Auguste Aston

Auguste Aston is the son of Anu and Tayui Aston (biologically the son of Tayui and a wolfdog donor). He was born alongside Valerian Coeur, Carya Aston, and Andira Coeur in Vinátta on December 31, 2012.

Come April 2013, Auguste found Florina in a panicked state, and managed to calm her down enough to learn she intended to run away from home to escape a crime she did not mean to commit. Auguste's compassion bid him to follow her, and the two youths fled to the nearby pack New Dawn. Auguste gained a boost of confidence from his selfless act of bravery, but quickly deflated when Tayui and Anu showed up days later to bring him back home. He realized he had caused his mothers a great deal of suffering by disappearing, and agreed to return to his family in Vinátta. He promises Florina to visit her when he is old enough to travel on his own.

Now and adult and living permanently in Vinátta, after months of being indecisive about his future, Auguste has finally settled on following his mothers in pursuing the Eljun path as a scholar. Eager to expand his knowledge as much as possible, he has thrown himself into books and study.







  • Date of Birth: 31 Dec 2012
  • Gender: Male
  • Luperci: Ortus
  • Residence: Jordheim
  • Mate: None
  • Pack: Vinátta
  • Rank: Hollr (March 2016)
    • Co-Rank: —
  • Pronunciation:
    • 'Aw-gus-tae'
    • 'Ass-ton'
  • Nickname: 'Auggie'
  • Epithet: None
  • Etymology:
    • "Venerated" - Latin/French
    • "Ash tree settlement" - French


  • Azur is a blue roan mare.
  • Quiet and relaxed, though can easily be startled by loud noises.
  • Knows how to ride and is being trained to allow for other riders.


  • Apache is a blood bay stallion.
  • Has a fiery personality, though manageable with those that his is familiar with.
  • Reserved for Auguste to ride only.
  • Knows how to ride and help with labor projects.



  • Auguste is bent on pursuing the Eljun path. Thus, he has been spending a lot of time venturing out into the neutral territories on library runs. Perhaps a Vináttan would like to accompany him?
  • Although he wants to be a scholar, Auguste has always felt it important to keep one's fighting skills sharp and body in shape. He wouldn't mind a sparring partner - Vináttan or not.

Vinátta members may assume and reference the following without discussion/asking:

  • Running into him walking through Jordheim, in the Sveit Village Hall poring over the Almanac, or heading out of the territory with an empty satchel.
  • Seeing him napping beneath the tree in Idun's Meadow on warm days.

Outfit Assumptions:

  • Seen wearing his usual necklaces as well as other hand crafted accessories.
  • Seen wearing his leather trousers.




  • Species: While Auguste's stature and build indicate wolf heritage, his colouration is attributed to his dog heritage. He has the long, thick fur, large paws, and overall size of an Arctic wolf. Markings aside, he, in stature, scent, and movements, resembles a full-blooded wolf.
  • Fur: He has the thick fur of an Arctic wolf, soft in texture, and good against the cold. It sheds during the warmer months.
    • Optime Hair: His hair is completely long and thick, and reaches the small of his back, and his bangs are kept long, as well. He often keeps it in a loose braid, usually tied over to one side.
  • Facial Features: Auguste has a handsome face, wolfish and heavy. The fur on his chin comes to a small point, and by default he appears pensive and serious.
  • Build and Size: A little taller than average, Auguste does not tower over many, but still stands an inch or two over most. He is lean and well-muscled, but not to the extent of brawniness.
  • Humanization: Medium. While Auguste does prefer his optime form, he doesn't wear too much in terms of clothing. Although this is the case, he likes to adorn himself in naturally made accessories.
    • Clothing: Auguste doesn't wear as much clothing as others might, but he still does wear it. All of his clothing are made from natural materials. He can almost always be seen wearing leather trousers. He has other clothing, but normally only wears the trousers.
    • Accessories: Auguste has more accessories than he does clothing. All of his accessories are also made from natural materials, with a lot of the bands he uses for them being made out of leather. He is always seen wearing at least his Frithr necklace as well as a tight necklace made with beads and bone. He will often wear others along with them when he feels like wearing more.


