archetype: Blinded by adrenaline, focus and determination, once she is moving she is something of a formidable, unstoppable force. Her self-defense skills are satisfactory if not lacking, but it seems purposeful, as...
  • ...she seems to absorb a number of blows through natural high pain tolerance before showing any signs of slowing down. Whether it is her size and build or through sheer determination (or perhaps a combination of the two), the wolfdog shrugs off blunt trauma to a further extent than most combatants. Open wounds are expectedly more difficult to tolerate, as compared to bruises, but better endured than the average wolf.


  • Education and Learning: Self-motivated and with fleeting interests, Farina is easily swayed to new things but commonly overestimates her ability to learn them fast. She does not have an eye for the arts, does not catch details well, and altogether does not have a lot of patience for skills that involve too much sitting and thinking.
  • More a sculptor than a mason, Farina enjoys chipping and chiseling at stone to make a figurine or statue, but she is not, quite frankly, very good at it. She has no interest in fostering those skills into something useful: Chipping away at rocks just keeps her busy, and she likes to make gifts.
  • Like sculpting, carpentry is something useful to do than a hobby. Farina enjoys carpentry work and showing off her strength and muscle when work is available to her.

4.2  Inventory


Dugout, north of Jordheim

Farina has a small den dug into the side of a hill due north of Jordheim, insisting she feels too big for the manmade houses in the village. The dugout has little extravagance, a stream nearby, and space out front enough to train or do a little stonework. She presently shares the space with her little sister, Florina Soul, though it is not often the two are home at the same time. It is not uncommon to hear them arguing over something petty.



  • Offering: TBD
  • Accepting: TBD



  • TBD


  • TBD

5.  History

5.1  Timeline

Previous Packs and Ranks

Vinátta (9/14/12 - present)
Aeska, Hollr, Araedi


  • September: Farina was born in Vinátta alongside two littermates, Fiora and Florina.[1] It is a closely guarded secret that their conception was non-consensual, and that their father would be attacked on sight if he attempts to see them. Endured the hurricane with family and friends, and moved in with the Virdings afterward.[2]
  • October: Farina was introduced to the pack in a public ceremony, along with her sisters and cousins.[3] Her mother is promoted to Sannindi, and grows busy with leader duties; Farina is often left with Uncle Saul and Auntie Lilin, and plays with her cousins Lund, Rúni, and Sólieri.
  • Nov-December: Farina moves back in with her mother, and is taken exploring around Jordheim to meet her packmates. [4] [5] [6] [7] [8] [9] She is quick to establish herself as the dominant pup of the litter, and often disregards her mother completely.


  • Jan-March: Farina is given more freedom to explore on her own, and revels in her independence. She is taught basic hunting lessons by Saul[10], and learns about falconry from Cody Rhiannon[11]. She is reluctant to take part in pack festivals, but is still in attendance.[12]
  • Apr-May: Her sister Florina runs away from home after hurting their mother, leaving Farina without her rival to measure up against. She attains her adult rank in the pack, and begins patrolling the borders by herself.[13] Her mother tries unsuccessfully to discourage this since Farina has no combat training, and could end up in harm's way.
  • June: The Ironside Conflict comes to Vinátta, and Farina is caught by the borders and injured.[14] She becomes withdrawn after this, and avoids socializing with everyone including her family. Her confidence is shaken, and she must reassess her goals. She begins sleeping outdoors instead of in her mother's house, and becomes a talented hunter.
  • September: Colibri explains that she and Niernan Stormbringer are now mates, so he is part of the family. Farina asks if he is actually her real father, since they are of similar height and pelt coloration. Before Coli comes up with an answer, Farina changes her mind and says she does not want to know the truth, since she would rather make her own way than follow in someone's footsteps.[15] She is disinterested in having a stepfather, and appears unaffected by her mother's mateship, though she may be hiding her insecurities.
  • October: Farina is gifted a young, male peregrine falcon by Cody Rhiannon. She names him Niruin.
  • November: Colibri has a litter with Niernan Stormbringer: Russano Stormbringer, Ninian Stormbringer, and Fionna vin Haki. Farina, feeling replaced and bitter that more children have been brought into the picture despite Florina's continued self-exile in New Dawn, rejects the litter as her half-siblings and refuses a role in their lives until problems with her sister are resolved.


