2012 Hurricane

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General information thread

1.  About

As the summer winds down, autumn brings with it not only a drop in temperature, but a surprise for the residences of Nova Scotia. A hurricane has made its way north! Starting on September 21st, the storm will touch down in the southernmost part of ‘Souls and work its way north.

Hurricanes are able to produce extremely powerful winds and torrential rain, as well as high waves and tornadoes. The heavy raining can cause significant flooding, also in inland areas that the hurricane does not directly pass over.

Facts-wise, this hurricane is a Category 1 hurricane/Category 2 severe tropical cyclone. It sports winds of 74–83 mph (119–133 km/h).

1.1  Dates

  • 21 September: The hurricane touches down in the Western Tangles; by nightfall it reaches Halifax and Seabreeze Brink
  • 22 September: Sticks and Stones and Ashes and Ashes are hit by the hurricane; the edges of it reach Northern Tides
  • 23 September - 27 September: All parts of Nova Scotia are enveloped in the hurricane.
  • 27 September - 30 September: The hurricane finally dissipates.

1.2  Typical damage

  • Fragile buildings are likely to collapse or be severely damaged by strong winds, depending on their distance from the coast.
  • Flooding will likely shift masses of earth, sand and stone. May break riverbeds.
  • Waves will threaten coastal constructions and landscapes
  • Living things are threatened by collapsing shelters, winds & moving landscape/debris, fatigue and hypothermia.

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3.  Summary

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