Mew Sadira

Mew Sadira

Mew Sadira posing arrogantly, drawn by Marit
Name OriginMew - Band I love. Sadira - Colibri did it.
Date of BirthMay 5, 2005
Date of DeathFebruary 8, 2010
Age5 years
SpeciesCanis Lupus Arctos Ortus
Birth placeClouded Tears
Current packDahlia de Mai
Current rankIlex
'Souls Profile

Current Pack

Dahlia de Mai

Joining date21.04.2008
Joining RankBluet
Most Recent RankIlex

Bleeding Souls Pack

Clouded Tears

Joining date05.05.2005
Joining RankOmega
Most Recent RankOmega
Leaving dateca. 01.07.2006

Mew Sadira was born to Colibri Soul and Lisichka Sadira alongside siblings Haku Soul and Melisande Sadira. She was a kind, gentle soul that struggled with racism against coyotes after an attack by coyote Asphyxia Holocaust that caused Mew to miscarry her first litter. After finding some resolve in life, Mew fell to her death in April 2010.[1]



Please see the Sadira or Soul family for more information.

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    2.   6.2  Stature
    3.   6.3  Eyes
    4.   6.4  Scars
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1.  Bleeding Souls History

She grew up quite on her own, quickly left to herself by her mother, and with only occasional acquaintances with other pups. Brief and few meetings with her brother Haku Soul and her sister Melisande Sadira was the only bond to family the young female had. Growing up in solitude and with little support from family members she came to be a skeptical and untrusting young adult. Still, the female felt drawn to the beauty surrounding her in the territory claimed by her pack, Clouded Tears, and this - and exploring surrounding areas - became her main goal and enjoyment. Making an old hollow tree to be her home, and nurturing a growing interest for music after heavy exploration in the old dead human cities of the old territories, Mew still quickly found that Bleeding Souls did not hold what she needed in life, and promptly left without giving any notice. Who was there to care if she disappeared anyway?

2.  'Souls History

Spring 2008: Mew returns home to find that her beloved Clouded Tears is nothing but ashes, and quickly traces the other wolves' path to survival to new, enticing territories. Her reasons for returning are many, but to find friendship and family are not among them. Finding company in a pack in-the-forming, Dahlia de Mai, including her mother and aunt, Mew settles down, though confused, and tries to make the best of dealing with her broken family tree. Deciding on a den in the city of Wolfville within the Dahlia de Mai territories, she also manages to salvage a few items from her old den which were, miraculously, not harmed in the fire - an old guitar among them. Not long after her arrival, Mew has a violent encounter with the crazed coyote Asphyxia, putting her soon-to-be-born litter at risk, but managing - despite her added weight - to escape to her packlands. Future not so bright anymore, Mew is thrown into a pit of depression, fearing what is soon going to be a fact; a litter. The birth is no less violent than her encounter with the inferni, and she barely survives the incident, though her litter does not. Mad with grief, the ivory female is consoled by her brother, Haku Soul's return to the area. His arrival is not, however, openly welcomed by others.

Haku means to rid the wolves of the threat that is Inferni, and brings war onto Mew's pack, Dahlia de Mai. He also avenges her loss of the litter and nearly her life, by entering Inferni land and raping Asphyxia. Mew's relationship with her mother, Colibri, has grown stronger, but the dame decides to leave the pack upon her son's arrival. Just as this relationship is stronger, the relationship between Mew and her beloved baby brother is cracking up. Word has it that he is unreliable and violent, and she confronts him with it. It does not go down well. Some weeks pass and the ivory femme grows physically and mentally stronger. Cer gathers the members of the pack to her and they are all forced to face the war they are in. Mew's lust for revenge by her own hands drives her to investigate in which ways she can inflict harm onto the coyotes, and at the same time she find herself torn between two males, Lubomir and Desaevio. It causes her rage and hateful thinking towards the coyote pack subdue slightly, but only momentarily. Desaevio disappeares abruptly shortly after their little flirt has just begun, thus Mew discards this as a fling of some sort; she was attracted to him, although she did not feel anything deeper than physical want.