Coloration and Palette

  • Fur:
    • Primary Timberwolf.
  • Markings:
    • Spots and splotches located on the left side of the nose and left shoulder of Mongoose.
    • Skunk stripe from the tip of the nose down the head, shoulders, back, and to the tip of the tail are colored Gunsmoke.
    • Smudges of Shark throughout skunk stripe.
    • Riverbed splotch on back left flank and left shoulder.
    • Indian Khaki on left toes and back feet.
  • Eyes: Sanguine Brown
  • Optime Hair: Mottled Timberwolf, Gunsmoke, and Shark
    • Nose and Paw Pads: Black
Sanguine Brown (#943A39)
Timberwolf (#DAD6CD)
Gunsmoke (#828888)
Shark (#1F262C)
Indian Khaki (#C3AE99)
Riverbed (#B8987B)
Mongoose (#B8987B)



90 lbs (41 kg)29 in (69 cm)
Auguste's lupus form demonstrates his mixed heritage the best. It shows his distinctly wolfish build and his doggish coat colouration. His fur is very thick during the winter months, which he sheds during the spring. He is not often seen in this form, preferring it only to hunt.


180 lbs (82 kg)39 in (99 cm)
His secui form breaks up his coat colouration, as his fur thickens and grows, hiding many of the differences in shade that appear along his skunk stripe. This form is very rare.


210 lbs (95 kg)6ft 2.5in (74.5 in) (196 cm)
In his optime form, his mane is thick and long. The grey skunk-stripe merle appears more as streaks through his mane of fur, but continues along his shoulders, were it grows outward, and then narrows as it continues down his back and along his tail.


  • Piercings: -
  • Tattoos: -
  • Scars: -


  • Kind-hearted, Noble, Chivalrous
    • Auguste is very kind-hearted and does not treat anyone with hostility unless they give him a reason to.
    • Although he is not the best fighter, he can fight, but normally only as the need for it rises. He is quick to defend those he is close to and those who are in trouble. He does what he can and is not afriad to do what is right.
  • Quiet, Shy, Soft-spoken
    • Auguste has always been quiet ever since he was a pup, as well as shy. Although it is not to any serious degree, he will often turn his head away upon first meetings, a small sign of his shy nature. He is soft-spoken and kind when he speaks to others unless they give him a reason to act any different from normal.
    • Auguste doesn't do well in big crowds. He prefers to just be a face rather than interact with so many people.
  • Curious, Knowledgable, Explorative
    • Auguste is very curious and explorative when it comes to learning new things. He is always on the look out for books and people who can teach him new things. He loves accepting new lessons so long as they don't go against what he stands for. He takes all of them to heart. Knowledge is power for the young scholar, so the more he learns, the more valuable he feels for the pack.
  • Hard-working, Focused
    • Auguste strives todo the best at everything he does. He works very hard at any task that is given to him and any ones that he makes on his own. When he is working on these tasks, he gets very focused with his work. He will often lose track of time if it is a project that takes him a while and will stay up late to make sure he completes it, or at least gets as much work done as he can before he gets tired.


  • Speech: Auguste is soft-spoken, his voice usually low in pitch and rarely rising. He is polite in his language, and grammatically correct. Although shy with it, he possesses a pleasant singing voice, rich and deep. Once he's a bit older, his voice will settle into one resembling Liam Neeson's.
  • Scent: Auguste smells primarily of Vinátta and his family, but he also carries traces of dusty books, candle wax, herbs, and animal hides.
  • Quirks, Gestures, Etc.: Auguste does not speak with his hands much, and in fact usually keeps very still. He often crosses his arms when he's relaxing. If he's deep in thought, he either hums or covers the front of his mouth with his hand. Often sits in the thinker pose.
  • General Posture and Body Language: Not dominant, not submissive. Auguste appears reserved but friendly.



Reserved, sensitive, hard-working, kindly

  • Outlook: Optimistic
  • Sociability: Introverted
  • Expression: Neither dominant nor submissive
  • Alignment: Neutral good
    • Neutral goods value both personal freedom and adherence to laws.
    • These characters value life and freedom above all else, and despise those who would deprive others of them.
    • A neutral good character will keep his word to those who are not evil and will lie only to evil-doers.
    • He will never attack an unarmed foe and will never harm an innocent.


  • Expanding his knowledge (collecting books, and reading them)
  • Proving himself
  • Earning his place in the pack
  • Finding love :''')


  • Failure


Auguste will not partake in substances on his own, though might with others and some persuasion on their part.


