Willow Soul

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Willow Soul is the only daughter of Deuce Rhiannon and Haku Soul, born in Phoenix Valley and raised in Dahlia de Mai. Her current whereabouts are unknown.

Willow Soul

Date of Birth10 Dec 2008
Subspecies87.5% Arctic Wolf
12.5% Eastern Timber Wolf
Birth placePhoenix Valley
Current packNone
'Souls Profile

Previous Packs


Joining date~2010

Dahlia de Mai

Joining date~2009

Phoenix Valley

Joining date~Dec 2008

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    1.   3.1  Family: Sadira, Soul & Rhiannon
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1.  Personality

Willow and Soul are two distinct personalities at odds with each other[1]. The blue eyed warrior and the green eyed succubus share a body, but they don't share attitudes or hobbies. The two halves of her mind can speak to each other and are fully aware of each other, but their memories do not always overlap (there are gaps Willow cannot recall when Soul was in full control).

  • Willow is fueled by cold anger, tough and unforgiving. She bears a strong grudge against Taliesin, Noah, and Deuce for abandoning her, and toward Lucifer for his blatant abuse and evil nature. She is wary and mistrusting, suspicious of everyone thanks to her training. She is repulsed by sex and wants no physical contact with others.
  • Soul is a self-styled succubus, flirting with males and females alike. She is supremely confident in her body and her skills, and could be considered a sex addict. She is reckless and bold, speaking her mind with no fear of consequences. Quite often she baits her Willow side with mental taunts, as they can converse at all times.

2.  History

Willow Soul was born in Phoenix Valley alongside a stillborn littermate, in December 2008. At the time, her mother Deuce Rhiannon was in conflict with her former mate Lucifer Sawtooth, and thought it would be safer to raise her newest child in a different pack. After Lucifer continually locked Willow in a closet in attempts to hide her, Deuce took her child and they joined Dahlia de Mai, hoping that Willow would find a better role model in her real father, Haku Soul. Unfortunately, this too became a difficult situation: Haku had a young and jealous mate named Firefly Sadira, who was vicious toward those who had been intimate with Haku, and openly threatened their illegitimate offspring. There was also talk of war with Inferni.

Young Willow was oblivious to all the tension, and spent many happy days playing with her half-brother Taliesin dir Rhiannon, and her half-sister Colibri Haki. After several months passed, another brother of hers came to visit: Noah Sawtooth. Deuce still worried for her daughter's safety, and bade Noah and Taliesin to take Willow with them and travel until the Firefly situation was settled. Thus, Willow left the pack with her brothers, heading to south-west Michigan in the United States. Despite their valiant efforts to protect her, Willow soon wandered off and was lost before her first birthday. She was not heard from again for a good long time, and her brothers sadly assumed she was dead.

It was a dark male named Odadio that took her in, bringing her to his tumultuous pack known as 'Catalyst'; a place of demons and darkness, liars and backstabbers. Under his instruction, the pretty youth was trained in violent arts and became an assassin in order to survive in their ranks. Odadio mentored her and taught her, but Willow failed his most important test. She could have been a queen if she'd won the game of wits, but instead she had become just another assassin in his command. He had elevated the lowly Alexis to what should have been her position in the lands, and claimed Willow's maidenhood as his prize. It was during this difficult time that her mind splintered -- the innocent Willow was now harboring a second, seductive personality called "Soul". Odadio took her as a lover and Willow resisted, but Soul loved the attention and encouraged it. It was Soul that embraced the ways of Catalyst, wearing a symbolic raven feather in her hair and modifying her body with piercings.

Eventually Willow Soul was able to leave, though she was haunted by memories of Odadio and Catalyst. She visited the pack Safira, Jahi, and Anubis and family lived in, and kidnapped the infant Anubis, the most fearless of the pups, wounding Jahi in the process. She grew tired of the "whiny brat", though, and left him find his way back to his parents Luna and Vale. She found a friend in Kira Rheams, the one female she saw as crazier than her. Her Soul personality became Kira's lover for a time. It was revealed that Kira was Taliesin dir Rhiannon's mate, but when their litter was born, one of the puppies was killed and the other two were stolen away from her. Willow came to believe Tal had killed his own offspring, which shattered her perception of her favorite big brother. She saw him as evil as Lucifer Sawtooth, and all her childhood memories drove her back to Canada to seek out her old family.

Willow returned to Nova Scotia and learned that Phoenix Valley and Dahlia de Mai were both gone. Her first lead brought her to Cercatori d'Arte, where Taliesin dir Rhiannon was a founding member. She met Sky Rhiannon and left a stern warning for her not to have pups with Tal, in case he repeated his behavior with Kira. Her second lead brought her to New Dawn, where she found her brother Noah Sawtooth with the alpha Zalen. She lashed out angrily and was driven off, and now her current whereabouts are unknown.

3.  Relationships

3.1  Family: Sadira, Soul & Rhiannon

4.  Appearance

There is no doubt as to what linage makes Willow's heritage. Willow's eyes are a piercing blue, ice cold; when her Soul personality is in control, they appear an acidic green instead. Her fur is various shades of brown, except her muzzle which boasts a stripe of cream which comes to a point just above her eyes. Willow has a cat-like grace. She tends to be found in her optime form the most.

In her optime form she stands 6' 2" tall, and has wavy auburn curls down to her mid back which she prefers to wear back in a braid. There is a raven feather entwined in her hair, a gift from the male who all but raised her after she was separated from her brothers. She is rarely found wearing clothing, though she does wear a belt around her waist that contains some minor trinkets and a small dagger. Sometimes she wears a silver collar and a gauzy transparent skirt. She has pierced nipples.

5.  Notable Threads

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