  • March: Farina enters the Skilled ranks of Vinatta as a warrior-guardian Araedi. Florina Soul returns to Vinátta and seizes their mother's subleader rank. She moves in with Farina, who spends a portion of the month in foul spirits.
  • April: Farina leaves for Casa di Cavalieri with Andira Coeur to train under leader Alistair Callow-Knight for two weeks. Late in the month she earns herself two co-ranks, Falconer and Diplomat.
  • May: Farina shows some unusual resolve for her rank, discussing border issues with Shiloh, training with tier leader Bran, and even saving the life of Anu from an Inferni straggler with the help of her sister.
  • June: For the first time Octavius and Farina meet, sparking a fast and strong friendship. Farina is promoted to Araedi Rikr, although she is not certain how to feel about added responsibility. In July, she has a terrible spat with stepfather Niernan and revisits a number of old friends.

6.  Threads

6.1  Appeared as NPC



  1. undisclosed desires
    Farina is born the middle child to Colibri Haki in Vinatta, alongside sisters Fiora vin Haki and Florina Soul.
  2. hiding under the covers
    Farina endures a hurricane with her family and packmates.


  1. make the streams for our children flow
    Farina and her sisters partake in the Naming Ceremony and are welcomed as members of Vinatta.

November, December

  1. autumn innocence
    Meets Shiloh Dawnbringer.
  2. glazed hearts
    Meets Jordyn.
  3. fall dance
    Meets Jiva Takekuro.
  4. shells and stars, crickets and bees
    Meets Bran Stormbringer.
  5. lift us up to fall
    Meets Anu.
  6. in memoriam
    Participates in Vinatta's Winternights Ceremony.

6.2  Played by Kelsie


January - March

  1. keep your heart strong
    Uncle Saul teaches Farina basic hunting skills, alongside Sólieri, Rúni , Carya, Valérian, and Florina.
  2. will it last forever?
    Farina and her mother rush to Fiora's when she shifts prematurely as result of trauma.
  3. Þórs gnýreið!
    Cody Rhiannon teaches Florina and Farina basic falconing skills, immediately planting a seed of interest in the elder sister.
  4. throw open wide the gates of spring
    Participates in the Ostara Spring Festival.

April - May

  1. my oceans are expanding
    Now with adult ranks, Farina, Fiora and Coli greet Adonis Nero at Vinattan borders.

June - September

  1. the bite is worse than the bark
    Failing to heed the warnings of her mother, Farina patrols pack borders without combat training and is swept up and wounded during the Ironside Conflict. It serves as a reality check.
  2. just know that the feelings will never change for us at all
    (NPC) Farina inquires if Niernan Stormbringer — Colibri's mate — is her father, then changes her mind at the last moment.

6.3  Played by Lin



  1. borderline
    Farina patrols Vinattan borders alongside Palaydrian Soul and routs some intruding wolverines.
  2. raise the sticks
    Seeks out Cody Rhiannon, recovering from a recent accident, to inquire more about falconry. He gifts her with a recently acquired peregrine falcon.
  3. i guess we're family now
    Speaks with sort-of-half-sibling Teagan Stormbringer.
  4. selfish
    The first to approach youngest sister Florina after the accident that left their mother with a broken wrist, Farina arrives at New Dawn short of patience and ready to negotiate on Colibri's behalf at very long last.
  5. syncopation
    Farina denounces Colibri's newest litter as siblings until Florina has returned home. Mother and daughter get very emotional.


