Eydiss Villieldr

Eydiss Villieldr

Eydiss Villieldr, by Kiri
Date of Birth9 January 2010
Birth placeSolbjorg Valley

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Joining date20 May 2012
SignificanceStormbringer relative

Full Name: Eydiss Villieldr

Pronunciation: AY-dis villy-EL-der

Nicknames: Dissy


There's been a shift in the Stormbringer pack of Solbjorg Valley. The long-reigning Crow has retired, stepping down and preferring to play the grandfatherly role of advisor to his chosen successor, Wraith. Wraith has shown to be more like his grandfather than anyone could predict, inheriting his strong penchant for leadership in addition to the patriarch's particular dark quirks. The new alpha's enjoyment of life's darker pleasures has led to many illegitimate children, none of which he chooses to claim and allow into the larger Stormbringer clan. This has led to the deaths of many of his lovers and children at the fangs of the Dawnrunners, who have learned of his trysts and sought to exterminate the influence of Stormbringer blood.

One such victimized clan is the Villieldrs. A medium-sized clan of deep roots, they have been all but wiped out by Azrael's zealous crusade. Only a scare few now remain, scattered apart in order to survive. Wraith's chosen lover, Aska, and the three children she'd had by him, sought the shelter and protection of the large Stormbringer clan. They were denied as those before had been, and were cast aside and left to fend for themselves against the overwhelming odds. The betrayal stung the small family, dooming them to almost certain death whenever the Dawnrunners would catch up to their escape.

It's been a year since that exile, and Aska and her small family are still searching for a safe haven. They are convinced the Dawnrunners are still on their heels, though there have been no sure signs of them for months now. The youngest of the four children, Eydiss, travels ahead of the rest, constantly scouting for any opportunity that might save her family from annihilation.


Eydiss tends to be somewhat withdrawn and quiet upon first meeting her. She is mistrustful and cautious with strangers, the betrayal of her family having had a lasting impact on her faith in others. She is deeply spiritual in her own personal way, feeling as though she has a personal relationship with her gods and the spirits of the earth and is resentful of any type of organized religion. In her opinion, one should not need to speak to their gods through others, as those others can frequently not be relied upon. Eydiss does not discount the beliefs of other individuals, as she believes the gods and spirits can take on different names and appearances as they wish, and believes in a sense that every form of belief is the same at heart.



See the Stormbringer family page for a complete genealogy.

  • ParentsAska Villieldr x Wraith Stormbringer
  • LittermatesAnvindr Villieldr, Runi Villieldr, Myrkr Villieldr


At two years old, Eydiss has comfortably settled into the graceful beauty inherent in the female members of the Villieldr line. Her stature is slightly smaller than average, owed in part to her mixed heritage, and her coat is a uniform sleek black carrying hints of reddish highlights in the sun. Her ears are on the small side, and her muzzle is narrow and dainty, adding to the graceful feminism of her appearance. Her limbs are slender but not willowy, possessing an obvious strength to them despite her size. She can be seen frequently performing a style of martial dance to keep her form fit and flexible. In optime form, rather than being combed and styled into a more "human-like" hairstyle, her red-black mane is usually left to hang in a more feral loose form or braided form down her back. Eydiss' most noticeable feature is her eyes, a startling bright blue, beneath which appear blood red markings similar to tear stains. The red dye is also applied to her neck and back, extending to her tail. It can range in color from highly noticeable to barely apparent, depending on how recently it has been applied. She is rarely seen without these "tattoos" at all. It's also not uncommon for her to be wearing any various assortment of gold or silver jewelry, from earrings to bracelets or anklets, to necklaces and armbands, and is rarely seen without a silver torc around her neck.

Though optime form is Eydiss' preferred form, she will also use her smaller lupus form if the need or the desire arises. In this form, the only jewelry she will typically leave on is an earring or two and the silver torc.

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