Logan Stormbringer

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Date of BirthOctober 13, 2011




Birth placeJasper Valley
SubspeciesMackenzie Valley Wolf
LuperciYes (Ortus)


July 2013

Logan Stormbringer is the son of Aiden Oriel and Aska Villieldr and littermate to Gunnarr and Kelda Stormbringer. He was previously a Loner in 'Souls.

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1.  Personality

A man of hope for the best, but tempered with a stark view of reality, Logan tends to judge situations as they come. Unlike his brother and sister, who tend to believe in the greater good of luperci kind, Logan knows that monsters do exist, and believes that not everyone has that sliver of good in them, or chooses to go with that sliver over their more destructive and twisted nature. He cares deeply and unconditionally for those few that are close to him, but tends to be wary of just about any new wolf in his life after facing a devastating betrayal in his past. More often than not he displays a very snarky and seemingly non-chalant nature, though it really acts as a protective measure to cover his big heart and keep it from being wounded. He balances out the easily trusting spirit of his sister, and the quick acting spirit of his brother, by being the less trustful one, and thinking about both sides of something before acting upon it. The only time his "look before you leap" attitude doesn't apply is when someone he loves is in danger, then all caution tends to be thrown to the wind in an effort to keep his dear ones safe. Seemingly a loner who often provokes upon first meeting, he's a much more complex wolf underneath the surface, once you've done some digging.

2.  Appearance

With the Oriel and Stormbringer lines running through his veins, this young wolf bears the typically dark coat of his forerunners. While his body stands on the larger side of your typical wolf, he has an otherwise lithe structure built more for speed and agility, a little lighter in build than his two siblings. Dark points range from his ears and face mask to his legs and tail, with a few lighter areas around his eyes. Like the typical black phase wolf, light splashes along his neck ruff, undersides, and an abnormal splash near the base of his otherwise dark hued tail. He also has a noticeable splotch of lighter color on his chin, a "goatee" of sorts that is more pronounced in his Optime form. His dark features also made the very light jade hue of his eyes almost pop when he stares at you.

When shifted, Logan has a bit of a scruffier appearance, his goatee being more pronounced and very thick ruff about his cheeks and neck. He's not one for extra adornment, finding it hindering and of no use, though he does bear an earring with a labradorite stone embedded in it, an item of sentimental significance that he refuses to give up.

3.  Relationships

3.1  Family

4.  History

Logan on the whole led a fairly peaceful life with his siblings growing up in Jasper Valley, but was one who, much like his brother, always wished to explore the world and see all it's wonders, though perhaps for differing reasons. He struck out on his own after his first birthday, and has spent his second year of life wandering the wide world. In his travels he faced an amalgam of experiences, the most devastating being the loss of his best friend, and the betrayal of another. While he bears one earring of the pair that once belonged to his late friend, it is a reminder of his life as well as the circumstances which took it. It's something that no other has gotten him to speak of, and he keeps it purely as a memorial. These events are only a piece of what forms Logan's very rounded and sometimes harsh perception of the world and those living in it. In recent days he has still continued his quest of learning, wandering, and experiencing, but finds his pawprints leading closer to home and back to the pack life he grew up with. Perhaps his roots and the need for companionship will prevail over his wandering spirit.