Vesle Soul

Vesle Soul

Vesle, by Alex
Name OriginVeslemøy: Small/little maiden
Date of BirthSeptember 23, 2009
Age> 1
Subspecies50% C. l. arctos
50% C. lupus
LuperciYes (Ortus)
Birth placeDahlia de Mai
Current PackVinátta

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Previous Pack

Dahlia de Mai

Joining dateAugust 22, 2010[1]

Vesle Soul is the daughter of the late Mew Sadira and Lubomir Varg and sister to Dexter and Keeleigh. She grew up in Dahlia de Mai before traveling alone. It is only after she is reunited with her cousin Emwe that she chooses to join Vinátta, for reasons that have not yet been revealed.

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1.  History

Vesle's childhood was peaceful enough, though she did put much meaning into the fact that she lacked a father. Lubomir, who fathered the litter, had run away some moons prior to Mew's giving birth.

She was the smallest of her litter, and developed a bit slower than the rest. Quiet and shy, her voice was frail and she took to following her mother very closely, only after a long while daring to play out of Mew's sight. Her siblings were far more outgoing in comparison.

When Mew was injured, the litter stayed with Alexey, Conor & Emwe, the pack's caretaker and their cousins, respectively. For the duration of her healing period, they did not see her much, and mostly under supervision by their mother's aunt, Hanna, who cared for her. One evening, Mew disappeared, and the children never saw her again alive. While they were too young to tie it to the ongoing second Dahlia/Inferni war, this was what many other Dahlians would assume was the reason for their mother's disappearance.

Months later, Vesle and Emwe discover the corpse of Mew at the bottom of Demon's Trail in Dahlia de Mai. It had rested there throughout the winter, covered by snow and ice. Not long after, the Inferni/Dahlian war ends, and Dahlia pack life changes markedly for many. Vesle, lost and confused and emotionally frail after their discovery, takes to following Emwe around, and eventually, on June 27th, the two leave together in order to find something they don't know they are looking for.

Almost two months later, Vesle returns on her own, quite grown up and unwilling to discuss her cousin Emwe. She settles for sleeping in the open for a while, avoiding both of her old homes (though drawn to her mother's old house). She travels a bit here and there, not always sleeping in Dahlia de Mai, finding it difficult to accept all the changes that have happened in her life so far. Finding no reason to stay and with an unsettling darkness growing in her mind, Vesle leaves yet again.

She learns to read on her year-long voyage, and her person grows increasingly entwined in childhood memories and her ties to a book about Scandinavian folklore. When she sees the first vættir stick its head out from behind a tree trunk, Vesle is convinced of her gift and immortal bond to the underworld. She embraces this world and submerges herself with it, in a parallel to somewhat of a breakdown. Therein lies the change in her personality, and her current strengths.

She is absent from the knowledge of her relatives for a year until she returns, and it would appear the changes that happened to her have only escalated. The Vesle that enters old Dahlian territories is strong and fierce, and quite nothing like the quiet, timid little girl that left Dahlia de Mai so many months before. She dresses herself and wanders the forests in which she rules, and crowns herself the queen of Demon's Trail. She does not know why she returned, nor does she care: it is the subconscious that brought her here, and which controls her in everyday life. That is not to say that her mind is dulled, although its sharpness and focus is directed at less than normal things. She claims to know what fuels her, but that is not to say she can see the whole picture.

1.1  Character Development

Vesle by Mel

Vesle is based on the main character Veslemøy of the neo-romantic epic poem cycle "Haugtussa". The storyline of this character will be a tribute to the main plot of this cycle of poems, as well as the richness of old Scandinavian folklore!

- "Veslemøy" is a Norwegian name. It literally translates to "Small/little maiden". I skipped the "møy" for you guys' sake ;) - "Haugtussa" is a name for the Hulder, a seductive forest creature found in Scandinavian folklore. The reason for the cycle being so named will become apparent as the plot moves along! :) (or you can cheat and check on the interwebz)

2.  Personality

2.1  In Youth

Vesle is quite timid and wants to trust people, though she is afraid of rejection. A feeling of abandonment is a deep basis for most of her actions, and she desperately seeks companionship and kindness from others. She is easily suspicious of others' behavior in relation to herself, often assuming when situations are vague enough, and generally in a negative direction. Vesle is prone to depression and paranoia.

