Conor Soul

Conor Soul

Conor, by Alex
Name OriginNamed after the singer, Conor Oberst
Date of BirthFebruary 27, 2009
Date of DeathApril 6, 2011[1]
Age>2 Year

62.5% Arctic Wolf
25% Eastern Timber Wolf
12.5% British Columbian Wolf

Birth placeDahlia de Mai
'Souls Profile

Previous Pack

Dahlia de Mai

Joining dateFebruary 27, 2009
Most Recent RankAlpha Male

Conor Soul is the son of the cousins Haku Soul and Firefly Sadira. He was formerly a leader of Dahlia de Mai, which he led after his father's demise. He was killed by his son, Itachi Lykoi in April 2011.

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    1.   1.1  Early life
    2.   1.2  Dahlia de Mai
    3.   1.3  Death
  2.   2.  Personality
  3.   3.  Relationships
    1.   3.1  Family
    2.   3.2  Closest family

1.  'Souls History

1.1  Early life

Conor Soul was born to the then passionate couple Firefly Sadira and Haku Soul, and both Conor and his brother's existence was challenged by more than a few complications, even from day one. Their parents' history was a quite turbulent one, and although Firefly had given up her more loose ways, Haku did not. This caused a great deal of unnecessary stress on their mateship and general family life. Not long after the birth of his litter with Firefly, Haku invited a female whom he had a bastard daughter with (Willow Soul) and her daughter into Dahlia de Mai. This was one of the last straws that led Firefly into a rage. Firefly decided to take revenge, and ran off with both of the boys and placed them in the hands of Lysander of Phoenix Valley, making it look like an actual kidnapping that she could blame on her mate, as he had been absent from the family's house. Not long after, a female from Dahlia managed to sniff out Conor's brother, Emwe, in the strange packlands, and retrieved him, though failed to find Conor, as the boy had already escaped and gotten lost.

After having escaped (by accident) from Lysander's care, Conor managed to get severely lost and entered the forlorn city of Halifax. The third day after his escape, Conor managed to taunt an angry badger into a rage when he tried to snag a piece of meat from its meal. It chased the boy into an empty shop and in under the counter, where only Conor was large enough to crawl in under. Although the angry badger eventually left, Conor was too young, lost and terrified to leave his hiding spot, and did not leave his place for anything else than to take a quick drink from one of the brown puddles of rain water that were left from the shifting weather. After approximately one week of starvation, Conor was finally found by Dahlia de Mai's caretaker, Alexey Koios, which had also been the one to find Emwe the week before. Conor, which had suffered from hallucinations for a few days by then, had difficulties realizing who and what she was, but the Koios female retrieved him from under the counter and brought him home to his father, which was now acting as a lone parent after it had become known what Firefly had done.

1.2  Dahlia de Mai

Only a few weeks after Conor had returned home after his unfortunate adventure in Halifax, his father started to show his true colours. The pretendence that had been kept up with other adult individuals had been present was now slowly becoming nonexistent. Haku abused his children, especially Conor, which because of his rough start in life had made him quite the runt. Because of both psychological and physical abuse, Conor was unable to develop in a natural way, and self confidence was nonexistent. For a short while, the boy attempted to channel the enormous amounts of hurt and misery over to other children despite his extreme shyness. This was what happened the day he first met Catalyst de Sadira on the beach. The boy physically attacked the german girl, but in return got his runt bum kicked by the slightly older girl. When strength was unsufficient, Conor attacked her vocally, hitting delicate spots in the girl's heart (Catalyst's mother had left her whole litter with the pack's Rosea). Eventually, during that meeting, the atmosphere shifted and caused a delicate friendship to bond. In addition, the sight of Cataly's tear wet face and shimmering eyes would be something that haunted Conor's dreams as something incredibly beautiful.

When Conor was around four to five months of age, an especially nasty attack from Haku caused him to run away from the house where the two boys and their father lived and seek sanctuary with Alexey, the one individual the boy truly felt close to. He did not return to the house of horrors, and instead lived with Alexey in her cabin. At one point the Soul boy found a tortured baby fox that had gotten its teeth pulled out and been tortured by his father. The boy took the animal before his father came back to complete the job and brought it home to Alexey to care for it. Having saved the small animal from certain death and the sudden responsibility of taking care of it helped the boy mentally in many ways now when he was away from Haku's terror.

Not long and before he was six months old, Conor went through his first shift unexpectedly and was guided by the pack's Adonis, Cwmfen nic Graine. Her quiet yet firm personality and assistance amazed the boy, and he took a liking to her, almost instantly idolizing her. He decided that he would attempt to follow some of her ways and gain that self insight and calmful way of being that was apparent in her.

1.3  Death


2.  Personality

Conor is a very quiet child. He is not particularly playful or social like most other puppies, although he is slowly recovering and on his way to become a normal boy. He is also very smart, and is very keen on gaining as much knowledge as he can. He loves spending time together with his less horrible family members and try to become friends with most new people he meet, whether they are members of Dahlia or not, both adults and other puppies.

3.  Relationships

3.1  Family

The Sadira and Soul family has a large amount of members, with one member in nearly every pack, tribe or clan at present.

3.2  Closest family