Emwe Soul

Emwe Soul

Emwe Soul, by Marit
Name OriginLibri made it up
Date of BirthJanuary 27, 2009
Subspecies187,5% Arctic Wolf
Subspecies212,5% British Columbian Wolf
Birth placeDahlia de Mai
Current packVinátta
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Emwe Soul is the son of cousins Firefly Sadira and Haku Soul and litter-brother to Conor Soul. He was a longtime member of Dahlia de Mai. Years later he follows his cousin Vesle Soul into Vinátta.

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  4.   4.  Relationships
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  6.   6.  Appearance
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1.  'Souls History

Born to the passionate couple Firefly Sadira and Haku Soul, these pups' existence is challenged by more than a few complications. The couple's history has been turbulent, and although Firefly gave up her more... loose ways, Haku did not, causing unnecessary stress on the mateship. Not long after the birth of Emwe and Conor, Haku invites Deuce Rhiannon and their bastard daughter Willow Soul (of nearly the same age as the two boys) into Dahlia de Mai. This causes Firefly to go into a rage, and when the opportunity arises, she confidently runs off with the two boys, placing them in the hands of Lysander of Phoenix Valley, meaning to make it look as a disappearance she can blame on the male, as he was absent from the house (of course) which is their shared den. Not long after, however, Alexey manages to sniff out Emwe in the strange packlands, and promptly brings him home. Conor, however, is not found until later.

Returning to Dahlia de Mai land is at first a grand adventure, and through all his explorations Emwe runs into his relatives and packmates regularly. He promptly ignores the tense situation at home, and is in fact so good at this that he doesn't understand why Conor is moping all the time. Carelessly, he avoids his father without acknowledging the problem, and likes to think that the world is made of sunshine. He cannot completely ignore the absence of his mother, and when she is finally no longer a pack member, he conjures up a story to cover her absence. She's out on adventures too. When Conor moves to live with Alexey, Emwe follows after a while, missing the presence of his brother. As he grows into adolescence, this tendency to suppress the negativity surrounding his childhood remains, and it hinders his natural development. As a young adult, he struggles to keep up with everyone else's (see: Conor's) pace, and finds himself behind. This does of course not worry him, but to others he appears dimmer than usual.

Following the tragedies of the Second Dahlian War and his aunt's death, Emwe spent a long time away from 'Souls. The Emwe who returned in August 2012 was a wholly different person. Closed and short of words, Emwe has grown no more intelligent, but is much less excitable. He is obedient and loyal, but his old warmth has evaporated, and there is a coldness or indifference in its place.

2.  Personality

2.1  Chapter one

Emwe used to be quite cheerful and wore his emotions on his sleeve. He had a childlike joy for everything beautiful, and was quite nervous and easily frightened, though easy to excite. Emwe can hardly be called very bright, but what he lacked in with he made up for in presence. He was keen to help and please, and much liked by his fellows. He was clumsy.

He was playful and quite happy (ignorance is bliss), though suffered from anxiety in closed areas or places, and would shy them. He trusted others easily and greatly disliked untrustworthy people or promisebreakers. He was visibly uncomfortable around aggressive or loud personalities, and did not like to be called stupid.

Emwe is a careless young man, slower than the average person, but catches on once the explanation is brought down to his level. He takes it for granted that others take as great pleasure in the world as himself, although his careless attitude is in fact only a product of his own mind, as he has suppressed any traumatic experiences of the past.

Emwe is outgoing and friendly, and likes to play. He also likes exploring new places, and making others happy. He likes to do people favors and easily trusts members of Phoenix Valley and Dahlia de Mai, because he knows personalities within those packs. Knowing one good person seems to brand them all good. He knows nothing of the other packs.

Emwe is claustrophobic. This is one of the few situations when he will openly display distress. Other situations he doesn't like can be when someone "makes up lies" about his parents (e.g. tells the truth, which he does not believe in), do mean things unnecessarily, or taunts him with things he doesn't understand.

2.2  Chapter two

Following the tragedies of the Second Dahlian War and his aunt's death, Emwe spent a long time away from 'Souls. The Emwe who returned in August 2012 was a wholly different person. Closed and short of words, Emwe has grown no more intelligent, but is much less excitable. He is obedient and loyal, but his old warmth has evaporated, and there is a coldness or indifference in its place.

Emwe does what Vesle tells him to do, primarily. He is easily manipulated.