2.2  As an Adult

Vesle by Kiri

Vesle is very much her mother's child in some aspects. Just as Mew was quite suspicious of other people, so is Vesle, although her suspicion is much stronger. Having grown up in Dahlia de Mai, Vesle may find trust in her heart for previous Dahlians, depending on the circumstances. She grew up during the Second Dahlian War, and is instinctively hateful of Inferni. She concludes that Inferni members are coyotes, thus all coyotes must be members of Inferni. As the conflict dominated her youth, she never questioned its basis, and has not reflected much over the views she met as a child, but has simply absorbed them.

Contrary to Mew's beliefs, Vesle does not extol the Sadira bloodline. While she knows that it is untrue, she feels that she was abandoned as a child, both by her mother and her cousins, Conor and Emwe. Her family leaving while her litter was still in the womb somehow confirms this notion for her. This leads her to doubt the legitimacy of family relations, and she considers all such ties fake.

Vesle hallucinates and sometimes suffers from mild psychosis. It is unknown what might have spurred this illness on, but Vesle does not consider this a curse. She found a book about Scandinavian folklore in the Wolfville? library as a child, and while she could not read it, she eagerly looked at its pictures and renderings of mythical creatures. It is these creatures she sees, and she believes she can communicate with them. These creatures of the forest underworld follow her and sometimes even aid her through life. She believes that she speaks with them in a special tongue. Once she as an adult learned to read, wandering what to us is the northern parts of the U.S., she found that the stories written in the book confirmed her knowledge, and so her perceived world greatly changed to this universe. She also believes she can speak with certain dead, but only if it was nature who claimed them.

She collects items that may appear without significance to anyone who do not share her views, but which to her hold much value.

Summary: upon meeting your character, Vesle will likely appear off-beat, suspicious and possibly hostile. She may share her unique knowledge of the workings of the forested world.

3.  Relationships

3.1  Family

See the Sadira and Soul families for more information.

Vesle feels abandoned by her mother. It was Vesle and Emwe who found the female's broken body in the mouth of a large drop in Dahlia de Mai's Demon's Trail, and Vesle was not untouched by this event.

She loathes him for his absence, and for leaving her mother while pregnant. She was unable to learn of his name from her mother, but acquired it from Emwe after months of persuasion.

Vesle simply does not care about her siblings. She distanced herself from them quickly in her youth, and has no desire to renew any ties with them, even if they should appear out of nowhere and seek her friendship.

Emwe was Vesle's sole friend for a long time. Staying in Connor’s household for a long time, where Emwe and numerous children also resided, Vesle only really attached herself to Emwe. In his simplicity, Vesle found it hard to find him a fake personality, and grew attached to him. They left 'Souls together in 2010, and Vesle returned to Dahlia de Mai for a short period without Emwe (asservating that she knew nothing of Emwe's whereabouts and that he had slipped away one evening). If asked, Vesle will very likely refuse to speak of Emwe at any cost, and she appears to have hostile feelings towards him. He enters the long chain of relatives whom she feels betrayed by, and is perhaps, second to her mother, the most hurtful broken tie.

Conor, Alexey, Haku, Hanna ++. Vesle has no feeling towards these relatives, despite having grown up around them.

4.  Appearance

Vesle by Sie

4.1  Basics & build

Vesle runner by Alaine

Definitely the smallest in her litter, Vesle looks like a very small wolf in all of her forms. She is quite short in her shifted form. She has inherited her mother's bones, and is built more for speed than anything else. She has gray fur with a slightly darker gray color across her back and the tip of her tail. Socks and tummy are a lighter shade of gray. Dark gray eyes. She's tiny and slim. Because of the size of her skull, her eyes and snout appear shortened in comparison to an adult, and she may appear childish to some because of this. She wears a dress (below), and her build is so small that it does not appear too small for her, even though it is salvaged human clothing. She is thin to skinny, but not in an unhealthy-looking manner.

4.2  Coat & scars

Vesle's coat and coloration remains the same as when she was a child. She has no tattoos, but some scars: a pair of relatively short, fine scars line the left side of her neck, as if scratched at some point. A more noticeable scar runs along her lower spine (from about mid-back, in the "deepest" part of the back) and "empties" into a noticeable network of small scars on her buttock/hip on her right side. Both scars are most often hidden by clothing.

4.3  Hair

Her mane is not well-kept, and looks completely ungroomed and somewhat matted. It is thick and unruly, as she has not cut it almost since birth. 2-3 poorly executed braids can sometimes be seen amongst the curls of the wild hair.

4.4  Dress

She wears a tattered dress salvaged from human settlement somewhere. It appears dirty and as if she has slept/lived in it for a while. It is quite simple, sleeveless, and meant to be worn with a shirt in it, although Vesle doesn't wear a shirt. She has ripped a crude hole in its skirt for her tail, which sticks out from its base.