Diarmid Ahearne

Diarmid is the son of Riordan Ahearne and Eibhlin Ó Eidirsceóil; betrothed to Tierney Brádaigh, he followed after her and her sisters when they left Airgid Gleann. After reuniting with Tierney, Diarmid helped to found Sapient in October 2014. In December 2014, Diarmid's son Ruari Ahearne was born, the result of a one night stand with Tierney.





Art by Nat

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Sapient members may assume and reference the following without discussion/asking:

  • Diarmid patrolling the borders, usually in the early morning or early evening.
  • Diarmid working with various weapons, sparring with others or running drills around Government Estate.
  • Diarmid and Tierney employing their super sleuth techniques and avoiding the crap out of each other.




  • Species: With only a small percentage of his genetics influenced by dog subspecies, Diarmid almost exclusively represents his wolf dominant lineage. Large and broad in size with nicely tapered wolf ears and a full wolf tail, very few would ever pick up on the slightness of dog blood within him.
  • Fur: Thick, straight wolf fur covers his body and is usually seen to be fairly long and shaggy in the winter months. Of particular note, the fur around his ears, elbows and undercarriage typically hint at a curling nature when the male gets wet, one of the only indications of his minimal dog heritage.
    • Optime Hair: Attributable to his Setter genetics, Diarmid has medium length, moderately curling hair when in his optime form. Usually left to its own devices, Diarmid typically has a biannual hack-and-slash to bring the curls to heel and then leaves it wild the rest of the time.
  • Facial Features: Broad and strong in facial feature, Diarmid has a craggy look to his face most of the time. A strong muzzle and well proportioned ears mean that Diarmid has not lucked out entirely in the looks department, though no delicacy is seen anywhere on his body.
  • Build and Size: Diarmid was born to be a warrior and this is reflected clearly in his build. A very tall male with a barrel chest and broad shoulders would serve well as some kind of battering ram. He is well muscled from years of training, long legs fairly bulky and strong arms equally toned. While he is muscled, they are the well defined but not overly bulging muscles of hard work and while he is an intimidating creature, he does not cross the lines of a ridiculously defined or over-developed physique.
  • Humanization: Moderate; wears armour and cloaks, handles weaponry and has a few accessories.


  • Fur:
    • Wafer
    • Brown Derby
  • Markings:
    • Seppia Skin & Brown Derby nose blaze.
    • Seppia Black hind socks, rump and tail tip.
    • Zorba and Taupe brindle along upper spine.
  • Eyes: Ocean Green
  • Optime Hair: Millbrook , Brown Derby & Wafer
    • Nose and Paw Pads: Woodsmoke


Ocean Green (#39A388)
Wafer (#ded5ca)
Zorba (#a59b8d)
Taupe (#483d35
Millbrook (#6e473c)
Sepia Skin (#9a5638)
Brown Derby (#4a2117)
Sepia Black (#200101)


42 in (107 cm)
130 lbs (60 kg)


His wolf-dominant heritage is most obvious in this form. Long, strong limbs support a broad body and a chunky wolf head. Well proportioned, rounded ears frame a wide, strong face. His fur is medium in length in this form, slightly shaggy around the face and legs with a long, full wolf tail.

53 in (135 cm)
200 lbs (91 kg)


He grows considerably when shifted to this form, with more than half of the height concentrated in his upper body. His muscle mass increases considerably; around his shoulders, chest and neck. Similarly, his fur is the most shaggy in this form, starting to curl slightly down the back of his neck in preparation for his Optime mane and around his neck, chest and torso.

7ft 4in (89 in) (226 cm)
291 lbs (132 kg)


A large and formidable presence in his Optime form, Diarmid's body is a powerhouse of well toned muscle. His fur is sleekest in this form, laying flat against defined muscle tone around his torso, chest and shoulders. Well defined thighs, calves and biceps are much easier to see in this form. He also develops a mop of dark red curls that frames his face.