Desperate for coyote blood on her hands, Mew joins a Dahlian raiding party onto Inferni land. As the attack starts, Mew quickly spots Asphyxia among the coyotes defending their border, and the two do not directly fight as much as play a psychological game. The raid ends badly, however, as a Dahlian wolf is captured by Inferni; Firefly. Though Mew does not overly care for Firefly, thinking she is a too young female who talks too saucy and flaunts her genitals too much (especially in the direction of Lubomir), Mew still considers it a defeat. And any defeat against the coyotes is a big personal failure. The war ends with a hostage exchange, and the leaders of the two packs communicate to attempt to prevent future violent actions. Mew sulks at this, feeling as if she didn't get to participate as much as she wanted, and embarrassed by the fact that she let her personal fight with Asphyxia get in the way of spotting the kidnapping of Firefly. Her relationship with her brother Haku is pretty much nonexistant at this point, seeing as Mew cannot forgive him for misinterpreting her words on purpose, and he - seemingly - sees her as a weakling because of her emotion towards him.

The femme attempts to contact Lubomir and does get in touch with him, although he has changed from how she knew him; the openness that made it so easy for even Mew to trust the male is not particularly present anymore, and he appears closed in his own emotion. He reveals that the cause of this is the death of a close friend (who was also Asphyxias lover, although Mew does not know this), and quickly disappears to handle his grief, explaining nothing to Mew. She feels abandoned and swept under the carpet, and promptly builds up a grudge against the male. She does, however, still inhabit some feeling for him. Months later, Lubomir returns to the borders of Dahlia de Mai - weak and in need of help. Mew is the one to find him, and as she does she understands that her grudge is gone, but the feelings are not. She lets him stay in her den whilst he recovers, and in time the two end up as mates. Mew, despite being quite old at this point, has never loved before, and her behavior is silly towards this. She discovers that he - too - has another personality, just like her brother (although she does not know this about Haku), and that this person is dangerous. Lubomir swears that he will never hurt her, and she grants him full trust, the vastness of her feelings making her unable to do otherwise.

Time passes, and so does Lubomir's affection, it seems. His absences grow in numbers and duration, and more often not Mew falls asleep in solitude. Sometimes, she could smell him; he'd been there. But he had not woken her up to see him. He did not want to see her. Her heart slowly breaking, she does nothing, afraid that confrontation will only give him an opportunity to leave her. She will not allow him to seize any such situation, although the situation is unbearable. Some confrontational situations are not avoidable, however, and when he returns to their bed like a thief in the morning light, reeking of alcohol and Inferni (two things she loathes), he showers her in words suitable for a princess, but this time she does not step down. Finally, they reach a conculsion and he apologizes, and she believes they have reached a point where their relationship can be repaired. He leaves in silence the next morning, as usual, and her high hopes are shattered.

Their pretend mateship continues, and Lubomir come by every now and then, sometimes mating with her, sometimes not. Weeks, months pass, until one day when Mew discovers that she is not incapable of carrying children, as she had suspected. Ever since their mateship started she begged whatever force out there that might exist for children, but now it is no longer a blessing. Bewildered and scared, she lets days pass after the discovery before doing anything at all. After all, she nearly died last time, and she was damaged. Why should she not die this time? Would the children kill her? Finally caving to all of her emotions, she calls for her mate - her only support in this life so far, not trusting anyone else with the news. Her fear of death and motherhood with this never-present male breaks her until he arrives, finding in her place only a sobbing, sorry creature. He is not happy with her news, however, and with fears much matching her own he leaves the lands of 'Souls. Not knowing what to do, Mew keeps to herself in her den, not speaking to anyone for several weeks.

She carries the litter with fear in her heart, and tries to lead as normal a life as she can in the short gestation period. she visists her aunt in AniWaya, asking for advice and support, and Hanna promises that she will aid her. The older female stays with Mew as the date for her birth draws nearer, but Mew is unable to see anything but death ahead. Scared and bitter, she walks here and there during the early period of the pregnancy, while she can. She comes upon Jefferson Soul in Phoenix Valley, and the two, after learning of their shared blood, part in anger. Mew's pride at her family name is heavily bruised, and Jefferson is simply bitter at her racist attitude. Still, this encounter gives Mew something else to think about, and in that sense, though to her the thoughts are troubling, they are a relief from the imagined big black doom that hangs over her at all times. Soon, she begins to feel pains that rip through her as if she was tearing into two, though these could just be the result of her worry. One thing is certain: she dreads the moment when the pups arrive.

