Myrtle Hammerkop

Myrtle Hammerkop

Myrtle, by Tammi
More Info'Souls Profile
Date of BirthApril 4, 2009
Date of DeathApril, 2010
Age1 year


Subspecies50% Plains Coyote
45% Arctic Wolf
5% Tundra Wolf
LuperciYes (Ortus)
Birth placeSomewhere like Nova Scotia, New Brunswick or Québec


Dahlia de Mai
Jan - Apr 2010
Apr 2009 - Jan 2010

Myrtle Hammerkop and his identical twin brother, Sébastien Bettong Quoll journeyed to 'Souls because their father is an idiot. Incidentally, so is Myrtle.

He was involved in the Second Dahlian War and frequently pretended to be his brother to infiltrate Inferni's borders. Eventually, this charade cost him his life.

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1.  Personality

Myrtle is a little deaf, so he typically shouts everything, not realizing everyone can hear him perfectly well. He speaks very mangled English and French, since he learned English from his mother, and then French from his father. He has a very warped sense of entitlement, and has a very high opinion of himself. He is very arrogant and quick to judge, which resulted in a fight with Nala Garner. Since he thinks he is always right, this often means he presumes others are wrong. Another consequence of his ego is that he thinks he is very, very attractive. Despite his clumsiness, he tries to keep his coat clean and free of brambles or dirt.

2.  Relationships

2.1  Family

For more information on his extended family, see the Aston family page.

2.2  Friends

2.3  Acquaintances

2.4  Enemies

  • Nala Garner, since Nala attacked him without provocation (in Myrtle's eyes).

3.  Skills

Although Myrtle thinks he can do everything, in reality, his skills are very limited. In fact, there isn't really anything he can do. His only skill is that he can speak very poor French. His English is even worse, and is more of an inhibition than a help.

4.  Appearance

Myrtle is a mix of browns, creams and darker browns. He has a light cream underbelly, covered by a reddish-orange spread of fur. Over this is a darker brown, which mixes with the redder hues. His eyes are a medium brown colour.

Myrtle is an obvious split between coyote and wolf. He has powerful wolf jaws and a slim, lithe coyote frame.

5.  History

After fleeing from Onus and the 'Souls land, Barthélémy met a strong-willed coyote woman by the name of Bernadette. He pretty much forgot about her until five months later, she found him with her two puppies. Barthélémy had begun he journey back to Québec, but was tracked down by Bernadette, who informed him that he had two sons. She asked him to name them, and of course, Bart did not think she was serious, so he gave them really silly names.

For some reason, Bernadette decided to follow him north, but when she realized he was going to live all the way up in Salluit, Québec, she decided it was too cold and left.

Some time later, Myrtle and Sébastien ran away from home! They made their way to 'Souls, where they are now.

5.1  Life in Dahlia de Mai

Myrtle joined Dahlia de Mai and promptly found himself in the middle of a war zone. He attended a meeting, in which Haku Soul explained the state of war.[1] Shortly after this, Myrtle travelled to Inferni to find his brother, and instead found a coyote named Nala Garner.[2] Myrtle was adamant that he see his brother, and Nala was determined in protecting Inferni. Nala attacked Myrtle and forced him out of Infernian territory.

Myrtle, however, refused to give up. He went to Inferni again, this time encountering Vindicate de le Poer, who he tried to convince he was a member of Inferni.[3] Myrtle wanted to find his brother and figure out why Sébastien had not contacted him in so long.

When Inferni attacked a few days later, Myrtle helped Conor Soul, Bris Stormbringer, Lolita Monroe and Emwe Soul put out the fire that Gabriel de le Poer had started.[4] Myrtle's confidence began to grow and he was determined to figure out where his brother went and put an end to the madness between Dahlia de Mai and Inferni.

5.2  Fall of Haku

Haku's banishment from Dahlia de Mai seriously perplexed Myrtle, and in an attempt to figure out what was going on, he journeyed to Inferni. Again, he assumed the guise of his brother and tried to heckle some Inferni members into telling him what was going on. Still confused, he returned to Dahlia de Mai with the scent of Inferni on him.

When he arrived, he continued asking questions, trying to figure out what it all meant. He later learned that Sébastien was dead and ventured to Inferni once more, this time as himself. He was killed sometime in April.

6.  Thread log

6.1  2010

  1. FAIRE UNE BIDE (8 Jan) with Sébastien Bettong Quoll
  2. Teeth and Ambitions bared (10 Jan) with Dahlia de Mai
  3. Fait Accompli (23 Jan) with Nala Garner
  4. Shark's teeth (2 Mar) with Vindicate de le Poer
  5. The sky's on fire (8 Mar) with Conor Soul, Bris Stormbringer, Lolita Monroe and Emwe Soul