  • Piercings: Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit.
  • Tattoos: Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit.
  • Scars:
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  • Speech:
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- Mildly manipulative of Tierny (doesn’t want her interested in romance and things, got her hooked on warrior training, gave her the other half to his matched pair of axes) - Speaks fluent Gaelic and is strongly religious - A reserved character, doesn’t like to open up to anyone. closed up, armoured - Strength is the most important aspect of his life, both in spirit and in body. Cannot abide weakness in any form and can often be quite disdainful towards others who have no strength of character or body - Cast as the role of protector and guardian, he is committed to his duty and the protection of the tribe. - Family comes first and while he is often the silent and disapproving brother to his younger siblings occasionally frivolous behaviour he can open up a little around them. (his siblings often try to ‘poke the bear’ and wind him up) - Like a rock- calm and temperate with very little inclination to lash out in passionate anger. Instead, it builds steadily until he snaps under the pressure. Unforgiving and quite likely to hold a grudge once his temper has snapped - Otherwise incredibly patient and a good teacher who is passionate about weapons and combat. - Only really inclined to indulge Tierny, although all three triplets have a special place in Diar’s heart. - Can come across as stern, unbending, quiet (although pretty deadly when needed), a bit of a stickler for the rules, religious, perfectionist. - Odd quirks/habits; grabs his toes and plays with them when he’s stressed, will sit for hours cleaning and sharpening his axe, cannot speak English when upset/angry.

Upon first meeting the Irish Warrior, there is a definite sense of reserved and closed strength from him. While it is most abundantly clear that Diarmid knows his path in life and is confident in his steps, he does not appear as a particularly open personality and one often approaches with caution. He is unmoving and endlessly patient, who allows the changes in life to wash over him without wavering. He understands that times change, but he appears as if on a different path from the rest of the world and can therefore come across as unmoving himself. There is a calmness to the man, though rugged and reserved, as though nothing would phase him. This is not to say he in unhumorous, although there is no denying that he is a very serious character, it is simply the fashion in which he was raised. There are a few exceptions to his incredibly serious demeanour; his siblings can occasionally bring out a more affectionate side to him (although he is usually the amiably disapproving brother to their more frivolous behaviour) and there is a certain soft spot for his betrothed, Tierney Brádaigh.

As part of the bear clan, strength (of both character and body) is prized above everything else. He is a patient male, yes, but it can be noted that he will treat others who come across as both physically and mentally weak with disdain. Females are rarely extended many exceptions in the males eyes, having been raised by a strong and warrior-like mother and alongside a similarly brutish sister. Despite this disdain, Diarmid doesn't often 'give up' on others and often looks for ways to improve others. He is a teacher, his patient attitude and absolute passion for his weapons and combat of all forms eagerly transferred to those who wish to learn. Diarmid has always been cast in the role of protector and guardian, for his siblings and in recent times his tribe, where he serves as the current Dasa. Loyal and temperate, Diarmid is often looked to as a role model, the perfect Bear Warrior who is neither irrational or overly righteous.

One of the reasons Diarmid appears to be so confident in his lot in life is due to his religious attitude. Having been raised in Airgid Gleann and with generations of ancestors behind him having lived in the Silver Valley, Diarmid is deeply religious and atones to a higher power. Most of his worship appears to be personal, though he does adhere to many cultural traditions that may appear strange to some. He associates first with Morrigan, the mother of all, but holds equal respect for Dagna and Lugh. The Soul-eater especially gleans Diarmid's prayers, for it is he who will claim the warrior's soul and he has little desire to be classed as unworthy.

Despite the honest and true nature of his character, Diarmid occasionally expresses a slightly manipulative nature- so far only directed towards Tierney. He can be quite indulgent of the girl and understood early on that she was likely to rebel against her parents. He manipulated the girl whilst training her in weapons and combat to reject most forms of romance. In these manipulative moments, Diarmid often prays to Dagda with whom he associates with mischeif and chaos.


  • Minorly obsessed with weapons and combat
  • Speaks fluent Gaelic as well as heavily accented English
  • Cannot speak English when angry or upset, will revert to Gaelic
  • When stressed, he'll play with his toes to soothe his nerves
  • Can be quite blunt and sometimes doesn't understand when feelings are damaged



  • Likes: Weapons, Fighting, Wrestling, Quiet Nights, Forests, Most bodies of Water
  • Dislikes: Human Dwellings, Mindless Chatter, Weakness


Anxious, dramatic, hot-headed, controlling

  • Outlook: Realistic
  • Expression: Introverted, Dominant
  • Alignment: Neutral Good


  • Failure, mockery, powerlessness


  • Power, control, progeny


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Family: Ahearne & Ó Eidirsceóil

  • Mother: Eibhlin Ó Eidirsceóil
  • Father: Riordan Ahearne
  • Siblings: Fionn Ahearne & Maebh Ahearne
  • Offspring: Ruari Ahearne
  • Extended: Ahearne & Ó Eidirsceóil


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  • Ruari Ahearne is half a fetus, not sure what to think of him yet.

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