Finally, one evening, Mew gives birth to her litter. Against the odds and against the amount of worry that has built up in her mind, the whole process runs smoothly, and soon she must face the fact that she is not dead, but a mother of three. Blessed twice, she spends the early morning hours studying her children and enjoying her aunt's company, taking a new view on life. The following months would be the happiest of her life, and the first weeks she does nothing but muse over how lucky she was to beat death twice, and to be granted the wish of her life. Lubomir had gone, but with three little to care for and her life intact, suddenly the importance of this shrinks. Her aunt helps her until they are certain that Mew can manage on her own. Now comes a time of relaxation and slow babysteps progress for the family, and Mew proudly shows them off to anyone who wishes to see. After all, she had never thought this life would ever be hers, though she had dreamt of nothing else since the age of 2.

Having had time to ponder on her half-brother's reactions to her racist and judgmental behavior, Mew reconsiders him. She still feels that it is dreadful that there is coyote blood in her precious Sadira bloodline, but now having children of her own, she's gained a different aspect. It is not her children's fault that their father is a useless drunk, just as it is not Jefferson's fault that his mother slept with a coyote. Finally, she decides that she will not judge him on their mother's actions, and finally realizes that her inner struggle is perhaps really with Inferni, and not all coyotes. She takes two of her children with her and visits him, and it seems as though they overcome the discomfort of their first encounter. Mew gains a half-brother, and her life seems to be taking an altogether positive turn, but this will not last long.

January 3 2010, Mew lets Hanna (who is visiting, expecting children of her own) watch the litter, and takes a walk on her own. Not too far from her home in Wolfville, she encounters a young, female coyote. Dahlia de Mai had only days before announced that the pack and the coyote clan were again at war, and Mew finds herself cautious. However the setting in which the two meet quickly makes her drop her guard, and the two realize quickly that they, just like Mew and Jefferson, are also related. Mew learns that this female is the result of a rape on her mother, and the two form a very brief and emotional bond. It has taken 5 years, but Mew now releases her grudge on coyotes in general, accepting that evil is not bound to species or clan, and that no individual can be held responsible or punished for the actions of someone of their own kin. The white-pelted femme has let her complete guard down, finding no hate but only sympathy in her heart for this female, forgetting that they are, in reality, at war. As the two part, Halo draws out a gun with which she shoots Mew, making her fall to the ground and hit her head in addition. She is immediately unconcsious, and bleeding from both a gunshot to her head, as well as an injury from hitting her skull on the rock. Mew's nephew Emwe Souls? was not far away, and having heard the gunshot he rushes to her aid quickly realizing the graveness of the situation. He calls for Hanna, knowing that she is near, and knowing of her medical skills, and waits until he can see her arriving before bounding off to let his father, Haku, know what has happened. He did not see the individual who harmed his aunt, but it quite clear to him who is responsible.

Mew barely survives this incident, and remains unconscious for days while her nephew Conor Soul and Hanna fix her up. When she does awake, she remembers little for the first weeks, and she is very weak. Finally, memories start trickling back to her, but she refuses to share any of the information regarding the injuries. Claiming she doesn't remember them, nobody would know but herself. She does not understand why her sister did what she did, but she understands now that she is even luckier than she originally thought, and that she must get away from here, to where there is no war, and take her children with her. Heavily marked by her near-death experience, she calls Alexey to her, and asks her to take care of her children should something like this ever happen to her again. She prompts Conor to maintain the library that Lubomir finished before deteriorating and leaving, knowing that Conor would find, and already does find it, a treasure-cove in the world of books. Mew slowly recovers, and does little for a long time, but finally. on the 9th of March, she convinces Hanna that she is strong enough to go outside on her own. She can walk, and has shifted once, and all the signs of a full recovery are there. Mew longs to be on her own and outside again, finding the confinement in her house in Wolfville just too much for such a long stretch of time. Finally, Mew gets her solitary walk, and it is longer than she intended, walking in her own thoughts, and ending up at Demon's Trail; treacherous ground. By accident, her foot crashes through a layer of snow that only barely covers a deep scar in the land, plunging 30 meters down. Having been too weak and too unaware of her own surroundings to see or even remember to look out for it, Mew falls headfirst down and lands with a thud. Her neck is broken and she dies instantly. Snow quickly covers her, and soon no trace of Mew can be found; her tracks and her body is sealed away from the world.