  • Packs: Fond of New Dawn, but otherwise, wouldn't likely have strong feelings for or against any other packs. Knows of AniWaya, Anathema, and Inferni.
  • Non-Luperci: Bias toward luperci lifestyle as it is the only thing he has known; would not understand a canine's decision not to become a luperci.
  • Gender: He has two moms, two sisters, and one brother, so he is respectful of women while also feeling a little uncertain about how to be a 'man'/ male wolf.


  • Auguste has little experience with this yet, but it is likely that he will find himself bisexual later on. He's the type to fall in love with the individual, and not their gender. He has little time to think of love at the moment, however, and has thrown himself into work. Bi The Way
  • He'd most likely be opposed to one-night stands, and feel incredibly awkward around a female in heat. However, if someone asked him (especially while in heat), he wouldn't refuse, unless he was in a relationship.


  • Likes: Vinátta, stick fighting, reading, writing, weapon crafting, exploring the woods, gardening
  • Dislikes: Large social situations, mandatory public speaking, superfluous use of sarcasm


Auguste was raised in the Norse religion of Vinátta, with one religious mother and one agnostic mother, so he has been exposed to religion, but the choice was ultimately left to him to make. He's currently very attracted to the idea of deities, but he may lean toward Pantheism later. Doesn't have time for spiritual matters, at the moment.


Family: Aston

Familial Relations

  • Anu: His beloved gay mom. He loves her fiercely, and laments the fact that he can't be related to both mothers at once. Despite his non-blood relation to her, he believes he has taken after her in some ways, and admires her steadiness and gentle nature.
  • Tayui Aston: His beloved gay birth-mom. Auguste wishes he could spend every day, all day with her, and he treasures the garden because it reminds him of her. Tayui is also known to prod him for information on which he, himself, may not have a good handle. For all her occasional abrasiveness, Auggie just wants her to be happy and safe.
  • Valerian Coeur: His only full brother, and he worries about him. He wants to reach out to him, and misses him a lot. Thinks of him often.
  • Andira Coeur: Andira is the sister he's closest to, and the desire to protect her has followed him into adulthood (though he of course knows she's capable of protecting herself). He wishes he could spend more time with her.
  • Carya Aston Carya is the most distant of his siblings, but he's proud of how high in the ranks she's climbed, and so quickly! He'd like to deepen his relationship with her, but doesn't want to distract her from her duties.
  • Claudius Aston Auguste knows only from a brief appearance at the borders. He thinks he is generally mild-mannered and seems like someone who would be easy to get along with, but is curious about his stutter.

General Relations

Positive Relations

Neutral Relations

Negative Relations

  • Florina Soul was his leader during childhood and now in his adulthood. He followed her to New Dawn and would have been content to stay there with her, had two very worried mothers not come to take him home. Now that they are adults, and Florina has come back to Vinátta, he is working to rekindle the relationship he once had with her.
  • Thyri Dawnbringer: Thyri is a friendly face in the pack. Auguste likes talking to her (especially about the herbs in the garden), but can get a little shy.
  • None to note
  • None to note

Minor Relations

Combat Log

  • Win:
  • Draw:
  • Loss:

Skills and Inventory




  • Reading (Expert): Auguste excels when it comes to reading. he is almost always face first in a book. He loves to read and will often go on library runs outside of the pack to get more. He has been learning to read in other languages and hopes to expand his knowledge on anything he can get his hands on.
  • Writing (Expert): Auguste's writing is just as good as his reading, but he prefers to read rather than write. He has also been learning to write in other languages to further his knowledge.


  • Armed combat (Journeyman): Auguste is learning to fight with bone and antler weapons, such as daggers and small knives. He is somewhat adept at this, preferring the animal-based weapons over the metal ones as they are easily made. He also enjoys fighting with a Canne de combat and generally enjoys most forms of stick fighting. He would very likely enjoy learning Eskrima or Silat.
  • Weapon crafting (Dabbler): although not terribly skilled in this area, deriving from his interest in weapons, Auguste hopes to learn more about their construction, as he is fascinated with bone and antler bladed weapons.



While Auguste doesn't actively participate in trade, he'll gladly give up a possession or two if he comes across something he wants.

  • Offering: Books (he'll be stingy with giving them away), writing/reading lessons, candles, hand-crafted weapons (mostly knives)
  • Accepting: Paper, ink, books, jewelry


Personal Items

  • A staff, carved of sturdy wood by himself, used to spar.
  • A bone dagger.
  • An antler-hilted dagger, intricately decorated.
  • Has a Frithr necklace.
  • Has a tight necklace made with beads and bone.
  • Several different pieces of jewelry, all natural.
  • A few different shirts, rarely worn.
  • A few leather trousers.

