Alexey Koios

Alexey Koios

Alexey Koios, by Sara
Name OriginGreek
Date of BirthApril 8, 2006
Age2 years
SubspeciesCanis lupus lupus
Birth placeSomewhere in 'Souls
Current packDahlia de Mai
'Souls Profile

Here, have some info on big mouth. I mean, Alexey.

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  1.   1.  History
    1.   1.1  Early life
    2.   1.2  Departure
    3.   1.3  Return
    4.   1.4  Inferni vs Dahlia de Mai
    5.   1.5  Post-war Problems
    6.   1.6  What have I done?
    7.   1.7  During her absence...
    8.   1.8  Honey, I'm home!
  2.   2.  Personality
  3.   3.  Relationships
    1.   3.1  Family
    2.   3.2  Best Friend
    3.   3.3  Former Lovers
    4.   3.4  Current Crush
    5.   3.5  Acquaintances
    6.   3.6  Enemies
  4.   4.  Appearance
    1.   4.1  General
    2.   4.2  Particularities

1.  History

1.1  Early life

Alexey Koios, daughter of Katanka Yefim and Fyodor Koios, was born in 'Souls almost two years prior to the fire. She has one sister, Adelaida Koios, and one brother named Sankor Koios. Their home was situated approximatively where Crimson Dreams now stands. She lived a happy childhood surrounded by a loving family, until her sire became sick with a fatal illness in march 2008.

1.2  Departure

Fyodor's last request was to pass away in his birth lands; the girls made that wish come true by escorting him there safely. They left 'Souls and headed south-west to reach their destination while Sankor remained behind. He could not bear to see his father fade away, so he bid his family farewell and left, not to be seen again until November 2008. Fyodor survived a few more months. Adelaida got homesick in early May and she went home, leaving Alexey and Katanka to witness Fyodor's death in June.

1.3  Return

Alexey made it back to 'Souls around June 20th only to find her homeland invaded by strange wolves who had migrated south from over the mountains. Everything was different. Lexey found Adelaida and stayed with her for a little while, until she mustered up the courage to ask Haku Soul if she could join Dahlia de Mai.[1] Such a big decision triggered a series of arguments between Lexey and her sister[2], leading to their temporary separation.

Dahlia de Mai

Joining dateJuly 14th, 2008
Former RankMai
DepartureNovember 2008
Return dateJanuary 20th, 2009
Current RankLierre

1.4  Inferni vs Dahlia de Mai

Not long after Alexey joined the pack as a subordinate, a pregnant pack mate of hers named Mew Sadira was attacked by Asphyxia Holocaust from Inferni. A harsh blow to her belly caused the mother-to-be to lose her puppies, prompting Haku Soul to brutally murder two members of the opposing coyote clan (a mother and a child). One thing led to another and war broke out[3]. It eventually ended with a hostage exchange: Inferni's Talitha Lykoi for Dahlia de Mai's Firefly Sadira. Alexey only suffered minor injuries. One scar will remain, and that's the arrow wound on her left shoulder.

1.5  Post-war Problems

Adelaida was randomly beaten to a pulp by three coyotes[4] right after a peace agreement was made between the two clans at war. Upon finding her sister in pretty bad shape, Alexey took it upon herself to track down Corona Lykoi (one of the coyotes at fault) and fight her. Both women held their own until it became apparent that no one was going to win. They, however, vowed to kill one another if they ever laid eyes on each other again.

1.6  What have I done?

Alexey almost instantly regretted what she'd done: initiating a fight with Corona was a blatant violation of the peace treaty. Terrified of the repercussions, she sought out Cercelee and announced that she would be leaving 'Souls for a short period of time. Without saying a word to anyone else, Lexey left the packlands and did not return until almost 3 months later.

1.7  During her absence...

A few memorable weeks were spent with her lover Aiden Oriel but their romance was short-lived. Aiden left for Solbjorg Valley on a mission to protect his family from the infamous Dawnrunners, consequently putting an end to their relationship. Lexey then reluctantly turned to her mother for comfort and stayed with her for quite some time. During that time, the Koios girl came to realize that she'd picked up the ability to shift through intercourse with her former lover.

1.8  Honey, I'm home!

Alexey made it back to Dahlia de Mai safely where she was greeted by the Rosea and a heavily pregnant Firefly Sadira[5]. In the midst of their conversation, she found out that her long lost brother and annoying sister were now Dahlians too. This revelation did not exactly please her; the tawny girl still held plenty of grudges against both of her siblings for different reasons. Their family reunion ended on a sour note with both Alexey and Adelaida at each other's throats[6].

2.  Personality

To put it simply, Alexey's a drama queen and a gossip girl. She sticks her nose in everyone's business whether they like it or not and she has this unexplainable infatuation with puppies.

3.  Relationships

3.1  Family

Family: Koios
Dam: Katanka Yefim
Sire: Fyodor Koios

3.2  Best Friend

Kol Stormbringer. They also share a little house located in Flander's Field.

3.3  Former Lovers

Aiden Oriel

3.4  Current Crush

Dreyrugr Stormbringer

3.5  Acquaintances

3.6  Enemies

4.  Appearance

4.1  General

  • Eye Color: Warm Honey
  • Pelt: A mixture of bronze and light creme
  • Scars: One on her shoulder where Ahren de le Poer shot her with an arrow.

4.2  Particularities

  • Alexey is never seen without her precious triskele necklace around her neck; a gift from Aiden. It once belonged to his mother, Rain Oriel.
Description by Jassy: The necklace is a simple black leather cord tied in two places for adjustment. From the cord dangles a silver triskele pendant, one of the family symbols of the Stormbringer and Oriel bloodlines.
  • Another piece of jewelry she has is a bracelet made by her best friend.
Description by Jassy: The bracelet is a thin leather cord strung with polished stones of multi-colored turquoise. Most prominent of the colors is the blue-green that is most common, followed by a few stones of brown and white and black and white, both the rarer forms of the stone. At the center point of the bracelet hangs a small red-tail hawk feather.
  • She also has a plastic flower tucked in her mane (whenever she can be found in optime form): a pink lys, to be specific. It's just a little something she found in Wolfville and it makes her feel pretty!