2.1  Life in the pack

Mew had little contact with others than her siblings Haku Soul, Melisande Sadira and her mother Colibri Soul in the beginning of her life. She never met her father. Thus, when she first disappeared from the packlands, she knew basically no one. Upon her return she had meetings with her packmates, quickly taking Cercelee to her liking, as well as the Koios family. Her niece Colibri Haki is also among the favourites of the pack members. While their mateship lasted, she spent most of her time with Lubomir Varg, and once her litter was born she surrounded herself with her children (Vesle Soul, Dexter Sadira, Keeleigh Sadira), her nephew and sort of student Conor Soul, her long-time friend and piano student Alexey Koios, and her dear aunt Susquehanna.

3.  Personality

3.1  Initially

Her first year of life was spent in solitude, and Mew was a proud young femme, reluctant to rely on others and finding it hard to trust people. In general she was good, though, always keen to help and wanting to resolve any quarrel she might encounter. When it came to her own broken family tree, she avoided confrontation. When this eventually became too much, she left the packlands altogether, with no notice - thinking no one would notice her absence in any matter. It was during this first year that she discovered her love for the human art of music, and also picked up any knowledge she could about it, swallowing it whole. At one point she briefly received tutoring in the art of playing guitar, which she abandoned when she left.

3.2  During her travels

As she traveled the world for two years, very much leading a nomadic life, Mew's seen and done a lot of things. They've helped shape her personality into being less open and naive when encountering strangers, and less eager to involve oneself in others' conflicts. All in all it became even more harder to get under her skin, although she also learned to leave a superficial mask that would allow strangers to think that they had collected any knowledge about who Mew was. In reality it was all manipulation, and although she mated with a male while on these travels, she never created a relationship of any kind. No friends, no family, no lover. It was the way she preferred to live her life, being completely independent and carefree, even if it was in solitude. She is passionate about music, and spends countless of hours taking care of her guitar, and gathering more information.

3.3  Later

Upon her return Mew quickly found that her family was not quite as nonexistent as she thought, and she managed to fight her reluctance to confront the problem. Thus, her bond to Colibri Soul and her brother Haku are important to her. She's tried to bring her ways around, to tie bonds rather than staying a loner, as she realized she needed them since she would become a mother. The attack on her from Inferni and the loss of her children have caused her to become extremely intolerant regarding coyotes. In general she will attack one when she sees one, and is convinced that their ways are nothing but destruction. Still, though, she believes in the innocence of their young ones, and sees it as her duty to rid the world of the grown, wronged coyotes, while "rescuing" the younger ones from becoming affected by the older ones' lifestyles.

3.4  Currently

Given her breakup with Lubomir and the impending birth of their children, Mew is deeply depressed and confused. There are too many changes ahead that she will have to deal with alone, with her broken heart, and she does not know where to start or who to lean on. As a result of his deceit (in her eyes), she is reminded of all those who have ever left her to her own, and the list is not short. She is gripped with fear of death and the unknown, which completely overcomes her general anger and bitterness. Even her music cannot grant her joy.

3.5  Principles and Morale

Mew relies heavily on her principles, and will judge others after whether these are broken or not. Mew's intention is never to hurt or insult anyone. She finds it hard to trust people, especially persons who appear as closed as herself. That being said, she puts loyalty very high, and generally frowns upon any display of disloyal behavior. The same goes for unfair treatment of others, unneeded violent behavior, and the act of lying (white lies is accepted by her to some degree, as well as innocent (or "small") lies to cover and protect the ones she love, who are very, very few. Should the secret of someone she cares for be serious enough, though, she would have to give in to her loyalty towards herself and her values, and spill the beans). Having excessive "sleeping around" on your reputation will win you no good impressions from Mew Sadira either. To sum this up it is quite easy to see that Mew is a strongly proud lady, who puts her values in front of most things. She can often be very direct or blunt (in other persons' eyes) when she speaks or is asked a question, as she will (nearly) always reply truthfully. This can sometimes feel as if it is overly "straight out". (Strangely enough, if Mew has a quarrel or direct hate towards another person, none of her self-imposed value rules apply, and she is free to lie, scheme, beat up and backstab this person as much as she wants).

