Aiden Oriel

Aiden Oriel is the son of Fly Agaric and Rain Oriel, and brother to Ember Agaric. He became the father of Gunnarr Stormbringer, Kelda Stormbringer, and Logan Stormbringer before his death.

Aiden Agaric Oriel Stormbringer

Aiden, by Kiri
Date of Birth26 July 2005
Birth placeStorm
Current StatusLoner
Current homeBerwick, Dans l'Obscurite
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1.  History

Aiden's life has been hard from the beginning. In the extreme of a broken home, his father shared his living body with the spirit of something that had over time become more demon than ghost, and his mother did her best to conceal that side of Fly from her children. Her efforts worked for a time, and the family of four had been undeniably happy in the packland of Storm. It wasn't long, however, before that dream ended in a violent explosion, as Aiden watched his father become something else entirely and slaughter his mother as she defended him. Terrified, the pup had fled, running until he very nearly collapsed from exhaustion.

After a few days on his own, Aiden's luck finally solidified as an old lone male discovered the hungry pup. The stranger grew fond of him, and provided guidance and the semblance of a family for the Oriel for a time, teaching him the ways of survival in the harsh world. When the time had come for his teacher to leave the world, Aiden found the strength of heart to return to his birthplace in search of the twin sister he had left behind in his mad dash so long ago. Unfortunately, the weight of the world proved to be too much for his beloved and betrayed sister, and Aiden made it to her only in time to witness her death.

Crushed beyond all belief, the Oriel boy once again fled the lands of Souls, intent only on joining his family in the next world. It was a halucination that stopped him, or at least that's what he claims. A vision of his mother confronted him in his flight, scolding him for the choices he'd made and convincing him that now his family lived through him. If he died a meaningless death, so then would they. Shattered beyond belief, Aiden sought out the only family he had left, becoming a part of the pack now headed by his grandparents, Ravyn and Freak.

It is time, however, for Aiden to finally come to terms with himself, and to do so requires a journey back to where everything started; back to the lands of Souls. Unwilling to admit his identity just yet, he currently goes by the alias Vedr. Resided in the town of Berwick? in Dans l'Obscurite around 2008.

2.  Relationships

2.1  Family

2.2  Former Lovers

3.  Appearance

The spitting image of his deceased mother, Aiden bears the sleek black coat of both his parents, coupled with the startling ice blue eyes of his Oriel mother and grandfather. His build lies on the large side of the scale, another trait inherited from his Oriel grandfather, and he spends his time equally comfortable in his lupine, secui, or optime form. Below his left eye is a white freezebrand in the shape of a triskele, and around his neck a silver inverted cross dangles from a thick black cord. His pelt is littered with various scars, though none are large or brutal enough to be noteworthy.

4.  Notable Threads