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ColoursBlue (#006699) & Teal (#109ba8)
Founded ByStormy Blackwolf
Founded On11 November 2001
Defunct On1 April 2008

Past Leadership

Past LeadersStormy Blackwolf, Aschere, Atangiqsauruq, Shadowfax, Nirupama Rashmi, Syniero, Zero, Adreon, Gibraltar, Phoenix, Pilot Haddon
Past SubleadersMiranda, Nirupama Rashmi, Taaktuq Piqaluyak, Syniero, Zero, Adreon, Hearse, Phoenix, Phasma Kiles, Pilot Haddon

Storm was originally founded by Stormy Blackwolf on November 11, 2001. Following the demise of Shadowed Stars in 2002 and the combination of Silent Dawn and Celestial Hollow in 2004, Storm was the only remaining founding pack of 'Souls, and it existed until the fires on April 1st, 2007.

1.  History

1.1  Written History

Storm was founded by Stormy Blackwolf along a stream leading off of the Yahraw River. At first it was surrounded by Silent Dawn to the south and Shadowed Stars to the north, but it was not long before the northern lands began to die, and Shadowed Stars moved to Jaded Shadows.

Early on in the pack's history, a red wolf named Miranda served as the Beta Female, but this was short-lived. She was replaced by Nirupama Rashmi, who was also somewhat short-lived—but she went to found Clouded Tears. Thus, Storm and Clouded Tears enjoyed relatively good relations for most of their history. Emerald Mist, one of the first gammas, also departed from the pack, heading to Celestial Hollow to found it with her beta pair.

There were a few early alpha males—Aschere was the shortest-lived of these, promoted for just a week before he took off from the pack. Atangiqsauruq was Beta for quite a while before he achieved his post, and he served for some months, while Shadowfax filled in as the Beta Male. Taaktuq Piqualuyak was the Gamma and eventually Beta, but she left to pursue opportunities in other packs eventually. Miska Aloisio was the Gamma Female for a brief time, as well.

Nirupama Rashmi eventually returned to the pack, taken from Clouded Tears by Stormy Blackwolf. They became the alpha pair, but unfortunately shortly after Rashmi's promotion, -Stormy's reign came to a dramatic conclusion one stormy night in July. She was struck by a bolt of lightning, ironically just moments after she gave up her leadership over the pack. Despite the many other leaders who had watched over the oldest pack in Bleeding Souls, Stormy had always been a constant. Now things were about to change; Storm would never really be the same again.

At first, however, there was a hope for normalcy. Nirupama Rashmi, a long-time friend of Stormy and her current mate and co-Alpha, discovered her mate's body. Despite the horrible loss, she took control of the pack. She promoted a young male named Syniero to help, and during this time she met Zero, a new male that tried to help her cope with the grief.

Another unfortunate event brought them even closer together; they were walking through the Concrete Jungle, when suddenly she injured her paw. Zero left to go find some herbs for her, but unfortunately, in his absence, the demon Salvaged Eternity came upon the wounded Alpha. He raped her, and only retreated when Zero came back and the two males fought.

As it were, Rashmi became pregnant with the rapist's children. Again the strong girl took it in stride, and things were almost going well until her birth. Zero had been promoted to Gamma, while Syniero had advanced as the Beta male. Zero and Syniero also had a friendship of sorts, and for awhile, things almost seemed alright.

However, the birth did not go as planned. Rashmi died giving birth to a litter of three puppies; Nirupama Hale, Nirupama Tsunami, and Nirupama Apollyon. Just before she died, Rashmi asked Rain Stormbringer?, the daughter of her old friend Ravyn Stormbringer, to take care of her litter for her. Also, she promoted Syniero to Alpha male and asked Zero to take up Syn's old spot.

Now that the first shots had been fired, a chain reaction of sorts seemed to occur when Alpha after Alpha fell or left. Zero had developed romantic feelings for Syniero, and although Syn didn't seem to be affected by this too badly, he turned up missing not long after, when they were finally starting to get close.

Meanwhile, one of the former Alpha female's children had been kidnapped; Nirupama Hale, being a nearly exact replica of his father, was taken by Salvaged despite Rain Stormbringer?'s efforts to defend the litter she had adopted. Faces kept coming and going.

Zero struggled to keep things going, but he was never made to lead. He could feel himself slipping more and more every day, and when his older brother, Adreon, showed up one night, he saw his escape. Adreon was accelerated up the ranks, first to Spaher and then to Gamma. Zero just needed the final push.

Then one night it came, while chaos was running rampant through the Concrete Jungle. A cult, oddly founded with the intent to wipe out any "evil" in the lands had targeted Salvaged Eternity. Damian de le Poer, a friend of Zero's and Salvaged's lover, came to the demon Beta's rescue. He shot the cult leader, Thavardo, and was about to turn the gun on himself.

