Gunnarr Stormbringer

Gunnarr Stormbringer

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Date of BirthOctober 13, 2011


OriginOld Norse
MeaningFighter, soldier


Birth placeJasper Valley
Subspecies100% Mackenzie Valley Wolf
LuperciYes (Ortus)



Gunnnarr Stormbringer is the son of Aiden Oriel and is the littermate to Kelda and Logan Stormbringer. He is currently a member of Vinátta.

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1.  Personality

Gunnarr has always been a free spirit, never being happy with his mundane life in the relative safety of Oriel-Stormbringer packlands of Jasper Valley. The largest and firstborn of his litter, he's found himself falling naturally into the role of protector and confidante. His optimism tends to be highly infectious, and he's never been one to let hardships get the better of his determination. Gunnarr's stubbornness, however, can often lead to brash decisions and quick thinking to get himself and his siblings out of trouble. He's always lived by the motto "it is far better to beg forgiveness than to ask permission."

2.  Appearance

There is nothing slight about Gunnarr. Being a strong mixture of both Stormbringer and Oriel blood, his stature is large and bulky, built for strength over speed. His charcoal coat is broken by shades of both lighter and darker greys and blacks, the most prominent markings being the silvery splashes below each eye and the dark black markings resembling a crow across his face. His dark coat is thick and coarse, giving him ample protection in the winter though it thins a bit for the warmer months of summer.

Gunnarr's eyes are the epitome of Stormbringer, being a cloudy shade of grey. His "saddle" and ears are the same dark black as the unique marking that graces his face, and the grey of his underbelly can be seen again on his tail-tip, muzzle-tip and cheek ruffs in addition to the markings below his eyes.

Gunn's optime form maintains the bulk and markings of his lupine form. His long mane is the same dark black as his saddle, and is hardly ever braided or otherwise groomed as he usually spends very little time in this form at this point in his life. He prefers his secui lupine form, and chooses not to adorn himself with anything that might hinder the freedom to shift easily.

Gunnarr's secui form is nothing less than intimidating. Built for war, blending the speed and agility of some of the beastly traits with the size and bulk of the optime, it is Gunnarr's preferred form since migrating to the lands of Nova Scotia.

3.  Relationships

3.1  Family

4.  History

Other than a few close scrapes typical of a headstrong male of his age, Gunnarr has led an altogether uneventful life. Having grown up with the stories of his Oriel and Stormbringer ancestors, Gunnarr has always longed for something more than what he has. He has the heart of his great-grandparents and the desire to be someone. With his father's encouragement, he has set out to find his place and his relatives in the storied land of Souls to the north of his homeland.