Played by Jasanni.


Rain is a young, open, easygoing member of Storm. She has a good head on her shoulders, and is very loyal and caring toward others. However, she does harbor her mother's short temper and stubbornness, and can be known to occasionally carry a grudge.


Eyes: Ice-blue Markings: Two scars just below left eye. Each one is about an inch and a half to two inches long, beginning at the outer edge and middle of her lower lid and extending down her cheek respectively.


DOB: 08-08-2003 Rain was born to Ravyn in a litter of four. Three of the pups were stillborn, and Rain was only clinging to life by a thread. She pulled through, and Rain spent the first year of her life wandering the world with her mother. Then, a month after turning a year old, Rain was accepted into Storm. Upon Rashmi's death, Rain adopted her three pups to raise as her own. At four weeks of age, one of the pups, Hale, was kidnapped by Salvaged Eternity to be raised as his own. Currently, Rain spends her days caring for the remaining two pups as best she can.