That was when Zero intervened. A long chase ensued, and culminated with Zero flinging the weapon into the sea, and Damian accidentally dropping Zero off over the cliff as well. Fortunately, Adreon found his brother's body, but it was now time for Zero to leave; both brothers understood this. Zero stepped down from his rank and went on in search of better things, i.e. his sanity and Syniero.

Thus, Adreon took up the throne. Adreon was generally accepted by the pack relatively quickly. During his reign, he promoted a quirky hybrid named Hearse up to Gamma, and then Beta. Although Hearse didn't seem entirely capable to some of the other members, Adreon saw that he could follow orders well enough. For a long time, things were at least somewhat normal.

Then the plague seemed to catch up with him. A drought, and a consequential famine, ruined lives of numerous wolves in Bleeding Souls. Not too long after Adreon's mate Ariadne had been claimed by the river, he fell as a casualty to mother nature's fury.

Just before he died, however, an old friend, Gibraltar, managed to find him. After a very brief reunion, mingled with some regrets, Gibraltar told Adreon he would take care of the pack for him, as well as pass along several messages to his closest of friends or family. Unfortunately, not all of the members were pleased about this, including Cross Valiant, a long time member. He left with Akumu Rouyaken for Syemv, instead. Hearse drifts out of the pack following Adreon's death; some speculated it was only his closeness with the alpha that kept him tethered to Storm.

Gibraltar brought some stability to the pack after a long history of alpha switchery; he reigned for almost a year, and Storm flourished beneath him—a male named Phoenix was promoted to beta. After roughly a year, Gibraltar left the pack, and Phoenix took over the leadership, promoting a male named Pilot Haddon to help him. At some point, Phasma Kiles was a leader here, too.

Phoenix was befell several tragedies and eventually stepped down after an illness, leaving Pilot Haddon in control of the pack. He was the last alpha before the fire? :O

1.2  Timeline

Early History

Middle History

Late History

2.  Territory

Storm remained essentially the same since its inception. The wolves of Storm were provided with a plentiful source of water from a creek stemming from the Yawrah River?, and a variety of prey. The most common prey animal was the white tailed deer, followed close behind by the rabbit. There were caves in the north of Storm, part of lower Acheron Peak. The northeastern part of Storm was a flat plain of dead trees, a very small part of what was formerly Shadowed Stars land. Other than that portion of land, Storm was mostly forested plains.

3.  Perceived Culture

  • Storm was one of the oldest packs at Bleeding Souls.
  • Following the demise of Silent Dawn, Storm was the only remaining founder pack.

4.  Pack Relationships

4.1  Key

— Actively warring or recently warring or otherwise experiencing conflict.
— Poor relationship. It's pretty clear these guys don't like each other much.
— Neutral.
— Good relationship, but no official alliance.
— Officially allied.

4.2  Bleeding Souls Packs

Clouded Tears

Nirupama Rashmi, founder of Clouded Tears, served in Storm as the Beta Female, and she was very close with longtime alpha Stormy Blackwolf. There was some friction between the two packs when Rashmi came to live in Storm but it wasn't serious business.

Jaded Shadows

These two were pretty neutral—there was some friction when Aquiliak was killed on Storm territory, but it wasn't anything really serious. The distance between these two packs made it pretty difficult for any serious conflict or close friendship; later on, Pilot Haddon and Tayui Aston became friends and co-leaders in Shadowed Sun; Pilot taught Tayui low speech. [32]


Stormy Blackwolf was somewhat friendly with Damian de le Poer, and founding alpha of Chimera Taaktuq Piqaluyak was a former beta of Storm, but they were never particularly close. Later, a relationship between Physe Revlis and Gibraltar strengthened this relationship.


Zero was somewhat pulled into the Azathoth drama when he had to save Damian de le Poer from shooting himself or something. Also, Thavardo yelled at Stormy Blackwolf and Nirupama Rashmi for being lesbians because she was a mean and cranky old lady.


Early on, Kaena Lykoi killed a wolf on Storm territory, but this didn't cause serious drama between the packs. Later, conflict between Skoll and the Lykoi family made things tense one again, but this never became official conflict, as Gibraltar, the authority of the pack at the time, took care of the tension.

Silent Dawn

There really wasn't much of anything that went on between these two packs; they mostly ignored one another, I think. Stormy Blackwolf was never particularly friendly with any of the Silent Dawn alphas but FiresideRubyWolf? and by the time anyone else was alpha of Storm, Silent Dawn was long dissolved.


These two mostly ignored one another, too—the distance made a really good relationship impossible, but they weren't unfriendly with one another, either. When Gibraltar took over Storm following Zero's departure, Akumu Rouyaken and Cross Valiant were displeased with the shift in leadership, so they migrated to Syemv.

Celestial Hollow

Because Emerald Mist was first a member of Storm, these guys were on pretty decent terms. There were never problems or altercations between the two groups or anything like that, but they were never really friendly after Misty's disappearance, either. Relationship

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