Lund Stormbringer

Lund Stormbringer is the firstborn son of Lilin Soulstorm and Saul Stormbringer. He grew up in Vinátta, residing there until his parents broke off their mateship in spring of 2013. He loyally followed his mother wherever her whims carried her, though he yearns to return to his birthplace.

Lund Stormbringer

Lund, by Sie
Profile'Souls Profile
Name Meaning"grove"
Name OriginNorse
Date of Birth19 Sep 2012
SubspeciesEastern Timber Wolf
Mackenzie Valley Wolf
Arctic Wolf
Birth placeVinátta
Current packLoner
Old ProfileArchive

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Joining date19 Sep 2012
Leaving date14 Apr 2013
Final RankAeska


  • Born to leaders Saul Stormbringer and Lilin Soulstorm in September 2012 in Vinátta, alongside his siblings Rúni and Sólieri.[1]
  • Receives the Norse Ausa Vatni blessing, along with his siblings and cousins.[2]
  • Grew up in Vinátta with many of his Stormbringer relatives, though he remained close to Lilin as much as possible.
  • In April '13, his mother abdicates her position as leader and attempts to leave by herself. Lund catches Lilin packing her bags and promises to follow her, even though it means leaving his father and siblings behind.[3]
  • In autumn, outside of Freetown, Lilin is beset upon by rogues. With the help of Gunnarr Stormbringer, Lund fights them off.
  • By September '13, Lund convinces Lilin to reunite with their family, although he is more optimistic than his mother about the reception they'll receive. They camp at the Grand Lake while deciding their approach, and Shiloh is the first to find them.[4]


Mysterious. Protective. Unwaveringly loyal to his mother, even when he had to choose between her and the rest of his family and pack.




Lund's basic pelt coloration is predominantly Taupe (#3d3129). A variety of similar tones, such as Merlin (#443D38) and Night Rider (#150F0C) contribute to a harmonious blend of hues by fusing darker and lighter shades into his dark coat. His Mercury (#e4e4e4) underbelly and the very tip of his paws provides a clashing contrast with the rest of his fur. His expressive Natural Gray (#928F8D) irises are inherited from the Stormbringers, a color known to be present in many prominent figures in the family. Wears the customary Vinattan Frithr necklace.


Lund with Lilin, Sólieri, Rúni, by Ashley

Lund by Sie

Lund by Miyu

Lund and Shiloh by Haley



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