Icarus Phoenix

Icarus Phoenix

Icarus Phoenix, by Mel
Name OriginUnknown
Date of BirthAug 22 2007
Date of DeathApr 1 2008
Age7 months
Subspecies0% Canis lupus arctos verto
0% Canis lupus lycaon verto
Birth placeStorm, Bleeding Souls
Current packN/A
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Previous Pack

Joining dateAug 22 2007
Joining RankErste
Most Recent RankLehrling

Icarus Phoenix was born to Iskata Sadira and Phoenix on August 22nd, 2007. His littermates included his brother, Kansas Sadira, and sisters Ember Phoenix and Firefly Sadira.

Icarus ended up passing away in his attempt to escape the fire.1


Icarus grew up as a very happy-go-lucky child. Though there may have been times when he was distempered by his siblings, Icarus was generally accepting of them. Because of the absence of his mother, Icarus grew up wanting to become just like his father. He began to idolize him and strive to do things with as much honesty and integrity as possible.



Please see the Sadira family for more information.



Beppe Agapito

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Luperci Forms

Because Icarus passed away when he was so young, he had barely just begun to explore his new forms. In fact, he had never shifted into his Secui form. He did, however, begin to wear clothes and spent most of his last month of life on two legs rather than four.


Icarus's eyes were both colored a bright, icy shade of blue.


Icarus has his ears pierced by fellow packmate and friend, Pilot Haddon.