4.  Relationships

4.1  Colibri Soul

Colibri Soul has been a character of shifting importance to Mew. When she grew up, the abandonment caused the change in the young pup that made her a quite solitary creature, preferring to stay on her own, not trusting most others. Upon her return to 'Souls in 2008, she found her mother again, and the two made up (Mew let go of her grudge against her mother for leaving her helpless and alone as a child). Colibri Soul saved the life of Mew, with help from Susquehanna, by blood transfer, as the violent birth of her dead children nearly took Mew's life. Shortly thereafter, upon the return of Haku, Colibri left the packlands, and Mew's contact with her dwindled. The old dame's circumstances are now unknown, though towards the end of her own life, Mew learns that she stayed for some time in Inferni, raising children as a result of a rape by a clanmember.

4.2  Haku Soul

Mew has a strange relationship to this male. While they grew up together, Mew still had little contact with this boy, now man, as he had a nature she did not appreciate that much. Still there was the uconditional love between siblings, at least from Mew's side - but she simply did not seek his presence. As she grew older, however, she learned to appreciate him better, and upon her return to 'Souls their bond become stronger, or shall we say more genuine, than ever. Haku avenged her litter by raping Asphyxia Holocaust, and in her bitterness she felt a sensation of pride at this. His other attack on inferni in the same time period was, however, not because of his sister. During the year that followed, Mew and Haku had disagreements of various sorts, and whilst she heard more and more strange and horrible rumours about her brother, her affection did not stumble. Somehow she sees something good in him, whilst others do not, and she cannot put it aside. Mew would prefer to ignore Haku's more darker sides, and everything bad she hears about him, because in relation to her he is always kind, just and responsible. This does not mean that the things he do aren't wrong, but she simply... does not wish to know, for it might shatter this stainless image of Haku Soul.

4.3  Lubomir Varg

Lubomir is Mew's only past mate, and the father of her children. His self-esteem is not impressive, but it is not always easy to understand first-hand: Lubomir is the perfect image of the amourous sweet-talker, able to serve brilliant sentences and pictures of his romantic feelings on a shiny silver plate at any given time. To Mew, he is the very picture of love, and the only male she has ever given her trust and affection to. However his insecurities brought him into self-destruction, bringing their relationship with him. When Mew told him of their upcoming litter, he upped and left, afraid of consequences and no doubt insecure about himself. For this, Mew is bitter about him, but she cannot bring herself to hate him.

4.4  Susquehanna

Hanna becomes sort of a fundament for Mew's existence after Lubomir leaves her. Having already saved her life once (when she violently miscarried the first litter), Hanna is someone Mew trusts with anything; guidance, medical problems, and love. Hanna stays with her during the last part of her pregnancy, and their relationship is tight until the very end of Mew's life. A chance of luck ensured that she was in the area when Mew needed medical attention once more. Three times Mew's heroine, there is no one she trusts and cares about quite as unconditionally as this female.

4.5  Alexey Koios

Alexey became Mew's piano student not long into her mateship with Lubomir, and the two met up regularly for this purpose, forming a tight friendship. Mew would learn what she could of her nephews, which stayed with Alexey later on, and Alexey would take part in Mew's everyday life after her litter was born, as Mew would bring them to piano sessions. Finally, after the injury caused by her sister, Mew asks that Alexey would be the one to take care of her litter should she ever die.

4.6  Conor Soul

Mew finds Conor with a book late in her pregnancy. She barely knows her almost fully adult nephew, having not wanted to butt in on their lives with her brother, and afterwards being preoccupied with her own emotional struggle to even begin to care. However during this random encounter she tells him about the basics of reading, and learns that Lubomir in fact was in the process of teaching him this skill. The two make a deal to meet up, and Mew gradually teaches him to read. They become close, and as he also becomes a student of her aunt, Hanna, Mew feels that Conor is among the family members she knows the best, and far better than she knows her brother and his father, Haku.