  • Conor, Haku & Firefly, and Alexey, and maybe Colibri too
  • Playing
  • "Adventure"
  • Being nice to others

2.4  Dislikes

  • Small spaces
  • Rejection
  • When others are angry and shout
  • When others make him feel really really stupid.
  • When others lie

3.  Family

The Sadira and Soul family has a large amount of members, with one member in nearly every pack, tribe or clan at present.

3.1  Close family

3.2  Less close family

3.3  Aunts and Uncles

4.  Relationships

Emwe cared greatly for his family. He looked up to his father like a god, and Conor was the next best thing. His mother was greatly loved although she abandoned him, and he also had a large spot in his heart reserved for Alexey, Dahlia's caretaker and his "second mommy". He quickly bonded with his cousins by his aunt Mew, and Vesle took to following him around. He felt pride in her choosing him to follow rather than his (much smarter) brother Conor.

4.1  Conor Soul

Conor is Emwe's litter brother, and the two look very similar, for starters. Emwe is keenly interested in anything the brother might do, and at a current state the two have the trouble free relationship of young brothers - enjoying each others' company and generally hanging out and playing.

4.2  Lysander

Uncle Ly! Emwe likes to think of the husky male as his uncle, even though they share no relation and most who discover the circumstances would perhaps not be positive towards the role he had in all of it. Emwe is of course way too young to comprehend any of it, all he knows is that uncle Ly is a nice person, he is good at storytelling, and he calls Emwe a "little sir". It is quite something to be a little sir.

4.3  Alexey Koios

The puppysitter! Emwe is "rescued" by Alexey, having been abducted by Firefly, sent away to Phoenix Valley, so the femme could blame the chocolate male with the disappearance of their children. Naturally, Emwe takes a liking to this female, and considers her a very good candidate for another mother.

4.4  Firefly Sadira

Emwe's mother. His relationship to her is currently as strong as it could be, as he doesn't quite understand what happened when she dumped him in Phoenix Valley along with his brother. Thus, he blissfully regards her (of course) as the most beautiful in the whole wide world, and of course she can never do anything wrong. His father is also a very lucky man to be mate with such a fantastic woman.

4.5  Haku Soul

Haku is Emwe's dad, and sometimes he can be very funny. Emwe of course understands that Haku is a good person, he must be - because everyone else in their family is! He is also the strongest male alive, probably, even though he is sometimes a bit angry. He was very angry when Emwe returned from his holiday in Phoenix Valley, although Emwe doesn't exactly understand what he has done wrong to cause that.

4.6  Vesle Soul

Upon his return, Emwe's closest (and only) bond seems to be to Vesle. He has yet to encounter any of his old relations. His bond to Vesle is strong and seems to be the main purpose of his being. It is not a romantic relationship. Emwe is always accompanied by his cousin Vesle, but it is her that runs the show, not him. He is her companion, not necessarily vice versa. Emwe is normal-sized and compliant towards Vesle. He will protect her fiercely, a behavior she makes use of. Generally, Vesle is the top dog in their relationship, and runs the show. Emwe, being an easily manipulated male, has long since relinquished control of his self to her, and she dictates the terms of both their existences.

4.7  All Friends

  • Conor Soul
  • Alexey Koios
  • Firefly Sadira
  • Haku Soul
  • Lysander

4.8  All enemies

No current enemies

5.  Abilities, talents and skills

Emwe is in some ways the son of his father. Perhaps this is why he chooses the Secui form. Emwe is a skilled fighter, though not in a way that would have required formal training, exactly.

Emwe will not be able to decipher vaguer kinds of meaning in communication with words, but he is extremely sensitive to body language, and can "smell danger" a mile away, by interpreting someone's physical tells. This is a subconscious process that he has not necessarily reflected much over.

5.1  Strengths

  • Supressing thing
  • Spreading joy

5.2  Weaknesses

  • Small spaces
  • Angry personalities

6.  Appearance

Emwe by Sie

Emwe is a mirror of both his parents, and matches his brother Conor to every last hair, except the color of his eyes. Where Conor's eyes have a trace of purple, Emwe's have a trace of blue - from his father. Haku is overall brownish, but Emwe have more contrast like his mother, and overall has clearer markings. He has a chocolate brown base (like his father) littered with the copper and cream of his mother.

Emwe carries distinct scars on his face, from burns. They are scattered all over his left part of the face, denser further along the snout. A part of his lip seems to have been seared off to show a half-torren tooth.

Emwe is almost always in his secui form. He is of average size in all forms, and seems impossibly huge next to his tiny cousin Vesle.

6.1  Eyes

Silver grey, with a hint of Haku's blue.

7.  Notable Threads