Scholar Related Items

  • Several old books, in various conditions. He tries to keep them dry and well-preserved. (See Book Collection)
  • Two dull pencils - prized, never used.
  • An ink well - empty.
  • An ink pen - also empty and unusable.
  • A satchel, which he fills with books on library runs.

Other Items

  • A few hides, which adorn his home.
  • Some candles which he uses for his home and trading.

Book Collection

Auguste has collected a few books in recent months, and the collection is growing rapidly since he decided to become an Eljun. Most of these books came in various condition from libraries, but a few are from personal residences. He hasn't actually read, most of these but he enjoys the idea that he can whenever he wants.

Book NameCondition
Webster's Ninth New Collegiate DictionaryPoor
Grendel (John Gardner)Ok
The Once and Future King (T. H. White)Poor
Simon & Schuster's Guide to Dogs (Simon & Schuster)Poor
A Modern Herbal, Vol. 1 (Margaret Grieve)Good
Cob and Thatch (Pamela Egeland)Ok


Auguste was born on December 31, 2012 in Tayui and Anu's hut in Jordheim, Vinátta. He was the third-born. In February, he takes part in the Ausa Vatni ceremony, which involves a public ritual that blesses him and grants him his Frithr necklace. His childhood was safe and happy, and spent largely in the company of his family, since the other puppies of Vinátta were all older than him. Auguste was the quietest and most sensitive of his siblings, and disliked rambunctious play, preferring the serenity of his snow fort and the gardens. The one friend he made was surprisingly Florina Soul, an older pup notorious for bullying and aggressive behavior.

For the most part, his childhood was safe, happy and somewhat dull. Auguste loved it, though. He loved being surrounded by his family and his pack mates, considering them all to be a very important aspect of his life. Auguste was somewhat quieter than his brother and sisters, preferring the serenity of his snow fort or the gardens rather than partaking in rambunctious play. He especially loved to listen to the elder wolves as they spoke of all sorts of Norse stories, and would often go on adventures around the pack lands, exploring the crop fields and the vineyard, not to mention the Evergreen Tangles & Kissing Trees, the Futhark Falls and Lovers Leap, and Rán's Watch. Auguste found his pack-lands so beautiful, but his two favorite places would surely have to be the Coastline and Amherst. He also enjoyed reading, watching his mother worked in the gardens, as well as spending time with the animals living at the Marsh Valley Livery.

Come April 2013, Auguste found Florina in a panicked state, and managed to calm her down enough to learn she intended to run away from home to escape a crime she did not mean to commit. Auguste's compassion bid him to follow her, and the two youths fled to the nearby pack New Dawn. Auguste gained a boost of confidence from his selfless act of bravery, but quickly deflated when Tayui and Anu showed up days later to bring him back home. He realized he had caused his mothers a great deal of suffering by disappearing, and agreed to return to his family in Vinátta. He promises Florina to visit her when he is old enough to travel on his own (although due to friction between Auguste's mothers and Florina's mother, this is discouraged).

In June, the Ironside Conflict takes place and results in increased security and a lockdown in Jordheim making travel impossible. Auguste sees some dramatic changes in his family: his brother is injured, spurring Tayui to go into battle. Tayui survives the skirmish, but decides she is past her prime and will retire from the warrior rank tier. Val is then the first to leave the house and seek his own residence, and Carya travels all over and is rarely home. Auguste finds himself at a crossroads, considering his own future for the first time as he is given his adult rank and independence.



  • December: Born on December 31, 2012 in Tayui and Anu's hut in Jordheim.


  • February: Auguste is baptized in the Norse fashion in front of Vinátta, receiving his Frithr necklace and a blessing.
  • April: Auguste leaves Vinátta and attempts to join New Dawn with Florina. Later that month, Tayui and Anu come to bring him home.
  • June: The Ironside Conflict unfolds and directly affects his family.


  • July: Auguste and his littermates receive their adult ranks in the pack. He spends his time getting to know his fellow packmates and figuring out the rank path he wishes to pursue.
  • August: Auguste decides on the Eljun path and collects a bunch of books


  • April: The meteor crashes in Nova Scotia, though Auguste is out when the impact happens. He saves Vedetta from a burning forest and the two take shelter until things calm down.