4.7  Jefferson Soul

Having met him only twice, Mew cannot know him very well, though it became clear to her that he was quite intelligent. Always an admirer of intelligence, she quickly took on a liking for him, even though their first encounter ended with a quarrel and exchange of acid comments back and forth. Once the shock had calmed and her view had been altered by her new-found role as a mother, Mew quickly realized that she wanted to make amends with him. She sought him out to gain acceptance, and he was the link between her acceptance of her own anger. Realizing that she cannot blame the whole of a race on the actions or character of individuals, she finds a new level of happiness, and one bitter part of her soul is relieved. Even so, had it never been for him, she would perhaps never have died, in the end.

4.8  Firefly Sadira

Mew detests Firefly for her irrational ways; for sleeping around (and also sleeping with Lubomir at one point), and for her attempt of dominance of other females in the pack, through rude manners and harsh words. The ivory femme cannot understand why Haku has chosen the wicked woman for a mate, although it is clear that they have a bond. Haku is wicked, she knows, to some degree, and she concludes that it must be some sort of affection for likeness that caused it. Mew believes she will be a terrible mother to the litter she has with Haku, and she already knows her brother is not fit to be a father.

4.9  All Friends

  • Cercelee
  • Jefferson
  • Adelaida Koios
  • Ceres Sadira
  • Colibri Soul
  • Conor Soul
  • Haku Soul
  • Susquehanna
  • Lubomir Varg (though not technically friends, the two are not enemies)

4.10  All enemies

  • Asphyxia Holocaust
  • Inferni in general
  • Firefly Sadira

4.11  Love Interests

Past Lovers

  • Unknown (father of her first litter. Consensual sex, but for conceiving only.)

Past Mate

5.  Abilities, talents and skills

5.1  Music

  • Reading human music sheets
  • Creating and fixing guitars and guitar equipment such as strings or tuning devices
  • Repairing and tuning other instruments like the piano, flutes, and other non-electrical instruments

5.2  Strengths

  • Fighting. During her travels Mew has picked up a lot of skill in fighting, mostly she's very agile and has a keen eye for predicting her enemy.
  • She will never give up on a cause she's passionate about.
  • Loyalty

5.3  Weaknesses

  • Easy to anger, especially regarding her children and/or the coyotes
  • Easily hurt
  • Secretive

6.  Appearance

In wolf form: All white fur, emerald green eyes. Sleek, fit, slightly thin fur (as in not particularly full) although with a quite big "mane". She is small for a grown wolf, and looks tenderly built, but this is appearance that deceives.

In fully changed form: Not very tall compared to other werewolves, hair and "mane" still white as her original form. This is the form she uses more frequently. She is *always* naked, and finds it unnatural for werewolves to wear clothing like humans did. She does, however, tend to her "hair", so that it is not overly long. It's normally down to the middle of her back. On her back, in a leather case she's made herself, she nearly always (when she is shifted) carries a guitar. When the guitar is present, so is the leather "purse" with sheets of music, carried over her shoulder and resting on her hip. The straps from the two objects form a cross over her chest. Her instruments are her most precious possessions - which she needs to be in luperci form to use.

6.1  Measures


  • Height: 3 ft (91cm) from toes to tips of ears
  • Weight: 99 lbs (45kg)
  • Length: 3.8ft (118cm) from nose to tip of tail


  • Height: 4 ft (122cm) from toes to tips of ears
  • Weight: 116 lbs (53kg)
  • Length: 4.5 ft (137cm) from nose to tip of tail


  • Height: 5 ft (213cm)from toes to tips of ears
  • Weight: 143 lbs (65kg)

6.2  Stature

Mew holds a proud posture, and it is clear that the femme harbors a significant amount of confidence.

6.3  Eyes

Vivid green.

6.4  Scars

Mew has a scar running across her stomach from when Susquehanna attempted to save her babies by C-section. Another identifier is a missing part of her left ear, which Apshyxia tore off during their first fight. However this ear was removed completely upon the damage to her skull caused by Halo Lykoi in 2010

7.  Notable Threads

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