  1. let me rely this once
    Hurt after an accident with her new peregrine, Farina seeks out eldest sister Fiora in Jordheim for patching up.
  2. on the bloodline
    Farina assists Saul Stormbringer in hunting a doe.
  3. what if i lose it all?
    Farina meets up with childhood friend Valérian Coeur and is the one to tell him what happened to his sister Carya the previous autumn.
  4. half of the slain possessed
    Farina spars with Shiloh Dawnbringer, her aunt-like figure and more or less polar opposite.
  5. a moment of time
    Farina catches up with Carya Aston, agrees to breed their hawks and challenges her friend in the wake of tragedy.



  1. with the brightest of hopes
    Farina attends the Ausa Vatni of several pack children, including her new half-siblings.
  2. sweet hour of prayer
    Anu provides Farina with life and religious advice.
  3. unfortunate
    After a failed trading attempt and reality check at The Outpost, Farina finds herself a bit down in the dumps, but must gather patience and optimism to help out Fenrir Lupercus.
  4. hollow part of the garden
    Farina walks Vinattan borders with Carya Aston.
  5. bird brain
    Discusses falconry with Taro Kurosoul.
  6. i'm spoiled by your distraction
    Farina speaks with distant albeit childhood friend, Andira Coeur.


  1. how the wolf lost his eye
    Farina bumps into Fenrir again. The two learn more about each other.
  2. i have finally realized what you need
    When younger sister Florina at long last returns to Vinatta, Farina is upset to learn it is to usurp their mother's subleader position.
  3. maybe I'm too headstrong
    New Sannidi Florina and Farina have a spat about recent changes and their relationship.
  4. baby lion lost his teeth
    Farina hunts an elk/moose with Lyris Stryder of New Dawn as part of the packs' dual Hunting Festival.


  1. this road is finally standing up to the sky
    Farina and Andira Coeur arrive at Casa di Cavalieri borders for two weeks of training, by invitation of leader Alistair Callow-Knight.
  2. the shiny blades of pagan angels
    The ever-graceful Farina breaks a training dummy while practicing during her stay in Casa di Cavalieri.
  3. we're one in the river and one again after the fall
    Sannindi Florina announces the departure of Vinatta's leader, Farina's Uncle Saul Stormbringer as he leaves to seek out the missing Solieri Stormbringer.
  4. a perfect cacophony
    Farina sets her personal issues aside to assist Carya with her wounded stallion and hunt together.
  5. burning incandescently
    Newly appointed a diplomat, Farina travels to Anathema to talk down a potential problem before misunderstandings can occur.


  1. ain't got no time for things like love
    Old friend Cody Rhiannon comes to say goodbye as he leaves Vinatta.
  2. and here's where i wait counting hours in the day
    Shiloh discusses security and pack issues with Farina.
  3. a heart's labor lifts mountains
    Farina helps Alessan Stormbringer with some work around the vineyard.
  4. the spar
    Bran Stormbringer spars with Farina.
  5. cultures collide
    Altair Amarok visits from New Dawn and hunts with Farina.
  6. i'm not calling you a thief
    Anu runs into some trouble outside pack territory, rescued by the efforts of Farina, Florina, and Ascher.


  1. we found your name across the chapel door
    Farina stumbles upon a downtrodden Octavius Poer de Angelo and unwittingly turns his mood around.
  2. the haze and roads forgotten
    Octavius and Farina reunite, raising one another's moods.
  3. atrocious stories
    Farina meets Grace Revlis.
  4. roads
    Farina speaks with prospective joiner Kyros ThieCean.


  1. that season came in quiet with the rain
    IN PROGRESS. With Andira Coeur.
  2. extending the olive branch
    Stepfather Niernan Stormbringer tries to make amends, but the attempts end in a heated argument.
  3. does he ever look past you on the street?
    Octavius tells Farina about Krokar.
  4. to make amends
    IN PROGRESS. With Fenrir Lupercus.
  5. [M] this is his song you sing along to
    IN PROGRESS. With Machidael Lykoi.


  1. beauty lays behind the hills
    IN PROGRESS. With Fionna vin Haki.
  2. caught wind of the existence
    IN PROGRESS. With Diarmid Ahearne.
  3. snakes come out at night
    IN PROGRESS. With Carya Aston.