Post Log



  1. playtime (Feb 19)
    Vinátta with Tayui Aston.
  2. Sticking to your heart (Feb 20)
    Vinátta with Emwe Soul.
  3. warmth of family (Feb 21)
    Vinátta with Andira Coeur.
  4. In the wake of disaster (Apr ??)
    Soon after the meteor crashes in Nova Scotia, Auguste goes to check up on his mothers. He is greeted at the door by Tayui Aston.



  1. just feel (Dec 31)
    Vinátta with Tayui Aston and Anu (NPC: Andira, Carya, and Valérian). (NPC)




  1. With the brightest of hopes (Jan 31)
    Vinátta, with packmates. (NPC)


  1. We're one in the river and one again after the fall (Apr 20)
    Vinátta, with packmates. (NPC)


  1. Wait 'til you're announced (Oct 20)
    Vinátta, with packmates. (NPC)


  1. And I have finally realized what you need (May 15)
    Vinátta, with packmates. (NPC)
  2. Second star to the right, and straight on 'til morning (May 20)
    Vinátta, with packmates. (NPC)


All threads here done by previous players.


  1. If my life is mine, what shouldn't I do? (Jan 27)
    Vinátta, with Lochlan Stormbringer.
  2. A symbol of your exegesis (Jan 28)
    Vinátta, with himself.


  1. as far away as from the other end of time (Aug 13)
    Auguste wakes up from a nightmare and blows off some steam hitting a tree with a branch. The ruckus draws Leaf Darkfire and Gavroche Benoît?.
  2. Where parts of wholes are described (Aug 15)
    Waking up early and in a good mood, Auggie heads out to the garden and ends up helping Thyri Dawnbringer water the plants. He tells her of the few remedies he knows.
  3. An underlying sense of the way it all fits together (Aug 18)
    Auguste runs into Ezra Vahn and helps him work on his paper mill.
  4. A town of dark dreams (Aug 27)
    Andi finds Auguste asleep in the Svanveit village hall, and takes him out on a patrol.
  5. Siblings (Aug 31)
    Auguste meets his half-brother, Claudius, at the border.


  1. back to the nest (Feb 06)
    Vinátta, with himself.


  1. The world without end is a place where souls are combined (Sept 03)
    In which Auguste finds a dying cat in Saint John and meets Harlequin Knight.
  2. lost souls in revelry (Sept 10)
    Auguste finds an injured Akantha.
  3. Gravity hurts when I get knocked down (Sept 14)
    Kept awake late at night by a cough caught while in Saint John, Auguste goes for a late walk.



  1. I miss missing you now and then (Mar 22)
    After getting lost in one of his books, Auguste finds Florina Soul and seeks to reconnect with her.
  2. I met you once and I'd fallen for your notions (Mar 25)
    Thyri Dawnbringer drops by Auguste's house, asking him to help her organize and bind a reference book.
  3. don't give it a hand, offer a soul (Mar 29)
    While on a little visit outside of the pack, Auguste comes across Elody Lykoi.


  1. Kindling a spark (May 11)
    Auguste runs inot Ode Stormbringer while taking care of Azur and the two go over his books at his home.
  2. Study Buddies! (May 21)
    Auguste and Ezra Vahn meet at the almanac, where Auguste gives him a history lesson.


  1. United we stand (Jun 09)
    Auguste attends this pack meeting announcing Izrian Firebringer's and Florina Soul's rank changes.
  2. Oh those summer nights (Jun 21)
    Auguste attends the Midsummer Festival.
  3. Returning to my roots (Jun 28)
    Auguste travels to AniWaya to visit his half brother Claudius, but is greeted by his niece, Danaë Aston.


  1. I fear the skies are fallin' (Apr 01)
    Auguste rescues Vedetta Auditore from a burning forest as the meteor makes impact.
  2. We're painted red to fit right in (Apr 02)
    Auguste joins a search party with others from Vinátta, but things soon take a turn for the worst.
  3. Role Reversal (Apr 14)
    Auguste heads out towards Drifter Bay, coming across Skana Creo and her pups.
  4. I see a bad moon arising (Apr 19)
    Auguste makes his way to Saint John where he comes across Dorcas de le Poer. He helps her look for Oliver, who has gone missing.
  5. Or if we’re blind and the truth is just a painting in grey (Apr 22)
    Thread with Shiloh Dawnbringer and Pascal Sadira.
  6. Is this where you want to be? (Apr 30)
    Thread with Ankh D'Aabt.



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